Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More randoms

I love love love Misty's I thought why not everyday it!

*New bowling ball..and some practice...gets me 200 games! ROCKSTAR!

*A husband with less then 8 hours of sleep in shift work...GRUMPY!

*I got the Vera Bradley catalog a few days ago!! UH OH! Seaside tote, I have to have it all!

* Laundry is dirty talk!

*Bath and Body works doesn't make those children's soap anymore. Why do they always stop making the greatest things???

*I love having daughters! They are the best dolls! Not that I wouldn't love a baby boy!

*16 boxes arrived at The Pink House...all I see is a LLLLOOONNNGGG Weekened...well it's National Scrapbook Day!

All for the BEST random thought I have...I might have a summer trip coming HAWAII!

Be excited for me!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

So I have some random thoughts..just like misty!

* I'm bored..but there are so many things I could be doing.

* Extreme Home Makeover always makes me cry. I almost don't want to watch it.

* Today I was reminded why I hate shopping at the commissary. Publix is never out of meat? I mean seriously!

*Which brings me to this thought....I am totally a in my defense I am not that bitchy have to have this have to wear that snob..but I like things certain was...we are making this huge transition to eat healthier. I mean overall, just a better I am throwing away McD's that the girls had for dinner...but that is because I went to the commissary and there was NO MEAT OR CHICKEN! I mean seriously! Nothing to make for dinner! So I barely did some shopping..but it was still 60 bucks. Oh well

*Gameboys, awesome inventions! My children can totally operate in a occupied mode. Now I know everyone is saying what a horrible parent to just give them a gameboy..but my children love it...all three of them sit there and help each other do something.

*I am starving, but almost too lazy to make myself a salad. Did I mention I love salad! YUM!

*Tomorrow is #2's school field trip. I am excited, but I hear it is suppose to be rainy! UH OH!

* I ran into someone that I love today! I totally could live next to hear and hang out EVERYDAY!

*Lacie leaves tomorrow. I am sad...she's my mini me. At least I sorta feel like that! I hope her drive is seamless and her VA adventure is a great one..I love you Lacie!

Well, I guess I should get to the dishes. Today I have been TOTALLY lazy..imagine that..but it's cause Ryan is on this noon to midnight shift, so I have been staying up till he gets's i'm dragging...but I did take the girls to see National Treasure again. Anyway, I should get to those dishes!

Fulling my heart

It is funny, how you think you want something, then you get it, and then you wonder just why you wanted it....well, that is where I was..happy children, clean house..everything seemed to be flowing but I just felt like it wasn't enough. So back to work I go again! So for the past few days, I have set up steaks at The Pink House. My poor children...but they are great kids..with gameboys, ipods, dvds, and a laptop in tow the girls have been troopers spending this days at the store. But with Donna Downey coming...yes I said Donna Downey is coming!!!...There is 500 and eight things that need to get Monday. So there was no Carolina girls for me this Saturday. Bunny really didn't want to do it, and I sorta felt mean and selfish to make her do it. Ahh..15 year olds. Anyway so last night I did squeeze in sometime to see Juno at the free theater on base..and today I am taking the girls to National Treasure 2. Yes a movie we saw already, but my girls love the movies, and free..not to mention they have been rockstars the past few days with being at the store. So why not reward my girls with a movie theater surprise! Plus I need to slide in some commissary time and things like that today..wish me luck!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pink House GOODIES

No, you aren't at Tim Holtz blog. But if you were there you would know just what these are a picture of. Artfully Creative Primas. Yes peeps, I said PRIMAS. Primas arrived at The Pink House today. Horribly, of course we are waiting for some stuffs to arrive, but this is the first shipment...I have to ask myself, why are they so lovely. I have to tell you, if you ever meet me, I always have a flower in my ear. It is just a Hawaii a days I feel off balance if i don't have one behind my left ear. My apa hates it. Apa says that it's a Hawaii thing and I should have left it there...oh my poor husband and his crazy comments. Anyway, The Pink House has been "blessed" with a bunch of stuffs. Cloud 9's new paper fluttered in. Not to mention Delightful from Sharon Ann...OH MY WORD! I want every single sheet of that stuffs. So thought that I would drop in! Know that I love you

