Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another awesome day in South Carolina

Today was a bust. I didn't stamp..well I kinda did create a bit. I am waiting for my stamps to come via Mrs. Brown tomorrow afternoon. SO I cut the cards and the ovals. I am making my Easter cards. Sorry I am going to hide them until my peoples get them! I know that's mean but you love me anyway! So I didn't get to finishing the craft room. Maybe I am sorta avoiding. Who am I kidding? I so am Anyway so I called my friend Keri this morning because I needed to borrow her oval cutter. I couldn't locate mine...anyway so she tells me she is creating this morning and in the afternoon her kids were going to head outside. I was like what are you kids going to do. Oh we are going to go outside and play on the waterslide and pool. I so invited myself and my children over. Yes I am too forward...but heh I needed to go to Keri's why not bring my two younger chickens and let them play with her bunch! So I clicked some pictures on this beautiful day! I didn't get one of baby girl. By the time she got up from her nap I was done clicking. Here are some pictures of the kids outside! The kids are like lighting so there weren't that many pictures..but here are some of the best ones! THANKS KERI!

Hope sunshine is heading towards Texas!!!

Yesterday's afternoon!

The weather has been outstanding here in South Carolina! Sorry Beate...when we get up to take Tyra to school we are greeted with a chill and grey clouds! But then by mid morning the sun is out and the pollen is high. So on the news today I find out that we have the highest pollen content. 128 is already extremely high, we are somewhere in the thousands! CRAZY HUH! the girls headed outside in the afternoon for sometime in the sun. Below are the girls out playing soccer. This is Traysea's first year playing soccer..and Nanea has been her..forever to play soccer. Nanea is SO ready! We can't wait. Just if she could follow directions the world would be a great place!

Traysea wanted both. Soccer action shots and the cute posed shots with the ball.

Are you saying, but where is Tyra? She is on the other side of the house playing volleyball. When I went over there to take her picture, she stopped and said.."No thanks!" Sorry! No pictures

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

So I am still knee deep in the craft room. I am trying to see if my husband will move my chair and a half out of here. I love that chair, but I need the room if I plan to move the girls table in here. Plus I just needed a lot of organization. Plus I just wanted to de clutter my space. here I am, day two of this adventure. I got a bit tired of cleaning..and LOVED that my craft table was clear and looking beautiful, so I decided to get to a project that I have been putting off.
I have been using my pocket calendar knowing that eventually I was going to cover it. So today when I was sorting my 12x12 paper, I discovered all the simply scrappin kits I have yet to open. I did open my last SAB set. I am semi pancied. But hopefully I will be able to scoop some up off Ebay eventually. this is the front. It is the same kit that I used on my Band Aid tin. The flowers are from the Island Blossoms kit. Yes this is last year's hostest set that I just opened. I loved Island Blossoms. It must be a Hawaii thing.

Also, I had asked Beate to help me with the trifold card. I was having this mental block and I couldn't find out just how to make it work. So Beate to the rescue. She made one up and sent one out to me!

Isn't it cute!! She used SU's Bunny hugs and their new Petal paper! She also set me a handful of scalloped edged oval punches. Awesome!!! Thanks Beate..I hope the sun peaks out behind those Texas clouds! Well I off to start my cards. Hopefully they turn out as wonderful as Beate!

Monday, March 26, 2007

What we did today!

So today Ryan started his spring break. SO in my mental picture..I was oh great, ryan on spring break means I do nothing. OH so not the case. Today Ryan and I cleaned house. When Ryan is on spring break it normally means that it is time to catch up on household chores. Traysea's table and chairs she got at Christmas, were put together today. Now in Ryan's defense at first we couldn't find the chairs, and then we weren't really sure we had the space for it. BUT we are reorganizing..crazy huh..we move in three months..but live in the in the now. the it got put together. Tomorrow, after I finish cleaning up the craft room, we will move the table and chairs in here. So now my two youngest have their own craft space. They are super excited. While cleaning I realized I have a lot of duplicate items. Mainly SU inks. For example, Green Galore I have four of them. I am not really sure how that happened, but I do. So I am keeping one, giving one to my mom, she is new to the SU world, but I have two for a happy home. SO if you need one, let me know. I also have extra's of Marigold, Cranberry, Thyme, Pumpkin, Yoyo, Caramel, Pixie, Amethyst, Grey, Red, Pretty, Brocade, Brillant, Craft White, Rose, and about seven or so other ones in a box I have marked extra's. I have two whimisical lower case. An extra set of Classic Soft Subtles spots. I have a bunch of uncut last year's hostest and SAB sets. I don't know what the heck happened! My cluttered self just orders..and then letter, normally after I open it and use it..I find the other one. It is a sickness. Anyway I also didn't realize that I have so many projects that one day I will do. I have about 12 little notebooks, a bunch of tins, and a lot of other little things that one day I will stamp or alter. Please tell me I am not the only person with a "stash" of things I will one day play with. But anyway...back to my day. So I didn't stamp today. I did buy some CTMH stamps. It is buy two get one free..SO if you are interested, let me know, my friend needs to put in her order by Wednesday. Ryan took the girls outside. My girls love being outside. South Carolina has provided us with great weather this weekend so we have ridden it till today. So the girls were outside helping their daddy!

