Thursday, February 28, 2008

#2's Birthday party plans

Just where have the last six years gone? I mean seriously, who let my middle baby grow up. Honestly, I think #2 was born well beyond her years. At the age of almost 6 she is amazing. Now Ryan and I have been extremely blessed with extraordinary girls. Not to mention a pretty rockstar husband..but that is a totally separate discussion! Anyway so #2 has always been able to tell you exactly what she has wanted, or not wanted. One of her favorite phrases, almost as soon as she could speak, was "Hmmm, I rather not." It is so hilarious. Anyway, so my #2 wants to go to Build A Bear in Myrtle Beach. Extreme right. I mean, seriously child you are just going to be six. Myrtle Beach is about 90 minutes away. No huge deal, but for my six year old? Now if Build a Bear was just down the street at the Mall, we would have had this party four years ago when she first asked for it. But no, it's not. So she has been to both of the Build A Bear's in our area, and she prefers the one in Myrtle Beach. So, the plan is to drive up go shopping. Have lunch, have her party and probably spend the night. We haven't decided what the plan is with the exception of her Build a bear Birthday party! ry's schedule is what is always the case. Anyway, I have to finish her invites. I came up with this uber cute rhyme, which I normally try to come up with something cute...but anyway..I need to finish those tomorrow. I hope they come out as rockstar as I am thinking they will be!!!
anyway..enough already..I promise to either post some pictures or #2s finished invites!

Pushing it out

Thanks everyone for making me smile. I woke up this morning, still feeling like CRAP! It crept into my sleep and ruined that...I tried journaling my thoughts, to sorta push them out of my mind...yea right!! Anyway, I horribly buried myself in food. Of course, no improvement. I really wish eating for me was comfort! That way I would be skinny, well eventually. I would find out what my trigger was, and then address it. ANYWAY, The Pink House did help me. How insane is that? I mean how many of you guys go to work, and get happy! The store is looking AWESOME and we had some fun people check in and shop, so it is always nice to be there! We got the office ready because we have a booked Friday night crop and 12 hour crop! I love it when The Pink House can rock it! Anyway.....
So everyone loves my new layout. CUTE YEA! My girl Misty had some fun stuffs going on with her blog, so I totally went checking out what was out there. So the cupcakes with the different so totally mine! It is almost as if she knew what my blog title was! Awesome yea!
Do you guys watch Oprah? She has totally made my tivo top ten list. I heart her. Ryan hates it. At night I catch up on what I have missed of hers. So, my point, she is reading the book A New Earth. I decided the other day, I was going to read it. I need/want, an AHA moment. So I am going to sign up for her online class. I can't wait to get into the book. I was thinking about downloading it to my Ipod...but I have a semi fear of audio books. I might chance it!
Anyway, so today was, is a better day! It was cold, but at least there was sunshine! I love the warmth and brightness! So maybe I just need more sunshine! It is suppose to be awesome this weekend....
I am at The Pink House tomorrow..oh and Saturday...come see me!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An emotional wreck

Sorry that I haven't blogged in a bit! Lately my world has been turned upside down. But I have been a good girl and pushing through it and staying with my Photo of the day. are some pictures. Traysea finally lost her tooth!
But everyone had a visit from the tooth puppet
*It's Ice Cream time*

*Sonic Suprises**Breakfast with great friends*
*everyday life in the Malama-Auger household*
One my the cutest E G's
Daredevil in training and my favorite pick me up!

So my friend Misty had a total random thought moment, and I thought, in my shitty emotional state, that I'd be random too! But I have to say, my walk with God is being tested! I feel weak and I want to give up. My mom is too. It is called a "season". I just feel like throwing up my hands to the sky and asking why me. But of course, that is not what I should do. I should sit and mediate and find peace and have God fill my heart. Right now I am feeling empty and without. I guess this really just sounds like a pity wagon!