Who took my sunny days

So why was it 80 last week? I mean seriously I thought spring/summer was rolling in..and today..I am in a long sleeve..what happened??? I wish it would make a decision! I mean seriously! So we have a new addition to our house..NO, not a baby..not a puppy...well at least not yet...but a new car. Ry FINALLY got a car! Thank you Lord Jesus. This whole running back and forth to get him was for the birds! It's a cute silver camry. I will post pictures later. It's not my favorite out of everything we drove, but point a to point b and all the children with car seats fit, not to mention gas usage is a plus! So we are happy with it all! SO I have been at a creative SLUMP! I am suppose to be in a kick ass swap this weekend. HI welcome to Tuesday and I still have nothing. I do think I am like that because I am probably going to have to cancel on going. It breaks me up inside, but ryan is on 12pm to 12 am..which really means 11 to 2am..and he doesn't think I should leave the girls baby sat that long. Plus some of my own internal guilt is kicking in. Anyway..I will have to think about it! But here are the girls and their after school snack!!!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

*A bright shinny day*

So this morning, as I was taking Ryan to work..yes I am still taking Ryan to work...I started to think of just how much my creative juices are still strong and flowing! I love when tons of layouts are just buzzing around in my head. Layouts for cards, layouts for pages..layouts for altering something. Not that it is The Pink House's fault..but since all my time has been used there..I just haven't had the moments to sit and be creative. But with me pulling back, it seems like everything is still right there! I love that. It just reminds me how much I love papercrafting. It seems like I have been doing it my entire life. I had a great mother that was crafty...along with an awesome grandmother who was into any types of crafts. So I have things buzzing around in my head..hopefully my living room gets clean and I have time to be a creative force!
love you guys

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have been trying to be better

Well, life is finally getting back to normal..I can actually see the floor in my craft room. Which is excellent since I have to go to a HUGE swap next weekend! Thank goodness for my Bunny! She is coming to watch my girls while I venture off to Columbia to swap with my Carolina Girls! I am so excited...but I don't have a swap yet..I know I know..the crazyness of it all! But as a plus my life has returned to order!!! Heh, have you seen Michelle Dulaney??? I hear she has her hair cut just like mine. I can't help it if everyone wants to be like me! JUST KIDDING! She's my pretend twin and I love her. It is funny how her and I already match not on purpose...but anyway...but here is a picture of my oldest..on her first educational field trip. I promise #1 had as much fun as her baby sister!! She was the best helper! Here she is packing honey!!! At Bee City, they also had a petting zoo. Of course I was FREAKING out about the germs, but I promised I would try and keep it under control. So here she is petting this ferret. The guy holding the ferret actually owns this one. So he give #1 a mini lesson about them. She is doing great at home school. I really wish we had just decided at the beginning of the year to homeschool her! But everything seems to be just rolling along. Today she spent her morning working away on her laptop! We have another educational field trip scheduled later this month! She can't wait to go strawberry picking!!!
more later!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Where does the time go?

Why are all my days so filled? It hurts to think how I just let so many things worries though! I miss the store so much..I had to call Michelle yesterday, just to check in and see what the heck was going on there. But the laundry needs to be done again...I am sure when I go to sleep the laundry multiplies. So, I am sorry but I won't be bloggin this weekend. I have a bowling tournament plus it is Yard Sale at the Pink don't want to miss it!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Peace and Serenity

One of my friends just sent me a comment wishing me peace and serenity. I think I have found it. For a long time I knew I wanted to be a mom. When people use to ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, the answer was always to be a great mom. So fast forward to now and the decision still remains the same. The greatest reward in my life has been blessed with three totally awesome daughters! So, marrying Ryan, I knew I would be the one to always make the sacrifice. Not cause he didn't want to, just because we are in the Navy and not like he could really sacrifice when it came to work. So I have pretty much given up my responsibilities at The Pink House. WALK AWAY...NEVER! I don't think Michelle them could get rid of me if they really really is just I can't be on the schedule.

When Michelle them originally opened the store. The plan was for her to commute back and forth from Savannah. Well be here for part of the week, and find someone to work the store 10-6 a few days and then The Mom would have the store on the weekends. Oh that plan was out the window pretty much as soon as it started. Michelle thought that she would be able to find someone to watch the store and she leave the store to get the kids and not come back...that plan not affective. Then Mom was suppose to be to the store in time to close it....that went out the window since she already has a big girl job. Then Michelle's husband changes jobs which require him to work on the weekends..UH OH! So for the past five months, Michelle and I have been pigging backing the work load of the store. BUT with Ry's school change and everything I just don't have enough to "be enough" to everyone.

