Sunday, August 30, 2009

The happiness of a pool

  • My house is quiet..on a sunday night at nine...PERFECTION!
  • Thanks sun and swimming pool!
  • Happiness in my house is described as three cuties cuddled on my bed watching americas funniest home videos!
  • True blood is so naughty..but it's like a train wreck and i cannot turn away
  • I love on demand. it's an addiction
  • the first week of school is over...and we survived!
  • Everyone was picked up on time..i only forgot lunch money once and everyone was at soccer practice either early or on time
  • I was looking at pictures from Hawaii Nei, and it makes my heart hurt..i think i just need to go home!
  • Another baby...sigh! I'd love a son..but even a daughter would be amazing
  • I think I would have a Teyghen or Trayger
  • Rainstorms it
I hate duty nights!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Holy Rain cloud batman

Today was a rainy day! A great day to spend stuck in the girls closet. Not to mention..swimming to the surface a midst the tsunami called clean laundry in my house. I guess it would seem all I did this summer was just wash clothes and somehow got away with not putting them away! I guess when you live in your swimsuits, you can make any day work....

So that was how the past two days have been spent....I take Kahe and Nanea to school..come home, and then get to work. Last night I could have worked on it..but i decided to play on the on my farm..and read blogs. I know a productive night.

So today, I was back at it..but I have to see, the girls closet and room..looks great. We stacked the beds so they are bunked, but now the girls want them mated. I have to tell you, I want them side by side too!

What else what else..oh its been a busy busy week. Soccer practice..Family home evening...dinners with aunty practices...not to mention school! Tyra is finishing up all her classes..took two final finals today...and then the piglets started school. It's been a long week..and my neck and body are really feeling the effects!

But besides that..oh did I tell you that Tyra's presents have been trickling in. Money has been on her list of "needs" and then Christopher...the coolest missionary ever, got her a camera..BOY she is spoiled! Anyway...the hangers are asking me to pick them up before my bedtime.

OH..I also have 2 huge bags of clothes..I just need a baby girl smaller then Nanea. Everything is pretty much 4s and 5s. Let me know!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm blogging out of order..but oh well

First day of school went off perfect! The girls were so ready for time back to school!
They have the greatest teachers! And most of all..their awesome friends!
We know it is going to be a great year!!!

Things are back to full swing. Soccer...Tyra has her first game this weekend..and the piglets are spending the night with their aunty. I'm so blessed and excited to have my sister in law living right down the that road is I-95 and it's about 40 minutes...but it is still just down the road! Happiness!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My baby girl is 14

Fourteen years ago Heavenly Father in trusted her to me!
It's been an incredible ride!

Today she is still simple adorable
Has the best insides jokes
Favorite color is blue
enjoys soccer and basketball
loves hanging out with her mom
enjoys movies
love that her cousin ashlee, oh and kaipo and nalani, have moved 30 minutes away from her
enjoys her gameboy and psp
is attached to her ipod
has great hair!
got a new cel phone and can text like a bandit
loves steak and potatoes..spam musubi
was finally brave enough to just ask for money
lives in hats, and probably has one in each color
still has the cutest hazel eyes
has one dimple

Overall she is still amazing! She has the best personality. She is moody and talks back, but when you scrap it all away she is pretty rockstar!

I love you Tyra krystyne! Happy Birthday!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet your teachers

Yulee primary school had their meet your teacher day. Totally not a requirement for my girls, but because we have taught them to read..and I am lazy and let them get the mail, they received their post cards letting them know that between 12 nd 2 on Friday, august 21st it was come meet your teacher day. So off we went. Waved..checked out the lay of the land..then broke out...

For a tyra birthday party. We picked up 3 other super adorable girlies! Okay my nieces, and meet jen and her boys at chuckie cheese. Now the background story to that..tyra has had a birthday celebration at chuckie cheese from 1 through 9. Oh she loves today we hit there..and then off to spend a few hours with my favorite man...Channing!

GI joe was amazing..but what was my favorite thing EVER...seeing my three girls..and my three nieces together again! Magical!

But today I realized my life really has come a long way. I was in the 8th grade when my oldest niece was born. I was there when Kaipo was born..then bring tyra home from the hospital to find out that Tana was knocked up with Ashlee. To crazy stories for Traysea..and the gift that we have known as Nanea. How did I just get SO lucky to have six pretty rockstar girlies in my family! Blessings I tell you..pure blessings! tomorrow is a school supply shoe shopping day.
wish us luck!

