Monday, January 28, 2008

CHA, my parents arrival, and Ry back to work

WHAT??? You should see the state of my house right now. I gave up my craft room, so my house is a mess! Ryan said that for my Christmas present, I could purchase furniture to reorg my room. OH MY GOODNESS, did I not realize what the cost was, and hello I run a scrapbook store! Anyway, I am just going to have to dig in and do it. Since I have been at The Pink House, who has time to paper craft at home! I don't. But anyway, so I have oh, about 9 days to get my house is perfect order before my parents arrive. UH OH!
Not to mention, Ry headed back to work today. OH, I loved it when he was on leave. I could come and go as needed. Not to mention dinner and every other thing I could think needed to be done was accomplished by my husband. Normally, I would have been prepared for him to head back to work, one week in, but since I was so busy working, it seemed to make my life flow smoothly. He would make the girls lunches in the morning. I would take them, he would pick them up. SIGH, that life of fantasy is now over. So today, I am back to Mom's taxi! OH well, it was wonderful while it lasted. And I really needed the time at work. With CHA coming up, Michelle and I are all trying to get our ducks in a row! So far, everyones quacking in the right direction.
So with that said, everything store wise, is ready for CHA. Orders placed, staffing issues resolved, class samples, and Michelle's and mine tactical plan of attack. You just don't understand. I mean seriously, CHA is no joke. CHA Summer is a cake walk compared to Winter, and I busted my butt at CHA. For three days Michelle and I walked and shopped and was basically running out of that place when it closed, so I could get to my ride, and she on the plane. So this time, Michelle and I are going to make sure that we are prepared!
Email me any request!!!
Well, it is me at The Pink House this morning, come see me!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Busy busy busy....

I know I always say, where does the time go? But seriously...where does it go? I need to put myself on a blog schedule like Michelle! Maybe, I would stick to it better. But I have been doing alright with all my resolutions! I have been living better. I have taken all fast food, well most fast food out of my diet. I don't think sausage breakfast sandwiches should count, but oh well. We have gone organic in thing that we could. You would not believe how hard it is to go organic. Organic milk for example. You can't just roll up into any store and purchase organic milk. The commissary doesn't have it. But luckily I have a find who is Vegan and pointed me in the right direction. So all the veggies I bought were Greenwise, along with the milk and a few other products. I have been buying our meat from the meat market and we have been purchasing fresh fish. So it has been going better!
Spending less, I have been okay on. I was on a Vera Bradley hunt today, but resolved within myself that if I can't have what I want, it is better to have nothing. But I did buy new clothes. I mean we are going to CHA in 15 or so days, I need new clothes, right? So I have been spending there..but nothing huge!
But classes at The Pink House have been great. My monthly card class was last week Sunday, and we rocked a full house! I also love my card classes. Simple fun cards. Always make me smile. Plus I love when people leave with something! This week we did simple cards from scraps and Paper piecing. I always love that. Small elements with a punch!
So this weekend I was suppose to go to the Lakehouse with my favorite stampin circle, but Ry's got stuffs to do. Then I was just going to go up on Saturday..and of course this thing is on SATURDAY. GRRRRR...but it's okay. I guess. I miss hanging out with them! I miss just stamping and hanging out for fun! Oh well..I guess my time here at the Pink House is rounding out and then where the Navy and God take us, I will have to decicate to stamping. Right??? Oh well! I promise to post before I head out to CHA. If you have a list of wonderful items you would like me bring back for you....send it to me!!!
Know that I love you

