Monday, May 26, 2008

Over prepared

Ever start to freak out because you are too prepared? That is where I am at right now. I have spent almost every minute since friday afternoon getting us packed. All the laundry is done..and my house is sorta back to normal..minus some least it is clean..and the four suitcases sitting in my living room. I think all that is left is the gameboys..ipods..phones and chargers, but everything is still charging. But I am hating this feeling. I think I am not sweating it really because we are off to my mom's. I mean anything we have forgotten we will just buy a new not to mention that whatever clothes we didn't bring..doesn't matter, because we are so going to be buying while we are there. I did make a quick target stop for my baby est niece Alena. My sister loves the target brand not to mention they are like $4 for shorts...what a score.
Tomorrow we get on the plane..I just E-checking in..and printed off everyones flight stuffs..made sure I had everyone's ids..went to the ATM...Now Ryan and I are trying to debate what to go and get to make for dinner. We are thinking about carb we are off to a marathon..anyway..know that I love you and will be posting beautiful pictures from hawaii nei!!!
Anyway..just a quick note...
*Lacie..i love you and miss you EVERY DAY!!! I will send out a mass email when we find out where! I wish I was there with you to help you weather the 6 month deployment...but call me anytime...just remember we are 6 hours ahead...
*Felicia: I arrive HNL 2:24 can always come to moms and visit us!!!
*Lauren: I expect to see Makana by Thursday!
*The Pink House gang: Hold down the fort...
*Misty: I will see if Jamison has UPS..tell me what you want!
Take care of you..and know that i love you...WISH ME LUCK!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dream BIG

It's funny how I flux in and out of my creative fire. Does that even make sense??? I mean seriously I look at others lives in the papercraft world and whisper, sometimes yell, to myself that I can totally be that. And be pretty good at it! But how do I get there? Submitting to publications was always a chore for me. But maybe it's cause I hate to have my things picked apart!!!! But maybe I just need to find thicker skin and take it at that..Maybe after we move I will really have that chance. Of course depending where I will go. Working at The Pink House has opened my eyes to so many things, but I now know that I never want to own my own store! The time commitment that it takes is just too much for me. Ryan and I had decided a long time ago that my place is with our children. Not that I would be less of a mother, but I would NEVER want to have to decide between Tyra's soccer game or opening the store. Though..I could ROCK a scrapbook store. Except, it would not be scrapbooking. It would be stamps..OH I love stamps...and all kinds of mix media craft items to take your pictures off the page and into your home. Get them off your computers and out of albums for everyone to enjoy. It would be card classes and other medias mixed in and leave the "acid free" at home. I think donna downey and i think a lot alike. Well..ry's out of the shower!


SO my children are on the count down to departure! We have everyone wanting to tuck themselves into our luggage and stow away on our trip home! I have to say..I am excited..but just i love spending time at home the whole having to get there and back thing is a bit much for me right now. Not to mention that I have no idea where I will be going next...if order would just return! Be it here or there..just let me know already!
Ryan is stressing out..his COMPS are coming up, and the man is stressed out. I promise he is the mostly girlie man I now..but leaving came at the very best time. Ryan can take all the moments he needs to get everything in order in his mind and pass everything with flying colors!
Anyway...just some of my randoms

*I have to take work home with me...the things I do to myself!!!
*Hawaiian food..YUM!
*all the small things the girls need before we leave...Target trip!
*sharing a car when we get home..YUCK
*playing tourist..LOVE IT!
*swap meet shopping for all my friends!
*nikon d80 or cannon xsi??? is 141 am..i should sleep. since I will be at chuckie's with a herd of 5 and 6 year olds tomorrow afternoon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

