Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sick days

Today is sick day number too. I hate being sick..but hopefully I am making the turn. So we laid low all day today..and have flooded my system with vitamins..and am debating a blessing we will have to see what happens! So focusing on the positive

  • Logan is a pretty rockstar puppy. One or two things urk me..but he is an amazing puppykins!
  • Logan has decided my bed is his bed
  • All three of my girls can play together without fighting for at least two hours. Today it was just what I needed!
  • Aussie conditioner makes me smile
  • My cel phone screen died..but one is coming in the mail already.I
  • It's not an Iphone, but do I really need one?
  • Paint makes everyone happy!
  • As for all the problems Ry and I have, he can move my house in one weekend. Hate him love him.whatever!
  • Tyra is going to be babysitting tonight. I love that she is old enough and awesome enough to want to do it.
  • Tyra has pretty much decided that she is going to go to Fernandina Middle.
  • Pigtails are cute at almost any age!
  • Traysea's haircut makes my life so much easier
  • Chicken wings, perfect!
That's all I got for right now..but my husband is out for a boy sleepover. The things wardroom losers do! Must be nice that he can go and drink till he is sick..and sleep over..while I am home, sick taking care of our children! Oh the fun I buy into!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's a random day for everyone

  • Kisses from my babies make me smile
  • family prayer just makes things easier
  • asking Heavenly Father to change me, is very painful
  • Family home evening is the bestest way to hang out on Monday nights
  • i want a new van, but not the new van payment
  • i want a iphone....but my mommy pays my bill
  • i love costco
  • i love cut fruits and veggies. the perfect snack food
  • i love boxes from home. love you mommy
  • i have the very best parents around
  • i am not as good to them as they are to me. sigh..i suck
  • someone hurt my feelings today...but you know, crazy enough i sorta knew it was going to be that way. but because she hurt tyra's feeling..i am on a rampage.
  • i love my new living room. it seems so much bigger. it makes me happy.
  • i think i need a coffee table and an ottoman
  • i can decide on which barstools are my favorite
  • i love my four seater table
  • storage is totally necessary
  • Logan needs to get on a better potty schedule. But he is working on it
  • I suck estimating space. I thought my bed was going to take up all the room in my bedroom. SO not true. We fit the desk, a book shelf, the dresser, and the dog kennel in there. WOW i really suck!
  • i like that my brother is staying with us....but i will love that he will live 40 minutes away
  • tyra can't wait for my niece to live 40 minutes away from us
  • panda express makes my girls and i happy
  • i just realized that my brother put my tv stand together wrong. i love him anyway
  • we aren't motivated to do anything, but there is still crap at my other house.
Okay that is totally enough randoms..did i mention I broke myself? My ankle is horrible. I will take a picture later

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wishes are for fishes

A kindle! Sigh! Maybe I would read more

A flight home...Sigh I miss my mommy!

A new camera..because I love taking pictures
A new van.

Today I am filled with wishes! But I am going to have to settle for the priceless things.

* Youth events at beaches that are empty
* Catching waves with my daughters
*Girl time doing girlie things
*Park trips!
*Art time YEA!
*Swimming pools
*Back to school shopping
*Mid day meals

Okay, my riches are many!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The past few days

So many things are changing so quickly for our family! Thankfully being spiritually sound helps ease with the transition of it all.

But in the midst of our transition, it is nice to know that really we are still a family. 4th of July fireworks, beach day visits, then there is kick pow on my bed.

My kids love to run and jump onto my bed. So their favorite move is a flying kick. The girls call it kick pow. So Tyra normally holds the pillow, while the two crazies back down the hallway, getting enough running room to perform the flying kick.

Traysea has it down.
Nanea needs a little more practice!
So she tried again
Yea. Similar results. So of course...Ryan needed to try
Of course he nails it on the first try..but I was laughing so hard that I couldn't get a good picture. This is take number 5. I kept waiting for my bed to break when each of them landed. I told Ry it would be a great reason to have to get a new one. Of such luck!

Then with all the rain going on for the past week..we have been home BORED out of our minds...
Eating Spam Musubi till we can't stand it anymore!
Listening to ipods
Oh the shirt says it all. Thank you Escotts.

We have played hair salon, restaurant, kitchen, everything else under the sun. Then Uncle Raymond came to stay with us for awhile. Which I am excited...because...that means in a matter of weeks, my nieces will be here! Also too..on the 21st our Gabby Ann is coming to stay with us! Hope your summer is filled with smiles!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My ninja moments start

So blogging wise..we are off the mainstream! I am not sure if I am excited about it..but somehow I do feel better about it.

All I could imagine was great pictures of my children on some child porn website...PLUS the having to omit names and locations...we all know that i just don't filter well!