OH those blessings and my random blah blah blah

  1. the start of soccer season ='s amazing. i got to sit there and watch all three girls practice. and all i had to do..was provide water!
  2. doing service for someone else is great reward.
  3. i love that I am prompted to do something and it is just what that person needed! Thank you Heavenly Father for using me!
  4. Logan Ka'eo is getting huge!
  5. Tyra decided to homeschool another year...YEA!~
  6. My nieces live too far away. I am sad!
  7. Jennifer lives too far away..I am sad too!
  8. I love the pool! It's the best thing EVER
  9. I wish the pool was in my back yard.
  10. I am sad one of my friends is leaving. She's pretty rockstar
  11. I am excited for the things that are happening in other peoples lives.
  12. I am pretty jealous of the things happening in other peoples lives.
  13. I am want other wonderful things to happen in my life.
  14. I realized that there is nothing more that I love then being everything to my children.
  15. Saying that, it seems that I won't be working a full time job anytime soon!
  16. Last night i was reminded just how much I love three particular missionaries. Well two RM's (those are my initials) and one still serving.
  17. One is underway. One is at work. and one will turn 21 saturday! I miss all three of them.
  18. Tyra turns 14 this coming tuesday..where did those years go?
  19. Right now there are four hangers in my living room.
  20. Logan loves hangers
  21. I dominated in a bowling tournament.
  22. I was reminded just how competitive i really am.
  23. why do schools have 1/2 days for the first day. it really is only a tease of excitement!
  24. we still need converse and school supplies!
  25. i miss my mommy. i know that she is at home, taking care of grandma emma..but i selfishly want her to come and visit me like she use to!
  26. we still have no plans for my baby girls 14 birthday. depressing..i know!
  27. i selected the photographer for our soccer pictures.
  28. i have been to starbucks five times in seven days..and i don't even drink coffee!
  29. i did find out that their shaken lemonade can be made with herbal teas. YEA
  30. that i need to own a cow. we never have enough milk!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Picture overload!

Not even 1% of the pictures I took this summer...but for now!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vaca recovery

Today the girls and I are in vacation recovery.

Nanea slept in till 10..I know AMAZING! I actually had to go in there and check if she was still alive!!!

Tyra and I are still in pajamas at four in the afternoon..and my house has clean clothes all over the place. But the girls and I had a great time together. And really..I would have a horrible house...then missed those moments with my girls!

But now I have to start dinner and get my butt moving to get the laundry out of the living room and at least into baskets to be put away!
Pictures to post coming I promise!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Holy Heck

  • Blogging is starting to become a chore.
  • Who let summer go by so quickly? Can I get do over?
  • Why does a forty minute drive seem so far?
  • School clothes shopping makes me tired!
  • I saved 439 dollars today. Yes be jealous.
  • More shopping tomorrow
  • Mini vaca this weekend. We are excited
  • Logan was sick today
  • I hate throw up! easily said my carpets are freshly cleaned
  • we got home way too late...but instead of sleeping i am blogging
  • my best friend is my mom
  • contacts make my life easier
  • laundry sucks
  • dishes suck
  • a house full of chore working girlies...happiness
  • picture developing...yea...i just gotta go and pick them up now.
This has been the craziest summer for the girls and i ever. I wonder why...

Anyway..tonight we have a class at church. And Elder Bowen taught an AMAZING class. Easily said he is an amazing teacher. But I have already said that.

Okay..its super late..and i have a bright morning tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sorry I have let my blog slide. Far too many things have been going on..and my blog has suffered!

But we moved..and at first I wasn't totally excited about it..but now..I love it. My space is smaller..but that also means less to clean! Our favorite things...

No yard work! I think ry might be a bit more excited about that then me. But I do love it tons.

I have a pool! Nothing makes me kids happier then going to bed in their bathing they can get to the pool as soon as the sun comes up!

A house that takes less then forty minutes to clean from top to bottom!

Pretty much all I have for today. I have been taking tons of pictures...and....promise to catch you guys up when things really settle down!

Did I mention my brother's family now lives here! Purely amazing~