It's funny how everytime Ryan has a break, I am reminded that he is a pretty good husband, well at least when it comes to house stuffs. Anyway..I promise to stamp something tomorrow..AFTER I get through the laundry!
I will catch up with you guys tomorrow!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Today's adventure

So today was an excellent day! The weather was perfect. It made getting up and gearing up for church a delight! Not saying that I dread going to church. Interesting enough I think everyone in my house, minus Ryan, is on fire to go to church. Traysea got up this morning and said "Mama it's Sunday!" So church was basically uneventful. But when I got home it was just one hour till I had to leave to Michelle's an head off to my Carolina Girl's swap! I got to Ms. Michelle's a bit after 1:15 and evderyone was waiting on me. Ms. Pat was nice enough to drive us. Our car had Michelle, Gail, Kim, Pat and myself. CLAUDIA we missed you! today's swap was everything we thought it was going to be. Ms. Sally was this months host. She likes Easter! Plus she likes 3D tada. As promised!

Yes we even stamped the canvas and then attached that to the basket that was provided by Ms. Sally. Missing from the basket is a sleeve filled with peanut butter m&m's with this cute topper of a bunny's booty with a cotton ball attached as his tail. I found it after I took the pictures and was just too too lazy to upload again. Sally is crazy. She has project after project after project. Sally is lucky enough to have a great Wishbone. It is a crazy machine. You put something into your computer and it cuts it out. Plus she has a husband that helps her in her quest for stamping greatness! So you guys want to see my swaps. OKAY there were 8 of there are six swaps. Want to see? Tada
First is Pat's swap. This is the cutest thing EVER. The bunny is actually a cut out. It is too cute. The purple paper has embossed Easter eggs. She even used the same paper to make a liner for the envie! It is pretty adorable

Secondly, this is Michelle's card. This is the reason I had to make new swaps. To Michelle's defense, she was home all week with nothing but time to stamp. It is so cute. Each petal has jewels. The bling is beautiful on this card.

This is Cindy's card. Simple is beautiful. The color choices were awesome! It is actually a window punch out. When you open the card, the circle is actually on the inside. It is so cute!

Kim has great skills! This is a shadow box. She said she wasn't too excited about them, but I thought they came out great!

This is Gail's. Now I have spent a lot of time stamping with Gail. She attend Keri Serika's stamping "clinics". Then we stamp together at Michelle's. I have really spent a lot of time creating with Gail. I have found out that Gail and I have a lot in common. Her and I frequent the same blogs and site. We also visit the same stores! We like the same things, have been to the same places. Today I found out that Gail and I live..maybe on a day with a lot of traffic, ten minutes from each other! That's it Gail, we have to get together and stamp more! Anyway Ms. Gail made this tall card. I love it!

This is Patti's card. She spent the time to use her paper piercer and did the Pergamano technique. You can't really love it until you see it in real life! It is amazing.

Well there it is everyone! Next month is Ms. Patti's house. I have to come up with a boy card or father's day. UH OH! I am in trouble. I hope that I can come up with something!

Anyway Ryan is on spring break this week SO I am free to stamp without children anytime! SO call me!! I do plan on stamping with a few on my friends on post one day this week..Maybe we should turn it into a huge open stamp..hmm! I will let you guys know!!! Email me or call me if you want to get together! I am excited!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A beautiful day!!!

