Thursday, August 30, 2007

I haven't forgotten you

Sorry! I have been so busy working and "busing" the girls back and forth to school that it has been insane. Plus we are all is just a bit overwhelming! BUT I am not complaining. The days seem to fly by...BUT I have not forgotten about pulling for my sprinkles! I will make it through Labor day..IF you didn't know...The Pink House is having a Labor Day we just bought about another scrapbook store and have been working every night after closing to get inventory into the computer and out on the floor!
Anyway...Promise Promise to work on getting this all up to date! PLUS stamp camp this weekend!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My encounter and My blessings!

Anyway so yesterday at about 5 I get this knock on my door. My front door at that. NO ONE EVER USES MY FRONT DOOR. So I step out through the kitchen door and send out a "Yes?" A women walks over and shows me a paper asking me why is this child not in school?" Taken back for a second I stop to read the students name, I was sure they have the wrong address. Note, in my arms are the binders that belong to THAT student. We were in the midst of checking her homework for the day. Amuse I say "UH excuse me?" She again asks me "Why is this child not in school?" This time with a bit more force. I smile and respond with "Who are you?" wanting to know one, who this women was. And two, why do you have a sheet with all my child's personal information on it! "I am such and such from the Berkeley County School District and I need to know why this child is not in school!" This time she was showing distinct signs of being irritated with me. As if I cannot ask her whom she is! I giggle and respond. "THAT child is in school. As are my other two children. This here, is THAT child's homework!" She leans over and can see that child's name in the upper right hand corner. In a binder distinctly marked with the School's name, Math, THAT students name. She is taken back and looks and me. She cuts her eyes a bit and then says "Well when did that child start school?" I smile and respond with "August 20th." She isn't sure what to think. She has evidence that the child in question is currently in school. So now the questions for her started. My first one "Well who told you that THAT student wasn't in school?" She now has a different appearance. Her force has now subsided and clearly sees that THAT student is in fact in school and there has been an error. She explains to me that they received an anonymous tip that she was still living here, but not currently enrolled in school. I laughed, because the only secret about who made that tip was to her! I knew where this information came from. It made me smile! She continued to explain the many ways this error could have occurred. if you a steady blog know all three of my girls have gone back to school! Oh and just in case that same person. The one who would like to remain in the shadows...just FYI Ryan and I are STILL happily married! Probably more so then we have been for awhile. Why you ask? Well the boy has gone back to 12 hour days! PRAISE JESUS! I love when Ryan actually has to work. It makes me so much less of a resentful wife and it give me time to miss him! I know I sound so horrible, but I am a Navy wife. It has always been a luxury to be able to see my husband everyday for longer then a week! But to have the man home everyday for the last OH five years has been a TEST to our marriage. But I am overjoyed to say Ryan and I are happily married. Blissfully so! Oops...I just threw up a little bit! Ryan and I have decided to just be thankful for the good stuffs! Because we are blessed! OVER AND OVER AND OVER! We have a great life! We have three beautifully healthy daughters. I am blessed with a set of parents that are so awesome. I am blessed with my mom as my very best friend. That she is my sounding board and I am hers! I am blessed with a Michelle Houser. Which everyday warms my heart. She, oh and I guess Chip Houser, have blessed me with two more awesome children that let me love them as if they were my own. I have other friends that make my heart soar each day! I have a JOB that I love to go to everyday! I work for two SPASOME peeps that allow me to express my thoughts and opinions and treat me as one of their own! I have a craft circle that ROCKS! I have a husband who everyday provides an excellent life for our family! Also my latest have Keri Lee Serika offering her wisdom, talent, and every single ROCKIN idea she has to further herself, myself, and The Pink House. I actually could go and on..but I better stop..this is already a gosh darn long post! Anyway..I promise to work on something tomorrow! I have to prep for this ScrapPink event coming up at The Pink I will be announcing the winner of my SPRINKLES tomorrow. I will ask Tyra to pick a number in the AM. HEH if you are in my area..stop by The Pink House. You will LOVE just hanging out there!