There are seven days there are seven days there are seven days

Till we are on a plane to Hawaii!!! I know that every preschool mother is out there singing the seven days in a week song. OH we must sing it once a day in my van! So there is just enough time in a day...and for the first a VERY VERY long time..I have forgot to take my picture of the day...i kwno i a slacker..but i thought if i take too many pictures today..I can make up for it! Well the store has been semi quiet..customers here and there..but just enough that I have not had the chance to get out into the garage and clean up my mess! OH if you are even a sorta paper crafter you know you can create and then clean up...that is INSANE. you create..leave it..and then come back and clean up just in time to create again! DUH! i gave Tyra her inspired necklace! Now of course, every parent gives their 12 year old adorable jewelry..but ryan and i really wanted her to have something that ment something...does that even make sense? anyway...tyra is a gifted she is already at a point in her life where she has been tested, and she has still be able to stand outside the box and be fine with not being one of the crowd. SO...when donna came, I knew I wanted that necklace for tyra. it's simple..and adorable..but it has the words inspired on it. Now course that could mean anything..and when I put it on her this morning..i told means that i want her to live a life full of inspiration. to be comfortable in her own skin and be able to see beyond what people limit her at! even me!!! I know it's sappy..but the child is 12 and ry and i have such hopes and dreams for her! she already told us that she is not going to be a doctor. way to pop mom's bubble..but oh well!
well i gotta go and get the piglets!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

No PICTURES...what?

You got it pictures..but girl Michelle was clicking away with her camera...I was just too busy being wowed by donna downey! Yes, I realize that those are lower case d's. And if you ever meet donna, you'll's all about the lowercase. I a girl in love with the lowercases..I am so happy to find someone else who in this world LOVES "y's" and lowercase. So you wanna see gotta visit my sister from another mother's blog. For once she was the girl with the camera. So go and check those out..and then check back in this way....

So don't you love those pics! I know I was in my cutest form this weekend..but in my defense I was living on 14 hours of sleep over four days..A girl can only get so cute..then I had a total meltdown regarding my pictures at Ritz, but survived! With FREE PRINTS! Anyway..I loved my classes this weekend. I only took "a year in the life" and "journey of me" and loved them all. Now I am not really a scrapbooker...I know the HORROR...I help run a super successful scrapbook store, and you don't scrapbook..what the heck? I really don't. I love taking pictures and adding them to altered projects..but I am not really about putting them in an album for me to look through. So, I didn't think year in the life was going to do it for me...but it was pretty awesome..donna totally thinks like me...if you take 50 pictures, then you should be able to get all 50 pictures onto this page. But it really got me past the free of cropping pictures. Now I am no way like "the mom". She can barely cut out a piece of grass if it is in a picture..but donna forces you to cut..even her forehead. I mean seriously..who would have thought that you could cut her forehead and still have a rockin picture..not me..I can't wait to try it more! Now for my "year in the life" I didn't go by months. Too easy..and too of course..i went with the girls...pages of just the girls..and then pages with the girls and their promise to take pictures of things they love to do and places they love to be! Anyway..donna said she is not about words on I am going to try and video blog when I get to hawaii...are you ready for 8 days! WHHHHOOOOHOOOO!!! Eight days..eight days...holy mackrel...eight days..i gotta start packing! Anyway..know that i love you!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Oh mommy, we want a puppy!"

So it is the push till Donna Downey. I mean seriously can you believe it..our store isn't even one year old...yet..and we have a rockstar UBER papercrafting queen coming to visit! OH I am still pinching myself! I jus tlove love love her stuffs! I love how she makes everything look LOVELY! If you haven't seen what she rocked out have to go and check her out! I am so sorry that lately everything has been words words words..but i am buried under two brides and trying to balance everything! So here is a splash of photos! It's everything from Strawberry Pickin'. A trip to the sprinkler park. Butterfly catching..and just a bunch oh who ha! This pictures were taken by my #1! Oh she LOVED photography!En route to the Sprinkler Park!
The cutest E G
OH yummie
Found a great one
and look what we caught! (below)
The #2 had a Mother's Day Brunch for me on Friday! She really made me cry. The girls of course made me such wonderful gifts! Of course since the girls are in school they made me some pretty rock star items..but even at home, with the guidance of their father..decided to make me some mother's day cards! I SO am blessed to be their mother! I am so lucky that God selected me to guide them into their futures! Everyday my life is brighten..even in their worst times..with the hope of what they are..and what they will become! enough of the teary eye moments....
This is Traysea's table setting she made for me. Yes that is a choco strawberry..oh I love her!