So yesterday was my first real day...with no store commitment...but of course that means catch up on everything I have let slide my house..and little notes in the girls lunch boxes...all of that! So I spent yesterday doing everything. Having Ry's car towed back to the house. Not to mention being his driver to and from school. But all the laundry is done, and I have spent the most of this evening/night putting close away. That is the part I hate the most! When Ryan and I got married all these years ago he said "honey if you wash it. I will put it away!" Oh the man didn't know what the heck he was getting into. Let me just start to explain...Four girls in a family of five. Not to mention that my husband, I am sure, was a girl in his last life...SO he wears at least two set of clothes a day. Not to mention an undershirt to go with his uniform..shirt stays and black socks. I promise..My 12 year old is probably the best with staying in one outfit. I did so many things right with that one. But #3 oh my goodness..she loves her clothes so so so much she wants to wear every outfit with every single accessory right now. Oh you just have to love her!!! Anyway, it's midnight and I have to finish the ironing for tomorrow!! Yes I iron all of our clothes. One of those great mom things I get to do again!!!..
Anyway...know that I love you

Monday, April 7, 2008

Bright and chipper

At least, that is what I keep trying to suggest to myself! I hate how much this is affecting me. But I think I have decided to just close this chapter of my life. My family needs me, and after thinking about it, I sorta feel like I have allowed myself to not be that mom anymore. The girls snacks arrive at school in the same bag that they left the grocery store in. Now that's not me. Why did Traysea get the cute Longaberger arranged snacks? It all goes back to being my word/phrase of the year..."be enough". I am just not being enough to anyone right now. So, I have to cut things out. As long as I don't replace it with something else. So we will see...But on a bright shinning moment, I am getting my hair cut and colored. So wish me luck...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's still on the surface

So I wake up this morning to my husband's alarm...grrr..I hate him working 7 days a week regardless of just what day it is! I miss Sundays of sleeping in. Not to mention that I had a shitty night of sleep due to my anger. I wish I could just let go! OH well, so the ever so reliable wife gets up and gets ready. Makes the girls their breakfast then we are off to take Ry to work. Funny enough it is the only 20 minutes we have had together in the last two nights. SO we catch up and try and find out just were we are for each other! We try to compare notes once a week and since his new schedule we really haven't been able to catch up. It is funny Ry and I don't need those romantic dinners or other crazy marriage like romantic things, but we, as a marriage, need the 15 minutes of just him and me time, and our love meters renewed! Anyway, so my decision hasn't been made! Ryan told me today to just trust in my heart to do the right thing! Which isn't much help, but oh well! Maybe I can come up with something in a few days! I am going to get a fabulous hair cut and color Monday...wish me luck!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oh i'm bubbling!!!

Oh I am so hot right now I can't even see right! Today I found out, I am not reliable. SERIOUSLY, was the only word that came to mind...Me, not reliable???

Hmmm...I often am the girl who gets the call when they need their daughter picked up from school or if someones in the hospital having a baby..I keep their daughter.
If someone is off to a hair appointment, I am the one that takes their children to school.
Someone needs to get their nails done, I open the store.
Gam gam needs me pick up my favorite, I jet off to rescue her.
Ry needs his coveralls name plates made and patches sew on for tomorrow, I get them done.
If my mom needs something, she doesn't call the other siblings, it's me she calls.

Now I'm fine being the go to girl! I mean seriously I love that people trust me in taking care of the most important "thing" in their lives...but to hear, at least second hand, that I am not reliable has just sent me to a whole nother edge.

Maybe I just had a shitty day. All these days seem to be streamed together lately. I am not sure what in this world I have done to be on this wave of crazy, but here I am riding it. Ry's car broke down. OMW this car. I told Ryan, buy the Infiniti already. But that is totally a different days blogging. Ryan still has to go to work, guess who gets to deal with his car. It is not like I can just leave it on the side of the road on a military facility. Empty cars on military facilities just send up all kinds of red flags. So I, the reliable wife, gets to take care of car removal. So Karrie Clark takes my children to all their social engagements. Now Karrie Clark, she is one reliable girlie!! While I get to deal with Ry's car.

