Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My blog is going private

When I started this blog, I left it public, because it was more for work..then it was for my life's adventures!  Since I have really been able to..or really been crafty for a long while, I am going to shift it to a private blog.  I know it's lame..but trust me..if you read me now..you will love to read me then!  send me your email address.....
Comment me..I have set that to be approved so that no one can see your email address!  Hope to see you on the other side....if you need me..catch up with me on facebook!

Summertime happiness


Monday, June 29, 2009



Friday, June 26, 2009

My heart hurts

A friend of mine passed away yesterday.  Within hours of MJ..which she might have just found far too amusing.  She leaves behind a sister, a mother, and three children.  I want to run out to Houston and scoop up those children, but I am not sure that is the best choice.  
Tammy and I have been friends since Hawaii.  My #1 and her #1 were in first grade together.  We use to wait at the bottom of the stairs for our girls to come zooming out.  Her daughter was/is gorgeous.  And Gabby Ann and Tyra seemed to get along on most days.  I think Tammy and I got along a lot better.  She rode out the days when I was pregnant with #2.  Oh and that was the pregnancy from....!  Anyway..My heart hurts, and maybe that is why I have the hives.  Because it is a situation that I am dying to help with..and I can't.  
Either way, tonight I will hug my children just a little tighter...knowing that moments come and go so easily.....
I miss you tammy!  I know that Heavenly Father has embraced you and the pain is gone.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some days i dream

(yes I am singing the like Mike commerical)

that Tyra could drive. That means no more getting her to soccer practice. And then sitting with her for two hours in the heat.

that we once again lived in lovely Hawaii Nei. Where my best friend is just down the highway. my parents are just down the street. summer fun runs from 8-2 for $25.

I had a pool. So my two younger girlies could just roll out of bed in their swimsuits...eat breakfast and then I don't hear from them until around eleven, when they are starving again!

that I didn't have hives. and that it didn't take six weeks for them to heal.

I had a house keeper. Just so my clean laundry would get put away.

we lived closer to a "big" city. and that everything that I think I might need isn't forty plus minutes away.

that it wasn't 108 degress and my children could actually go outside and play and not send up my water bill!

that women could just be friends. not horrible stab you in the back, wacked out behind your back talking peeps. I mean seriously..if we aren't friends...don't pretend to be. It really is just that simple!

that I had a bestie that lived in the same town as me. with children that could get along with all my children and me and said best friend could just sit for hours doing nothing...as long as the kids got along! that we would go on great family vacations together and all that other stuffs that best friend families do!!!

But not everyone's dreams come true...sorry it's a venting day. my body is covered in hives..and the stupid medicine knocks me out..and causes the worst case of dry mouth you can imagine.

But..I guess I should be the one who focuses on the good right???

okay that makes me feel better. now onto glass number 600 of water today

When you give the little ones the camera

Thankfully Tyson Elmo and Robert aren't too tall!
miss you both

Today today today. Just focus on today!

Outside my window: Is the cutest puppy ever! Love you Logan! The sunshine finding it's way through the trees. Good Morning Sunshine..and thanks for the reminder Heavenly Father!

I am thinking: About what the heck we can do today! Happy birthday Elise

From my kitchen: Is nothing! Gosh I really need to go grocery shopping..ut it's the end of the month..and I am just avoiding the commissary in general!

I am wearing: My pajama pants and a tank top.

I am creating: A pile of clean clothes to put away

I am going: call Tammy today. She is in the hospital and just needs a reminder that she is not alone. I wish they lived closer!

I am reading: Everyones blogs this morning! I need to stop and get ready to face my day!

I am hoping: That my children want to stay in their pajamas all day!

I am hearing: Tyra tell Logan no. Puppies in the biting stage.

Around the house: Is clean clothes. On child sitting the hallway..and the other two stacked on my bed watching cartoons!

One of my favorite things: Just how brown and lovely my girls are looking. We love us some summer time!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Is just to get out of today. I can't seem to focus pass that lately!

Here's hoping your day is filled with happiness

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For my today


Outside my window...freshly cut grass! Thank you husband!

I am thinking...about how I am going to get what I have done, in the time I have alotted!

I am thankful for...times I get to spend with my children! I am one lucky girlie!

From the kitchen...are dishes from dinner time!

I am wearing...shorts and a tshirt...just back from the pool!

I am creating...a cramp in my hand from using the computer the way ryan likes it

I am going...have to take these girlies to church here in a few minutes!

I am reading...my scriptures, because I need Heavenly Father to talk to me!

I am hoping...that all my stress slips away like a thief in the night!

I am hearing...the water running for the washing machine!