Monday, August 27, 2007

OH what a weekend....and the second wave starts school

Today was Traysea and Nanea's first day of school. Well..for was her first day back to schoool..but for was her very first day of school. It was so cute..when I was ironing the girls clothes, Sorry Claudia..I had to iron, Nanea came down the hall and said.."Today is MONDAY!" I smiled..and she ran back down the hallway to wake up her sister! There was a few morning meltdowns..but they did pose for these

Aren't they just too cute! Nanea was so ready to go to school. Last year she spent her mornings taking Traysea to school. She was so ready for it to be her turn! Aren't they cute! Mom bought the girls these dresses when she was out here this summer! The girls have been DYING to wear them!
Then to recap Tyra's birthday! It was a birthday weekend! The waterpark got rained out. Well not totally..we went there..the gang got to play, but then lighting showed it pretty head...SO it was out of the water! We decided that we would just take the kids to the movie here on base. So the kids headed back here and then hung out until the movie started! I have to say..even though I had a house full of children..there was not one issue! How insane is that??? Well there was a little of the Tyra and her sister thing, but that was it! Explain to me how nine children can get along? Who knows! But they were awesome!

I promise to post some waterpark pictures later. I forgot to take my camera to the waterpark..LUCKILY...Aunty Mae I will download those from my email and then post those tomorrow!

OH and not that I am plugging The Pink House..BUT I will not believe the TON of stuffs that we have gotten in! You will be amazed at what we have been able to PACK into the store. If you haven't been the store in the last two have to come by! It is always an adventure. Tomorrow we have a Coffee Crop..stop by! Sit down..hang out!
Well come see know where I will be!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

12 years ago.....

12 years ago I gave birth to my oldest child Tyra Krystyne! I am tearing up a bit. Just where did all those years go? My baby isn't so much a baby anymore..but I informed her..that she could be 51 and still my baby girl!
Anyway she is now 12 and I loved every minute of everyday that God has given me with her! I am so proud to be her mother. She is growing up to be a wonderfully wonderful girl! She is responsible, sometimes a drama queen, but girls at her age always are right? With the start of sixth grade..middle school...she is really transitioning into the next phase of her life! Ryan and I just aren't sure we are ready! BUT I am firm believe in the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. I am so lucky to have such an awesome village! Happy Birthday, Tyra Krystyne! Catch you guys at the waterpark! That is what she wanted for her party!
love you guys ton

Friday, August 24, 2007

Week one!

So today is Friday and it has been an entire week of Tyra at school! She seems to have survived..BUT hasn't made any real friends yet. It is so weird..because Tyra is such a friendly girl We will have to see what becomes of all this! So today my baby girls have open house at their school..but Nanea has a fever. Traysea had it a few days ago..SO of course..Nanea has to get it. BUT tomorrow is Tyra's birthday party! I will have to pray over her tonight and trust that God will heal her! Anyway..SO two more days are left on my sprinkles chance..OH and Felicia...I didn't mail you out your package. Hi Have you met me!! I am such a dork that way. It is still sitting on my dryer..waiting for someone to take it to the post office..SO my question for it too late?? And Lauren..I promise to find sometime to actually email my order off to you! It has been sitting in this nice little spreadsheet for about two days! There just never seems to be enough hours in the day for everything I need to do! So today I am running around finishing things for Tyra's birthday..which is tomorrow. The two babies have open house..not to mention at the Pink House we have to go and get the rest of the inventory from Scribbes and Scraps. AHHH..talking about it is making me dizzy already! Anyway..I need a suggestion for a birthday present for my husband! Send me a comment!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Days of first!

***Read below for my sprinkles!***

Well today started off with Ryan wanting to eat breakfast together. Which in theory is all wonderful and gushy..but at is not something you really want to do..but heh..I am the supportive wife and get up and lay on the couch next to him..while he eats. BUT it was fine..Tyra had to get up cause today was the first day of school. Tada..her first day of school outfit! She was a little hesitant today. Sixth grade and a new school. So the end of the day report..she got lost, but survived! Today was another first for us. I took Traysea to get her first REAL haircut. Now a little background about hair in our family. EVERYONE has different hair. I have three nieces. Three different hair types. My three girls three different hair types. My mom, my sister and I..three different hair types. It's all just crazy. Now Traysea has great hair. But just hair I am not use to. It's thin and wispy with beautiful naturally frosted tips. Not to mention these blonde, auburn like highlights. It is really great hair..BUT I don't know what to do with hair like that. Silly yea! So I took her to get it cut.
She was not happy with the blow drying..but she pushed through it!