On the plus though, I bowled well! Define well, but not crappy. So I will take that! Anyday you take four is a great day. Right? I say so! So I am going to take that as a plus. I got to take the girls to a great place and they had tons of fun. It is all they can talk about. My best friend was the runner for my oldest daughter. I am so thankful for her!

Friday, February 22, 2008


I normally love the rain! It is all about fresh, clear, pure...all that wonderfulness. But today, I am hating the rain. It is cold and making me drag! I don't know what it is, but I just can't get going. I want to put on my comfy pants and tuck into my beddie bye basket with my book and just let the world go on around me. But here it is 2:28 pm and all I want to do is crawl over to my couch, and tuck in for a bit. BUT, being the trooper I am, I have chosen to be good, blog some, finish washing some clothes, and then off to an Estate sale with Michelle later this evening. Sleep is over rated, right? My mom says it is just my body's way of saying slow down. I think, it's cause I forgot to take my vitamins last night, and my body is looking for the boost. Yes, I take all my medicines at night. Why you ask...well cause I am a whimp, is pretty much the answer. If it upset my stomach or made me feel dizzy and nausea then I would be able to just sleep off the side effects. I have a pictures of the days..for the past few days, but I just have to upload them. Anyway, sorry if I have brought you down today. I promise to upload some pictures to make you smile..later..kay
know that i love you

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Morning

Heh there my blogging fans:
So I have been a good girl in following my picture of the day thing. So here is today's picture. This is a picture of the clock in the van. Why was I in the van at 5:34 am. Actually I was in the car, 34 minutes before that, but let's just dwell on the fact that I took the picture when I returned home at 5:34 am. So last year some time, ry's car stopped working. Long story short, we only have the when he needed to go in at 5 am, his rockstar wife took him in. So this is how my morning started!
I am in the store come visit me!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WOW, what a mess!

If you have been by The Pink House today, you saw the CRAZY mess we have! Just what the heck happened, I am not totally sure. Actually I am, but I like to play innocent. American Craft and Maude Ashbry arrived. HOLY UPS BOXES BATMAN! 10 at last count, and my favorite yummie UPS man has yet to arrive today, so this evening could be an adventure. I feel bad leaving Michelle, but my husband has horrible hours, and I just can't be in the store at night. So a lot of it is falling on her shoulders. But today we have the Klutter Doctor here, and she is working on the garage. Boy oh boy! So today I have been a good girl. NO shopping!! I am already feeling the withdraws...but I am taking my girls to Chuckie Cheese in a bit! I am hoping it is not full, so that Gam gam and I can actually have moments to sit, instead chase around my herd! Well know that I love you...

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Lent sacrifice and My rededication!

Heh gang:
So first of all...the day that baby..suppose to be born Shell Bells, you call me...and a name frame will be en route as soon as the ink can dry! Promise Promise! There is no way one Jancito girl have one..without the other. Which makes me think, my Manny doesn't have one! I better get on that one. But he didn't have a room before! it is Lent and Catholics give up something as a representation of Jesus' sacrifice for us. Normally, I don't really stretch myself, but this year, I think I am going to really push myself. At first I was thinking meat. I know I know, what a simple sacrifice, but you guys don't really understand my LOVE of Prime Rib. Not to mention steak, ground beef, pork chops, and everything else that goes along with that, but when I mentioned it to my mom, she suggested something a bit harder. Like shopping! When she said it, this crazy warm ugggh hit me in the stomach. But after I thought about it, I was like Jesus made a huge sacrifice, and if I expect my child to make sacrifices, my oldest is the only one that participates in Lent, then I should go BIG right? So shopping it is! Now there so a few buts, but the on whole, today was my last shopping day!
I feel like my inner shine lately has been stunted. Not the Pink House's fault...totally my choice. When I get involved, I throw myself whole heartedly into it. But lately, I have felt like my craft light has been dimmed. So, I have decided to increase my wattage. So I have decided to join the picture a day thing. I am 40 or so days behind, but I am sure that I possible the ability to catch up. I think that I am going to go back to challenges. They make me work! I think The Pink House will only benefit from my creative juice. Anyway..Know that I love you...I am in the store tomorrow, so if you aren't busy, come see me!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

More CHA!

