Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where in the world is the Malama-Auger family??

Did you ever watch that cartoon or play that game Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego? I totally just need the yellow raincoat! So...the short household goods are in..but we are in SC. Tyra had we drove back up some of my friends were coming into we thought that we stay for bit. I am SO over SC that it's crazy. I know it is horrible to say..but as a military wife...I think I am always in moving mood.

SO the real work starts...we return to our new state Sunday and monday we hit the ground running..the girls need to get registered for school...and my house needs to get unpacked..>YUCK! I know i know..i am such a lazy bum..but my goal will be to get as far into it as I can..then work on the three boxes a day theory! Wish my luck! I promise to post pictures soon!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whirlwind days belonging are on the truck! My 6 year old is having a nervous reaction to moving..and I am taking over my friends bonus room! house is packed..and my goods are scheduled to be delivered Tuesday...yes i talked to the relator and we will let me into the house on I am going to drive down..get in..and then come back to SC. Party with my peeps! and then head back down to my house..hopefully with my favorite bunny in tow! We plan on having a BLAST..unpacking and tax free school shopping..and then her mother will drive down to get her! I love my bestest friends!

So as for an update on ryan...he is PERFECT! I mean.bored..but in good health. HIs first week of school was uneventful..but he got to play golf with his high school buddy and is currently sitting in his parents living room! Us apart has been as it seems that all of our conversations are a bit "stressed"! Ry doesn't handle the unknown he tend to overplan. have to love him..right? Anyway....enjoy your weekend!!!! Promise I will post more CHA goodies when I get my computer back!
love and misses!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We are living in boxes!

So today the packers came over..and in less then four house was in boxes! how rockstar like awesome was that? I can't believe it..BUT they come FRIDAY to actually load our truck..I know..that sucks..but no worries..I have the best of friends and have pushed my way into their bonus room!!!
thanks far..I made it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

more lovely products

Ever since donna and her canvas..the need to paint and use tons of different mediums in my scrapbooking. SO who knew that ranger would come out with this stuffs!? I think it is 15 colors with the gesso and canvas and paint brushes. Canvas ' in 8 and 1/2 x 11s and 12. i mean how awesome! Plus the ranger booth was GINORMOUS. It was large in the winter..who would have thought that summer time booth would be just as large..and then if you happended by glitz designs..I LOVE THESE would see that they have also taken there stuffs to canvas. donna is such a trend setter! i love it...more pictures later..we have packers!

I had to share

So it is hard for me to say what i loved best about many is always like a toddler in a candy store..but I have to say..I love this....
That Versamark Dazzle..if anyone even knows how much i like bling..and was like they called me and asked if i want a special product! But i promise to share a bit more later!..okay..gotta get back to packing! I have to say that i have the best friends...gam gam who picks me up from the airport..and karrie clark who spends all night here organizing my crap in my them! i feel dinner coming on!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Returning home

So my family is finally back home. And OMW my house is a horrible mess! So the next few days, I will have my nose down and just pushing through getting everything organized for packing. I gotta bath the kids and get them off to Tyra's doctor's appointment..then off to target for some bins! I have to thank Misty for my pep talk. Yesterday i was feeling a bit overwhelmed..but misty told me..last year she did..packed herself and got moved with jack in tow! If she can do it with a 2 year old..I can do with three girls. 12, 5 and 6!
xoxo love and misses, ronee

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kids asleep and I can' me help me!

So I took only a billion pictures while we were on our latest summer adventure. I always take random pictures. Ry pumpkin pie...always teases me. He never really gets it...but here are our NEEDS for a successful road trip for all! Everything starts with the Tom Tom. How I survived previous to this thing makes me wonder. Ry is such a review the map and check everything out type of person. BUT not me. I like to get in the car and just go. Ry wants to look at the map..and review it prior to leaving. Normally I drive so ry can be reassured that we are going the right direction. Like he is the only person in the car that can read a map or directions for goodness sake. In his defense though, I understand where his strengths are..which is why I drive. He is the map boy..and i'm the driver! Thank you tom tom for letting me be the passenger! #3 and ry..heart heart heart red fish. that is what we call it in our house. it is a staple for any type of travel with my children! Oh and #2 loves these. OH and her dad too!
Ry needs smart water. I need Vitamin water and the girls get snapple apple! Ry got new contacts. OMW these were so needed!
Gameboys. Need I really say anything else??
Then finally...this device is what quiets any long as they can agree on a movie! Normally I make them ride as long as they can take it. Oh about three to four hours then I break out the laptop. Normally with a new movie! Thank goodness for dvds!
okay now it's bedtime! all three girls are tucked in..and sleeping. amazingly..i can't wait to get home! sleep in my bed..but minus ry..pout pout..i love you ry

