Monday, March 31, 2008

A busy weekend and adjusting

This weekend was a busy one. I really wish I could say that this weekend was filled with hours of sunny weather and me with the kids outside..but no I was at work. Now there are pluses and minues to my job..and this weekend..was just one of those weekends.
Friday was Designers Challenge. This was something that Mom and Michelle dreamed up to get everyone together to create. We are pretty talented. Now I have to say, mine is not finish, but it will do. I just didn't have a plan, so I am happy with what I came out with. I HATE not having a plan. I like to sketch and view and from that, apply! But here is what I made...

It's a book about Baby Bugs! My paper bag album is always my go to project. You know as a crafter you always have one thing you can count on. The Paper Bag album is it for me. Now it isn't done..of course I need to fluff it up with all the ribbon. But I was at the store, and all I had was what is in my pulleez. If you even know me for a second, then you would have to know that the pulleez really only hold about 1/4th of my ribbon supply. Anyway..I take pictures all the time, but she always seems to have the best expression! She's a cutie, what can I say. But if you want to see the rest of the Design Team's projects you have to head into The Pink House. Trust me you want to see it!!!

So as if being at The Pink House till the wee wee hours, Playstation Saturday was the next day! So back to the store and keeping the machines and tools working. Lacie and I rocked our section! High five her!

Then Sunday i have my Taste of Home Party..which was so not work related, except I had it at work! So last night I came home, got the girls in bed and then lied down on the couch and that was it. I woke up at nine to pee, and headed into the bed. The next thing I knew, Ryan was kissing me goodbye. What, midnight already??? Then Trysha had a bad dream around five am and crawled into bed with me. Turned the alarm off at six and went right back to sleep! So at eight am, Traysea comes in looking or breakfast...oh well, my voice hurt and my body hurt, that was it. I fed her and then lied back down. Baby bugs decided that she could get up around 930 when Ry got back home and saw all of us still sitting on the couch. He just shook his head!

Dinner's bubbling...gotta go

Thursday, March 27, 2008

*It's the most wonderful time of the year!*

No, not Christmas silly...and for surely, not back to school, but Bobby, aka The UPS man visited my store today...are you excited..cause I am excited....COREDINATIONS arrived! What's that you say..oh just the next best thing since Bazzill. The surface is one color, and when you sand it away, it is another. Check out these layouts! It is so YUMMIE! Then Cloud 9's products..oh here is an arrangement of their vellum flowers! Of course we got every color. Oh and that also ment Heidi Grace's stuffs arrived. Not to mention Fiskars superstar tools! Oh its so much fun! I want to throw it all on the floor and roll around in it! Okay okay..I won't do it! But you know I want to! SO what are you doing this Saturday. It is "Playstation" Saturday! You know you have time. Stop in! It will be a HUGEMANGEOUS make n' take session. Wishblade cuts and every tool we have will be around to play with. If you have questions, Michelle and I will be around to let you know just how that does work! Come play with us!!! If you mention my blog, you will be in for a special treat!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bright eyed and bushy tailed for the morning I lied..I finally FORCED myself to go to sleep before Ry ry got home last night. I stopped doing laundry, but finished the dishes, and decided that I was going to lie on the couch and watch something totally useless. The finale for making the band was on, but i fought the urge to watch it! Or else I would have stayed I am sure I wondered off to la la land around 9. But this morning, Baby bugs voice seems to wake me up far to early. Right now, as I sit here at the store, my pillow seems to be whispering to me a faint call to return. But someone has to open the store. Not to mention that today is Isla's bday and I have to up and about for this afternoon! Plus I gotta finish Melisse's invites...but yet, here I sit blogging the minutes away!
But on a plus, Ryan made it through his first seven days of shift work. But now he has two days off, really just one and a half days to alter his body to be able to work on another shift. The Navy is pretty crazy. But, at least he will be off for a day. He will have to stay up all's hoping he is not a total butt head!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

He has Risen!!!

Happy Easter everyone! Just where are all these days going? I mean it is already march..almost April and it seems like I might have short timers thoughts! As much as I will hate to move...1. I have a job I love to death. 2. I have friends I love to death. 3. I just hate moving. But with all those, I think I am just ready to go. Four years in the same place. It just has been enough. Not that South Carolina has not been nice to us, but I think I am just ready to move on to the next phase! today is Easter! We had plans, but it fell apart, so we ended up staying home. NO worries though Ry always rather stay at home! He's a dork like that. But I guess that is why God made us so different. I love our house to be the house! I love to have people over and huge huge parties. Ryan, he hates it. Well, I can't say he hates it, but he would much rather it just be the girls and I spending the holiday with him. But Ryan grew up in a house with small parties. Being from Hawaii, nothing seems to happen without less then five or ten people! But I made him roast. He is not a ham person and the girls went out and found their eggs...Here they are...on deck..waiting....Here they are..after they found them all!
Know that we love you guys and wish you the best on this Easter day! I open tomorrow..oh and it's Isla's birthday so we are heading to California Dreaming for lunch!
Know that I love you

