Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Days of summer......

It seems like summer just somehow ended.  Not sure exactly where the entire time has run off to...but School has started and things are back in full swing.  Soccer practices, first day of schools, everything that goes with it.....

Our summer was filled with a week plus some in Disney.  Then a weekend at Universal.  Then the beach...soccer...and just plan hanging out.  Probably the best summer for the girls in a VERY VERY long time.  We were sorry it had to end, but we love the start of the new school year.  

And then she is 18

It is hard to remember a time before Kalei came to me.  Somedays I often think that my life started the day she came into this world.   Easily I could get sentimental and burst into tears.  But I think that for now....at least....I am just going to focus on the amazing gift that she is.  

Lunch, Soccer and Movies.  Just how dreamed of spending her 18th birthday.