After that is finally resolved, I retrieve my children from the ever so reliable Karrie Clark and head home. My poor 12 year old had been home all day alone while I was taking care of all of this. So I get the babies home and start the tub. Let's just say Wannamaker park in the rain..oh what fun! Anyway, Ryan calls requesting pick up service in about 45 minutes. I am shocked because my husband was scheduled to work till 8 pm...and here it was only five pm and he was ready. So I pull the girls out of the tub, put their ajamas, that's what #3 calls Pajamas, on and shovel them into the car. I start the adventure down the road to pick up my husband, when he calls me...he got a ride home and is passing me right now. SERIOUSLY....anyway, I just chalked it up to something else going SO right today! So we put the girls in the bed, and Ryan thanked me for being the ever so RELIABLE wife! Then I start to vent! And out comes Ryan and his superhero syndrome. He starts sprouting off how I have to do this and I have to do that, because I am such a rockstar. And how in everything our family, house and marriage has suffered. Yes, Ry Ry is so full of drama but the main statement he makes to me is that I am the most important thing to him and no one is going to take me for granted. Totally made me think of the "No one puts Baby in the corner" line from Dirty Dancing. So today he says, do this or do that. So here I am trying to decide. I can't sleep. I am up at 11 pm while my entire house is sound asleep. Why, cause I am letting the anger build within me. So now I am just breathing out and going to pray about it! God always has delivered me the answer...I really am thinking that maybe this chapter in my life is just over. Ry's schedule has changed, we are homeschooling #1 and I am depending on other moms to take my children to birthday parties. I miss weekends with my children and the guilt free breakfast time with my husband. Maybe my heart just hurts. I dunno.
Bubbling over!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Have you been to The Pink House lately

WOW...that's pretty much all I have to say! I love the post CHA glow. It is get back from CHA, exhausted...and by the time you get a bit caught back up and into the routine, the presents arrive!!! So Zach's life arrived..but then DCWV's glitter paper arrived! OMW! I love every single sheet of it. Just as a mental note...why doesn't it come in black??? Anyway..what else what else...hmmm....Bazzill should be arriving anyday..OH and STEMMA's family line. Let's just say YUMMIE! Glitz now is ready to ship tomorrow. Sticker King and their cuddly glitter birthday paper! do I really need to say anything about that company....I am just SO SO SO excited. Luci, from K and Company and EK Success was here..OH GOODNESS were we in trouble! Justrite stampers are enroute and can you believe that we are already due for the second line from Yellow Bicycle! You won't believe what the heck is happening..and the best best best best thing ever to happen to the store....DONNA DOWNEY! I mean seriously..who would have ever thought that we could get Donna??? WOW..I am just exhausted with it all...BUT...We have Donna teaching Friday May 16th and Saturday May 17th! If you purchase all three classes, then you get a discount...PLUS...a chance to have Dinner with Donna!!! How awesome would that be?? Just a dinner date with you, Donna, and The Pink House Gang??? I am so excited!!!
So call us..visit us..WHATEVER!!! Visit us at The Pink House!!

Rainy days

Just who took spring away? It is 9:49 am and I am staring out the window at the Pink House and why do I still wish I was tucked into my bed? Where did spring go? Just days ago I had perfectly blissful spring weather. The girls were outside riding their bikes and playing on the playground out back, leaving me with moments to clean my house..but no...not today..not my daughters are dressed as if it was fall. Can the weather just make up it's mind. My husband did mention, well it is April Showers Ronee...Duh...right, but showers mean just soft raindrops for a quick period of time...but not the rain on slot that has been our last few days! Anyway..just me pouting!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools

So today was April Fools Day. Now for pretty much EVER I have never liked this day. Jokes and tricks aren't really my thing, but my two younger girls LOVED it! They spent a large part of their day trying to get each other! It is fun to see them together! They are best friend and worst enemies rolled into one! I love it! Sometimes my heart hurts for number one..because she doesn't have a sibling to be with...but today I got the greatest call. Aunty Shelley called. Laura and Tyra are best friends! They LOVE to be together. They were so perfect. They'd spend hours together and Shelley and I would almost forget that they were back there! It made for such lovely lunch dates. Anyway, the Navy has taken Laura far across the country while we are still here...but Tyra and Laura LONG to be neighbors again! Anyway, she just called to say that they missed us! WE MISS YOU TOO LAURA!!! Anyway..I thought I would share this picture today! This is my favorite and her friend! Brianna is such an awesome 15 year old! Of course she still has 15 year old drama, but she is pretty much everything I could ask for when my oldest turns 15. Ryan and I have decided that we want to surround our children with other children that make great choices. Brianna is one of those children. She has a best friend who happens to be just like my number 3 named Morgan. Big Mogo and Bna are the best examples of teenagers I could ever ask for! So....know that I love you's one am..I gotta head to's grad your balls, let's go bowling tomorrow!
love yah