Thursday, May 31, 2007

*no jet settting for me*

So WE..yes that means everyone...didn't head to New Hampshire. Easily said Ryan's parents are a bit upset. So my children are excited..well Tyra is. That means more time with Laura! So I will be at stamp camp this weekend. I didn't have to stay up late for the past three nights to pack and get those baby shower invites and birthday party invites done...BUT oh well..right at least it is done! Anyway..I will be working on Trysha's birthday party favors! I think I might make popcorn boxes..since it is a movie party right...anyway..let me hear your ideas! She's 4 and it's a movie party

*URRG I forgot to take pictures*

So here I am stamping late and night trying to rush to make sure everything gets done before we were going to to leave for New Hampshire...just a note..we didn't go...anyway..I had to make Tyra's teachers presents..So like Laura's I made them name hangings. The problem with it..Tyra has a Ms. Nutt, a Mr. Brown, a Ms. Reinheimer, and a Ms. Albertson. Now seriously...So I did it..and YUCK no pictures..because I said oh I will wait till the morning and take the picture. Of course that didn't work..oh well!!! They were UBERcute though...
pout pout

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A goodbye

Being a military family it is often a goodbye situation! In the past few years we have lost the Snyders, the Moores, the Fires, the Housers, the Renfros and now the Bolts. Each one has been getting harder and harder. The Bolts have been an awesome family to us. Today was their going away party. School ends tomorrow and they wanted to make sure before everyone breaks for the summer that they were able to get together. Here are some pictures of my girls from today

They got presents!

My Blogger RAK

Today I visited my mailbox today. Then I got this!!!
This is from Donna Baker. Her blog is Her blog is such a cutie!
Thanks Donna!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Things I love...

I got an email this morning from one of my friends and it was those type that you fill it out and then send them to the rest of your know those survey types. Anyway, I decided that this would be a better choice!

So...I love

1. That God is always listening to me. I may not always like the answers, but he does love me and his rewards are great!

2. Great days. Days when all the girls are in bed and I can sit down and say..that was a pretty great day. Be a day out with friends..or even when we headed to the beach. Just days that you can sit back and smile!

3. Moments that Traysea expresses her brilliance. Traysea is our girl that is Ryan's daughter. I love Tray I love all my children, but Traysea is the one that is constantly craving knowledge. Funny story..yesterday we were talking about what was going on this summer. I mentioned that this summer there would be some homework involved. Tyra makes the oh great rolling eyes face..but Tray says..yupppie. Tyra is mildly irritated at her sister.

4. My children want to cuddle. They all love to climb into my lap and just have squeezes. I love those moments. I love to use my fingers to brush out their hair. Tyra hates that now..but she humors me some! At 11 almost 12 she loves to still be my baby girl!

5. Times that Tyra and I get to hang out. I hate to do anything alone, so often I "invite" Tyra out with me. Like..heh Tyra lets go to Walmart. She makes a face and then goes and gets ready..the bookstore is her favorite. She loves when her and I can go and sit and read..have some soup..a little starbucks. All of it!

6. The smell of tropical colada. It's scent that Bath and Body works carried last summer. This year they don't have it. Lucky I am crazy and bought as much as I thought I could hold. But it is slowly but surely dwindling down to nothing. I don't know what I am going to do.

7. Flowers in my ear. I don't know if it's my "island" girlness..or just I have always loved the flowers..but whatever the reasoning is I feel funny leaving my home without a flower in my ear.

8. Great accomplishments by my children. Now this could be getting A honor roll or just remembering how to spell their entire name. And trust me that can be a bit much for my children. It doens't matter how big or how small I love their moments!

9. My craft room. I love that I have my own space just to have everything out and everything there for me to love on! This is my first craft room. For years I have lived out rubbermaid totes. I would have to use my stuffs..and then put it all away after because I can't very well leave my dining room table like that. Now I have a craft room..that I can just close the door and not worry about my undo project on my table.

10. My family! I love my parents! I love my nieces! I love all my "herd". God has blessed with such an awesome base!

Okay so NOW you list ten things you love!!!

Happy Memorial Day and Trysha Emmaly's 4th Birthday invites

Heh there everyone. So I have been a good girl and kept creating. I finished Trysha's birthday party invites! Wanna see them???