Then I had one last thing to share. My youngest is four and loves to take pictures. She is such a mini me, it is crazy! Well..shh..don't tell Ryan. But Nanea is so my child. It is funny to see how well Ryan and her get along. Traysea and I get along much better then her and her father. I think it is because Traysea and Ryan as so much alike they can't manage to be together for long periods of time. In turn, Ryan and Nanea seem to get along better. Anyway..back to the point..yesterday at breakfast, Nanea was playing with the camera..and took this picture She cut out Traysea, but she said that she wasn't trying to get her in the picture! I see bright bright things for the girl!

I'm at the store this afternoon...SO if you have a should come by!

Ryan said my Sprinkles Contest was lame!

*****Orignal Sprinkle post below***
So my wonderful husband just informed me that my sprinkle contest was lame. I know Ryan is a chipper boy in the early am huh! He suggested that I just tell you guys the answer..SO the answer is..I forgot to ink one letter in Pomegranate. I keep forgetting it's a new in color. ANYWAY...i am still going to a Blog Candy give away! Hmmm...what should I do? Leave me a comment about what you did this summer!!! I will leave my sprinkles open till Sunday the 26th. WOW my baby turns 12 this SATURDAY...anyway..leave my a comment and I will have pick someone!!!
Well off to get ready for school!
Talk to everyone soon!

Back to school Monday and *My Sprinkles*

Good Morning everyone! It is 5 am and here I am blogging! Well Ry got up to go to school and turned on the bathroom light with the door opening...Springing me into action! Though I do enjoy getting up before the girls. It just gives me time to do things like this! So I have had a few guesses..BUT I guess I wasn't specific enough....So I will start over....
The theme for this months Carolina Girl swap was to use any new In Color or any new stamp set. I inked each CI letter with an In Color...Which color ink is missing? I keep forgetting it is a new In Color! Plus it is my favorite one...well next to Soft Sky..or maybe Wild Wasabi! Anyway, last night we finished ironing out Tyra's hair. If you have ever met my daughter..she typical Hawaiian hair. I feel SO bad for her sometimes! The daily care of it is sometimes a huge cross to bear. BUT it's gorgeous. So here we are at 9 pm on a school night...
She is so ready for bed. But she wanted it done..and luckily we borrowed my friend Nang's Chi flat iron. It took half the time..about 30 minutes to do her entire hair! Normally it takes hours! I gotta get a Chi. I will take a picture of my baby girl starting sixth grade this morning! I actually think I am going to be creative today! I have my two babies home this week...and my girl appointment today..But Michelle and I are headed out to breakfast! Wish you were here..Lauren..Kate..Chris..Shelly...and Felicia!
Missing you

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's a long one....but there are some sprinkles at the bottom!

*If you are here for Sprinkles...see my current has changed!*

It has been a week since I blogged! I'm SO sorry! I hate when I get so busy..that things slip through. This week I had a schedule full of things! Monday everyone went to the dentist at 8..then Ty had ortho at 12..then she had doctors at 1:30. We did squeeze in breakfast with my favorite family..but I got my baby boy that day! I took him back to the Pink Store with me.

But bright and early Tuesday the girls head to Summer fun bunch and I am back to the Pink House. Which was fine..because Michelle and Brianna came to visit me! Brianna wanted to cover some we got some awesome Softball paper and stickers...SO they came by! The morning went by quickly. I manned the store since Michelle had some mommy errands to run! Then the two babies had to go in for their doctors appointments. Oh my goodness I had to break out my blue sticker! Well that is not the sticker or blue sticker..I still would have had a fit with the shots chick! But I fixed it and the girls are shotted up and ready to go! Then headed to the commissary and had some friends over because they were packing and needed a family to feed them!

Wednesday my morning started at the Pink House. But I took the girls to watch the free movie! I took Michelle's two older ones so they could hang out and play some other kids. Michelle just moved to South Carolina so the kids need to get out. Zane and Zoe got to come with me to the free movies! Then that night, the family that came over to was their last night in we headed to the Fishermans Quarters in Summerville. It was horrible. So not a Charleston place to eat. It was a waste of money. I was so they forgot to make the Chicken strips for the kids. I mean can you forget to make the kids meals? I was so upset! Then they couldn't figure out how much I owed. Totally my "it sucks" list. So avoid if you ask me!

