Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What do we do on rainy days and when the rain knocks out our Direct TV

Yesterday was a mess! If you live in my area of the world you probably have a few of these? What is that you ask? It's my "pool" in the backyard. Really it is all the rain water that collects at the playground. My friend Shelly..at her house has a Lake Jacinto. I have my own pool. Luckily mom and I headed out early so we could do some last minute shopping that she needed to get done. Charleston Taffy and other things that she needs to take back with her. But on way home the darkness rolled in and we were then stormed on. Ryan came home soaked. I almost started to feel bad for him. But his Khaki's were drenched! So we all tucked in...but the babies had been talking about putting on a show for us all day. Bug, aka Nanea, does this Opera thing. Yes at four she has hopes of one day being an opera star. So before dinner we all gathered in the living room and prepared for a show. I wish I knew how to put videos on my blog..because it is HILARIOUS! If you ever get the chance to meet my baby girls..they all are so much fun. Traysea will say random things..showing her pure genius..and then Tyra will have the best come back lines EVER. It is so much fun being the mother to these girls! Then as the babies settle in for the night..what do the older peeps do...get our Wii on! If you don't have a Wii..you gotta get one. The aerobic workout that thing gives you is AMAZING! Even if you just get Wii Sports....that is enough to get your heart rate going! We love it. With everyone here..the Wii has been a very busy friend. Mom and Tyra were playing Tennis last night. I think Tyra is the reigning champion in everything except bowling. Mom can bowl like a superstar in real life too! So of course she should be cleaning up!. I know I know..it is not the best picture. But Tyra's room isn't that big..and I almost got hit. So you are going to have to take what I can give you..on that one..plus I have been using Tyra's camera...cause it's smaller...so the quality isn't all that awesome. Anyway..so I promise to be creative this week. I feel like I am a rut. I know everyone seems to be going through that..but with the children home..plus my craft room actually turning into it's alias "crap" room, I just haven't wanted to get in there. But I have Tyra's birthday party coming up..and a few classes that I have to teach at the Pink House..I better start to get some juice a flowing. I promise to make something gorgous. I promise promise..and Felicia..I haven't forgotten about you. I have a package waiting to get out to you. Plus Lauren...I have a present for you..I need yours and Bradford's address! Okay..I gotta email some pictures to Keri...I might be back a bit later today!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

So you wanted more CHA pictures right!

Okay..so I have a minute now..and so I thought that I would post more CHA pictures!!!
It is just a huge variety so things we saw..things we want..things Michelle bought! Just TONS of new stuffs coming out!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Rockin Blogger Chick

So I get this awesome "award"! I am a rockin blogger chick..and the girl who nominated me..was my girl Kathy! HI GIRLIE!!! So I am suppose to "tag" five other girls to be a rocking blogger chicklets....so let's see...Of course since I am so low on the rankings..everyone I would totally nominated..has been nominated...so let's see...

www.bootstostamps.blogspot.com Combat boots to Rubber Stamps...Marie just had a baby boy! CONGRATS!

www.MichelleDulaney.typepad.com Michelle is my partner in crime! Check out her blog..and the store..scrappinatthepinkhouse.com!!

smallpigpig.blogs.splitcoaststampers.com Peggy I love her! I think I love the pig bit. That or we both are Chinese...it's something..but check her blog out! She's tons of fun!

aliedwards.typepad.com and aliedwards.typepad.com/_a_/simon/index.html Now everyone loves Ali Edwards! Her blog..not to mention how cute Simon is..makes me mornings great!
So that is sorta five..OKAY OKAY..I will try to pick one more..
I'm going to go with Chichi Allen. Why you ask..because I case a TON of her 3D projects!!! her blog is chichiallen.blogspot.com

Check everyone out..you will love them. Thanks Kathy for being such an awesome reader!!! OH yea..HEH Felicia..I have PRESENTS! Email me your addy..oh wait..i think I have it..either way..email me OKAY!

OH and today my Lauren left! I miss her already! But she is going to Hawaii..SO i know I will see her...plus she's a stamper now..so totally we will be in touch..right Beate!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

*The world is starting to return to normal*

Heh everyone!
I know I have been a bad blogger..but REALLY I was busy. My parents are still in town..and after CHA..I spent time with my favorite nieces..and then returned home yesterday at 3 am. But of course no rest for the weary. I mean seriously sleep is over rated right???

