Monday, September 3, 2012

Mobile. Maybe it will be easier now!

Maybe now that blogger has a mobile app maintaining a blog might get easier! wish us luck. happy labor day

Sunday, September 2, 2012

dusting off the cob webs

I miss blogging!  It seems like I have a handful of started blog post, but nothing finished and nothing published.  It is amazing to see where this stopped and where I am today.  A quick update on where life has up right now. 
The girls and I are happily building a life together.  Ryan and I are no longer together.  It is a breath of fresh air.  It has been a few years of rebuilding...but the girls and I are finally getting our act together.  It is still bumpy...and I probably have four thousand more white hairs from it all, but things are healing.  It is really not healing from the no Ryan.  But more of the girls and I finding our footing and closing one chapter and writing a new one.
So in saying that, it brings us to present day!  Our Kalei is happily riding out the 11th grade!  Where have the years gone?  Today...Kalei is fantastic!  She celebrated another birthday and is turning out to be one pretty rockstar girl!  She spends most of her days busy on her iphone, playing soccer, drawing, and hanging out with her tight circle of friends.  It seems like just the average teen life!  Of course I think she pretty perfect 17 year old!
Kahe is as just the same as she came into this world. An old soul tossed into this time period. She is still far to smart for her age....rocking glasses, but loves wearing her contacts, still playing soccer and coordinating her outfits! She looks more and more like Grandma Emma's side of the family, which is funny since Bug ended up with the name sake...but since when does that ever really matter I guess...
Then there of course is our Nanea.  Ever fasinating, ever loving, Bugsy.  She is still everyday a reminder of how to love without reserve.  She is adorable as ever!  Smart and caring.  Agressive, but loving and still trying to find her footing and placement among her sisters.  She is always battling the baby sister role and the wanting to be a big girl.  But she will always crawl into my arms to snuggle.
Being the mom to these girls are truly the best thing EVER!  I do always promise to be better about maintaining my blog!  Promise promise!!!!  But it's soccer season.  Three girls playing competitive soccer, one which plays out of a club 45 minutes away...a full time job and a board position on the soccer board make me a one busy girl...but I need an outlet...and this gets to be it...Plus it helps journal..since I never have time for that anymore....anyway..know that i love you and i miss you everyday!
come visit us, if you are in area.....