Thursday was more of the Pink House..BUT we got our Zutter order in! Bind it all and Dreamcutz! Oh my goss! I had to go and love on each and everyone of our machines! We also had a Mommy and Me class. We had a customer come in with a baby. She is one! She does such a good job! Shelly was a great mom and guided her well..but she was awesome! Garrick and Tyra spent the morning hanging out! It is pretty much the last day they had to play before school started! Michelle met me there since OUR Brianna had her Freshman orientation and need to cover another book for my MOGO Brookie we spent the morning and then headed out to get the girls..Nang set up the distress I went and got my baby again! I love him! He is such a good boy..and I am so happy that Nang and Ethan let me steal him. I also got to watch basketball! Ethan them had a game..and I love to watch the baby play. NO not O! Baby boy Josh! He is so yummie to watch! Hopefully my husband doesn't read this. Seriously Josh is just a baby. He is in college and works at McDonalds. My husband should feel comfortable in our relationship..that he doesn't have to worry about anything! they won! YUPPIE..and I headed to the Pink Store. Yes at eight I headed back. I had to..Upsy Daisy designs arrived. So we had to put all that up! They at 2 am..Michele, Karla aka, The Mom, and me..walk out! But the most important thing I finished today....Tyra Krystyne's birthday party invitations!!!

Friday..Tyra had her sixth grade camp. She is nervous about starting a new school! BUT she loves that everyone there is starting a new school! She will miss the few friends that are still at her old school..but we will still play with them. Plus all of them are on her soccer team. This year we finally made the decision to play off base. PRAISE JESUS! The base team sucks. Sucks is saying it nicely. Luckily they asked my baby to play travel league soccer1 I can't wait for soccer to start. Nanea starts playing soccer this year. She has been waiting...a lifetime to be a soccer star! In the meantime I had forgotten my phone at the Pink House. I blame Ryan he called me the night before and I was at the guess where I left my phone at. YES right next to the computer. So I made a pit stop and Sonic..and guess who was at the Sonic. Gam B nana and my son! Talk about stalker. It is funny how Michelle and I are connected! We always seem to "run" into each other! I love it! I am so happy they moved back! I know the situation sucks, but I hope Chip is happy that they are with me! Anyway..then it is off to the Pink House..BUT while we were there..Michelle and Karla get a call...Scribbles and Scraps is closing and they want to liquidate their merchandise. UH OH..Michelle head over and spend nearly 4 we head back to the Pink House with goodies in tow. I take my piglets home..yes they were there at Scribbles and Scraps with me..and headed to Ethan's Championship I could see my baby boy..all three of them. Manny most importantly...Ethan..and Josh! So it is winner of course O them win..and have to wait one game..and then play again. Nangy and I take baby for a walk to head back. O's them game started rocky..but the baby hit a few shots..and they won! YUPPIE! So do I head home..NEVER...back to the Pink House. First we have Friday night the store is already open till midnight. Well we had to get everything ready for Playstation Saturday! So at 5:30 am....Michelle, The Mom, and I leave the store. So the most important thing that was accomplished today...I finished the September Class Schedule! All I could think was thank goodness I wasn't opening!

Saturday Saturday! So I get up with the girls. Why you ask? Not because I was being nice to was because I had about five errands that had to be done before I went to the Pink House at 11. So I am out of the house running errands..not to mention stopping at the Pink House because I had a few items that I needed to bring to use for the playstation. WOW WHAT A DAY! When I left at four..we were already having a great day! I almost cried...all the energy and work it took to make Playstation happen was all worth it! But before I left, Michelle received a phone call. The Melissa's making an offer! So the meeting was set. Sunday 11:30. We were so excited. The Mom, Michelle, and I couldn't wait! After that I came home thanked Brianna..and then decided to take the girls out for dinner. We were suppose to be doing school shopping because we were going to head to Myrtle Beach. But we decided not to go. So off to the OG we headed. My favorite family joined us a bit late..but it was a fun time! I love time I get to spend with the girls. Since Ryan's schedule is so bad lately, the girls and I get to spend sometime together. I mean TONS of time together. I am not complaining, but sometimes I love it when they go to bed! Ryan has been going to work at 5:30am and coming home around 7. Then he puts in time on the weekends. I mean he basically is at work all the time! As hard as it is..I love it! I miss Ryan during the day..and I love the time that we do get to be together. It does mess with my weekend, but it is life in the Navy!