Thursday, January 17, 2008

BUNCO and Card Class

Heh out there!
So Ryan is on the desktop computer, so you are going to have to wait to see my card samples, unless you stop in at The Pink House. But I am teaching this weekend. I have to dust off the cobwebs! I have surrounded myself with great instructors, that I have actually had some weekends free. I got to be a mom to the girls! Taking them to birthday parties and other fun and exciting things! fun fun! anyway, so this weekend is my monthly card class. For $15 I showcase my skills and you leave with four fun cards! I will post pictures tomorrow. So you gotta come back!!
But tonight was Pink House BUNCO! It is so much fun!!!! I did well! Main thing though, everyone has fun! Which we do! People win/lose, it doesn't matter, it is all about the smiles. My voice is actually a tad bit horse from all the laughing and carrying on. Ry thinks all us women are insane! I love it! Anyway, I will post pictures. But check you is every third thursday night at 7 pm. A snack to share and $5 buys you a ticket to tons of fun! Even if you have never played BUNCO it doesn't matter. It takes no skill and two seconds to learn! Anyway, it's 1130 and I open come see me!
Know that I miss you

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Heh there:
So I think I am pass the yucky! All three girls have it now though. The big one was complaining about her back hurting. The other two are coughing and a bit of a runny nose. It is this blasted weather change. I wish it would just decide warm or cold! I mean seriously! I can't even get the girls closets settled in because the second I decide to take the summer/spring clothes out, it is 74. Anyway, I am going through a cleanse process. I just got rid of 8 boxes of the piglets clothes. Outfits I loved, but Baby bugs is just too tall for them now. It was funny, Traysea and Nanea were both hugging outfits they loved and wished them off to a happy home. I was going to sell it all to one of my friends. But after I boxed it up and set her pictures, she wanted just a few things here and there, and Ry said no. My husband gets like that. It was an all or nothing deal. Anyway, so I was going to charge $5 an outfit. Now if you shop gymboree you know that is a deal, but I just let some moms have at it. Easily said, all the clothes is gone. But it was awesome. It all went to happy homes. It did take me a minute to breath out and then let go, but it was the right thing. I was going to pack it all up and send it home to Alena. But that child has tons of clothes. SO, off to a happy home!
Well, I am at the store today working. Well sorta, I gotta get on my swaps for my Carolina Girls group. I miss my Carolina girls!!! I hear the inner circle is going to the Lake House and I have cleared my schedule! I can't wait. It seems like forever since I have hung out with these girls! They are SO much fun! They all were a blessing that lead me to The Pink House. Me finding Big Lucy on splitcoast, leading me to Patti, and then her to Karla and Michelle. It is all about the 6 degrees!
So Ryan and I were having a discussion about us moving. Yes Michelle, I am moving! Pink House Michelle still is trying to block that out. But the truth of the matter is that my husband is in the Navy. I knew, when I came on at The Pink House, that Ryan was here for school. It had a one year time frame. I came on at the store right before he started. So, I could promise one year.....Michelle hates that. Anyway, so we have decided to put in for a Triton Sub. I say "we" cause it basically the only type of boat that Ry wants. Fast attack subs are just not ideal for people with families, but is any type of underway period ideal? Anyway, we are hoping for Kings Bay, GA. I have a few friends down there, it is the type of boat Ry ry wants, and it will only be 3 hours away from Charleston, SC. But there is a chance that we can get Washington. Which isn't my first choice. BUT, at least May May will be there. Plus it will be closer to my family at home. So it is a good second choice. But we did decide, that where ever we go next, we will be moving ahead, without Ryan. He has sub school in CT, and that won't end untiol October, and there is really no reason to have the girls all start school here, to move them after just a month! So it seems that I will be moving without my husband. Totally not a huge deal, if we get Kings Bay. But I just can't see myself driving across this beautiful country without my husbands help. I better get on the phone and call to see what my parents plans might be around July of this year!!!
Know that I love you

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm sick!

I think I have run myself down over the last few days! So today, I am taking off. Not from being a mommie though. I have to take the girls to a birthday party at House of Bounce. Then my in laws want to go to Chuckie Cheese's. So , I'm off from work and pushing through a family day! love you guys

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where does the time go??

