Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quick check in

It's 1225 am and I think we are ready to go. everything is in the car. Carry on bags are packed. well pretty much. All that is missing is charging gameboys. Yes, my dryer is still turning. Damm those towels! I have to get my dishes done and the trash out and we should be able to go. I plan to get in the shower, braid my hair be ready bright and early at six am!

Here's hoping I didn't forget anything!


Friday, January 30, 2009

I am outty!

Heh peeps! I am outty. Right now I am sitting here typing, with luggage still needing to be packed and the dryer going. At least it isn't for my clothes. It's the towel I washed. Ugh..why do I wait to the last minute! OH well!
I will check yah out when I get to Chicago!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who doesn't love a cute bag

I mean seriously ladies..who doesn't love a cutie..totally orignal bag?
My girl Tiffany is giving one away. Just go to her blog and leave her a comment. Mention that I sent you and you will be entered to win!!! I can't wait to get a cute messenger for all three girls!


Warm fuzzy

It's been a tough couple of days in the Malama-Auger household!  Nothing drama ridden..a slight scare, but the rest has been perfectly fine.  Not the I am stubborn and I am fine, type of fine.  But the true for sure not lying I am fine. 
Yesterday was my friends birthday.  Happy Birthday James Robert, a day late!  I love Rob.  He is totally one of those situations that you just love that family.  I love his wife Jenn, but for sure it's Rob and I that are friends.  Not to mention he has some of the cutest little men.  We all lived close to each other, okay a few houses away, in Newport...then we all went to Charleston together, and now they are going to be back here!  I am pretty excited.
So my week, as tough as it has been has been sprinkled with blessings..or just small reminders that everything will be okay.  
I met another mother in #3's class who is pretty awesome!  She totally took care of #3 while on her circus field trip.  Not to mention that #3's teacher feels comfortable enough to call me anytime #3 wants to talk to her mom.  Thanks Jayme!
When I was babysitting, Annabelle didn't want to go to anyone else.  She is such a blessing!
When I was totally exhausted, the missionaries stopped by unannouced!  Luckily it was Saturday and my house was clean.  But after their visit, I felt less tired.  If that makes sense.  Not to mention that they made me smile!
Baby showers always make me happy!
Yesterday, after all the drama, my girls spent the afternoon riding their scooter.  Having the time of their lives.
My husband reminded me that he is my friend, too!
Sigh..warm fuzzies everywhere!

Monday, January 26, 2009


it's hard to really place the moment that you children stop looking like babies, and start taking on this "grown" up look.
This is #3. When did she stop having those squeeze me cheeks? She barley looks like my baby anymore! Sigh. Ouch, those growing pains are killing me!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

24 things...

Okay so I know this is a day late..and interesting enough I just did a 25 randoms about me on my facebook...weird I I am going to try and think of some different things from that survey....

SO I am suppose to find 24 thing about interesting things about me.  Since I got it on January 24th... then tag four people to do the same..and they have to list as many things as the day they receive it.  I know if you do or don't do it..who cares!
1.  Everyday I strive to make a memory for each one of my children.  Some days I win some days I lose, but everyday I try!
2.  I am totally in love with hand sanitizer!  I hate germs, so lysol and sanitizer are my friends! 
3.  I have a thing for hair bows, ribbons, clippes, whatever.  Thank goodness I have three girls! 

4.  When I hang up the phone, I pretty much always say, "okay miss you love you  byee."  Sometimes, it's not someone I actually miss or love making it an interesting end of conversation.  Most times when I make the mistake the response I get is..."um' you too!"  I say it so often that my girls even say it when they hang up now.  

5.  #1 and I get along most days out of the week.  #2  are besties.  But #3 and I fight about something everyday.  What is funny about it is, #1 is most like my mom.  #2 is most like Ry, and #3 is my mini me.  

6.  This weekend I am leaving 70 degree weather to go to Chicago and visit family in FAREEEZZING weather. Why am I going???

7.  I am a mix of several nationalities, but if you ask me what I am, I will always say Native Hawaiian!

8.  One day I plan on writing a book.  Either a young adult and a parenting book!

9.  My life has been a bumpy ride, but I still have managed to hold on!

10.  I have two cel phones.  Yes I am just that awesome!  At the time I got the other phone, we needed a local number for the school Tyra was attending.  So it made more sense to get another cel phone then adding a home phone.  SO tada..I have an 808 and a 843 number! 