Around the house...all my favorite children, spending time watching tv!

One of my favorite things...the happiness that comes for well fed children!

A few plans for the rest of the week...hopefully the pool. Baptism talk on Saturday. Time with my three girls, doing whatever the heck they want to do!

Monday, June 22, 2009


I love wishes!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cause i wanna smile

Heavenly Father gave her the gift of spreading happiness.  She has the crazy ability to just make people smile!

The one that expresses just how grateful she is that I am her mom

This one, WOW, is really the only word I can use to describe her!  
Thank you Heavenly Father for all my blessings!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Returning to the real world

The girls and I are packing up and getting ready to start the journey back home.  We are sad..but happy because we are heading back down this way for Fourth of July weekend!
So just as promised. More pictures then you are going to know what to do with!
I have 400 pictures..so i just gave you the brief overview...let's just say, spending time with our family was/is amazing.  Kalei and Halia mesh with perfection..and the girls can always find something to do

Thursday, June 18, 2009

tampa happiness

hi internet fans
the girls and i are recharging ourselves, surrounding our hearts and lives with family. Kalei has Halia...and the girls have a pool. Today I sat in my floaty for over an hour and napped. It was pretty fantastic. Not to mention food for days!
i promise to post pictures soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A brand new day!

Today it is a brand new day! I have decided that Heavenly Father wants me to have a great day! (Notice me making that plan again) But I am sure of it. I am sitting up tall...and just smiling.

The girls and I are taking some much needed time away! Recharging our batteries surrounded by family. And most importantly...a pool!
Just because no post is really a post without pictures, I have this. Robert has been amazing and has totally become a member of my family! He is an amazing missionary and teacher! Heavenly Father sent me just what I needed when I needed it! He leaves next week! Life of a missionary. But he will be back. Oh and Tyson Elmo..he leaves in about four weeks.

Today enjoy a time with your family! OH and I wanted to say Congrats to Michelle who just took her Math Placement test, she is apply to college, and scored pretty high..and she was worried. I love you girlie!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am amazed at the blessings in my life.  My heart has been very heavy lately.  So many things are going on, and all I can do is lean on Heavenly Father.  So I have to start just in my mind, listing my blessings. 
So today, has been an emotional difficult day.  I mean I really felt that all my windows had closed and I was standing alone.  Then I got this text from someone I consider not really a friend, but just someone I know.  It was just a forward, but it my moment of need, God answered.  The text read
"God said your sadness and hard times are over."
I was thinking as if Heavenly Father sent me a text.  I mean the person who sent me the text was not the person I would ever think was Godly.  He sends me the naughtiest texts and emails all the time.  Anyway..so I was sure God used him as the person to send me that text.
So of course I forward it.  It effect someone else who sends me a text that that was just what they needed.  Then through everything, I find what I need via internet and make a few calls.  It seems like things are going to work out some.  At least.  And then I am reminded that it is God's plan, not mine!  
So for me, I am reminded when I need to speak to God I need to pray.  And when I want himt to speak to me, I need to read my scriptures!


The Early days

I miss the begins of my children.  I miss it for so many reasons!  I miss first steps, first words, first haircuts, but mostly I miss the mom I use to be when they were younger!  I know it is sad to say out loud, but they kept me on task.  I ran my house like a tight ship.  Up at six.  Breakfast at six thirty.  Dressed and out the door at seven thirty.  Drop off tyra.  Run errands, home eating lunch by 11:30 napping by noon.  Wake them up by 2.  Leave at 2:15 pick up ty at 2:30.  Homework.  dinner NLT 5:30.  Bathtime by 6:30.  stories at 7.  Lights out at 7:30.
As much as a pain that schedule was, ry and i very rarely deviated from that schedule.  It was just too high a price if we adjusted bedtime.  It would be this crazy snowball effect.  So naptime and bedtime were holy hours in our house. 
In those hours i maintained our hosue and whatever else needed to be done.  I had to wash the dishes and do the kitchen during bath time.  Because if not, then when would i do it?  I would wash and fold the laundry during naptime, because if i didn't, then when would i have time to do it.  
Fast forward a few years and holy moly.  I still try and maintain a bedtime...but sometimes I fudge the lines.  Dinner is now anytime between five and six.  And the kitchen normally gets cleaned after they go to bed OR the next morning...please don't judge me...
So when I think of my children when they were little I miss so much more then first steps or life with breast feeding and dirty diapers.  I miss the mom that use to care for those girlies!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Daddy, can we have a fort

Sure girls!
Daddy, can we have dinner in our fort, cause it is really part a resturant
Sure girls!
Daddy, can we sleep in the fort?
Sure girls!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I was on the computer all day