I went with some super simple invites! Trysha loves purple..So I decided Almost Amethyst cardstock as my base. I then used Going Grey for the monogram "t". I love it. I didn't think that the going grey "t" was enough of a contrast, so I decided to sponge the "t" and make it darker. It came out pretty great. Wow I sound like JanTink. I used some American Craft ribbon that I scored in Columbia and used just the "Happy Birthday" portion. Then I broke out the primas. I thought that it needs just a little pop! I love this invite. I just gotta go and finish the insides! you can have an awesome card, but you can't just go and have a plain envelope! So here are one of my envies!

Michael is my friend Gail's grandson. I love how his name came out. It was funny how long envies too me! I have this mental image of what these should look like. I wasted a bunch of them! I used Ivory envies. Then used my Lavender sharpie and wrote his name. I then came back with a SU Basic Black marker and just outlined his name. Finally I used the Sakura Stardust pen and traced over his name to just make it pop.
Oh speaking of envies..I have the envies from the baby shower invites I just did. I used Kraft envies and black sharpie..and again with stardust sakura, but this time in blue.


Since I stamped I decided that I could go to the flea market! Look at what I got!
It wasn't a superstar day, but of course I still found something! I can't wait to find a reason to use that Heidi Grace stuffs! Of course I just bought it because it all matched. Felicia scored the cute flowers that went with it..but I am sure I can swing myself over to AC Moore! I can't wait to go and make something!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Seriously! Two projects down, two to go!

Okay so last night I stayed up and knocked out the baby shower invites that I needed to make for Leana's baby shower. I know what you are saying. If you have read my blog for a while you are saying..didn't you already make baby shower invites for Leana. The answer is yes...but no. Yes I made her baby shower invites..BUT they were for a baby shower that she had in her husband's hometown. But of course we will have to have one for her here! DUH! Anyway..I can't even start to express how hard it is for me to make the one card over and over. I mean seriously it is nearly impossible for me to CASE myself. Why...oh because I start to think oh this might look better like this..or it make look better in this color. So here are nine invites...NONE exactly the same

Okay all products are Stampin Up, except for the sparkles. I used the Bundle of Joy Stamp set. The sentiment, background swirls, and our giraffe friend is from this stamp set. I stamped the giraffe on Whisper White in Chocolate Chip and colored him in with more mustard and close to cocoa watercolor crayons. I came back with the blender pen to fill in the spots. I then used two way glue on his spots, tail and mane and used ultra fine orignal art glitter in crystal. I love the effect it adds. I love the frosting!! (Sorry that is for my friend Logan. He loves that How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days movie) I then mounted him on Cool Caribbean, I am going to miss you, and then summer sun. I used the spiral punch and mounted him again on close to cocoa. Just to bring out the punch. I used the round tab punch to apply the sentiment, which is stamped in more mustard. I then mounted all of those layers on the cool caribbean base. I used the Au Chocolate designer paper just as an accept to reveal the opening. I used the slit punch. I thought it was a better choice then the normal open and close type card! I was going to make something really WOW. Since it was only eight and I could pop out eight SUPERSTAR cards! But no..I went with a simple comfort! So on the inside I am going to just go to my computer and print off the inside stuffs on vanilla cardstock..maybe sponge those edges..who knows. Okay so on to the next project, Nanea's birthday invites! Wish me luck!

*Beach Days*

I feel like we have been so disconnected from the beach! I guess it is just the snobby girl from Hawaii in me, but I never really liked taking my kids to the beach..if it wasn't at home. Sigh...beautiful Hawaii Nei. I think it has something to do with the sand or whatever..but today..along with the Bolts and Placeks we headed north to the Isle of Palms. Now in the realm of Charleston, Isle of Palms is the "higher" end beach Folly Beach would be where the "locals" head. Anyway..they were having this Sand building bit SO we decided to just spend the day at the beach! Totally an awesome idea. Tyra has been BEGGING for time with Laura and Arielle. So today was perfect!