11.  I sent 4000 plus texts last month.  I rather text you or have you text me, then call me!  I know Ryan always yells at me that I should just be a grown up and pick up the phone.  Ugh!

12.  I heart the Olive Garden and Hawaiian Food.
13.  I need to have cake on my birthday.  Without it, it is just not a birthday for me!
14.  My favorite number is #25.  Not sure just is!
15.  I hate saliva or anything that comes out of your mouth.   Throw up, I just can't handle it.  But I will change a poopy diaper anyday!
16.  I don't enjoy alone time!  Unless I am sleeping or really into an awesome book!
17.  I love great kissing/make out seesions.  I know TMI right!
18. Somedays I can't wait for bedtime!  Not a secret for anyone that is parent..but somedays it is my favorite time of day.  
19.  For as long as I could remember I knew I was going to be a mother!
20.  The Hawaii Five O song always takes me back to Special Events Arena, that is now the Stan Sheriff Center on the campus of the University of Hawaii!  Sigh!
21.    I love having friends all over the world!!!  That is the only plus side to the military!  Oh and job security for Ryan!

22.  I am a crier! I will cry over anything and everything.  I know I am a total loser.  

23.  Ry and I had been dating for a bit.  We decided to get married on the 3rd, got married on the 5th, and he got underway on the 9th.

24.  Not that 2008 was a horrible year for me, but it was one full of transitions.  Here in 2009 I plan to make it the very best year.  Wish me luck!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am still not sure why I do it???

Overbook myself. I really do it. For example today...

Take #2 to school
Take #3 to the doctors
Take myself to the doctors
Take #3 to school
Help in #3's class
Take #2 and #3 home
Start homework for #2 and #3
Check #1's homework and lessons for the day
Wash clothes
Wash dishes
Wrap present
Take #3 to a birthday party, after #1 and #2 decide they don't want to go.
Yell at other peoples children at said birthday party (Oh I will get back to that)
Rush out of birthday party to pick up #1 and #2 to go to #2's basketball practice
#2's water falls and gets all over the court. Eeeekkk..(thanks kels)
#2 has basketball practice. Play with Kennedy! She is such a cutie!!
Take the girls to McDonalds cause I forgot they didn't eat! (Mom of the Year, yes I know)
Arrive home rush them through evening routine and push them into bed with the threat that if you don't go right to be right now No circus tomorrow.

I am exhausted rehashing it!

And guess what I am doing tomorrow. Going to the Circus with the Primary School.

Sorry I am complaining...i think it's just the "frosting" on my day!

Nanea's appointment

Well Nanea's appointment went without event.

We got their early. Checked in. Waited. Went back. Had her ear waxed vacuumed out.

On a scale of 1-4, Nanea has 3+ size tonsils. They aren't touching, but sometimes they kiss. OH my whatever. But because Nanea hasn't had the number of different things that can come with enlarged tonsils, i.e. strep and ear infections they are in need of immediate removal. She has to go to a sleep study to see how horrible her sleeping is. It makes me laugh. My child is five and she is going to a sleep study! What the heck! So one night in the near future, Ryan or I will have to go down to the sleep center and spend the night with Nanea. I hope I get my own room because I don't need them watching me sleep!

Today is Aydin Thomas' birthday! Happy 6th, WOW, Birthday Little Man! We are off to his bowling Part A in a bit. Traysea and Tyra don't want to it is me and bugsy!

Of course we took pictures at the doctors office. I will post those when I get back from Aydin's party!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I forgot about my "I" tag

In my religious rage, I forgot about my I tag

* I am: the mother of three beautiful daughters!
* I want: calm
* I have: to get the girls in half an hour
* I dislike: freezing cold weather!
* I miss: ryan alden
* I fear: losing my family
* I feel: excited
* I hear: a song about dreaming big!
* I crave: Hawaiian Food
* I cry: far too often
* I usually: over book my time
* I search: for a religious home
* I wonder: what ry does at night!
* I regret: so many things that i have to just take a hit on the chin and move on!
* I love: my life
* I care: about the well being of the girls
* I always: need something
* I worry: far too much
* I am not: able to do everything alone!
* I remember: that everything has two sides
* I believe: in myself!
* I dance: all the time!
* I sing: as often as I want
* I don't always: keep my house as clean as I should
* I argue: far too much
* I write: great letters!
* I win: everyday my children are successful!
* I wish: i could find my way!
* I listen: to music everyday!
* I don't understand: why sometimes I am so needy!
* I can usually be found: getting the girls in half an hour!
* I need: a new beginning!
* I forget: tons of things all the time!
* I am happy: 95% of the time!