So today, Ry waits to go into to work so I can head over to the Melissa's with our Pink House team! So we bought the Melissa's store! They are so relieved..and I am happy that everything just worked out as a win win! We at the Pink House are happy and the Melissa's seem happy! SO then it was time for school shopping! Tyra didn't get all her supplies. Here is Charleston, South Carolina everyone needs school supplies and everything is out! WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST? We came home, had dinner with the husband..and are going to try again. BUT because my husband had to work at one, I wasn't able to make my Carolina Girl swap! I totally finished my swaps! See! This month's theme was either an In Color OR a new stamp set. Well I inked CI's chipboard letters and then heat embossed them with some shimmer and made everyone a tag for their craft bags.

Aren't they cute?? I used the crop a dile to make the holes and set the eyelets. I then used SU's new In colors double stitched ribbon. *Sprinkles Alert* Did you notice anything missing? How about this..if you tell me what's missing you will be entered to get some goodies. All the entires will be thrown into a hat and I will let Tyra pick the winner! The Pink House keeps getting goodies...Who knows what you could get! Off for the second phases of school shopping!

If you are in my area..heh stop by the Pink House!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I was so busy I didn't take pictures

OH GREAT! Today I had a coaster pencil box class...AND I was so busy that I didn't take pictures! GRRRRR! It was such a superstar class and everyone seemed to have a good time! I really wish I had feedback cards so I could improve! Anyway..I had four people today and they all picked out great paper..and color combinations! It was pretty spasome. So if you were in my class today..send me a picture of your coaster box. I would LOVE to place it on my blog!

I am so tired today too! I feel as if last week is taking it's toll on me today. Then tomorrow is a day on the go. The girls have appointments all day. It is that back to school time. On top of that I have to take the van to be cleaned and have it's oil changed. Not to mention all three girls need things before school starts. My oldest is on the one week countdown..and the two babies have two weeks. It is crazy! But tonight I am going to turn my cel phone off..and if you know me..that is pretty impossible..but I am..and tuck into bed with Harry..and hopefully dreamland finds me..and I sleep right through till the alarm goes off at six! Cause the girls have to be at the dentist at 750! Why did I set that appointment up for SO early? Who knows! Anyway..I promise to take pictures..and be creative!

*Happy Birthday, Deb*

Yesterday we headed out to Yokoso's for a birthday celebration for Deb. That's Michelle sister. My oldest and I headed out..Ry kept the babies...and we went to dinner. This is my oldest with the presents we got for Deb. Well technically they aren't presents. Since Deb made me promise not to get her a present. The Band Aid tin is filled with mints and Werther's originals. The tin was from Teri, when I won her blog candy. My oldest is SUPER dark. She just came from a weeks worth of soccer camp..and spent days on the soccer field and in the swimming pool. I promise the sun will bring out the Hawaiian in you pretty quickly. I am off to teach my Sunday class. Like I said if you are in town..come by!
You know where I will be!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tyra's birthday invites

I finally MADE myself do it. They aren't glamorous, but they are plain and simple! SO this is going to have to be okay! Tyra is having a waterpark birthday so I wanted something fun and bright..with a little bit of Hawaiian flavor. So TADA.