Heh gang:
So I just got back from Carolina Girls! OH how I miss creating for fun!!! Totally awesome as always and I will make sure to take pictures and then post those..but for are some pictures from CHA!!

Well..I know it is totally overwhelming...but that's all i got for today. Ryan is stalking me for the computer!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ooops, I forgot...Happy Belated Valentines Day!!!

Heh my favorite peeps!
I am sorry I forgot to wish you a day filled with love and affection!!!! My valentines day was spent with Michelle Dulaney! I guess us Pink House girlies, have to stick together. No seriously, we were on a plane home. Normally I don't really think about Valentines Day, beyond my girls. Scrambling around making awesome handmade treats and cards for my daughters to give away or out flower shopping for Ryan. I know we do it backward in our house. I buy Ry flowers. Though there are always years that Ryan decides to be wonderful. I called him from CHA, for my normal check in with the husband phone call. He said he got me a Valentine's Day present. I was taken back. My response was seriously...why? I know I know, such a shitty wife right, but Ry never gets me anything. Plus since I wasn't even going to be home for Valentines Day so it made me wonder. So I get home..and on my kitchen table is a Pajama gram. For sure Ry spent FAR TOO MUCH MONEY on a pair of Pajamas. But I gave him bonus points for actually thinking about getting me something. And since I was gone this year, he was responsible for getting our girls their Valentines Presents. I told Ry a long time ago, don't let another man be the first male to give your girls chocolate and flowers. I know a stupid thing right, but it is what it is. I also told him don't wait for another man to give his daughters their first diamonds. He still has yet to deliver on that, but one step at a time, right? Anyway, he got the girls something flowery! So check plus to him! Anyway..enough blogging for parents leave tomorrow and Brianna has travel. Plus my Carolina Gang meet I am going to ninja in and see what I have been missing! My girls are still out of school Monday, so I don't go back to work till Tuesday. OH, but the workload I already have! Anyway...know that I love you

*Home again home again*

Who would have thought the best thing about returning from CHA was my bed. Well really it wasn't, but I did enjoy having my Cali King back. Even if Ryan was in it! I arrived home LATE Thursday night...well, Friday morning, depending on how you look at it! But One am isn't too bad, right? Anyway, it was fine. My mom arrived, after she got lost for a bit...but Michelle and I were just ready to be home. Who would have thought that it takes an entire day to get back from LA? We were delayed oh about 45 minutes in Chicago, but we made it safely home! No superstar sightings this time, but oh well. I am SO excited for The Pink House. Michelle scooped up a TON of awesome stuffs! If you shop us, you are going to LOVE IT! Anyway, I have a buttercup ton load of pictures, but I thought I should start off with the best ones. Of course it is of my rockstar sightings. A lot of them just have Michelle in them since I was taking the pictures. But plus, it is her store...she should be in them, if they are going on her walls...right? At least that made me feel better. But here are some!
This Jinger, from "Just Jinger". She was so awesome. She was totally working her own booth and helping everyone with the Make n' Takes. Which by the way, was a total superstar one! She makes these great embellishments! Oh I loved them! Not to mention, she so told us her story, on how her line started out.
This is Erin from Glitz. Last year, these Glitz girls were just babies. But this year, Ginger, Laura, and Erin have arrived. If you have been watching QVC, you have seen their product! They are so rockstar, it is AWESOME! Not to mention that their husbands built their booth this year. It looked so great. I can't wait till you see all the wonderful things we got from them!
Michelle got us tickets to Suzi Ormen. She was the guest speaker at CHA. The problem, was that we had to check out large rolling back, before we could head out to her seminar. So who do I see in line behind us. Ali Edwards. OH MY GOSS!!! Remember a while back I selected my word, rather phrase, for the year. It was totally Ali's movement. I just love her!
This is Doug, from Bazzill. Yes, he owns Bazzill. His niece helped us with our order! But he was nice enough to take a second and take a picture with us!