Okay so I am suppose to tag seven people..I am going to go with Kelly, Misty, Ms. Hope, Mary, Vaiva, Shells Bells, and My pod mate Felicia!

I love you guys...

My struggle

Now everyone has struggles..and if you are not in the mood to listen to be blah blah blah, then you should stop reading!!!

One of my things this year is to nurture my relationship with God.

I know everyone says they want to do that..and everyone wants to walk one with God, but just how do we get there. Now religion for me has been an interesting walk. I am not going to go and rehash my childhood days, but know that I have experienced tons of different churches and have yet to find a home.

All three of my children and baptized Catholic, and Tyra has received her rite for communion and repentence. But mostly cause that was what she was suppose to do. Not because I had this religious longing to make sure my children fufilled her sacrements. I know terrible but truthful!

So here I am again. I totally feel I, and my children, need a spritual home. There are always here and theres about each religion that I am not sure I totally believe in. For example, purgatory. I mean does that really exsist. If you are Catholic, you are suppose to believe it does. And if you are Mormon, are there really only degrees of heaven.

I have been lucky enough to attend a school that made religion classes mandatory. I have to see Rev. Acosta opened my eyes to so many different things

But yet I have yet to make a final choice.

SO being surrounded by Mormon influences, I have sought out a conversation with the missionaries. Now missionaries are people that come to your home and answer all your questions. Luckily I am surrounded by get mormons that will answer all my questions, but I think I need to hear it from the source. And they are on their mission and they should be the ones to "witness" to me..right? I am super nervous...but an totally attracted to the mormon religion and their thought process. I think secretly my mom knew I was going to either become mormon or marry into a mormon family. Most boys I dated were Mormon. Well with the exception of Ryan and tyra's sperm donor. Interesting enough those are the ones I had kids with. Weird I know. Anyway...

But for me..mormons believe family comes before everything. And that is totally my thought process. I want a husband, not that Ry doesn't, who puts me and the girls above all. I want certain nights of the week to be just for family. And we have family time together doing scriptures and whatever. Just us. So we all can grow closer together. Now, not that it takes a religion to have these things go on in my home, but it's nice that this religion puts it as part of there everyday lives! I want my husband and I to walk to get closer to God, bringing us closer together in the process.

I can't make choices for Ryan. As many husband are, Ryan is a proof in the pudding type of guy. I love him for it, but his faith is so little without proof. I mean he is a math and science guy. Who would I think that he would believe in something with no proof. That God is out there, because someone said so. I totally get his arguements about how can the bible be totally fact. My only answers to his questions are, I have faith. Most times, that is not enough for him.

But small changes. And I can only hope and believe that if I start my walk with God, Ryan will join me soon after. Right? Anyway..sorry I had to vent. It's weighing heavy on my heart, since I have totally began nurturing everything else on my list of things to do! All I can think of is that everything is possible with God.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Propel Berry Water and my other latest addictions!

I'm addicted. They come in these cute little pouches that plop in my purse and I can have them with any water bottle that I can find! I often try to get brave enough to order water at the restaurants and then add my own propel, but I feel sorta stupid! So I have yet to do it!

Want to know something else I am addicted to....tossed salad. BUT it has to have romaine lettuce. It is tons of yum! I love to use either grape tomatoes or plum tomatoes with dehydrated onion flakes and lemon pepper! YUM. Top it off with balasmic dressing and my life is set! Sometimes I throw tuna or chicken on it. YUM

Staying with my water addiction..I am addicted to Fiji or Smart water. Of course everyone is going to say it is just water like out of the tap..but it's not. I heart it.

More water, yes it's an addiction, is vitamin water. Not just any vitamin water. It really has to be the triple X one. But lately, since everyone else now seems to love the same one as I do, is not the defense one.

Baked chicken. In any shape or form. Thighs, with olive oil and season salt. It can come in strips or anything. I am addicted!

Kettled Cooked Potato Chips. I know horrible for you, but tyra and I can swallow a whole back and not even know exactly what happened!