Spending time with my family is always something I love. I hate that my family leaves so far away. We were so comfortable when we all lived in Hawaii. We saw each other at least once a week and had dinner together often. BUT now with Raym in Chicago..us in South Carolina..my baby brother in California..and then my parents and sister them back in Hawaii...and occasion when we all can be together..we jump on. So road tripping to Chicago was a no brainer. My sister and her family were there..and as a bonus my cousin them were there too!!! It is about a 13 hour drive..but with three drivers, it's nothing! We spent a few days with my family at six flags and just hanging out. Here they are!

So then it was off to CHA! My parents took me downtown..after Michelle finally made it to Chicago. If you want to hear the details for that trip..visit her blog at www.michelledulaney.typepad.com. But I loved CHA! It was SO overwhelming! Michelle and I didn't get to everything..but we hit most of the floor and for surely made a HUGE dent into the budget..but as exhausted and everything as we were...we would have never traded it for a moment! Michelle and I were literally were running out of that place at 2:45 p.m. She had a a plane to catch and my family was at the hotel waiting for me. I love my family..they all were waiting on me...so on barely any sleep..my family picks me up..and we head to the mall. OKAY now we had to go to the mall. Plus they were already downtown..so of course it made sense to just go from picking me up. PLUS it was for my two babies! They love build a bear..so I had to take them. Traysea had been asking about going to Build a Bear since the day we arrived! Plus it was my sister in laws birthday and TODAI was on the menu. If you love Japanese TODAI is the place to go. I have been starved for great Japanese food. So of course I could push through it..and feed my face till I exploded!

So you want pictures from CHA..right? Heck what happened in my life...so here are some pictures!

That is so not even really a taste of what CHA was all about! The Pink House is going to be SO exciting in the next few months. We got Bind it Alls. If you don't have one you are going to need one. We bought Dreamcuts. OH..I am so happy Michelle loves me enough to get those! Punches GALORE. A ton of other things to alter. Houses, flowers, butterflies, frame, OH just have to come by and see! Our new August schedule is going to be insane! Michelle will be sending out the newsletter shortly so you can call and reserve your space in our classes. We will have Coffee and Crops..and everything!!! I can't wait! I promise to post more pictures later on this week!
Enjoy your days!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My family is a train. You either get on or get out of the way

Being a member of my family is always an adventure. NO seriously it is always an adventure. When I called my mom a few weeks back..I said that she and daddy needed to come out and watch the girls because I was offered the chance to go to CHA in Chicago. So of course my parents say yes. They had been thinking about coming back out here, since the girls and I weren't heading out there, anyway..so after thinking about it..my mom calls me back and says, "Let's all go to Chicago!" Which sounds like just a whim..but really it's not. My brother lives in Great Lakes. Which is about a half hour north of Chicago..so why not all of us go and visit my three nieces. Oh yea..and my sister in law and big brother. Plus my sister and her family and my cousin them were going to be there..so it was a plan. BUT for the few weeks before we left..everything was soft. No exact day of my parents arrival. That is because they fly SPACE A and we don't ever know exactly what day they will get to Charleston..and we weren't even sure if we were really going to drive all the way to Chicago. Remember how I said things are always an adventure. So my parents arrive early...4am...on Monday morning. Then 12 hours later, we are back on the road driving to Chicago. An quick overnight 14 hour trip here we are in Great Lakes. SO I head out to CHA today. I got to spend the time with the family..some Six Flags..some Mall time..and now I am ready for some time at CHA. So I will try and upload all the fun pictures I take at CHA. If not..I promise to at least blog!
I love you guys!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Heh everyone:
I feel like I haven't been good to my blog. I think all 10 of you are the best people EVER. So things at the Pink House have been great. Last night we spent the night stocking the adhesives and Marvy products that came in. Thanks to Amanda for being my tag along. She helped make the process awesome. I am horrible and I use my friends....BUT ANYWAY today we held out first class. It was a Scrapbooking 101 class. Michelle did a great job coming up with a layout and I learned something. Want to know what it was? In the card making world..when you copy a design..it's call casing..well..when you copy a layout it's called lifting. I love when I learn new things. SO the pictures from today's class on still on Karla's camera..so as soon as those get up..I promise to post them...BUT tomorrow is my card class. So I promise to take pictures of that..and post them. IF you aren't busy and live in my area...come down. It's going to be fun!
BUT the best thing I got today..was a little package from my buddy FELICIA! HI HONEY! Felicia is my "sista"! She is currently hanging out with her family and then will be heading on to Hawaii. I can't believe she moved from South Carolina. Anyway..she sent me this!
CUTE YEA! Felicia is a gifted crafter. She is also a CTMH demo..so if you need something..let me know..I can forward your information to my girl and she can hook you UP!. Don't you love love Choco cat??? I do! TYRA does. Which is why Felicia sent this to us. I once told her a story about how Tyra, when she is old enough to have a car..wants a convertible bug khaki..and choco cat it out. So...tada..it just needs a key. Isn't the card ADORABLE! Felicia..check your mailbox!!
Okay gang..I am off to the scary movie with my best buddy Michelle...no not that one..Gam Gam...the one that moved back from Rhode Island..but..her daughter wants to watch the scary movie!! YUPPIE
Enjoy your weekend