So this morning I get up knowing today was suppose to be the best day so far this year! IT was 83! I mean seriously I had to get the girls outside..but what to do what to do...I knew that I needed to get on the Easter clothes. But do I want to take the girls to the mall on such a beautiful day? SO..we headed out to pick up Tyra from her friend's house at one. Then off to the mall. BUT at the mall..well in their parking lot was a mini carnival. My children love the carnival! Well they love the amusement park. So this carnival was horrible. NOW I come from an island where the carnival is a big deal. One Oahu all we have is the carnival. It's funny we go from season to's either the Farm Fair. Or Punahou Carnival..for surely my favorite...then the baseball carnival and then the State Fair. Anyway..sorry I got side tracked. Anyway, but the girls insisted that they had to go. I was on board because I go to the carnival for the food! All I could think of was all the wonderful things I could be feeding myself. That is why my sister and I go to the fair. To walk around and eat till we can barely fit into our clothes. But okay..So we get there and the best thing they have to offer is a candied apple and cotton candy. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It was something about some health code issue and the lack of proper refrigeration. I guess that is a good thing. I would hate to have under refrigerated meat..right? YUCK. Anyway so I buy the tickets, no braclets, and we head off to ride. The little ones decide that the Merry go round is our first stop. Now I was not sure about this ride. The operator was listening to a walkman. YES a walkman. Smoking. He was smoking at a children's ride. I pushed my horrible thoughts aside and let the girls get on. Traysea felt that the horse wasn't safe but Nanea, the ever adventureous one climbed right up on the purple horse and held on for dear life.

The ride went really fast..Tyra took these awesome pictures. I happen to have her camera in my bag. Good thing! Tyra is a crazy photographer. The child clicks clicks clicks..but thank goodness for digital! Anyway..after that ride Tyra wnated to head to the "Orient Express." So when I say that, do you think it is a train?'s not. It is that children's roller coaster but dressed up to look like a Chinese dragon. This is what probably drew Tyra in. Cause we are Japanese and Chinese..or just because..she is attracted to anything Asian. Anyway, Nanea knew she was going to be on this ride. Traysea on the other head wasn't sure. Luckily we got to the ride as it was ending and at Carowinds, they have a very similar roller coaster and she loved it there! So everyone gets their tickets and they are into the ride.

Are you saying to yourself...where is Traysea? Well she is seated next to Nanea. Ducked so far down in the seat. It is too funny. The three year old isn't scare, but my five year old is. Nanea is that child. She loves to live at the very edge of the cliff. She loves that edge. She had a great time!

Tyra had an okay time. As much as she pretends to hate crazy rides, she loves the thrill. This one lacked so much thrill, but Tyra is always smiling! Anyway after this ride the girls hit the bees. This was the best ride..I think everyone had fun!

Look at that a trip to the mall resulted in some time outside. When we finshed with the bees, the tickets were gone. The girls had their waters and were more then ready to head inside to some air conditioning. Plus all my girls love shopping. Well not really love it..Tyra isn't huge on it. What happened??? My oldest daughter!! She has to be Ryan's child! Traysea and Nanea are always up for the challenge. Plus we were looking for Easter dresses. Traysea and Nanea love to play dress up! So this was right up their alley. Well after almost five hours of shopping we came up with two dresses and a shirt. Traysea and Nanea were able to find a dress after three stops. Dillards...Gymboree..and then Belk. Not to mention they were having a that worked out awesome. But nothing for Tyra. The poor girls tried on 27 dresses today. I have to say she is my trooper. We finally went with a shirt and will go in search of a skirt sometime next week. I didn't find sandals or dress shoes for anyone. My oldest wants to just wear her rainbows. Can my daughter wear kalipas? Oh sorry kalipa's are Hawaiian for slippers..aka flip flops. If everyone gets rainbows..then we can wear them till they fall apart right? White dress shoes have the one time wearing and I don't think it's worth the $45. Right? I think I am just trying to justify it. We are in South Carolina..not to mention that we orginally are from Hawaii wear kalipas are considered all purpose footwear. SO we have don't have everything we need for this one Sunday! It is the one time a year I don't have to FORCE Tyra to wear a dress or skirt. Plus God gave me daughters to play dress up with. So I get to get them cute dresses with adorable hats, plus white gloves! I love love it. Oh well...the quest continues. I am off to bed so I can sleep in for my swap event Sunday afternoon! I am excited..I promise to come back and show you everything I get! Be excited with me!

Nanea loves the ducks! Oh and my swaps update!

