Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just where have I been....

Most days you can find me at the soccer field...located on Bailey Road..there on Amelia in fantastic Fernandina Beach Florida..

So updates....Traysea is 8....a member of the church..and the most adorable eight year old a mom could imagine. She's amazing..I could go on and on about her....but her birthday party is this weekend..and we are super excited.

hmmm...oh soccer season started..and is in full days consist of working..then someone in some shape or form must get to practice. Bugs and Tray monday and wednesday. Kalei tuesday and thursday...and Friday Saturday or Sunday is game days. Some where in between all that sleeping happens.

hmmm...whatelse..oh i started working..and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my job. So that's awesome! It's on the island..another awesomeness.....

hmmmmm...Mom will be here in a week. If you were right here you would see me doing the happy dance. She will be here through Easter into spring break..I have to say I just can't wait!

So you want pictures right???? Nothing fancy..just the's your birthday come outside with me and take your have soccer pictures to I promise i wont go a blog vacation again!