I guess my vacation is over! Well sorta! The girls all have gone back to school, even sports have started back up. My friend gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. And I have been keeping her older one since Sunday. Oh and on Sunday we made the trek to Columbia, about an hour and a half away, to visit Build a Bear workshop. Oh and Ryan and I celebrated our 7th anniversary, Saturday. Want to know we celebrated? I worked the 12 hour crop at The Pink House. It really was no big deal. Only because it's not like we were going to dinner. Plus Ryan and I just aren't that kind of couple. I know, I know, horrible right. But we aren't. Michelle says that I am suppose to work at the lovey dovey stuff. Oh sorry, I just threw up a little bit. I mean, I love Ryan. But isn't that enough. Have you ever read the book The Five Languages of Love? I am so the "Act of Kindness" kind of girl! So as long as that tank is full, the rest just falls into place. Anyway, so Saturday I actually decided I was going to scrapbook. So I had to dust off those thinking muscles, and I came up with this. I love this layout. I have to say it worked out pretty awesome. The pattern paper is Sonburn. I just loved it. It totally flowed. You cannot imagine how much work this simple layout too. But it so paid off. I got Michelle's thoughts. If you know Michelle, she has TONS of thoughts. Talked to The Mom. All of it. This came out just how we all wanted. Then this last layout was a two or three day project. I had to paint the frame. It comes unfinished. I used Heidi Swapp's black acrylic paint. The paper is Urban Lily. They are a company that is based in Australia. There products are awesome! The paper has such a rich look to them. I knew that this was the paper that I would use. I then used Doodlebugs sugar coated Chipboard in beetle black and ladybug. So I did really create. I am going to print off some older pictures of the girls. I am just that far behind, that I decided that I better start getting to a stable ground. So as for an update for my resolutions, I have been successful, sorta. I did spend more then I should have. But my friend had a baby, and the clothes was just too cute! But, the food bit, I haven't been doing to well at that. I could not have imagined the task it would be to convert. But it is all baby steps! So wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

*One word for 2008 and Day one of my resolutions*

So my resolutions have been okay today. Well first thing this morning, on time. Ry off to work on time, all three girls dressed in the car, ready to go! Hit a few errands, and the off to open the store. At 1235, I was in the car, on the way to pick up the piglets from school. I was there with about 5 or so minutes to spare. Got the girls, developed my pictures, I told Ry I would be home at 2, but due to a delay at Walgreens, I wasn't home yet, so I called, informed him, and then arrived home just after 2. Returned to the store with tons of time to spare before Michelle had to run and get her big one. At 5:30 I was ready for Ry to pick me up, and then at 6, was at the bowling alley for family bowling with my favorite Houser family. Ry took the girls home at 715, so they could get in the bath, and then off to bed, and I followed behind about an hour later. Laundry, washed and dryed, with hopes of being folded. So for sure housework, check. On time, check.

*I also purchased nothing extra today. Well, the girls did get a candy snack when I headed out to Walgreens to pick up my pictures. But I bought just what I was suppose to, nothing extra. But I have to admit, I did want today. Keri Lee has an awesome set up for movie viewing. Today we were chatting and I told her that next house, home theater is a must. I was jealous...I am jealous. So she said, uh oh, there goes that resolution. I was like hello, can't even make it one day! Seriously child you need some self control. But, I recognized it, addressed it, and then moved on. So since then, no wanting today. We I did have a thought about Ryan getting a new car. But HIS car isn't working and so a girl can dream.

*Anyway, for one on one time with the girls, I didn't get to Tyra today. I hate that. I sorta feel like she is the one that I need the time with. I did get to talk to her on the phone after her daddy picked her up. But, she did get time with her daddy. Not time with me, but heh, daddy tyra time is as close to best as you can get. I got Nanea for about ten minutes tucked in next to me this morning. Talking about how fun school is going to be today. Then my middle wouldn't get up this morning, so I crawled in next to her, and talked her awake. About ten minutes of that. So, check!