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter

As soon as I knew Brianna and Garrick were moving back to South Carolina, we had planned on headed out to see Harry Potter! Of course we had to see it in the IMAX, because of the 3D ending..not to mention we see EVERY movie we can at the Imax. The girls and I go to the IMAX all the time. I wish more movies were there. In other places in the world they get every movie in...oh well..Here in South Carolina they have it set up downtown. It is waterfront and the park it just super cute. OH IT WAS SO WORTH IT. Now I LOVE all the Harry Potter books, and this is the only movie I thought was worth it. So much, that I told Brianna we have to go again. We went and saw the 10am show so we headed out early to make it downtown!
Here are the kids after the movie!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Alright, now stop me!

HELP! I mean seriously I need help. On Saturday I placed my first order from the new SU catalog. Now I use TONS of SU! items. Have you seen the new catalog. OH, I was sure I was going to be upset..with the price increase, the lost of Cool Carribean, I was sure I was going to be a bit unhappy...but I basically love almost everything. If you don't know me..accessories and paper is my fetish! I mean I love the stamps..but it's all the "frosting" that makes me smile! So, anyway..I was a good girl and took a $100's cash to Michelle and Gail's Catalog Open House. I was sure this was going to help keep me in control. Which it did! I spent $104.99. Luckily I had $5 in my pocket from Gail Owens. So I come home and look at my list..AHHH..of course I am basically ready to make my second order. I think I am going to have to email Beate here soon! This catalog goes with me everywhere! So here I am, sitting at the computer desk..inputing all my "wishes" into a spreadsheet! I hate when I have to work the formula at the bottom...@sum...UH OH! Then Stampin Up goes ahead and makes it so I only can get some of these items for the next six months! AHHH..what are they trying to do to me...make me get a divorce. I have to say, Ryan is awesome to me..and does provide me with tons of craft funds! So..Please give me strength not to place my next order until I come back from CHA!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Pajama Sundays

I am in a slump. I want to blame my craft room disaster area, but I think that it is only part of the reason. Right now I am in search of that creative spark. I have to make Tyra's invitations, and I am still not motivated to stamp yet. All I can hear is the clock ticking for that..Her birthday is just a month away...and I really hate to wait to the last minute for things like that. BUT..I say Michelle moved home and Dawn was only here for a week..SO I tried to spend as much time with DF as possible! So..she left today..maybe my schedule will "loosen" up. Not likely..but here's hoping. Anyway..I have to make a promise to myself to be productive...RIGHT???
So yesterday was Michelle and Gail's open house. OH the JOY of the new SU catalog. I mean there are things I am not a fan of..but I love ALL THE NEW PAPER. If you have ever met me..you will know I am a sucker for paper and ribbon. And what does this catalog have..NEW PAPER AND NEW RIBBON! I was good and stayed in my budget. Ryan and I talked about it..and I stayed with my $100. It was nearly impossible..but I was such a good girl! I will take pictures of my make and takes..and post them later..Ry needs help outside with the grass cutting...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Back to the beach

Yesterday I took the younger herd to the beach! Our friend had other friends visiting with a girl the piglets age..so we headed out together! Here they are

My girls love the beach..I on the other hand, love the ocean..hate that blasted sand! Anyway..the girls loved it! Today is Michelle, Gail, and Kim's new catty viewing! I can't wait! So I gotta go shower..lauren and Amanda will be over in a bit and we gotta work on our wishlist!
I will take my camera!