Guitar Hero. I know how crazy insane that is..but we are addicted. We don't have the full band set, but that is only because we don't have enough room for it. That will surely change when I get back from Chicago.

Text messaging. Anyone who can send out 4000 messages in one month and not even have a texting phone, has issues. Yes, my name is ronee and I am addicted!

Writing instruments. I wish I had a really good excuse about my addiction to pens, pencils and various other writing instruments, but I don't have one. I love pens. It is SO crazy that I can actually sort my pens and pencils by colors in sterlite shoe box containers. Yes, some colors have more then one box.

Breathe vanilla. I love how Bath and Body works comes out with some great wonderful scent that they will run for awhile, and then like a thief in the night will decide that they will no longer make it. WHAT the HECK is up with that? So hidden in my bathroom closet is a bin filled to it's rim of Breathe Vanilla soap.

Fabric Softner. I know it's horrible for your clothes. You should totally not use it as often as I do cause it weakens your clothes..but who cares, it makes my clothes soft and smell wonderful. Not to mention my sheets and blankets. YUM

Developing my pictures at Ritz Camera. No one else can develop my pictures the same way. I can do them at home. Yes yes, I have a kodak printer, an HP printer, and now the holy grail the Epson printer. But to get a 125 4x6 printed out, they are my stop. Fantastic!

Wii Fit. Now I have to say, I am not totally addicted, but it is something I do everyday sometimes twice a day..but it's fun. If I have to work out, it might as well be hula hooping for ten minutes!

Well...that's a start to my list of addictions! hope your monday is full of splendor!

Plane flight booked

Okay so our tickets are bought for a plane ride to Chicago. Misty is already there..and from the pictures of Jack outside, it seems like we are going to get to Chicago in the midst of all the snow! YUCK! I mean YEA..I get to see my family! So this next week is SUPER busy..a trip to Charleston, birthday parties, doctors appointments, bunco, basketball games and practices, and a baby shower! I hope I survive! Next week Monday is Chinese New Years, and I need to start to think about what the heck I am going to make to eat.

So last night I nurtured a friendship which I would love to grow into a lifetime! Hopefully her daughter had as much fun as my #1! I always feel like Tyra gets the short end when we have "playdates", which is why I wanted Mary to come over with her daughter! Everyone seemed to go home happy! And I loved having someone else to hang out with! Dinner wasn't all that great. I baked chicken, but when I finally tasted really didn't have that much flavor. I guess I had too much water when I boiled it and the bouillon didn't really settle in there. Either way, everyone was feed and happy.

Today was a day of nothing. Not really saying I am complaining. #2 and #3 are still in their pajamas and both got up around eight. I know pretty amazing if you ask me. Though both of them went to sleep at about eight last night. I am totally not complaining. Everyone seems to be in a happy mood, but being trapped in the house wasn't all that fun!

Did you hear about the peanut butter scare? This hits my house close! My entire family, minus me, is addicted to peanut butter. Nutter Butters, peanut butter and crackers in any form, not to mention the good old fashion PB and J. So Ryan called while we were veeting and made sure to warn us. Ah great that means come tuesday I am really going to have to think about what to make for lunch. Tuna Sandwiches it is!

Besides that life is normal for us. Tyra and I finally watched Supernatural. We heart this show. But we never can watch it at night. I know how silly right? Normally I have to have Ryan to cuddle with if I end up watching it at night. He won't ever tell you he likes the show, but i think he secretly does! He always likes to act like the only thing he watches is the news!

On Sundays I let the girls swim in our tub. They love it. They get great smelling bubbles and stay in there until the water gets cold. Here there are cheessing it up!
I hope you guys are enjoying your three day weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

They will never remember!

I truly believe I was always ment to be a mother. It's horrible how i tormented my mother dreaming up baby names in middle school! She use to have this panic moments, thinking I would have a herd of children before I even got out of high school. I did make it through high school! The funny part was that I was such a good girl and sex wasn't really on my agenda. I just wanted babies. I always knew I was going to be a mom.

I love children in general. Mine, yours, your neighbors, I just love kids. I steal babies all the time. Watch other peoples doesn't matter. I love kids. And when I had tyra almost 13 years ago I was not prepared for the overwhelming love that you can have for someone you have never even met. It is SO powerful. I mean I know people are probably thinking now seriously ronee, we know you love your kids, but why all the blah blah blah about it. Well it's this always always makes me cry!