*Fun times*

Well it is just like my family to pack in as much fun as anyone can pack into a single day! Ry hates it, but the girls and I love to just fall out when we finally decide to stop! Anyway..this last week was no exception. We are all exhausted, but tomorrow we return to our normal lives...shh i think we have one more summer surprise in store, but don't tell tyra! my husband starts his time away from us. i have mixed feelings about it all. i totally know that moving, even without him, was the right choice for us! Schools are better! The community and sports seems to be better suited..i mean overall, it is the right choice..the whole moving without my huge. I mean, I can pack a house without him..I've done that before..but my husband has always been the person to set up my house. I normally escape for "errands" and return to a house or at least a room unpacked and looking just as I had imagined! OH here are a few pictures from our adventure. Promise to post the rest when I get back to my desktop computer!
My husband made this for his parents way back when..we wanted to make sure I captured that! Below is our first hotel stop! My girls love hotels! well at least the two babies do! Tyra always wants the comfort of her own one in the books..cyah guys tomorrow!
Sometimes I just love to sit and watch tyra...she is such a pure hearted child! I love to remind her..that I have loved her the longest!!Our #2 always always is thinking. She is SO ry's daughter. she spends her days analyzing and plotting her next move. Here she was...following a bug! My goodness!

How could you not love that face?? The problem is that she knows that she is that cute!
I will be packing this week. When we get home I will need to get my houser ready to be packed. So wish us luck! I don't know how much blogging I will be doing!
wish me luck!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

forgot my card reader

heh bloggin i forgot my card reader..and i have already taken a billion pictures..i have to say..AGAIN..i have the best travel children around. you tell them 10 hours in a car..they laugh and say no problem...well..#3 said..there will be TV right? so i guess as long as there is a tv..gameboy and an ipod..they are good to go! SO update on moving..the moving company called us yesterday to tell week from yesterday..we will be at your home to pack you...OMW WHAT!!! yes five of those next seven days..i am not even home! Are you kidding me..oh well, they just get to come in and pack up my *&^%$! But I am happy to say I will get into my new house come august first..but we might be sleeping on air matresses and sleeping bags..but at least the girls and i are together..right? anyway..i better go! my family needs me!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Road trippin'...yes again!

The Malama-Auger gang is off to see the wizard again! Okay okay not the wizard but we are on an adventure. I know such an adventurous life we lead! To think I already did my summer '08 album..i guess i will have to add pages! Thanks to our trusty friend above, the world is our oyster..but the cost of gas is insane. Hasn't really stopped us at all this summer. Thank GOD for the camry! That thing burns fuel like a queen. But if you don't have a tomtom..or whatever gps unit you might NEED one! I mean seriously. I have never been that girl that wouldn't go somewhere cause she was scared of a map..but with tomtom..I feel so much better! I'm like..okay here we go! Plus the girls like it when it talks to you. Did you know you can get the craziest celebrity voices to give you the directions. It is pretty hilarious. I was thinking about downloading one..and not telling ry. Just so I can see his reaction. But who has time for that. As we speak the washer and dryer and going and my suitcase is sitting open waiting for socks and underwear. I mean seriously could I wait to the last minute. OH WAIT..ryan is! But heh that's him..and he is so not a list type of person.....Anyway..while on adventure I won't have the time to blog, so I promise to take a million ZILLION pictures and post like a mad women when i get back..OH vaca from blogging might be a bit longer then that..CAUSE when i get back..oh it's already time for the packers to get her! I know i know I hope my friend karrie has already made room for the girls and i! dial me or text me if you need something!!!
love you miss you!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random summer adventures

Just some randoms summer pictures! The small things that just make us happy! I am off to take pictures of the girls today! Hopefully we get some good ones!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I love Donna!