This is a drawing she made of me. Awesome!

Traysea and her class doing a cute little song and dance for all the moms!

Ms. Sandy asked the kids to fill in the is so much fun...Traysea totally knew me. Well for the most part...she had to guess my height..but she knew my favorite food...Hawaiian..duh! and she said that my favorite thing to do is work at the scrapbook store! So crazy..why would she think that I liked my job!

So the Mayhue's are giving away puppies. They are a lab/boxer mix. Totally an oopsie moment..but she has 7 puppies left! Plus she is leaving on vacation this June so she needs to get them all off to happy home! You know you want one. We have been out to visit them when they were just just babies. Not ready to leave their mothers..OH my heart melted...the hard ry ry. so we are still in debate. Ry doesn't think our house is ready for the responsibility of a puppy..or just a dog in general. I mean it is a horrible time to get a puppy. Our house is in a bit of disray...basically laundry in the living room..and a craft room in chaos..Ryan on 12 plus hour shifts and we are about to go on vacation..0h and then when we get back..we find out where we are suppose to move to..if we are going to head is spinning. Not to mention we have Donna Downey, Melisse' programs and Megan's menu cards and programs...oh I am faint..i should go! I need an assistant..oh wait I have Tyra!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to stop in and wish all the Mother's...or any "Mother Like" figures a happy mother's day! My husband is working no lavish Mother's Day Celebration for me! But I get to be with my girls! So Happy Mother's Day!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

*Fabulous Fridays*

Today started out pretty shaky..the rain was horrible and my alarm wonderful husband, forgot to wake me up! I mean seriously mister..someone has to get the girls ready for school. But I come walking out to all three of them huddled in front of the computer. TOO crazy! If anyone knows Ry for longer then a second knows that he has a serious case of computer syndrome. Like it's crack for the boy! the day started off..ho hum..but it was going to be a great day! #3 was having her early it was a birthday party with her birthday girl shirt. This year we might actually get three wears out of it..who would have thought. Then at 11:30 #2 was serving me Mother's Day Brunch. Then I had a day planned for everything was going to be awesome! SO we swam to school. Got the girls out. Headed to Publix for the cupcakes. Drop those off. Had breakfast with my best friend. Then back for brunch! Then the kids ran around like fools for about an hour..dropped them off at home..then headed off to work! Which Karrie came to hang out and my bride brought reinforcements, so the process was super quick! Now all I need to do is print it all up..and then bind them..and done! I am so excited for them! They are so's too cute! You know what i mean...?
I gotta's 12:48 and i need to go to bed! promise to post pictures of our adventures tomorrow!
xoxo ronee

Just a plug!

Visit my other friend Michelle
Heh Felicia..she has purple blog candy up for grabs

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I wish I could go for Fancy drink Friday

Thanks for the invite Memorie..I need a fancy drink friday...BUT today was crazy and I should be still working right now..but i thought I could use a break..Today the girls and I headed up to Boone's "U-pick" Strawberry time! So the Kindergarten class of my #2 and my #1 headed out to Mt. Pleasant for some fun! OH they are so good! The girls had them for dessert tonight. Of course now I want to make Strawberry Pie or Strawberry wondefullness! Tyra has decided that it should be strawberry shortcake...So..anyway..I will post pictures later..We took tyra's camera today so I wouldn't have to lug around my huge one! So today I am just about the randoms...

*My coconut lotion that I have had from Bath and Body works is empty. I had to take a deep breath and sigh a bit. Why do they always take away the best scents....

*If you haven't heard...Misty, our lovely, is having another boy! Yuppie..another boy for me to spoil. I hope we get Kings Bay!

*I love when you reconnect with old friends!

*Today we ordered pull apart cupcakes for Trysha's Early Birthday celebration..I can't wait for Publix cupcakes tommorrow..YUM!

*Why it so easy to do work??