It's called You don't remember.

Now this song is by a group call Na Leo which of course they are from Hawaii, but even better Kamehameha Graduates. But Lehua, the writer got a card from her mom one year, and the outside read, you don't remember. Then inside it said but I will never forget. It was of a mother holding a infant child on her shoulder. Lehua's mom simply said that from the moment she came into her life she had never known love so great. My mom and I happen to be at their CD release party and heard Lehua tell the story and then sing that song. That's been it! This is the song that my mom and I both share. The year I turned 21, I received at burned cd with this song 21 times. They very best birthday present EVER! My children here this song so often I think they hate it. They all sign along to it, but don't really get the meaning. I mean I have told Tyra, but she rolls her eyes and put her ear phones back in to listen to something else via her ipod. Seriously I don't know how Lehua gets through this song without bursting into tears. But at their sixteenth birthday, 18th birthday, and the day I give them away, they will hear this song.

heh, it's better then the Kamehameha Waltz. That's my children's bedtime song.
Sorry, if you didn't go to Kamehameha, you don't get it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am still catching my breath!

Yes, today I feel like a winner.  Why you ask..well first of all all three of my daughters are A/B students!  WOW!  This is the first year that the two younger girls actually got grades..but it's nice to say all of my girls are great students!  

Then Tyra is brace free today!  Yesterday afterschool we drove to Charleston.  I absolutely have a great bestie.  We crash in her bonus room and then off to breakfast with Karrie Clark and Marsha!  Yes Karrie tell Marsha I blog shouted out to her too!!!  Then went to the wrong Ortho office..and had to drive to the other side of town..but they know I am loser..just kidding, driving up from Florida that they held her appointment for us!  Lucky lucky!

So here she is right before taking them off.
That is totally a fake smile.  I made her fave to show me her teeth!!

Now that is one happy girl.  She keeps running her tounge over her teeth thinking she forgot something.  So her first thing to eat with her brace free teeth...beef jerky!  crazy huh!
So if that was not enough of a busy day..Traysea had her first game this season.
She loves that her name is on her jersey!  The VERY best four dollars spent!   Easily said she is a super star!  Of course not that I am playing favorites...but!  She was nervous, she talked to my mom on the phone who told her that her cousin, which she loves, Kylie had a game the other and tray hung up knowing she would do great!  TOO FUNNY!

Fantastic days for me!!  This weekend I am Tampa bound!  Then back to Charleston tuesday..and then off to Chicago at the end of this month..WOW!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tomorrow we should be brace free

that's right peoples! this afternoon we are charleston bound and to have kalei's braces removed! I am a little mixed about it. who let tyra get so big? i have been going through some where did my baby go issues for the past few days.

She has changed her hair..brace free...cute's just a lot at one time for me! I will post when i get back!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why did we live so far from base?

But really we don't live that far. 25 or so minutes..but it feels so far. I guess it is my lack of sleep that is making me think it is SO far. I think I just hate driving! I use to love it, and now lately I just hate driving. Well maybe if I was driving to have lunch with my friends or something totally like that, I would be a bit more excited. The commissary and basketball practice. Yea not really motivating me. I almost let Traysea skip practice today because I was just not motivated to drive. Thank goodness she wouldn't let me! I mean..when ryan actually starts living here and his boat is actually in this part of the world...he will have to make that drive twice a day. So just why am I complaining? I am pretty sure I was the one that picked out this house. I think I was the one with the final say that didn't want to live at Laurel Island. I wanted the beach at my doorstep and the huge backyard. Oh wait yes..that was me. So almost everyday this week I have made the drive from FL to GA. Tuesday, I made it twice. Sigh....tomorrow..I will make it again! Luckily my Saturday or Sunday plans, as of yet, do not include a trip to Kings Bay. Again, I am not complaining! Really I am can I..when I can do this

in the middle of december. Or really anytime I think I want to. Cause the beach is just eight minutes from me.

Maybe I need to just focus on the positives about why we live in Florida. I know we choose Florida cause two of my besties were moving here. And one will be here at the end of the month. Of course he gets here, when we are in Chicago..but no worries. Then the other family will be here I think in February. Love it. Then my nieces will be here in July. I can't imagine what it is like to only live thirty minutes from family again! I am SO excited! Then my besties brother lives in Pensacola. Florida residence Disney passes! I life is perfect right???