So i have been so busy and spinning that I forgot to mention that Donna Downey was on the way back to The Pink House. Yes she loves me and can't stay away! She is..oh rockstar fabulous! So of course Donna brought her skills back and showcased her brand new class! 100 eyelets or die trying! Cause she is bringing eyelets back! I didn't take that class..I took Work of Art and Hybrid Album! I love love love how donna, (heh donna..notice that that is lower case alphas!!) pushes my box open. I know..that could really really sound NASTY..but she does! My creative box..which I sorta feel is way out there! I was lucky enough to be born into a crafty gene pool so on the creative scale I can hold my own! I just have to have time!!! you want to see my projects?? I know the picture isn't the greatest..but it is midnight in my hood, but i had to get it up. If you want..Michelle took an unauthorized picture and posted it on her blog before I did. Check her blog! Here are some other pictures. I am just in love with this. I got in trouble with the teacher and had to start over. Which is funny! But I love how it came out. I hated the empty space in the upper right hand corner..but as I look at it more and more..I am loving it more!
Now everyone loves taking pictures of their children. I take pictures of them doing the silly things. The tall pictures of the three of them are at the mall riding the monorail! Silly..but it was #3's first time and and we were home on vacation..why not click off a picture!

This is a Glitz rub on! LOVE LOVE LOVE this company. Laura and Erin are such fun! There is one more girl, but I forgot her name. They have new outstanding products coming out in a few over to their website and see what's going on on their are going to love it! OH and the best best best know what they call their bling....FROSTING! cute yea!

The flowers are KI's lace paper! don't you just think it's the best thing. And of course my project had to have a flower. It seems a flower or two can always find its way on to any of my project..even into my signature!

SO you want to see my other FINISHED project? Yes, that's right gang..I came home and powered through it..and it is pretty much completed! I need to buy a few more embellies..but it is looking cute! I took the girls pictures from this far and made it a summer of '08 book! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT..the fabulous cover! donna introduced me to a new have to have tool...the grommet setting and Golden gel medium! It totally introduced me to the fabric world. Oh great another thing that i can hoard! it started as a bare chipboard album. Maya road makes the best "naked" chipboard albums. Now I don't recommend their chipboard letters if you can covering them with paper and then sanding ! Okay enough of my product promotion! So if you are an alter type of person check them out!Donna 's kit comes with paper and embellies from making memories "noteworthy" line. Now normally I am not a huge making memories type of girl...but the colors in the line are pretty fabulous. I added just standard everyday notebook paper for some flair. Don't you love the frillys and that blue it
I am leaving those pull outs to ask the girls what they loved best about their summer.
Don't you love black and white pictures??? See my flower. That's more glitz frosting! Love love love them! The rub ons are theres and another company called The Little Yellow Bicycle. More fabulousness! It is from their delightful line! Their entire CHA Winter release was lovely! I can't wait to see what else they have going on this summer!!

Know what the best about this project is? It's current and it's all PAU! So along these lines..I was totally inspired..have you heard about inspired??? donna host an event called inspired..and she totally inspired me today...wanna see??
Tell me you love it! I love it..yes that would be another canvas done today! So i just used what I had at it is sorta hodgepodged together. But I like it! I used some of the remaining pieces of KI Lace paper and I had some Junkitz rub ons I have been hoarding for about four years or so. That is CI alpha chipboard. I love it1 I love when chipboard alphas are white, cause the paint seems to set in better. Again, totally me you know! But now I am in love with why stop there right??
Yes yes I know HORRIBLE lighting..but that more canvas FUN! I didn't have the right pink I will be adding some accent paint to the canvas when I get some. All the paint is acrylic paint that I used today. Some paint dubbers from Ranger. Some of Heidi Swapps and just some from the craft store. But the paper I used for the mats is also Junkitz. That's how long I have had this stuffs..Junkitz has been out of business for about a year. More CI chipboard. I am loving the look of the positive and negative i used again. I also used making memories alpha rub ons for the word peaceful. Nanea means peaceful in Hawaiian..which is such an oxymoron for our #3. But it is a description of her pregnancy. I love all the pictures I crammed onto this canvas. I need to make one for each girl now! I can't wait to hang these in the girls room when we moved to FL!

So what a superstar productive last day and half. If you made it this are so awesome! But finally craft projects on my blog again! I have to say everytime Donna comes to town..or I head off to CHA my creative insides start to boil! Right now I am so on the fence if I should just jump in and wash the papercraft industry over my body. Submit like crazy..and start treating it like work! I use to sell SU! Now I love stampin up products..I mean that is major cardstock that I use. Plus I own all the SU I LOVE their stuff..but I just can't limit myself to just selling their stuff.'s rolling around in my head..and it's I should be bedtime bound! blog at you later!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We survived!