*Ry's Present*

So ry got home around 1 thirty this morning...I hate that I am on his schedule now..I can't go to sleep without him. No no, not in that mushy gushy way..but I love tv and I watch it, until he makes me shut it off and go to bed! I know it is an addiction! But also too it is the only time we really get to talk. Ry sleeps till 10 and I am either at work, or taking the girls off to do something, so we only get those moments..but is ry's basket
Ry runs a lot and his other ipod mp3 player is just too he got a shuffle! He was so excited last night, that he decided to go and run! Crazy yea! So if you saw an insane white boy running the streets at 2 am..that was my ry ry!
He has risen, let us rejoice!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

*Easter Egg Dying*

So we did our egg dying today! The girls love dying eggs. Even my 12 year old still runs to the table and can't wait to get her hands on her dozen. Yes, my children dye a dozen each. It just works out easier! Plus everyone has their own little container to keep them all together! they are in the act!

I know they are all in their "Sundays Best." I made them put on their PJ's. If they got stained I wouldn't freak out!!! Speaking of stained. These are Kahekila's hands after she was done! None of my girls can ever escape the fingertip coloring! Then here are my girls before they started. They had been waiting all day!

Here are the girls Easter Baskets! Every girl got a bathing suit and slippers. Well #1 didn't get slippers, but that is because she couldn't decide!

I even got Ry ry a present, but I will post that later. Just in case he tries and checks my blog before hand! Happy Easter Virgil!


You won't believe it! I mean do you know when you have arrived? Well maybe when you appear on the Glitz website...NO, that just means you are on the rise..but when Donna Downey decides she can visit our store and TEACH! That totally means you are a superstar!!! So yes you read that..DONNA DOWNEY WILL BE TEACHING CLASSES AT THE PINK HOUSE. I am, right now i'm so excited! If you haven't heard how Donna Downey is, for my non-paper crafting gang, her is her blog! Check her out! Isn't she just awesome! Anyway I am in the glowy stage! She will be there May 16th and 17th! Oh, I'm bubbling over! I can't wait!
love you guys

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Facts

Easter is early this year. Easter is always the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after the Spring Equinox (which is Mar. 20). This dating of Easter is based on the lunar Calendar that Hebrew people used to identify Passover, which is why it moves around on the chuch Calendar. Based on the above information, Easter can actually be one day earlier (Mar. 22) that is rare.

Here is Interesting Information:

This year is the earliest Easter any of us will ever see the rest of our lives! Only the most elderly of our population have ever seen it this early (95 years old or above.) None of us have ever, or will ever see it a day earlier!

Here Are The Facts:

The next time Easter will be this early, (Mar. 23) will be the year 2228 (220 years from now.) The last time it was this early was 1913. If you are 95 or older, you are the only people that were around for that! The next time it will be a day earlier, Mar. 22, will be in the year 2285 (277 years from now.) the last time it was on Mar. 22 was 1818.

So…… no one alive today has or will ever see it earlier than this year! Interesting!!

Spring Break first of all...I am sorry that I have not been posting with pictures. When my camera is somewhere else..I am just too lazy to get up and go and get it. I normally blog at some crazy ASK hour so to have the energy to get up and get my camera is normally non-existent. But I have been a good picture taking girl. SO....want to drool??? The Pink House has really started to get CHA goodies.....

This is my new son Zach. Just kidding, this line is called Zach's life! I love it! It is the largest collection that The Pink House has ever bought and it is oh so yum yummie! So I work tomorrow..come see it!
Spring break is a great time for me to catch up with the girls!!! But before school got out, they had an Easter party! This is #3 with her teacher!
Yes, this is Baby Bugs! She is awesome at the Monkey Bars. From as soon as she was big enough she had a superstar's grip! Here she is, showing off her skills!
This is my Brianna. If you ever met her parents, you can totally tell, she is her father's daughter! Isn't she cute!
Not the cutest picture of Kahekila, but she wanted to showcase her missing teeth! The child is keeping our tooth fairy in business. I think we are without five teeth! WOW!
Now this is Cuddles. This is the "Build a Bear" bunny that Kahe got several Build a Bear trips ago. I think it was back in Chicago..or Sharamburg..I think. Anyway, Bunny fu fu is wearing the dress that my #1, who is almost 11 wore! I loved this dress, so all three of my girlies wore it! Kahe found it and wanted Bunny to wear it! It takes me back to life back then. It was just #1 and to see where we are now, it just blows my mind. Where did all the time go? Kahekila turned six...what happened to all that time? Okay..enough pouting! I open come and see me!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Balance has returned