Yes, that's Tim Holtz. He is the hottest thing going on right now in the crafting world! I totally got some cheek to cheek action! He was right next to the Bazzill both, and when I saw him, I was like OH MY GOODNESS! He was so much fun! He worked the Ranger Booth and was demoing everything and anything. I can't wait to get his stuff in our store!
So my most favorite thing this CHA was meeting Donna Downey. Oh okay, and getting that hands on personal instruction on the wishblade with Tracy. Now I have seen a lot of "famous" peoples! I worked in an entertainment department for the MWR in Korea. So I have seen peoples...but my total overhelming..oh my gosh there she is moment, was when I saw Donna Downey wonder into Anna Griffin's booth. Her and Bill, yea cause I know them like that, just happened to walk in the same time as we did. I was talking to the person in the booth, and Michelle was yelling my name. I was like, just a sec, but she said, no you have to look now. I apologized to the sales girl a,d ran over to get my camera out. I explained to her that we saw her on the plane, but didn't want to bother her. But here, you are totally fair game! Anyway, here is our shot together. Bill took the picture! He mentioned to us that she is having an event in Concord, NC...which is in their neighborhood, but they would love to make a trip to Charleston. OH MY GOSS! I totally threw him a card and said, PLEASE PLEASE let me know when you are planning to be in our area. We'd love her to stop by...but maybe even talk about her teaching a class! Just how awesome would that be? I mean seriously. Donna Downey teaching in our store. I would be amazed! Loved her! Her and her husband are so chill and real! I mean of course I feel like I know her. I read her Blog daily! I hear about her and her new flip. Bill and his father daughter dances, I mean everything! I am still excited as I am blogging about it! Anyway, there are tons more pictures I have to share, but that is going to be what I leave with you today! Know that I love you guys..and I will check back in tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Final Day of CHA

Well CHA has come to an end! WOW, where did the week go? I have to say I had a great time. If I gained nothing else from this show, it was the SUPERSTAR Wishblade class I took...AND....Meeting all the rockstar celebs here at CHA! We ran into my favortive Donna Downey. We really, first spotted her on the plane here from Charlotte. I was leaning into the aisle, and caught a quick look at her. I leaned back quickly and whispered to Michelle....oh my goss, here comes Donna Downey! She was totally in stalker distance the entire plane ride. But I sorta felt, that she just might want some personal time! So I let her and Bill could have their moments on the plane. Thinking I had lost my chance to see her, we run into her in Anna Griffin's booth. I squeal, and rush over to see her. She was busy talking with someone, so I told her husband that I totally saw them on the plane and he remembered seeing us! Total rockstar moment! It was so fun! Donna and Bill are so trying to see if they can come to Charleston. HOW INSANE WOULD THAT BE? If Donna had a little private class at The Pink House. I am not sure what I would do if that happened? Well if she doesn't ever get down to our area to teach, you can see her close to us because she is having an event in April, in Concord, NC. Just check out her blog and you can totally see what her schedule is like!

So we leave for home tomorrow. We won't get home actually to around midnight, but at least I made it home right??? SO Happy Valentine's Day! I hear Ryan has bought me an awesome Valentines Day present!!! I promise as soon as I get off the plane, then sleep a bit..unpack, get Tyra to the doctors, I will start to post my pictures. You won't believe how many pictures I took. Thank Goodness for the 2G card!