Friday, July 6, 2007

*Oh happy day*

Today is a day for celebration! Ryan is REALLY at work. Though he stopped in for an hour..but like he is planning on working an entire day! I am so excited! Then I got this in the mail yesterday
If you even know me for a second, you would find out that I LOVE blue. Almost any type of blue..but I a girl who loves her some blue. So when I read on Inky Dinky Doo's blog that she was a ribbon share..and they had Brilliant Blue, Carribean Blue, and Bashful ribbon I knew I was in! So it arrived yesterday. I haven't really had time to do anything..I need to get off my butt and make Tyra's invitations. Summer..you think you have all this free time..but in all trueness I don't. My freetime is now being absorbed into the girls. I am not complaining..but I hear my craft room sigh a bit everytime I walk past it. Right now it is a disaster area and in search of love. Maybe tonight I will get in there and clean it up..who knows..I hate how at my house it seems that only one thing can be clean at a time..The Living areas of my house are clean..but the girls room and the craft room are crazy. Anyway..i forgot to post what I got at Addie's. I have realized that Addie's is really just not worth it. But she was having a 4th of July sale. So you know I gotta go..it was a sale! Here is what I got.
Well today, I think is a beach day. I gotta get the girls ready and head out...catch up with you guys laters

Thursday, July 5, 2007

*I've been a bad blogger*

Heh there everyone...I am sorry that I have not been "on top" on my blog! It seems like the days are just getting away from me. I have been putting in lot of "love" into that new scrapbook store...here are some of the layouts that I did for them

Then i DRAGGED Lauren along with me for the stores Grand Opening! It was fun! I promised my husband that I would only stay till 2..because we were having people over and still needed to head out to run some errands before everyone came over....This is Lauren's first page EVER. I did the one with the Wine paper..but she did the one with the three princesses.
Here is a picture of Lauren and I sitting at the class table
Lauren has mad self taken picture skills.
After all that I headed back to the house to celebrate the 4th. I have to saw I am a pretty proud wife! He is proud service member! Plus, the Navy has been excellent to us..for the most part..there were those sucky moments..but when you take the step back, The Navy has been a great thing! Here are is a picture of the fireworks we went to go see. Thank you to ever service member! I am grateful for everything you do..and every sacrifice that you and your family has to go through!

Then finally..TODAY I spent some time with all my kids! And when I say all..I mean..my three girls..plus the kids that I inherit! The Houser pair..The Fire big ones and Collene and Tedi...But all the kids went to the waterpark! Oh and my kids LOVE the waterpark..so on the drive home..this is what they looked like!

Well the day is over...BUT I still have to get up to see my newest family addition. Nang had her baby!!! Manolo "Manny" Bardago Owen. I gotta go and see him..he's been alive four days..and I haven't been able to see him! I gotta make it there...

Monday, July 2, 2007

*A Tin for Tyra* and what we are up to!

I am sorry I have been a horrible blogger. I had to get everything ready for Ry and the girls to leave..and then now that they are gone..Tyra and I have been bonding...BUT the girls and their father are on the way home. Yesterday they spent the night at Ry's high school friends house. Dan and Jolie LOVE the girls. Jolie is such an awesome addition to Dan. I love spending time with them! Anyway..so one adventure I took Tyra on was Serika's class at "A Scrapbook Store" in Mt. Pleasant. Now Keri is such a talent, to have the chance to take on of her classes is just amazing! I had to bring Tyra, but it worked out well..We made a tin together. Okay so together isn't the best of terms..but we did sorta do it together! Here it is

Tyra LOVES Hawaiian print, and this paper from Creative Imaginations worked out perfectly! She is my little Hawaiian girl! OH I love her.
She got to lunch with the "inner circle". No I am just playing..she got to lunch with myself and some lady friends..then I dragged her to the Pink Store..we did a walk around..I showed it to Lauren and Gail Owens dropped in...and then we headed home. Tyra and I hit soccer that night. It was funny...I often have moments when I just love being a mom. Soccer with Tyra is always one of those moments. Though I think she was already tired. I love that time that we spend together. I love to look over at her..and just take a moment to breath out. She is about to be 12...how to imagine that 13 years ago I was pregnant with such a perfect thing. Everyday I am overwhelmed that God has chosen me a as their mother. I am so happy to be able to spend the time with Tyra. But also that Ryan has been able to spend the time with his two younger daughters. With Ry's job his time with the girls will be short. Hopefully each girl walks away knowing just something they didn't about Ry and I think weekend! Here's hoping!