Eight hours total in the car with my three girls are always a good's Ry that we have to deal with! But we headed south and found a house! Uh huh oh yea! (This is me doing the excited dance!) We headed a bit pass Kings Bay and found a house in sunny of course the wait game starts. But it's okay..because we don't even have a for sure move date! Yea wish me luck on that too! Since the navy and the smart move is just a superstar environment! The house isn't my house I dream about but heh...for now..we are going to be okay. The community seems great and the subdivision is nice. No pool, but the YMCA is just down the road...and the beach is just up the street..Not that I am huge beachy girl..but my girls love it..and anywhere I can just hang out and they play is all pluses for me! Now I have to hope they except our offer. Plus we need to hope that the navy works with us and gets my move going! All about hurry up and waiting! But the girls and I are ready for our next adventure! But at least most of my stress is gone!
So now Ry and I need to go through our house. I am already overwhelmed..but i am totally ready..I would start now except my herd is outside playing water..I better go and check them out!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Road trippin'

Off on an adventure! Aren't we always! So all I have for you today is randoms!!!

1. I love meatloaf! Why don't I make it more often!
2. Why is quality education so expensive!
3. I love hearing from old friends!
4. Did you ever wonder just why people stop hanging out?
Okay..well it is 6:49 am..and I have to get the stuffs into the car. YES we are taking the car!
Find a pool or the beach if you live in the is going to be hot as heck! YUCK!
love you guys

Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm pouting!!

Right now I am having homesickness! Maybe it's the rain..or the horrible sleep I got last night..but I miss my bestest friends! It's hard to remember a time when Nicole and Mayumi weren't in our lives! I love you guys!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

*Aloha Sunday*

I feel like the days with Ryan are slowly slipping away. But at least he's around for a bit..right? So the decision to move still hasn't been made! Even if we find two spaces at Divine Redeemer we have to really see if we can afford it all! Seriously I might have to be a full time working mom like Memorie! I am going to spend my day with my girls! I think I will take them for a nice afternoon at the towne center. It's funny in Hawaii, about one mile away from my parents house is a Towne Center. I wonder what constitutes a Towne Center instead of a mall? Is it an indoor thing? Well Ala Moana at home is a mall, but is completely outdoor? OH..I miss Ala Moana! I could use an Apple Store right now! But anyway..enjoy your sunday!! I will upload picture from our day with the Housers! I love that family!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

WOW! It's 4th of July already. It's hard to imagine that it's been a year! Mental note, that I need to slow down and enjoy the ride a bit more! At the start of the year I came up with a phrase to run my life by! So I feel at the half a year mark I have done okay with my "being enough!" I checked with Ry and I have been enough of a wife. Some days not the greatest..but when you take a step back..overall I have been rockstar. My girls say I have been a great mom! So two pluses..hopefully my friends would say I was enough of a friend! I think I have been. Not anyone could call me and ask me to come help them paint their new store! But anyway...

So some updates, I haven't gone back to work! I think if we stay here, The Pink House is not going to work out for me. I love it, and I hate that I can't do it anymore. With Ry gone, the girls are going to need me that much more. Though I am excited at full day school! If I just get my girls into divine redeemer, my life will be set. Did I mention what tuition cost! I need to find a job somewhere! That or make sure my house is perfectly clean and me being in perfect shape to justify not working to my husband. Not that ry really would care. He hates when I work! He feels I lose my focus. I think he is just a big baby and hates when he doesn't come first I know horrible..but true! my randoms

*I love summertime mornings!!!

*I didn't realize painting was such a chore!

*Wednesday be at Divine Redeemers door at 9 am!

*All I can think about is friends...watermelon..and fireworks!

*YUPPIE for Mexican Train!

Alrighty..I need to go and make dessert! Know that I love you..and Memorie..I need you to tell them we NEED a Kindergarten spot!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Have you heard NKOTB's new song. I am pretty much in love all over again!!! Ry hates it! I love summer..did I mention that yet?? It is totally a time for my family to find their center again! It is the beginning of the year my phrase was "be enough". Be enough of a wife, enough of a mother, enough of a friend! I think I have been totally achieving! I love it though. Summer gives me a time to have long conversations with Tyra about what is going on in her life! Not that much is going on..but just in case..I can be the second to know. During the summer, I lack off on bedtime, and my girls barely get dressed some days. We have days full of plans and other days of total leisure. I love summertime! But lately we have been so busy. Trying to decide if we are going to move now..or wait till February. I think Ry and I have pretty much decided that staying here till later is the best choice. BUT now I need an awesome school for my #2. WHY are great schools SO expensive. $650 for both girls to go to school! I mean seriously I have to go back to work! Who knows what we are going to do though! But I need to call Divine Redeemer right now!