Okay I am totally drifting I will catch up with you guys later

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Where do I start?

This is a picture of my computer desk! I have five different things going on..It's getting harder to balance everything else. But today I was enough! Which made me smile! I REALLY have been trying to do that. Enough of a mom...Enough of a friend...Enough of a money earner...Enough of everything for everyone. On top of that I need to find homeschool curriculums for Tyra and Traysea..and we are still waiting on the Navy to tell us where we are going to go next. OH and did I mention that I have to get all my brides stuff done by the 26th. No pressure right? Oh and did I mention that Donna Downey is here NEXT WEEKEND! OMW! I can't start to tell you the five hundred things that have to get done before then! But let's just say..all the stress of Donna Downey's visit is so worth it! Okay, so let me get back to work..and Misty.. I need your address...I will send you something WONDERFUL from home!

Monday, May 5, 2008

So I promised pictures

Heh a few days ago #1 went on #2's field are some pictures from their adventures together!


"Take me the place..that I belong!"

Sorry..that is a verse from a song by the Iz. But I am in a superstar Monday morning, well afternoon, mood! Last night mom called and said, Pack your bags girlies, you are coming home! So I let the girls know that lst night, and eveyrone is doing the happy dance! We weren't going to go home this summer, because we were getting ready to move and it just didn't seem to make sense..but mom needs some to help her care for grams while she has a vaca tada, that's me! Easily said, we are pretty excited...but #2 will miss her Kindergarten graduation and Nanea will have to have her 5th bday party without her best friend, but it is all a trade off. So from May 27th through June 17th, you can find will find me in Hawaii Nei! Oh and Happy Cinco De Mayo!
Aloha NO!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Sundays!

I love Sundays! Normally it is about chill time..and a day to just catch up...So right now the dishwasher is going..both the dryer and washing machine are going..dinner is being is perfect..But I have tons of work left to someone needs to put all the clothes away...oh man..Ryan has already headed off to sleep...oh well...happy sunday!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

*Happy National Scrapbook Day*

Heh gang:
Thought i would send you fond happy wishes! Today was...OMW busy..but I am not complaining..I rather have days packed tight, then sit around! But the cost of gas to jet here and there is no joke..I wish I could start driving less! Oh well! So here's hoping you scrapbook day was full of smiles!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh the simple days

Just what happened to those simple days? Oh yea..i got married and have three children..that's what happened! Right now it is 1126pm and my house is silent! I love it and hate it in the same sense. I love time to myself but i would rather have a house FULL of noise. Children running her to there...even the fighting..i love! Oh to find the balance! But I guess being a girl from Hawaii you get use to everyone always being around. I am such a bridger!!! One friend to come with to see the other friend..then we are all friends..all of that it is so much fun! I never like to do anything alone..i know i'm a Sunshine had a great thing on her blog today...her today..I am going to favorite out
Totally my favs

*Vitamin Water...oh the XXX, defense and energy..they are my addiction lately! Ry laughs at me, but at least it's water..right? and water about that smart water's the same company so I keep wanting to try it, but i will have to see

*Publix. Cause today I did it to myself again. With reusable bags in the van, I loaded the girls and headed off to the commissary. I was going to suck it up and give it another try. I mean why was friday..mid afternoon..why not chance it..GRRRRR! No know lot sale. Ah hell! So off to publix we went. And my three girls are SO funny. I turn out of our street heading away from publix, and #3 yippess out..NOT THE COMMISSARY! i had to laugh. We leave the commissary and head to publix. Park, get out, and proceed to have one of the very best trips EVER to a grocery store with my three children! Thank you Publix!

*Chips and Salsa...enough said!

*Playground in my backyard!


*Comfort food!

So my not favorites...

*The Vera Bradley that I want, not at the Exchange..but every other one was! Sucky mac sucky pants!

*The only Krispy Kreme is in West Ashley! YUCK

*No organic cucumbers. Off to the Farmers Market tomorrow!

*GNATS...i hate those too Sunshine..they can just ruin a great time!

*Washers and Dryers in your kitchen!

*Moving from friends!