Last night was the midnight crop at the Pink House. It was the first time I went. Not that I was even making scrapbook pages..I was actually working and all the parts to finish Tyra's invite was at the store. But last night it was a packed house..and it was pretty awesome! It is so much fun to see everyone being creative. My friends Barbara and April were there..making it a "visit" on top of a crop! Anyway...I have been assigned some card taste from my mom. See needs Baby cards and Thank you cards! SO I promised to do them. But lately I have really had a job at The Pink House. That was totally not a complaint. Michelle and Karla need the help. Karla has a real job that she has to go to everyday..then she works in the evenings and works the weekends! Michelle has the day shift. There are just so many little things that need to get done..and I love that they trust me to do them. That reminds me I have to call Bellsouth about our fax line! Anyway..I need to go..the girls are looking for lunch!
OH and if you haven't heard stampin up's incentive this month is a free family pack of stamp pads. The classics...HOW awesome is that! Pretty SPASOME! Okay..thats my SU commercial!
Catch up with you guys later!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back to the some babysitting

This week my oldest has soccer camp. So it has been a "ready up" for the school year. My baby had to be at soccer camp...around 830. So it's up at 6...showering up..ironing the clothes..getting all the girls up and fed...the two then I have to get myself changed and looking fabulous. YEA RIGHT! Then after I take my oldest to soccer, I turn around and on Tuesday and Thursday, I take the girls to Summer Fun Bunch..and then I am off to the Pink House. So I have been doing pretty well. Well right now I am dragging because I spent a large part of my evening listen to Logan complain about his girlfriend, thankfully they broke up AND plus, like my normal self, I have taken on a lot more at the Pink House. But I am not complaining. Like..what I am doing right now...Compiling my Great Impression order. I just finished my Bella order. Then tomorrow I have to finish all my prep for my Altered Class on Sunday. I love being this busy. Anyway..So yesterday I got a dog and a baby boy. Well, I only got to borrow them. This week we are dog sitting Pockets. I don't know what John and Amanda did, but Pockets is a superstar dog. Well behaved and let's my girls love on her constantly. Nanea loves having someone to boss around! TOO, yesterday, my girl Shelly and her family we stopped by Nang's to say goodbye. I am pretty sure that we will run into Shelly, Art, and Eva the Diva again! The Nuclear world is so small, that Ry and him will cross paths again. while I was there, I decided I should just "steal" Manny. Manny is Nang's son. Remember I had to make all those invites and favors for the baby shower. Well it was all for her. So, because my parents had been here and we went on vaca...I haven't gotten to really bond and love on him. Well..I stole him. Not totally..his parents had errands. Plus, I was going to keep him while him Daddy had a basketball game, so I just added a few hours to my baby sitting! Oh him is so precious! I didn't get all that great pictures..SO I am going to hold off until I get an adorable one! Do you know we haven't done announcements yet..and Handy Manny...that's what Nanea and his cousins are calling him....doesn't have announcements yet! The sin of it all! I promise to get working on them! Anyway...So I miss my creative side! BUT I promise to be creative this weekend...AND take my camera to the Pink House so I can take pictures of my class projects! I have been SO horrible lately..and I have to have to have to do my oldest Birthday invites. Not like I have tons of time! I have an idea, I just have to pull it out of there. I learned that from Gail Owens. PLUS her card swap is coming up too! UH OH! I have to knock those out soon! YIKES! Plus the store just opened a card swap! SO if you live in my area and want to join the stores card swap..let me know! I can sign you guys up! IT will be a fun time..this month's theme is Birthday. Fun Yea! Anyway, Know that I miss you guys! Can't wait till I actually have time to be creative and actually get into my craft room!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just thinking out's a long one

As I have aged, I have noticed that I love to learn from people. I like to see people do things and be like..I am not going to do that..or I am SO going to do that. I lived in awesome surroundings growing up. I was able to see my Aunty raise her oldest son. Her and Ray use to eat in shifts. I thought that was such a super idea. I have applied that to every one of my girls. One parents eats..the other watches the child. Genius right! So as my oldest is about to be 12, I find it is important to surround her with the "right" people. Not that you ever can choose the people your child hangs out with..but you can guide their choices! Right? So far, I think I have done a SUPERSTAR job. Lucky me! But then that brings me to exactly where do I draw the line? Today..the boy I claim as my son..told me he doesn't want to play baseball anymore. I was blown away. Skateboarding is supposedly where it is at now. But it makes me you make your kids play? Now ever parent out there is freaking out thinking I push my children to do crazy things. Now this is only partly true. Sports in our house is a HUGE deal...but it is not everything. If it ever came down to school or sports, then the choice will always be school. BUT I have always guided my children's choices. My oldest choices this year are not do you want to play you want to play travel team soccer or rec league soccer? Now in my eyes..this is a normal questions...because if she isn't playing sports..she is just sitting around at home playing her Wii or watching TV. Totally not a option in our house. Now I am also lucky that my oldest does not know the difference. But I have guided her choices almost all her life. Do you want to wear the blue shirt or red shirt today. She always felt like she was making the choices..but I was guiding them. Get what I mean...? So what is the difference between what shirt she is wearing to what sport she is playing? During the spring..I do let her pick though. Spring Soccer or Spring Basketball?