Yesterday Ryan needed to be picked up early from the Citadel. So...I did the mom thing and ran Tyra to school at 8:15 and then killed time till Traysea started school at 9..well 8:45..but then Ryan needed to be picked up at 9:45. Goss I felt like a taxi. So to make it worth it...I told Nanea we would stop by Hampton Park and feed the ducks after we got her daddy! This is something we use to do all the time! We use to pick up Ryan from school twice a week last year and Traysea didn't have school..SO the girls and I use to hit the Children's Museum at 10, when they opened. We would have lunch downtown and then head to Hampton Park to feed the ducks! The girls love to feed the ducks. BUT the ducks at Hampton Park aren't your average ducks. They are a bit crazy. Not to mention the insane Seagulls. Anyway we always take pictures, and Nanea knew exactly where she wanted to take her picture at!

This is at the edge of the pond and it has this water "spout". Hampton park is not one of the best parks to visit in the Charleston Area..but it has ducks! Anyway so I spent my morning outside with my youngest daughter and husband. Ryan was not having as great a time as Nanea and I were. He was "stuck" in his Khaki uniform sweating. It was 78. Oh well. Then I came home to work on my swaps. If you recall earlier I told you about how awesome Ms. Michelle's swap were and I had to go back to the drawing board. So I went back..and I came up with these. They aren't all that great..and techincally.."they are so last season." But I have not been able to let go of the Winter mini.

I used everything SU. I used Close to Cocoa as my card base. Regal Rose is the piece I tore. One the regal rose I stamped with versamark the four square image from
Loving hearts. I then clear embossed on that. I think that I let it dry too long inbetween because there are some parts that the embossing powder didn't really take. I then layered a piece of Loves Me paper on top of that. Cut out a square of Cool Caribbean cardstock and then cut a Chocolate Chip square and stamped Love you. From the same Loving Hearts set. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sentiment. I bought the entire set for this one stamp. It's a family thing. We always say love you..and love you too. It started when my oldest oldest niece is going to be 19 come July....anyway..she never said I love you. She always said "okay love you too." Even if she was the first one to say it. Sorry a moment you had to be to enjoy. Anyway..Then I used Rose, white grosgrain and the ric rac from the flirty ribbon set. Yes yes I know so last season. I wish I had bought more. Oh well. I love this card. I was stressing out tons yesterday. I couldn't even think of something that I would make. My swaps are suppose to be spring or Easter..but oh well..right? I am also still giving the turtles. Acutally I don't know what the heck I am going to do. I guess I will have to let you know for sure..when I get back from my swap! Pray that I survive! This women always make me nervous!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh my goodness enough already!

I promise this is going to be my last post of the day. I have been trying to get caught up. These projects are a bit old..BUT I had to share them. Keri Serika, pink lemonade, opens up her house to me so I can stamp by. She is awesome..and has the cutest children. Since she has Emi, her 3 month old..oh you want to bite her! Sorry..since she has Emi, it is easiest for us to go to Keri's and stamp. About two weeks ago, Keri said that we could make tabletop trash cans! OH..I did not know how much I needed one until I made one. Ms. Keri purchases her tomato sauce at Sams or Costco, therefore is left with these HUGE cans. Well to any other person, you would just toss those. Not Mrs. Serika. She cleans them up and stores them in her studio..oh yea..people like Keri they don't have craft rooms..they have studios. Anyway, she stores them there. Well...tada..she let us cover them

..and we used the crop o dile..which reminds me I got one today..THANK YOU MS. GAIL...I used three bugs in a row paper. Mine is a bit crazy. But I was going to add the monogram "t" from SU. But I didn't. I thought that it looked cute all crazy. My two younger girls just love it. They want one to.

Remember earlier in my blog I mention the Bitty Book. Also the horror and mental stain it took to cover these things. Well today with everyone we were talking about it. Ms. Claudia went back and checked it out...for anyone that thinks they want to make a bitty book. Cut each piece and leave the creased areas blank. This is the only way you will not rip your paper! I am going to take mine apart and start over..but here is a picture of my bitty book. I used SU!'s awesome Paisley paper. Ms. Claudia promises no more bitty books!

And finally...Here in South Carolina...well more so here in the Lowcountry. Yes that is what they call this part of South Carolina. Have a bunch of girls that get together and swap once a month. This month is at Ms. Sally's office. It is a typical swapping activity. Everyone makes their creations and then swaps them at the event. The work of some of these women makes me drool. Today I got a sneak peek of Ms. Michelle's swaps. OUTSTANDING. I have to go back and make new swaps. These are my swaps:

I was like..the craze of everyone having a backpack tag..I thought..oh how cute. SO NOT ENOUGH. When I go to the swap this weekend I will show you the skills of some of these girls! Anyway...I better get off..I need to go back to the drawing board! Have a great night!