Everyone had a great time! So now I am going to rethink the whole going to the beach thing. I think I just HATE to pay to park at the beach. I am SO use to driving up..and getting out! Anyway...have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My belated Mother's day present

So my husband has great moments. But he is not the best present giver. A lot of times there is no consulting..he just goes out and buys something..and you go! But we have to love his effort. So when I went to Columbia last weekend Ry ordered me a "present"

Horrible picture I know, but it's a new computer. Okay to Ry's defense he and I had been talking about getting another one. The laptop that I normally use is TOTALLY functional but drags and his computer is in our bedroom and I can't be on the computer if the girls and I are home alone. You cannot trust Nanea amuck alone. SO I got this. The screen is super awesome..and it more then meets every need Tyra and I have. Tyra was the most excited..she now has access to a computer..almost when ever she wants to. Today she spend like two hours on it. I had to kick her off! She got to play with it before I did! What's up with that?

I'm a stampin again!

Okay so I actually was creative today! AND I love my final project. This is a spoiler..SO if your Last name is cannot read this post.

Okay now that we got that all out there..Tyra's best friend Laura is leaving this summer. I know heart breaking..more then you probably really know..but it is life as a military child! Anyway, remember how earlier I was telling you how GREAT God is! Well He also provided me with Shelley and Chris Bolt. They are some pretty awesome people..anyway..Laura's going away party is next week Tuesday. Tyra and I sat down and talked about what we wanted to come up with for Laura. Maybe a picture collage. Tyra wanted something that every time she saw it..would make her remember Tyra...SO We came up with this....

It's a wall hanging. Well it sorta is. You can hang it where evers! Every letter's back has a written note from each of us! I had some monogram alphas and I traced them onto Bashful blue and took my veramark to them. Then came back with Dazzling Diamonds. So its all shiny and lovely. Mounted the letters on Close to Cocoa and just accented as I felt. We love it! It felt so good to actually make something! I have been so horrible about just collecting..which reminds me..I still have to show you my haul from Columbia! Anyway..So this week should be a lot of creating. I have to make Baby shower invites...Ry's thank you cards..Nanea's birthday party invites...all of this before I leave next week Thursday for our six days in New Hampshire. Oh I needed to vent about that. My husband is taking us north. It is cold! Um' hello! Why are we going to frosty weather...Ry's grandparents need to see the girls! Anyway..I hope everyone is having a nice start to their holiday weekend! Comment me on what you guys got going on this weekend!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been Naughty!!!

Now if Claudia was here..she would say I said that as if I liked it! Anyway..I have been a HORRIBLE blog host. It seems like days just scooped into the next one..and when Ryan is home..everything just seems to be so much more relaxed. I don't have time to stamp or anything...though right craft room looks like something exploded in here. I have found Mr. Potato Head pieces and marbles everywhere..WHY DO YOU ASK?? Well I left my children under the supervision of there father this weekend. It was our Carolina Girl swap and we headed North for some fun!"> There is the link to the gallery of all the awesome stuffs we did! If you are in any of the Carolina's we are holding out next Carolina Girl swap in in Charleston. Sounds like an excuse for a vacation!! I have room! Anyway..I have tons of stamping I need to get done. It is the end of the school year and I need to make thank you notes..Traysea's school is out FRIDAY, not to mention one of Tyra's very bestest friends is leaving..and I need to make that card and gift..OH and I need to get on Trysha's birthday invites..because we will be heading to New Hampshire the first week in June..returning days before her birthday! Anyway..SO I promise to post more when I get things finished. My mom says I am not doing enough stamping...OH and I wanted to shout out to Jen..from Hawaii..Pieces of me is her blog..she gave me the inside scoops that Fisher Hawaii was getting in a shipment of Big Shots...I called my mom as soon as I got that info...And now in her home..she has one! I can't wait tell she pounds out some creations! Okay..and now she wants Bella's...I gotta go and check out the ones I we can place an order..alrighty then...!