*Today I wrote out my last thank you cards, and hit up a few friends on myspace. I also mailed the last of my Christmas cards. So I am going to say, keep in touch, check

*A healthier me, I totally failed. Now in my defense, if you ever had the fries and tuna sandwich at the base bowling alley, you would bend. The tuna is homemade. But my children had hamburgers and fries. But, they had a good breakfast and lunch. So, not check, but an improvement.

Okay so now if you read Ali Edwards blog you know that she selects a word every year that will "set the pace" for the year. So this year, I decided I would jump on her bandwagon and find one word. So I have been thinking for a few days of one word. If you know me for a second, you would know that I could never been a one word kind of girl. Maybe not even a one sentence kid of girl, but a one paragraph bit would just been another resolution, right? Which, I am still working on the remaining parts of my list. So my phrase, BE ENOUGH! Now of course I am going to explain. I have the issue of being better. I mean in everything. No no, not in the crazy self destructive help me save me way. But in the being enough for myself. Everytime I have a project, or class, I always want to WOW myself and everyone attending. It does push my creative powers juices to a boiling point and I stress myself out. WHY? Because I feel like my okay, just isn't enough. So creatively, I am going to be enough. I will push myself to expand my creative box, but not to the point where I am stressed for days about it. Now this Enough bit is going to apply to everything. I often compare myself to others. I know horrible. But I view it as the ability to grow. A lot of my parenting skills are taken from other parents. I am lucky enough to know a lot of awesome parents. My mom, of course she is a superstar parent! My big brother and Tana Maria had my oldest niece earlier. I learned tons there. I took the good and bad things and adjusted it all to my parenting style. Anyway, so I want to be enough of a parent. Enough of a wife, sister, daughter, friend. Just enough! So Ry is waiting for me to watch Oceans Thirteen so I gotta log off! Just as a reward for being a good reader I have something for you! Tomorrow at The Pink House, we are six months old! July 4th, we opened, and here we are six months later. If you mention my blog, you can get a "present." Plus if you sign up for 12 hour crop, we are hosting it this Saturday I will have a surprise for you! No pressure though. Anyway, I must run, know that I love you! xoxo, ronee


So with the New Year already started, I guess I should already have these in place. But of course, johnny come lately, I am always the one taking her time!

It's going to be a long one!! This list is not in order. Just some notes that I jotted down and wanted! So this is totally just me rambling, so if you just wanna read, have fun. If not, I promise to post some great layouts I am working on in a few days!

*So first, I guess I should say I will make it a huge priority to be on time. In EVERYTHING! One time with Christmas cards, on time with projects, one time in general with everything. Which all results in better time management. If you have even known me for a second, you would know that I am such the person that over books herself. My mom always told me I was someone who would burn the candle on both ends. Which at least I am constant, right? I hate that there is only 24 hours in a day, and actually do spend some of those sleeping. I am always on the go! Mayumi reading this right now is nodding! I have always been that girl! But things have fallen by the way side, and my goal is to try and try to be a better person with time!

*2nd, I plan to stay in touch more. Again with the time management bit. But seriously, all my friends know that I love them. My family knows that I love them, but the day rolls on and runs into the next one, and the next thing I know it has been five months and I have not talked to one of my very best friends. I don't talk to my sister or my sister in law anymore. We use to live on the same island and have conversations every other day. Slowly that went to each other week, and now it is just on special occasions. I don't call just to catch up. I don't call to just say I love you! All of it. Mayumi is back at home. Christina May May that is now in Washington! So I plan to keep in touch more! I have to say even with my mom, I sometimes let a day go by before I talk to her again. So not okay. With the exception of Sunday. I never know what her day is going to be like. We normally don't talk on Sundays. She is active in her church and then spends the afternoon with my Grandma. But her and I talk everyday at least once. I am going to keep to that! Even if it is just two or three minutes!