I almost forgot!! SORRY BEATE! You know I love you!

So if you don't know me...I spend almost every morning..even part of the afternoon, depending on the girl's schedules, checking out blogs. I try to enter EVERY blog candy contest possible..everyone has such AWESOME goodies...and I love to comment on cards and just see everyones creativity. SO every morning while the girls are eating breakfast, I sit down at my laptop and have my breakfast with Beate. This has been happening now for about six or so months. Okay, maybe not that long, but it is a routine. I also stop by Jenn's and Keri Serika's. Well one day I comment on how great it was that Beate took a picture of her cute feet..with the water in the background and posted that instead of a card or project. I told her good for her she was a hard working stamper that needed a break. Plus the child lives about two seconds from their fav vacation spot..of course that stamping and head for the beach. Anyway..sitting in my inbox was a personal email from BEATE. At first I was like no way. I must have done something and her blog kicked my comment back. Sure that this was the case, I opened the email to be surprise with a personal email from Beate. if you read Julie's blog this morning. She got an email from Carol Duval. Beate is not Carol Duval, but I had the same washed over feeling that I'm sure Julie had. Anyway..we got to chatting back and forth..and then she got my address..and a few days letter I received this.

My very own Beate card! "Bow down,bow down. Okay boys I feel your love!" Sorry that's a quote from Ramon in the move Happy Feet. Which I have watched twice in the IMAX. Then again at the regular theater, and now it graces my home four or five times. Yes we got it Tuesday! My girls are in love. I do have to say I LOVE IT. At this point I have to right? Anyway I just wanted to send a HUGEST HUGE to Beate! If you don't know who she is check out her blog! She's a superstar!

Sorry I was busy

Heh four of five readers! But I was busy catching up on my home. Laundry was overwhelming, bathrooms needed to be that we have accomplished that..I had time to stamp today with Ms. Michelle. Ms. Michelle about a week ago had knee surgery so she is home "recovering". SO we had an stamping get together. I LOVE to go to Michelle's. I forgot to take pictures but she has the stampin room that I would like to die in! Yes I said die in. Plus, the women it the most organized thing. Today I discovered that she has something else I want. A Powerbook. The Mac's laptop is beautiful! Small, compact..all of just beautiful! today Ms. Gail, Ms. Claudia, Ms. Pat, Ms. Michelle and I got together and had a mini stamp camp. Last week a secret friend of mine showed me a band aid tin project. I loved it and I wanted to make one. So I get to Ms. Michelle's house and guess what we are making. BAND AID TINS! Get out! I was SO excited.

We used the "friends" simply scrappin kit from SU. I was TOTALLY lucky. The stickers that come with the pack has the word friend spelt out. HOT DOG..I just needed the "r"! So I covered my tin with this set. It worked out pretty perfect!

Don't you just love it! I am in love with it. I just don't know whatelse to do with it! What should I put inside??? I'll have to think about that.

SO for a few days I have been trying to think of what I want to make for my Easter cards. I have a thing for threes. It might be related to a religious thing, but either way I like things in threes. I have three children. That or I just like odd numbers. I don't know what it is, but I have been on this trifold kick! I made these trifold cards, but did not have the punch I needed to make the window. But luckily I had a friend..Ms. Gail that has every punch possible. I tried everything else instead...but I went with this. I used Kraft cardstock as the base. I loved this bunny. It's a Close to my Heart stamp that I got from my friend Dawn. She was getting rid of tada I sweeped in. The sentiment I used from My favortive things. It's Keri's, but she let me borrow it. I love friends that have everything! But I used watercolor crayos to color my cutie in. Then mounted him on pink passion and then celery. Again I layered that on top of Enchante. (wink wink..thanks for reminding me of the name of the paper Beate!) I loved it..I think I am going to put a picture of the girls on the insides.