I am sure I have like 80 more, but I am going to save those..So misty..did you get that new car???

Thursday, May 1, 2008


So I almost forgot about my random thoughts....

*Have you seen the Vera Bradley Catalog. Seaside yum!

*Have you ever been so far inside the circle that you never noticed that some people weren't in it? One of my red headed friends pointed out how some people can be..but I never ever say it cause I am always inside that circle...makes me go hmmm?

*In the past few days I have noticed how much I analyze the situation. I love to ask questions and try to see just what you are thinking about why.

*Grumpy boy..check!

*My organizer is my life!

*Did you know you can litter train a rabbit?

*I have the very best of friends!

I am thinking I need some bonding time. Just my friends and no thoughts...some OG salad and a night filled with smiles.....

Okay..know that i love you..and happy may day!

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii!!!

Aloha No and Happy May Day!!!

"...May Day is Lei Day in Hawai`i
Garlands of flowers ev'rywhere,
All of the colors in the rainbow
Maidens with blossoms in their hair
Flowers that mean we should be happy,
Throwing aside a load of care,
Oh, May Day is Lei Day in Hawai`i
Lei Day is happy day out there."
~ Red Hawke, 1928

Remember the excitement and giddy anticipation leading up to May Day? The hours of dance practice, coaxing awkward hands and clumsy feet into graceful movements... preparing the costumes... gently picking flowers and stringing them into lei to express Aloha to loved ones, physically here and departed, kumu (teachers) and for the all-important May Day performance by each class...
Remember going to school decked out in lei, wearing brightly-colored mu`umu`u and Aloha shirts? Kids "oohing-and-ahhing" over each other's delectable lei of candy, packs of chewing gum and cracked seed, individually wrapped in colored cellophane tied together with curly ribbon… lei being pulled apart and treats being exchanged and consumed, spinning each kid out to lofty sugar highs... presenting lei to kumu with sticky hands and even stickier kisses, and soon the top of kumu's head was barely seen above the crush of lei...
Remember wriggling into dance costumes and the last-minute rehearsals and jitters? A bit of nail-biting, some hand-holding, and a whole lot of fidgeting... the entire community coming together for the May Day school pageant, lei contest, games and food... waving to all the smiling Aunties and Uncles, as you filed in with your class…
Remember that standing-room-only crowd, but there was no rudeness, no unruliness, no jostling, just smiles and kû ka paila (heaps of) Aloha Spirit... squeezing closer and tighter to fit one more Aunty's `elemu (buttocks), or gladly giving up a coveted seat for a tûtû (grandparent) or mama with bêbê (baby)… EVERY person donning their best Hawaiian finery: mu`umu`u or Aloha shirt, lauhala hats (plaited hats of the hala leaves) encircled with lei hulu (feather lei), Hawaiian bracelets, flowers, be it a single pua melia over the ear or a hugely elaborate floral arrangement in the hair, and lei, lei, lei... "garlands of flowers everywhere…"
Remember the intermingled a`ala (fragrances) of pua melia (plumeria), ginger blossoms, gardenia, maile? Ambrosia for the ihu (nose).
Remember the strumming of `ukulele and guitars and the falsetto singing revving up the bustling crowd… then, the (conch shell) blower came running down the aisle, pausing to trumpet the festivities to come... an instant hush would come over the crowd... and necks would crane to get the first peek of the May Day mô`î wahine (queen) and mô`î kâne (king) and their court... first, the princesses, resplendent in holokû (formal Hawaiian dresses) and knee-length lei of the islands they represent and the princes in their malo (loincloths) and `ahu (capes), carrying kâhili (standards) marched in...
Remember feeling the lump-in-the-throat pride -- and for our tûtû, the wistful nostalgia of times past-- when the beautiful May Day mô`î wahine and the handsome mô`î kâne, who, representing the dignity, beauty and goodness of our people and culture, stepped forward? A thousand admiring glances, the population of this Aunty's village in the 1950's, kept pace with every regal step taken down the aisle and up to their flower-bedecked thrones…