*3rd, spend less! Okay okay, stop laughing. But I am serious. Now when I say spend less, I mean less WANT. But I want everything. Lucky me I have a great husband and mommie that let's mehave everything. But I am going to spend less. Less need to have it all! That is totally me. I love the shirt and skirt that match with the shoes and the socks and the hairbows and the watch and the purse. I am going to spend less. My three girls can live without the watch and the purse and maybe go with a plain bow they already have instead of the matching exactly bows. I know it is a horrible thing. But God gave me daughters! But I am also going to walk away from the dollar here dollar there! I am so bad about that! "Oh it is just a dollar." I think that I teach my girls that, and I don't want that to be a habit for them. So I have to break the cycle now! But craft supplies and Vera Bradley are not something I plan to include in this little bit!

*4th, Put my house back on a schedule! I use to be a girl with a clean house. Oh and I am sure I was that girl before I had my last one. It is something about my number three that sent me to the pigpen. But I am going to go back to a schedule. With Ryan home we have gotten the house back into order. Well there is laundry on the chair, but for the most part, we have found order! So my plan is to put it back on a schedule. Total Kitchen Mondays, Girls bathroom and playroom tuesdays, and so on. I think if you break it up and do a bit everyday, it makes it easier.

*5th, Be a healthier me! I mean in everything. The inner and outter me. Workout, eat right, spritual, all of it! I even think that I am going to transition us to organic foods. I just think now a days, everything in our foods changes the developement of our children. I have three daughters, and I want to be sure that I provide them with the best jumping off point for their futures. And I am talking about everything! Better brain development, no hormone infused foods, nothing of that sort. All of it. Of course if Kate, of Jon and Kate Plus 8, can do it, so can I! It is just a choice you have to make, and I have to find the time to be the right mother to my daughters. I am so lucky that Ryan provides a lifestyle that I can be there for my children. A lot of parents have no choice, and have to take short cuts to provide their children with that best meal. I can take those few extra moments, and extra dollars, to make the right choices for our family. So I am going to do it. Tyra and I are also going to run and workout. It is important that I teach my 12 year old that living healthy takes work. It will be a lifestyle choice that we make together. She keeps me on task, I keep her on task! Oh and it is not going to be fun! I hate working out. As I am running, in my mind I am thinking I totally hate this. But there really is no choice, if I plan to be around for a very long time! Ryan and I want to be able to hold our grandbabies one day! And in todays world, it is just not that easy. Plus, i'd love to look cute in clothes again! Vain as it may sound, it is my total motivation!

*6th, one on one time with each child EVERYDAY. WOW, everyday Ronee. Are you sure? I already make it a point to spend private time with each child. But I want to do it everyday. Maybe it is because my Kalei is getting older, and I don't want her to grow up, or it is just I think that they are growing up so fast, and I want to hold on to each moment...I am not sure, but I know that I want it everyday! This morning, my middle one got up, and we had promised her and her sisters, to build a bear. There is no build a bear here in the Charleston, SC. We have to make a trek to Myrtle Beach, oh 2 hours away, or to Columbia, 1 1/2 hours, to get there. But my girls love it! So she brings her catalog in, and ask if today is the day we can go. I explain to her that I had to work today, I know HORRIBLE mother, but I told her, we would take her. So for the next oh, 20 minutes, she and I sat in my bed, tucked under the blankets, discussing what I thought about the outfits she wanted. I loved every moment of it! We discussed if her bunny would look good in a winter coat and boots. Or if she should get the fairy costume for her. She also let me know that she will be needing the closet this time around, as all of her bunny's outfits have outgrown their current storage place! Now, I want that everyday! Be it basketball practice with no tag alongs or quick trips to the grocery store with just the oldest. I want that! I want to be able to just catch up on daily things with my girls. I want to hear about what color bows they want for their build a bears, or that Trysha's black mary janes are more comfy then her new brown ones.

I am sure that there are more things I will choose to do this year, but heh, this is my jumping off point! Know that I love you! xoxo, ronee