I wish I knew how to post links with in my blogs...because I would send you to Beate's blog and on it she has a tutorial for this card! Either way I have to say I am super blessed to be surrounded by some wonderful stamping people. I found them on splitcoast. They are all in this Charleston area and were nice enough to welcome me into their arms! I LOVE THEM ALL!! Ms. Gail must own every punch there is made. She is a superstar! Ms. Michelle has a room full of stamps and tools and drawers and drawers of paper! Ms. Claudia makes my life full and happy. Her and Ms. Pat seem to have stories of all of there comes and goes! I love that they have welcomed me into their stamping world! Remember I said that it is a blessing to have friends that have everything!!!! Well I now do have that! I can't wait to go back to Ms. Michelle's and stamp. She has a stamp camp coming up..and Ms. Claudia has scheduled a retreat to her Lakehouse so we can have a stampers weekend. Oh yes, you are jealous! Anyway, I just wanted to thank God for sending me them..and thank them for being SO awesome.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Thank you cards

Today I made myself a promise. I would finish Traysea's thank you cards. It's been a week since her party and I still didn't even start them. So I said to myself Monday, they will be done. I used everything from SU! The card base is Certainly Celery. I also used that same color ink on the "t". It took me forever to decide what I was going to put on the "cover" of this card. I decided the monogram look was cool. The alpha I used was tall tales. I used the paper from the winter mini. It is not the loves me's the other one. I don't know what the name of it is. I used cream ribbon to hold the card close. Inside I used Orchid Opulence ink to stamp the sentiment. It is from the Simply Said set. I love this set. I bought it as soon as I saw it in last years Spring mini! I stamped the sentiment on whisper white paper and mounted it on Orchid. I also mounted Traysea's picture on Orchid. It made the picture pop. My intention was to have Traysea take a picture with everyones presents and then paste those inside of the thank you cards. But with 27 kids, I really didn't have the time to get to that. SO that idea was out the window. Now if I could only find where the heck I put those 3x3 envies!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My last project of today

A few weeks ago Beate and Cambria made these trifold cards. I FELL in LOVE with them. I knew I had to try it out. Eva's birthday is coming up and I used that as an excuse to make a trifold card. I am not sure if it really came out that great. I plan on improving on my design and I will make it prettier!

Want to see whatelse I did today???

My new online friend Beate and Keri Serika have really motivated me into being on fire with my stampin'. So a few days ago I decide to get on the Blog train. In addition to that I decided that I am really going to spend everyday stamping something. So today..I made two things. This is my first attempt at covering this album. I bought a bunch of these when they were on sale..probably clearance at Walmart or Target. They are this yucky peachy color. Then Beate covered a frame and post that on her blog. I knew I had to do one of those. When I got a hold of my SU's Au Choco papers a few days ago I knew that I wanted to use those to cover this. I used SU's sticky strip to adhere the paper to the album. I am hoping that it was enough. I don't know if it needed Mod Podge. So I decided I would go with the sticky strip. I used some of that SU Flirty ribbon to frame the album's opening on the cover. Mostly to cover up an error I had made. But it turned out nice. The flower is flowers that my friend Keri gave to me. I don't know the brand..sorry..but I cut out Au Choco paper to make the flower pop. I used hodgepodge in pewter and the word adorable from Warm Words. Inside there are 24 pages. I plan to use 12 for pictures and 12 for journaling. I can't wait to finish this..and send it off to its new owner!!!

Busy Sunday

Okay so this thing is really up and running! I have pictures and I am pretty sure I have this thing down. So this is the notebook I made for Traysea's 5th Birthday. Yes her birthday was last week Saturday, BUT when I started this project I knew I wanted to do it because I had gotten my sprial punch from SU and wantned to try it out. Well I did. I used this cute paper I picked up on clearance at Archiver's over New Year's in Great Lakes...I then used SU's Whimsical Lowercase Alpha and the flower is from their Sellabration set Delight in life. I think. I divided up the pages inside and used SU's Round tab punch. Made a few sections.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Testing anyone out there?

Well, this is my first post every and I am very nervous. I have seen great blogs out there and I don't think I can live up to what they do..but I loved to give back. Since it is late tonight I will take pictures in the morning of the project I did today. My friends Claudia, Gail, and Keri Serika...Pink Lemonade...we got together and stamped today. Claudia got everyone a SU Bitty Book to play with. Has anyone ever got one of these? Please tell me it takes you more then the ten minutes as noted in the instructions. I feel I am..a bit above average crafter. BOY OH BOY did I miss this bad boy up. Paper on the spine ripped. I had to come back and cover that portion. It was crazy. I didn't even start to "alter" the outside cover. Thank goodness I had to stop and head off to get Traysea! That's my middle daughter...Anyway..I promise to get on track and post some fun things! I have been stampin away.