Know that I love you!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Smooth Sailing

Aloha from CHA:
I totally wish I had brought a laptop! WHY...cause then you would get to see all the wonderful pictures I have been taking! Everything is doing well on this front! Hitting vendors and making sure our store is always on the cutting! Just today we ordered from a company that we happen to find last year. They are so on the rise. They are about to be featured on QVC. How crazy is that! Michelle and I are working like we are crazy..but we are having fun!
Know that I love you!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My CHA Checklist

Heh gang:
So I stayed up, and my house was perfect, minus putting away all the laundry, but i had the house perfect. I did have to sacrifice sleep. But I will get enough of that on the plane tomorrow. so my bag is pretty much packed. I got a book today new slippers, aka flip flops, and have my ipod and psp charging. I still have to print off some labels and get the rest of all that coordinated, but it is what it is. I feel SUPER unprepared, but it is D-Day and it's too too late to worry about it. Anyway, I am a bit nervous leaving the girls here. Not that my parents can't totally rock taking care of my girls, I just have never been away for an entire week from Traysea or Nanea. Tyra has gone with my mom on vacation, when she was little, but a week away from my piglets, i am not sure how i feel about all that! Anyway, I am sure it is just over protective mom syndrome. I am not taking the laptop with me, so I will try and upload pictures, IF I can!
know that i love you

Monday, February 4, 2008

*Three days*

Wait what? Three days? That's not possible! I leave for CHA in four days, but my Mommy and Daddy arrive here in three days. I have to say I was productive today! It was time for an oil change for the van, and since my parents will be taking my girls back and forth, I knew that I needed to get it changed. So, I decided to knock a few other things while I had to get my oil changed. So off to Wal Mart I went. Gam Gam had taken her van there. It was cost effective and I could run my errands. So tada. Groceries, check. Laundry soap, check. Oil change, check. Cleaned out the fridge, check. Wiped down the entire fridge and freezer, check. Ran errands for Pink House Michelle, check! I didn't get to the mall and I didn't get to actually doing any laundry. Plus I forgot to get the babies Valentine's day snacks for their goodie bags. BUT heh, I am going to take today as a winner! Anyway, I promise pictures soon! Plus I have to show you Baby Bugs and Kahe's valentines for their classmates. All I have to say is SEI Jolie Chocolate and Doodlebug! UH OH!
I open tomorrow..come by and see me!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

**Not it**

Remember when you were a kid, and it was time for hide and seek...and you would rush to say not it? Well being tagged made me think of this! Katie was nice enough to tag me...I was tagged a while ago..but it was so long ago..i thought that it might be fun to see where my life is at today! So the rules are....(1) Link to the person that tagged you. Okay check. (2) Post the rules on your blog. Okay check. (3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. Okay check. (4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. (5) Let each random person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their site
*So 6 random things about me...hmmm*
1.) I am in such a happy place now. I am not sure what it is. A job a love, a husband I love..children that I love. Maybe it is just the total circle for me right now. Funny enought it is not always the case..but in this moment, I am pretty happy!!!

2.) I am bath and body works FREAK! I love to smell good. But I am normally a lotion type of girl. The spray spray thing is not always my first choice..but when a girl gets needy! Anything might do! My pure obsessions are Tropical Collada. Yes B&B stop making this...and Breathe Vanilla. OH MY GOODNESS...oh and my favorite Michelle turned me on to this Jasmine Vanilla..OH YUM!

3.) I love fish. I love seafood in general...pretty much..but I love fish. I can eat it boiled, baked,fryed or just cut it up and serve it to me. I think raw is always my favorite. YUM! Poke, Sashimi..all of it..YUM!

4.) I love presents. I love to give them, get them..all of it! It all makes me smile! I love presents that mean something..or just getting them because the person was listening. Ryan at Christmas always ask me, what do I want. I seriously go through out the year pointing and mentioning things that I would love to have..sometimes he should just listen!

5.) I love pictures. I mean seriously love to take them! I always have. For like a micro second, I thought I might be a photographer. But I do. I can click off them all day long. I love candid and posed. Which natually leads to scrapbooking right!!!

6.) Hmmm, let's see what's left. I love sports, I guess that is a good one. No I seriously love sports. I love to watch them, play them, attend them. I love it.

I don't know six people that haven't already been I guess the tagging will stop with me. I was thinking about Kelly or Lauren...but maybe their plates are already filled..I will let you know who I will be taggin next.....
I am at the store all day sunday...come visit me