Monday, May 14, 2007


I know that is what Gail Owens is saying right now. Finally she has time to blog! Sorry GANG! The truthful answer is that I just haven't thought about it. Oh I love you guys, but I think I just needed some recovery time. I haven't stamped ANYTHING. I know how horrible is that. Ryan said I am the "procure" stage. Which is the truth. I just unpacked my Archivers stuff. I mean really Ronee! Anyway..So firstly..I got horrible news today. Vera Bradley's Java Blue is retiring. What the heck are they thinking?? I guess the company knows what they are doing. Everyone already has Java Blue..right? OH well..I am sorta pouting! to the good stuffs. So last week Thursday my crazy group of friends decided to head north to Eleanor's. Oh yummie. It is three hours away..yes yes..but it is an AWESOME..craft store. So we Claudia would o dark thirty and headed up 26. We had a great time! I really LOVE them. Now I know you guys are saying..Ronee you love everything..BUT NO..I really love them. God delivered great friends to me! Plus they are horrible enablers! But I really needed a push! Anyway..So here is my haul. I think I did pretty well. BUT that is partly because the entire time I was there Logan was texting me. Logan..luckily I love's my stuffs.

Don't you love my hula mice! I think they are the cutest! I can't wait to use them. I have promised myself that I am going to stamp with them this week. It is I have a few days!

As if going to Eleanor's wasn't enough the girls and I decided that our craft day wasn't done..we headed to AC Moore and they had ribbon. OH and I love love love..have I mention that I loved ribbon..but mostly..I found ribbon in colors I love...

All the ribbon is from American Crafts. It's a $1.99 for 3 yards..not too bad...Most is Satin..but two of them are grosgrain. I love them..I can't wait to use them.

Then I went to the flea market lady twice..I love me some Addy...but here is my haul! I tried to be good..but Addy makes it so hard!

Sorry it is a dark photo..but look at my haul! So I am going to clean my craft room and make some pretties...I also have to work on my swaps for this weekend's Carolina girl shoebox swap. I came up with something but I am sorta feeling that it is too easy..but I am at a mental block. I will stamp in a little bit and post..promise promise!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Traysea's spring concert..and the other silly things in life!

Traysea had her spring concert last night! It wasn't as good as the Christmas one..but my baby had a speaking part! After her performance we brought her flowers..OF COURSE...with Tyra's stuffs last week..Traysea knew it was flower time for her! Here she is!

My kids are such cheezers! I love it!

So today is Wednesday and friends and I are going on a craft TREK. At least I hear it is a trek..I am just in it for the fun! There is a craft store called Elenor's..i think that is how you spell it...about 3 hours away..SO what do crazy craft crazed women do..jump in a car and head north..right??? So here we come..just as a side bar..I have to say how awesome my friends are! God really answered my prayers when I asked him to send me some crafty friends!! All my new friends are awesome..BUT with Gail and Claudia I have this crazy connection! From cruising Target shelves..or stalking every blog..we seem to be one mind! Then with Claudia..she seems to know when I am in need! She keeps my cup full! And I love both of them for it! I was wiping the tears away..I'm sure Gail is reading this right now! HI GAIL! I am saying it and waving! Anyway..I will catch up with you guys after my adventure..I promise to stamp Friday..I need an idea for Carolina Girls swap! Wish me luck!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Sorry it's been so long...but it's going to be a LLLOOONNNGGG post!

Heh everyone..Happy Monday! So life has been a busy one! Let's see Thursday my brother, his wife..his three girls and my sister came in from Great Lakes. Okay..well my sister came in from Hawaii...she flew to Chicago..and drove down with them. brother was Ryan's first salute for his commissioning! It was such a great day! Raym and Ry looked SO SO cute in their chocker whites! I lov the whites! Anyway..thursday was Tyra's second performance of Aladdin. Having gone to both I have to say Thursday was a better peformance!

In Great Lakes theres a outlet mall called Gurnee Mills..they have an Archivers..look at my goodies

..then mom them made it here early early Friday morning! So we head out to Olive Garden for her post birthday party. Wait..did you just say..didn't she go to Olive Garden for Ry's mommies birthday??? Well the answer is yes I did! But in Hawaii there isn't an Olive naturally mom and sister always head to the Olive are the parents with the grand baby girls!

Okay then it was rush home time..get ready and head off to Ry's commissioning! Now it was a fun time. Ry seemed so happy. I had some shitty seats. We were right in front of Ryan..IF you moved the podium. Whom ever seats these guest aren't that smart! But's my hubby

Here are his parents putting on his rank!