It is so funny just how quick my life can get out of sort. Losing my keys seems to always be around that time. There are just so many things running around in my mind that my keys are my last priority! So balance has been restored. My keys have been found and all is right with the world.
Ryan and I had a "serious conversation". I know Gam gam is giggling to herself, but it was not that type of conversation. Ryan and I use to have these about once a month, but lately things just have gotten away from us. We both just assumed everything can go on, but sometimes you need to just take a moment and look at the whole situation. That was Saturday for us. We had nothing on the schedule...well I taught a card class that morning while he helped Gam gam move in, but the afternoon was ours. So we spent the next three hours just talking about stuffs. His work schedule, my work schedule, do we need new curtains in our bedroom. It was so awesome! The three girls were off doing whatever, while Ry and I basically got all this time to ourselves. I love being his wife! And why didn't anyone tell me all those years ago..that marriage is a full time job!!! Heck, it's work. Hard work at that! But 0nly great things come from hardwork! Ryan and I have been through so much together, that I could never imagine being in this world with out him! Okay okay, too sappy! But
OH have you seen the movie August Rush??? OH MY GOODNESS! It is a rockstar movie. Now I knew it was going to be a good one..but nothing like it was to me. Emotionally it rocked me! If you haven't seen it!!! I am store opener this morning...come see me!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The hunt is on

Have you seen my keys? I mean seriously..I can't find them! So this morning was perfect. Everyone slept and woke up naturally..well minus Ryan and I, but we don't count. Breakfast was smooth, no battle of wills over what to wear...nothing..then lunches were packed and we headed out to the van. But wait..the keys are no where.
Now I normally not a scattered brain type of person. Normally I am planned out, and make great decisions. I have a superstar work ethic and normally I am the go to girl..but lately I can't just stay the course. My phrase of the year was/is "be enough". Maybe my life is out of balance. My job life has been suffering. But that is mostly my fault. I am a huge giver..and I gave gave gave..and throwing everything out my balance. Not in a bad way..but "me" time was gone..and I felt like the girls lives revolved around The Pink House. If anyone has known me for like two seconds they know that I always over book myself. My mom laughs about it. Ryan says I might have short timer syndrome. Which I don't think so. I was sorta hoping Ryan would let us stay here while he moved, but he totally has squished that idea...which is okay. I love my husband and our family should be together as much as possible! Anyway, here it is 1 pm and an totally clean house and no keys! So I am home today...stranded until Ryan can come home. Not to mention that I was suppose to open the store today and I am on the card to pick up Bnana today from practice. But Ryan's new bank card came today from maybe God intended on me being home...anyway..
Oh an update on homeschool! I LOVE IT! I really think that I might homeschool next year too. #1 loves it..and now 2 and 3 think they want it to. Could I really homeschool all three of my crazy would that to y'all later! Pray that the munchkin hiding my key gives it back!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

#2 turns six and homeschool!

So it has been a whirlwind weekend! I think with the hour change and everything I am dragging. Today is okay..well better at is 7 am and I have already made the girls lunches and ironed their clothes. So I am a step ahead. So we have decided to pull #1 out and homeschool her! I know, I never ever thought I would be a homeschool type of mom, but she is struggling and it seems the only way we can remedy that, is to homeschool her! We are excited. Well, Ry and #1 are excited, me I have some reservations..but I think that is just me!
BUT, #2 turned six. Where did those years go? I love being her mom! Not that I don't love being the mom to all three of my girls. There is something wonderful about each one of my girls, but Traysea is the queen bee! Somehow, life seems to revolve around Traysea. She naturally has this personality that draws people to her. For her birthday we headed to Columbia for Build a Bear workshop. Traysea loves Build a Bear....

Well, I have to run..the girls have to get ready for the school day!
love you guys...i open today..come see me!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