I wish I could say that i was doing something awesome..but no..I sat in front of this computer and watched the entire first season of true blood.  If you don't watch or know about this series...it is a series based on the books Charlaine Harris and her charater Sookie Stackhouse.  I am addicted.  It premieres tomorrow night.  BUT I don't have HBO.  But luckily I have an source who does!  Here is the promo trailer for this coming season
Then as if one vampire series isn't enough..there is another one coming to the CW in the fall.  It is called the Vampire Diaries...
Then New Moon in November...OH MY...what a year!
I hope your day was more productive then mine.  I mean i did get some grocery shopping in...so at least we have some food..right?  Oh well..Sunday will be a day spent entirely with my family!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

pool days are amazing

You know what is awesome...friends with pool keys!

thanks susanna and nana cheryl

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My fight has just begun!

“This looks like the end of the story; but it isn’t.” Old Brown may seem to have Squirrel Nutkin in a deathgrip, but our furry friend is wilier than you might expect.

Never ever think it's over. There are many battles to this war!

Six years...day one!

So Nanea is six..now what? I still carried her to bed, like I do most nights. She still "needed" her water cup for bedtime! She still had story time! Still found her tucked into my bed in the morning...So whats so different from five to six? I guess it will takes more then one day to find out!

The party was at our favorite Chuck E Rodent!
Where we had pizza
Bday cake

And blessed with presents!

I am a loser mom and totally didn't really take all that many pictures...I didn't even get a picture with her friends..there were 11 of them. And all but two came that we invited..So I am going to go with that as a win! Nanea went to bed saying she had the best birthday ever!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today she is six

Six years ago..ryan and I got up at six and kissed our two older ones aloha and off we went to deliver. Thank goodness for scheduled C-sections...with the two previous, it was heavenly. We showed up at seven and was prepped and rolled into our room.

This pregnancy was PERFECT. No pain, no excess doctors visits. Normal ultra sounds. All a girl would dream of in a pregnancy! We never found out what we were having. With the lack of ultra sounds, it just remained a mystery. Not that I cared, I knew Heavenly Father was sending me another girl. I remember just asking for a happy healthy baby, with adorable eyes. See #1 had gotten hazel eyes. #2 my baby browns. so it was my hope, that #3 would be blessed with lovely blues.

After the worst delivery ever we were blessed with another baby girl. When Nanea was born, it was a crazy time in our family. The Navy was moving us. We actually left only one week before Ry's report date, so that Nanea would be nine weeks old before we got on the plane.

Fast forward to today and we are blessed with a spirited, gifted, and true Daughter of God. I know everyday she was intrusted me to as a reminder of just how blessed we are to be here! She loves snuggling, littlest pet shop, and dessert! She loves school and times with friends. The girl is always up for a party and can go from morning to night!
Everyday Nanea, mommy is thankful for the gift of you. You life me when I am sad and fill my heart with happiness when you smile!
Happy Birthday Girlie!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tomorrow my baby will be six

When did she go from this
Tomorrow she will be six..and I am just not ready!
I miss these moments

Maybe I am just pouting!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Birthday presents, birthday parties, rain, Up! and summer vacation!

The weather just needs to make a choice. Rain or don't rain! My girls and I just want to go out and play! Luckily this morning, too early to think it was a Saturday, the girls and I took Logan for a run! He is an awesome runner! The girls get on their scooters and I hold on for dear life. But today Nanea and I traded. I got my scooter on..and she ran. Boy, I was riding all out and Logan was still keeping up with us...I need to get off that barbie and get my one of those fancy new razor cruiser boards...

We went to see Up today...it was awesome! I was happy..because lately movies has all been geared toward Tyra or older...Tyra and I have pretty much seen EVERYTHING and we have a list of about ten more we NEED to see...come on transformers!

All the arrangements for Nanea's sixth birthday are done...her bday invite was basic and got out within a normal time range...slightly behind!!! We can't wait for Tuesday!

My daddy's birthday is coming up..so I made his present. He is going to be 60! Old Man! But my parents have everything so of course I have to go totally handmade. I would post pictures..but not until I get it in the mail! Just in case daddy wants to sneak a peek.!

So summer vacation is in full swing..except the rain is not cooperating! Rain rain go away!

Friday, June 5, 2009

What do we do at Young Women's you ask

Play twister! 
They even let cuties spin!
she loved being able to hang out
along with her sister!
she's pretty bendy!
 this girl dominated!
but everyone had fun!
Some more then others!

Blue shirt couldn't let her sister and tyra have a picture without her!
then he arrived!
Fun wednesdays!