So we are pretty much sure we are moving to a small, very nice, centrally located, very tiny, with great amenities apartment. Now I cannot even start to remember the last time I have lived in an apartment. I think I might have been oh lets say two since I lived in an apartment. But I am trying to focus on the positives!!! Let's see if I can come up with ten of those!
  1. It has a pool the girls can swim in year around! Yea for heated pools!
  2. It has a puppy park where Logan can run free!
  3. Did I mention the year around pool. Crap now that means I need 11.
  4. There is a full gym! Tyra and I are both excited!
  5. It will take less then an hour to clean my entire house. I am pretty excited about this one!
  6. The girls are still going to be going to the same school!
  7. Walking distance to Target!
  8. A tanning salon. OH how I wish I needed that...but at least it is an option..right!
  9. They have doggie treats at the entry to the "complex"
  10. It's on the second floor. At least it's not the third!
  11. My girls love it. I have the very best children around. Traysea is not excited about having to have to share a room with her sister again..but she is excited that I am stacking the beds and they will have bunk beds again..Not to mention I told them they get TV in their room!
WOW that wasn't as easy as I thought that it might have been!

So besides that..we are just waiting to hear on if we get it or not. I don't for see anything preventing it..but you just never know.
We are off to the MOSH today...they have some crazy dinosaur exhibit...that the girls gotta see
then there is spam musubis for lunch

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wednesday I am going to start hiding

Heh...just a reminder...that if you wanna continue to read my gotta send me your email!

love you guys

Today's Randoms

  1. I am physically tired of the emtional ride
  2. But in the same sentence lately I have had tons of energy. Maybe it's the extra hour of sleep. Or just my prayers in the morning that push me through the day.
  3. My testimony makes me happy.
  4. I have a juicy story, but I am waiting till my blog goes ninja.
  5. We found a house...well scratch's not a house it's an's smaller then i want..but with everything going on and the time's not forever...and it has a year around pool, a puppy park, and a gym. I guess I am settling
  6. Three daughters make my world happy...but i still wish for a son.
  7. logan is the best pound puppy of them all.
  8. My kids can go for hours without eating breakfast.
  9. Schedules make my life so happy.
  10. Making a grocery list is a two hour task.
  11. Meal planning sucks..but helps tons!
  12. I learned where and how to put brake fluid in my car.
  13. I sleep the best when Ry is home. Just don't tell him.
  14. I hate the smell of dog food. Thank goodness the kids feed him!
  15. This heat sucks. But somehow I can endure, the kids hate it!
  16. I wish I had more friends that lived closer.
  17. Today I am reminded about seasons, reasons, and lifetimes.
  18. My #2 is finally at the age where we have to braid her hair at night or else it takes an hour of "owww...stops" before I can even tie it up.
  19. This weeks lesson in Relief Society helped me realize that I am just not ready for a Heavenly visit!
  20. I am reminded that my family is the MOST important thing in my life.
    My family is eternal...when you think of it that's amazing.
  21. Boys in beanies with long sleeves are my weakness.
  22. Somehow I have learned to let more and more go.
  23. Forecast for cloudy weather does not make me happy!
  24. Costco is my friend!
  25. I hate waiting for my new ATM card. It makes going places a lot more complicated..and needs more planning!

Monday, July 6, 2009

What a weekend!

Our weekend started really on Thursday. The girls and I went to go and see Transformers FINALLY! Now I am normally a pretty good mom. I don't normally let me kids, the younger two, watch PG-13 movies. BUT it was transformers, and if you even knew just how much my house is into transformers you would get it. Anyway we had movies and cold stone..

Then friday we went to go and see Ice Age 3. The girls couldn't wait. And daddy was coming. Ice Age in three d..FUN! My girls were smiling ear to ear..and where was my camera..oh at home on the bar....waiting for loving.

Late Saturday night I had to have one! #1 and I made a midnight run to Sonic for drink happiness! So Strawberry limeades and Mango Cool Breezes for fun!

With the 4th brought us getting up and heading out to 4th of July fun. Our town had a pretty lame we headed to GA to go and see what was going on up there. It was awesome. HOT HOT HOT..but the girls liked it..and I think I have found my fresh veggies and fruits from now on. So what if it is a drive across the state line..who cares right?

We spent the day walking and just hanging out.
Came home and it was family nap time! YEA! Well the piglets and I napped. Ry played games and made dinner..because later we were going to head downtown to see the fireworks.

It wasn't too bad. BUSY yes...but nothing more then anyone could manage. It was nice to see fireworks. And it was nice to be all together. The fireworks show was not disney, but the girls loved it just the same. Even #1. I hate that she is getting so old. When did someone take my bundle of baby girl bliss away from me. Sigh! All I could do is look over at her, and wonder. Sorry, my heart hurts..she turns 14 at the end of August..and I am having some early growing pains!

But my post is not complete without pictures right?? So Logan was home all day with daddy and didn't get to play parade. So here he is..prancing around with his balloon!
My dog is just the crazy!
Oh..but adorable!
Then theres #2 preparing for her mission! Yes, she is just seven..but somehow she has it all figuired out!
Enjoy your week

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I need a filter

On my thoughts..and then my mouth.
Why you ask...well because I just say what i think before I really think about saying it.  Does that make sense? 
So I can't say I am sorry for what I say.  I mean I don't intend on hurting your feelings..but when the truth that really my fault? 
And just because I am the only person that stops to ask you just what were you thinking?
You hate me now.
Oh well...