I know shitty pictures huh! I totally have to get in contact with the professional photographer and get those pictures! is his diploma

Then here are some random pictures from Ry's commissioning

So you know what comes before part b??? PART A!!! Party party party! We had decided that we would just hang out at our house and have some food from home..YUM YUM. I was so overwhelmed on what I would eat first..that I forgot to take pictures! I know hi I am a loser..but we had char sui..fried noodles..garlic chicken..kalbi..and raym made crab salad! Did I mention I love my family? My mom skipped the commssioning to set up for the party. It was awesome..we hung out and ate!
So then Saturday morning was graduation. Now Ryan and I had gone back and parents had the should I go to Graduation. The speaker was Rudy Guliani..i think that is how you spell his name..BUT I just didn't want to sit through graduation..SO Ry went with his parents..and I headed to the flea market..yes I know..It's Cinco de Mayo..and National Scrapbook Day..and a trip to the flea market! Oh did I mention it was stamp camp day! is my flea market finds!

I know I know..way too much..but I was there alone..and then Addy gave me a bag and I just started tossing stuff in there. There were a few other things..but I gave the cuttlebug folders to my mom and I gave the teardrop inks to Claudia.
So from the flea market I head to the scrapbook store. I had permission. Remember a bit back Nanea made pretties?? Well this was my chance to replace items...

Tons of fun is all I can think of...then there are the primas! I love flowers!

I gave primas to my friends..and I bought Claudia the stickles she wanted...I love presents!
Then it was stamp camp! I love love stamp camp! Best was I got to take my mommie! She loves to stamp too..SO it was fun for both of us! Then she can take her skills home and make her own stuffs! Here's my stuffs!

So it's been an awesome week for me! Ry got family made it in town..I got crafting goodies! We are moving into the final phases of moving out. Ryan's parents leave Thursday night..Friday morning..Ry got his ID today..and we have to go and get ours sometime this week. Ry will go on leave here soon. OH..and we got orders..Ryan starts Nuc school in July! Okay..I know this is a lot..but I felt bad that I had not posted all week! I plan to catch up on my stamping. I have a shoebox swap that I have to go to next next Saturday..I still have to make my nametag and the card I am going to use. OH and Thursday I am going on a crafting expedition Thursday. I can't wait! enough for now. I promise to stampa nd actually show you a project! Love you guys

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

WOW what a day! It's Wednesday..we are half way there!

Well today is Wednesday and we are at mid week! YUPPIE...I am surviving..Last night I went to my book club "bon bon" meeting. It was started but this awesome girl Paige. She is a military wife that has a husband gone..and needed some adult conversation. With summer coming up..she thought it would be awesome to hang out! What a superstar idea! We stayed chitting and chatting till midnight! THANKS PAIGE I had a great time!

Okay so today was Traysea's field trip! Now we love Cypress Gardens! I mean really love Cypress Gardens. We had Traysea's birthday there last year. It's a cute place to go. Flowers..butterfly house..swamp boat's fun! We get to see Pedro, Joe, and the hot dog eating catfish. here are some pictures from today!

Oh and today is my Mother In law's birthday..SO we had to squeeze in some Olive Garden time! Here she is with her cake!

Then it was off to see Tyra's performance! We were rushing around! Thankfully the grandparents were here! They ran Tyra to her thing. Ry and I rushed up to check into the villas..Cause Raym and mom them arrive tomorrow! OH life is crazy! Then they over charged us! OH YIKES! It's the moon!'s Kalei!

So now the night is finally winding down. OH my hubby found out his grades and he is getting commissioned on Friday! Pray Jesus! Also we found out that we are pretty must for surely getting the house. Okay now I am totally doing the happy dance..SO I am going to post this picture

Now to my hubby's defense...we both hate pictures! I am always the camera girl! We love the girls to be our subjects! We have self hate! Anyway thank goodness we are halfway through this week!!
OH..and these I love love love my camera! I mean it isn't the awesome Nikon or Canon..just a Kodak Easy share..but as soon as I get behind the settings I can get some awesome this!

I love them! I love taking pictures with all my cool settings! I feel like a superstar! Anyway this is my last pictures..okay..promise..the grandparents wanted to take pictures of the girls in their cute Gymboree outfits. So we headed outside! It was a beautiful are some pictures of my baby girls

Okay that's all I got! I am so excited about our house! But I gotta go to sleep already!1! I am getting a bit crazy
Love yah guys