It is also amazing, just how different all three of my girls are. The oldest is such a roll with the punches type of girl. My Kahe is head strong and loves knowledge. Then Bugs is the one that lives life to its fullest moment to moment. My parents were here for a week with the girls..and everyday would notice the difference. Bugsy eats the hot dog, Kahe eats the bun with the ketchup. My oldest eats the entire thing. Small things like that. Now for me, this is everyday life. But for someone who doesn't get the up close view of my children, it is just funny. Well, my mom doesn't really find it as amusing. She just thinks that my children should listen. My oldest did..why not them! My parents have a special bond with my oldest. My dad held my daughter before I did. He was the first man in her life! I love their relationship. I was a Papa's girl too! My oldest wanted Heelys. She has wanted them for at least a year, but I thought she didn't need them. First of all, she has skates and secondly they seem to be banded from every place. Then I know someone who broke their arms..and another child that broke his elbow. I mean seriously..this is not something that she needs. But yet, she now has a pair. I guess I just pick my battles when it comes to my dad and my oldest. The Heely's not a battle I needed to win I guess.

Well, I hope you had a great weekend! I had a great time hanging out with my friends for dinner! I LOVED making dinner for you guys!

Wow I am days behind!! Sunday..and Keri Lee's birthday was Wednesday...UH OH..I am sorry. Things had gotten away from me. Well we headed out to Olive Garden, yes my favorite place...Keri Lee's too...for her birthday lunchtime activity. Michelle, the teacher, Gail Owens, Keri Lee and I had a great lunch. Just some girl time with Keri on her special day! She wasn't allowed to go home until around it worked out nicely!

Yesterday I thought a Scrapbook 101 class. It was really fun. I had two people with tons of questions..I love it! Though I still think that scrapbook isn't my favorite. Card making is oh and the and altered projects. The store is getting a few more teachers in..SO maybe I will just let part of it go..and have someone else go ahead and teach those. BUT I am loving hanging out at the Pink House. Today we are doing free kids make and takes..and celebrating the stores one month anniversary. SO if you are in the area from 2-4...stop by..have some cake!

OH my parents left! Yesterday was a crazy day..I had to teach my class..then run them to the airport..and then run off to stamp camp..then I had dinner with my friends..and then came home. IT was a L O N G day...but I love those days! And I had a great time. I will have to take pictures of my stuffs and put them up there. But the best thing about stamp camp was that I got to take my Gam Gam Michelle and my baby girl Brianna! I know Brianna loves to stamp. She is my cutie 14 year old. It has been so awesome to see her grow up...Then I got to have dinner with my son..her brother Garrick! Anyway...I am babbling..and I have to get back to Harry Potter! I haven't had time to read it..but it has been calling my name! I have to make invitations this week..So I will make those and then post them!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Keri Lee Serika!

Today is Keri's birthday! I feel FULLY blessed to be able to celebrate her birthday with her! If you have never seen Keri's blog...visit her at The name of her blog is Pink Lemonade! She is truly gifted as a paper crafter...all trueness an artist in general! We are heading out to lunch today for her birthday. Promise I will take pictures!

The babies day out

So today we headed out to a friends birthday party! I love that they waiting to have it. My girls really love to hang out with the boys...Here are some shots of them having fun today!

On these kinds of days, it is funny to watch my two children. Bug is such a go getter. Water slides...pools with grass...she is basically free less. Where Traysea is a lot more reserved. As hot as it was today...she was not going to get into that pool with grass in it. Or that waterslide. Traysea is very particular about everything in her life. I tend to blame Ryan..but I think it is a combination of the both of us. The Pink Store..OH wait..I ment the Pink House got another CHA shipment in. If you live in my gotta stop by. I am teaching a class Saturday. Scrapbooking 101! Visit the stores website