Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let's just start from here

Hi happy family:
So easily said it has been forever...and I guess we could on and on about how we got here and where the time went....but for the sake of it all..let's just start from today...

Happy Father's day to the best set of "dad" a family could ask for!  We are truly blessed with so much love and affection, my cup often runs over! 

So I guess it's most important to start from right now...

We are into summer and I think everyone is loving it.  The younger piglets have started at a new summer program...but thanks to Stevie and Hope, the girls have adjusted nicely.

Thing 1 is adjusting into her summer chill/work out schedule!  She's a mess, but I SO love her! 

Tonight, she is suppose to go on an "official" date.  I don't know just how I am feeling about all that.  Most of you know my #1 and she is pretty rockstar, but I am just not comfortable with this whole transition.  I know i know, she's 15 ron, you are going to have to get over it.  So luckily, I played the church standard card, and I get to ride along as supervision.  So I am sure there will be more of that to come.

So for smiles...
 Soccer season was amazing!  Three girls playing their hearts out every weekend!

Bubs went and graduated!

Thing one headed to Tampa for US Mens Soccer Viewing

Bugsy anna turned 8.
All summer basketball practices end at DQ~

Happy Summer!  Come see me, you know where I will be