Okay it's not helping..maybe I just a need an over all..random positives...right Misty...

1. Ryan is just a phone call away. So missing him, for the girls, is so much easier to cope with!
2. That my middle child wants to play basketball. But of course now that she has practice and the other two watch, they want to play now. Of course!
3. My friend is coming down here to house hunt next week!!!
4. School started back up!
5. Next week Tyra will be brace free.
6. Meaning I can plan my Charleston trips better!!!
7. That my bunny's rotator cuff is going to get fixed and that she will be able to play softball next year! Luckily she is only a sophmore!
8. Two of the best parents EVER!
9. Great teachers for my children!
10. Wii I can workout at home! Thank God!
11. Nourishing friendship that are important to me!
12. Having children that say I love you, just because!
13. Having a 13 year old that loves babies!
14. Guitar Hero!
15. No slow leak in my tire!
16. A sister how plans out the food prep schedule while everyone is in Chicago!
17. I love having the problem of having to have to sleep on the couch at my brothers. That means everyone is there and the house is SO full! I love it!
18. One week of totally family packedness! I can't wait!
19. Christmas cards completed!
20. All my laundry washed!
21. I am living my word Nourish!
22. My mom is in a happier place now that my grandma is at a different location during the day!
23. Kelly being able to wear the same size winter coat as tyra! well i better make her try those on so we can see!
24. Christie's husband Mike! He is ryan's playmate!
25. Football on thursday nights!
26. Pretty flowers for my anniversary.
27. Fancy dishes!
28. University of Hawaii Cheerleaders winners of Paula's RAH contest.
29. Disney photo pass!
30. Netflix! Mamma Mia tonight!

Mary..I think I need a creative outlet that isn't work related! Maybe that will help. I have to say I did complete all my assignments with time to spare!

Maybe because it was cold and blustery that I am feeling blahy. The sun is suppose be back tomorrow! hopefully so!

Maybe pictures will help???
It did a little! Oh well..I will catch up tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sleeping like crap

I should start a post out positive. So see my dish washer filled to it's rim! Well that's cause I had my alaska charleston peeps over for dinner. I am so blessed to have two wives that I knew from before on our boat. Hopefully it will make the inbetween times so much easier. So we had without husband social time. The best parts...Choco chip cookies...dinner and no kid drama!
This is a picture of the girls toasting on my anniversary night. Aren't they fancy!

So I don't know what it is..but I just can't sleep. Well I fall asleep sometime after midnight and am awake again at four..and can't go back to sleep. I don't know what it is..I think I am getting enough activity. I am Wii and getting the girls up and out the door..then getting my daily house chores done and sometime squeezing in some fun time with friends. but still i am tossing and turning. I am starting to think it's cause Ryan is gone. but my restlessness started before ry left. Who knows...Maybe i need busier days! hmmmm


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to school, dinner recap, and something that had me laughing for days!

So the girls headed back to school today. Nanea was not very happy. She was still super tired..I think six thrity was not something was happy about. Traysea has decided the craft room is her bedroom. She is loving having it as hers. Nanea, she is still adjusting!

Dinner with my girls was fantastic. We ate on our fancy plates, which I broke one of..ugh, and drank out of fancy glasses, flowers on our table, and cheers! The girls thought it was cool. Nothing fancy food wise..but i put everything in cute dishes on the table. They felt special!

Then today I read my friend Megan's blog! She is super fun! Papercraft mastermind! But check out her blog for her new year's "wishes"! She had me rolling..but I do think she might might just have the right idea!

Besides that it is back to the grind. I totally goofed off today..but I gots me a got outfit to wear to brother's commissioning at the end of this month. OH and I was reminded today that I am still my mothers daughter..and did nourish that relationship today! I listened and agreed to see it through her eyes! I love her. And am so blessed to have her! But then in the same conversation I was reminded I am her daughter and she is the mother and what she says goes.

Tomorrow I am having my friends over for dinner. We are all husband thought it would be nice to visit. In Charleston we use to do it all the time! I miss it! So we are going to hang out!

Basketball practice tonight..ugh..why is it on base??? Oh well..i gotta finish dinner and then get my house in order and off to practice we go!

More later!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Day!