*What was up with blogger and being tagged*

So what the heck was up with Blogger today? I couldn't get some of my favorite blogs! I was like "What the French Toast?" So luckily it has been resolved! So I was tagged a few times. But interesting was two different types of tags! So here they go...
1. Stampin' Style: That is hard to say...I LOVE LOVE LOVE flowers and yummie patterned paper! But I am not huge into distressed..all my stuffs is fun, warm, and full of flowers..normally!
2. Inspiration: Where do I get it? Who knows..sometimes clothes, sometimes it just floats into my mind. So many times have I gone to bed with a sketch in my head, or a layout that just is begging to get out!
3. Work Space: Well my #2 and #3 share a room right now, so I can have a craft room. But luckily now I have The Pink House!
4. Perfect Day: Wow, my perfect day...hmmm...probably a day filled with sports! Be it an all day tournament or something like that...OR a day where I can just totally hang out with my family and friends..on the beach..or just in the warmth of the day.
5. First Job: Hmmm...I would have to think..I guess my first real job was keeping score for the boys basketball games!
6. Wildest dream: Oh my goodness...I don't know what my wildest dreams are...they are all kinda crazy!
7. Ink of choice: My ink choice..well I love ink and I am not stuck to one..but I own every color SU Ink in Classic and Craft. It is an illness. But I sold SU for awhile. But I have a lot of clearsnaps stuffs and palette ink galore..did I mention brillance...lets just say..I love me some ink!
8. Beverage: favorite drink? Lately its been vitamin water..but my ultimate drink of choice...slush floats from kennys! YUM!
9. Biggest Challenge: Hmmm, my biggest challenge changes from day to day. My marriage some ability to be the best parent on other days..but everyday I struggle with being enough! Or having enough...time that is!
10. Family: Well, I am married to Ry. We have 3 sweeties!
11. Colors: Oh my favorite love it mocha or java..i love it! not to mention I love cool carribean or turquoise. lime or black. But, i think I love browns the mostest!
Ry wants the computer, so I will have to tell you about the other tag later!!! We are off to Build a Bear tomorrow! My baby turns six monday..."Pickle you!"
Know that I love you

Friday, March 7, 2008

Midnight crops!!!

Well it is 11:22 pm and I am still at The Pink House. Every Friday we host a midnight crop..and two of my friends were going to come...SO, I decided I should stay! I love to hang out with my friends...and Ryan is at home playing his game no biggie! Today he passed his test, so we are pretty excited. South Carolina..or at least Charleston is being hit with wind and rain. Oh great, because we were suppose to trek North to Myrtle Beach and it is suppose to be windy and rainy...BUT I think I am going to try and talk #2 into a Spring Break day trip. But we will have to see how that goes. Sometimes she gets something in her mind and then that is it! So cross your fingers for either good weather or an understanding six year old! Wish me luck! Heh the Pink House has a beginners class and the Cricut club meets this weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Out of Breathe*Pride filled moments*and Superstars*

For the past couple of days, it feels like I have been driven, like an engine. It's okay, it keeps me motivated right? And in my life, you have to stay on top of it, or you get bogged down in laundry. As I am typing, my living room is covered with clean clothes. But I guess, at least it is clean right? Whatever happened to the laundry room? The past few houses, I have been laundry room less. AH POOP! Oh well. My girls have had company for two nights. They LOVE having her sleepover. Her mommie had to stay over in the hospital, so the girls got a bonus night. I hope you are feeling better Karrie Clark!
So I am loving today! Oh and yesterday. I got to watch my Bnana play in her first high school softball game! It has come full circle it seems for her mother. Her mom graduated from the same school that Bnana is playing for! I wonder is that is the same feeling my mom got? I'd love for all my girls to go to Kamehameha! I really would. I think I would love children to play sports anywhere, but to be at Kamehameha, it would be a huge pride issue for me! It's all good though. I was so proud of her! So today I bought her something! Rainbows. OH they are so CUTE! Sometimes she can totally be a bratty 15 year old, but I love her! Shhhh, don't tell #1, I haven't gotten her hers yet.
So to top off my day, Alec threw a three hundred game! Now Alec is an outstanding bowler. I think he just turned 18..or he is 17 going to be 18, but he threw a 300 game. He has come close a few times, but today, he brought it home! It is so awesome! Such a moment for him! I am so happy that I was there to see it! Not that he really cared if I was there...but I hope now he knows that he has it in him, if he can just bring it out at game time! Good Luck Saturday ALEC!
Alrighty, my arm hurts, and I have to break out my 300 game tomorrow morning....wish me luck!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

*Pass the yuck and 12 hour crop*

Whew! Is all I can say! I love 12 hour crops at the store, but seriously it takes tons of work to make it run smoothly! But Michelle, The Mom and I always seem to pull it off. Well at least I think so. Michelle was home with the kids, so I ran crop most of the day, which wasn't really an issue. Though she left me with all 6 demos, but I had to bail from Bunco, I guess this is here that I make it up to her!
So I am finally feeling back to normal. If you have been around me for the last few weeks, you knew that a girl was feeling crappy. Those of you on the inside know what was going on..but simply put, my body was telling me I needed moments, and it finally decided since I don't listen too well, it decides to take it. So my body shut down for awhile. Just a side note, I have to say I work in a super awesome place. I know I know, you guys already know that, but I seriously do. The Mom, Michelle and I have unfiltered communication which has come to be SO important. With three women working together as much as we do, of course we start to want to kick each other in the ass. BUT, like sisters, we hash it out, and arrive at a good place. As of last night, we are all in a good place. I really think that is why our store has been successful! The three of us bleed for The Pink House and hopefully it shows! The store is still "under construction" and we are making room for all our new stuffs!!!
I will be at the store tomorrow..come see us!!