Saturday, June 28, 2008

We are all done!

You read that right! But just what are we done with youask? Ry FINALLY finished school! It has been a trying year of adventure, but my husband is done! Whoo Hoo!! Enter crazy whoo hoo dance here! You cannot imagine..well some of you kind...the stress that is lifted from him! SO want to hear where we are going next? Ry's next duty station is going to be Kings Bay, GA! OMW! We are okay though, but now we have to we move..or do we stay? I will update everyone in a bit..but here are my randoms...

I love my husband but he is a big baby when he is stressed out.

I love summer days!

i love having great friends and having great times!

i love kids that my kids can play with and not bother me!

private vs. public school...or homeschool!

sunscreen vs 18 hours of sun

almost 13 year old thinking about birthday plans..OMW!

baby bugs bday party with walle...yea!

okay..i gotta get the girls ready we are off to the mall!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Up with the chickens!!

Thanks goodness! Finally a day, since we got back, that I am actually up before 11 am! Totally Ry's fault, but heh, this time I am not complaining. Though, right now, I am begging for my pillow and blankie, but I have vowed to push it out! Here it is 730 am and I am already running down my list of things to do today! So..I totally have a million pictures to take to Ritz and get printed! I intend on cleaning my craft room and get in there and be brilliant. Heh a girl can have some goals right? But before that I have to get to the commissary. I know I know I always say that I won't go to the commissary, but I keep giving it a chance! I am sure I will get there today and ask myself why am I here! But oh well! Oh and I vow to finish unpacking today! In my defense my house was a mess when I got home. Bathrooms needed to be cleaned and the girls bedroom..OMW! I am only getting to unpacking today. off to showers and errands!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Trysha Emmaly turns 5

While we were in Hawaii Nei, our youngest piglet turned five! It seems like she has been waiting forever to turn five! It is a huge milestone for her. This means she gets to do things that her sister, who was five, got to do! She was SO excited! For her birthday we headed to Farrells! She had such a great time! Her daddy promised to take her to Wallie when we got this weekend is family movie time! I just wanted to take a second to brag about Trysha...She is by far the most open hearted loving child I own. I mean all my children are pretty awesome with all of their own things and Nanea's is her pure heart. She always wants to help you! She is the best little sister any one of my girls could have asked for! She is cute and always there to make you happy! Happy 5th Birthday, Nana Bug!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random pictures from our trip

Wow! We had a superstar vacation!!! Hope everyone doesn't get bored checking out all the pictures. There must be like seven post here..but at least the pictures are up! Anyway..know that i love you guys..miss you everyday!

Bishop Museum

Honolulu Zoo

Aquarium slide show

Sea Life Park Slide Show

More vaca pictures

Tons of more fun to come!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pictures Picture pictures

Sorry..I know I have been insane on getting pictures up! Hawaii was excellent..but isn't it always! I mean I got to spend time with my bestest friends and my mom without a plan! I mean, that sounds pretty perfect to me! So recaping everything would probably cause everyone to fall simple and easy...hung out with my alumni gang. Did some tourist things! I love being a tourist in your town. Spent hours upon hours in my parents pool! Educated my white children on what Hawaiian is and ate till I was sick. Note to self start my workout as soon as the jet lag goes away! But in the mean are some highlights!!! OH and a quick video of the girls and their skills!!

More later..blogger might explode!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to the day to day

So fresh off the plane and what do I do...get home..kiss my husband and head off to The Pink House. I mean how horrible. Nah, I have a project that I didn't work as hard as I should have on vacation, so I will have my nose to the grindstone until biggie..RIGHT? Anyway..I promise promise promise to upload pictures..But the girls and I had the best time EVER! I caught to catch up with my high school peeps. Really hang out with one of my very bestest friends. Bond with my son and his mother! But of course it still wasn't enough time. I barely got to see Eme Makana. We didn't get to some tourist action. I saw my favorite aunty only twice. My sister barely..but there just isn't enough time! And the one to make it the worst ever...we didn't even make it to the beach. WHAT??? I know seriously no beach action. I have to say this is mostly my fault. I hate sand. I mean seriously hate the pool it was for us. My parents have one..why be beach bound? Anyway...promise promise to post later..a 13 hour plane ride is killin me!

Friday, June 13, 2008

*I heart my alumni*

Of course everyone loves getting back together with their high school gang...but if you didn't go to Kamehameha, you don't get it. Kamehameha provides you with a "family" that only alumni can understand...okay every year Kamehameha provides alumni with Alumni Week. It is a week long celebration that is coordinated for classes celebrating. This year was 3's and 8's. Another interesting this is that my sister, and I all celebrate at the same time. Which has it's pluses and minuses. Like I don't have a baby sitter when I need one cause my mom and sister are off doing their stuffs. because of this I missed our Friday night class bonding..but I got to catch up with my classmates on Saturday...till Sunday and then a few heres and theres. I love them. Plus it is so funny the things that you forget..and then all these memories are flooded back when someone is mentioned. this morning Tyra is off to bond with her papa and the babies and I are trying to see if it is going to stay warm enough to be pool bound. I love love that grandma and papa have a pool. But I sorta feel like I HAVE to go to the beach. How can I come home to Hawaii and not be beach bound..oh..well we will have to see...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally some moments

Heh gang:
Sorry for neglecting my blog..but life at home is crazy. It always seems that it takes at least a week to just get settled in and then you start getting off to see everyone...WOW! That's all I can say. Life has been outstanding..the girls and i have been playing tourist in our town..and I just don't have time to upload picture...BUT of course I have been clicking away..and most importantly..a bird told us that we got Kings Bay..GA...but nothing in I don't want to get excited yet! But the best best best if my brother and sister in law get Mayport...Jacksonville, FL....then we will only be 45 minutes away! OH MY nieces in the same breathing area as me..I couldn't believe I am holding my breath..anyway..we leave my beautiful island in five days....tick tick tick! So much let to do!