Eight years ago, the Malama-Auger family started. It's always funny when I think about Ry and I getting married. Total DL, and then a big fat party months later!

To celebrate we took the girls to the beach...with the Huls herd! Fabulous! The kids played for hours. Yes, it was a clear and perfect day. Not too hot, breezy and the sun was glorious!

So now dinner is in process and the babies are off getting their scoot on and Tyra is reading!

Purely Amazing!

My word for the year....since I can't sleep.

My friend Ali Edwards picks a word every year to sorta "inspire" her for the year. This year, I am picking nourish..which is funny because she picked nurture..which sorta means the same...but anyway....

I plan to nourish the relationship I have with my mom. Be an obedient daughter and honor her when I can. My mouth can totally get me in trouble!

I plan to nourish the friendships in my life. Stay in there..send mail..cause nothing is better then a handwritten letter! But nourish every relationship that matters

Nourish my relationship with God. Remind myself that he is a jealous man. And will not allow anything before him. Try to walk in his light..Nourish my relationship with him.

Nourish my children's relationship with God. It is my responsiblity to put them in his hands. I have been failing that task for awhile. I need to fix that.

Nourish my relationships with my children. Be as hands on as they want. Not as hands on as I think they need. Nourish them enough and be okay with letting them fail and picking up the pieces. Nourish my trust in each of them that they can make great decisions. Nourish their need for one on one time. I think I am pretty much as you actually can get one on one time with them. I think I need it just as much as they do.

Nourish my relationship with Ryan. It is never a smooth path when it comes to the two of us. The Navy can test a relationship that only other Navy familes can understand. Plus I am full of imperfections...all I can do is work on mine and love him without boundaries.

Nourish my body. Eat right..commit to Wii Fitting EVERYDAY. And taking the girls on walks everyday. They want it..and it's a nice time to have with them. Plus I help to nourish their physical health. It's all win win. Just if I can find that energy.

I plan to nourish my mind and find me new books to read. I am still trying to get through Wicked. Sounds interesting..but BOY a tough read. Since Twilight I have yet to find something that just makes me want to tear into it. I know..what a drought. I think i am going to find a book club...that way I have to read it, right???

So I encourage you to totally dig deep and find a word. It is sorta like having a visual aid to remind you. You will be amazed. Last year I had enough..well rather be enough..and though I had failed here and there..for the most part i think that i lived my word. I wasn't enough in certain places..but in 2008 i for sure pulled back..adjusted somethings and push forward from there. So here in 2009 I am hoping it will be a little easier!
Okay I am off to try to get back to sleep!
Happy Anniversary Felicia and Mike. Know that I love you everyday!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Misty

Happy Birthday girlie!!!
Here's hoping your birthday is filled with love and fun!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I sorta forgot about Disney pictures....

I know..what a loser right...though if you really know know that it's all the truth..and you just grin and bear.  So I am going to try and knock out disney adventures all in this one buckle up!
Day 2 we were off to Epcot!!!  Tyra wanted to ride of course Papa and Tyra take off to get the fast past..while mom and I stand in line for pictures with Mickey and his crew.  Ugh one hour later, our autograph books are filled and my girls are all smiles.  Off to tour the world.
Here are some highlights!
Then Day three took us to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios
I didn't take any pictures at Hollywood Studios.  The Dancing Lights were insane crazy!  Busy busy busy and what a sight.  Tyra braved the Tower of Terror!  Her hands were sweating. 
Day four we hit Universal!  
We left Papa at home...he needed to recover from days of walking him from morning to night!
I know way too much flash..but that was the best one I got.  
Grandma got a great award while we were there..
It says world's greatest grandma!
We stopped to see Alex and his penquin friends!
I located my things...and their cat!  Then
Ripped up the people mover to the car!
Fun day!  Loved just hanging out with Gramms.  Oh and we saw another parade and when Santa came in the last float.  Both the babies sigh and say...oh it's just Santa again!
It made me laugh..we had seen Santa in parades over and over.  My girls were totally tired of it...NOW I have to say Universal Orlando...totally boring.  Tyra said she liked the Mummy ride and I forced the girls on the jaws ride.  Long story..but let's just say..Nanea still hates boat rides.  Anyway..Maybe Islands of Adventures is worth the ticket...but Universal is totally not.  THOUGH I love it when we go to the one in Burbank!!!
So the day to return home finally arrived!  We debated..since we had lucked into an extra day at disney we were actually going to stay one more day..but decided just to hit magic kingdom one more time and then just head home after..
So it had been perfect weather the entire time..until this day.  It was freezing!  And Magic Kingdom was insanely busy this day.  I have to say we picked the perfect time to come.  There was NO ONE..but come Monday December 22nd, everyone arrives  but we were already here..and paid our $12's to park....
We are cuddled together trying to stay warm!
They rode the tea cups
We got our turkey legs!
Visited Jasmine and Aladdin
Then wished Cinderella's castle goodbye!
Dad made the three hour drive and we arrived at home just about 9.
Then the next day we find out my baby brother plane that we routed through Chicago was canceled and he wasn't able to get on anything until the next day.  UGH...we could have stayed the extra day.  OH well...we had a great day of rest and Ry was at home waiting for our return. 
WOW!  I know crazy I took 4g's worth of I am glad you guys won't be bored with my photo display that I could have shared with you!  Just know that Disney was AWESOME...but more so I am so grateful for my parents!  Without them I could not have made the trip!  With my girls in two different age groups makes it hard to keep everyone happy!  Okay..I have one more picture to share..just because I love it.  
Who let her get so old????

The New Year starts

Well here we are fresh into the new year..and life is feeling positive!  
That is my word of the year.  Positive.  With everything in life going on, I plan to remain positive.   So today I took the girls to WalMart...Aunty Sheryl, Uncle J, and Mooney sent them walmart gift cards so they wanted to spend them.  
The girls decided with $40 they couldn't get new the younger two got scooters!
We went for a walk..well I sorta ran and the girls scooted their way around the neighborhood.  They loved it, I sorta did too.  I think tomorrow I am going to drag Tyra along with me.  We both could used the speed walking!  
Ry leaves our house will be empty.  Luckily school starts back up and we have a very busy hopefully the time will go by quickly and the girls won't get sad!  

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

Happy New Years from the Malama-Auger girls!!
May your new year bring you joy, hope, faith and happiness.
Yesterday the girls and I..well mostly Ry and I...I know..wait it gets weirder...Facing the Giants.
That movie was super moving. It is entirely Faith based..and I think I am in a place to hear God. Which makes it so much more of a crazy that Ry actually sat and watched the entire movie with me. Well at first he was at the computer. I thinking he was not interested, after reading the description out loud to him. Decided to watch it. Mamma Mia is in my I need to get these mailed out, was what I was thinking. But after it started..he actually came and sat down. The movie was a bit cheezy..but it totally reminded me that nothing is impossible without God. I know I know, probably a bit more spiritual then you guys were looking for. But I spent half the movie in tears. I was searching..and then this was delivered! It is sorta weird how it worked out too..because I don't think I recall putting it at the top of list of movies...BUT thankfully it was there....if you haven't seen it..go see it! You won't regret it. I am preparing my fields right now..... new years was without event. The girls had pop pops from gramms and papa and couldn't wait to throw them! They had asked me ALL day what time they could throw them! Luckily I could distract them both with Guitar Hero and Littlest Pet Shop!
Here are the girls playing pop pops.
Last year the girls tried Sparkling Cider....white and red grape. It went over like this.
So when Tray and I went out to get some this year..we decided that we would try a different flavor...
The reactions was this
Followed by a thank you! Ry says it's the bubbles..I say it take gross! Nanea agrees with me!
So then I let the girls cuddle up and watch the ball to wait for the ball to drop...Traysea fell asleep with minutes left in 08. So I woke her up..she was not a happy girl. But they did all get to see the ball drop this year!~!!!!
traysea says she was trying to smile...but wait what happened to these girls???
These are my girls last year! WOW..what one year can do!

OH and did I mention that I am going to Chicago in January. I will miss CHA this year..BUT only because my big brother is getting commissioned! And it is the place to be this january!!! Well it's actually February..but early early Feb. I am so excited. I just saw my parents..and from the day they left to the day I will see them..oh is just one month. The girls and I can make it! My baby brother too!!! Plus I get to cuddle all my nieces..and spend time with my family! I can't wait! I am confused to why everytime I go to Chicago it is cold? I mean Gosh forbid I head to Chicago in July..oh wait..we have done that twice too! OH well...Chitown here we come!!!
Wishing you all the best in this new year!