Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

Well, Labor day is upon us tomorrow and the girls and I have nothing planned. Well Ry leaves bright and early...6am...from here and the girls and I return to a life without Ryan. I have to say, as much as I can't stand my husband, I really can't..or rather, not live without him! Need a desk moved, or figuire out what is wrong with Tyra's DVR box, it's Ry who always seems to have the patience or just plain know how to remedy the situation. Of course we fight..if you have met him or I for one second you know we both just say what we mean and that doesn't always result in something positive. But heh, it's a marriage and it takes work! SO..with him home we are box free. Kids playroom organzied. Tyra's room set up. Mud room shoe shelves up and organized. TV in my room functional. The computer moved and now it sits on a pretty little desk. My yard is mowed and bushes cut and picked up. I do have to say my house is SO much cutier with all that crap cut out. I am not sure what the previous owners had in mind..but they were crazy. After todays final clean up life is pretty perfect! But we are still without a couch. Ry and I have yet to compromise on what either of us want. No blinds yet or a new dining room table. But it is all a process and eventually we will have everything. I mean we have lived here for one month now..I couldn't expect perfection yet could I? Pictures will eventually get on the walls and it will actually start to look like we live here!!! Wish us luck!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to the grind

So life almost like it is full swing again! Girls are going to school with some sort of normal routine. Actually this morning, there was no yelling..well a bit..but jjust reminding them that they needed to brush their teeth...but everything seems to go school with time to spare! Simple hugs and kisses and everything seems to be going well. Same when they get picked up..they hop up..the teachers know which ones are mine (of course they two girls must have some of the hardest names in that school) but they wait in line, jump in the car
and off we go.

Then today..just for fun..we added a trip to St. Johns and soccer practice. We had to go to Dick's sporting goods, and of course the closes one is 30 miles away! OH well..the price we pay..but then we hit a subway and ate enroute to practice.

This year the two younger girls are split. So I hope that everything goes well. It is nice that they exsist beyond each other. I am so use to just grouping them together that when they said #2 on 8 and under and #3 on 6 and under I was taken back. You mean you are separating them! HUH!!! I think they both like it. I think they like to have time to themselves so that when they get back together they can spend the next hour filling each other in on what happened when they weren't there! The teams seem cool! My girls are the only "new" players. The rest of the team has played together for a few years. OR they all go to the same church or live in the same neighborhood. So hopefully my girls can get in there and make a space for themselves. The life of growing up in the same place. OH WELL!

Ry, right now is in Charlotte waiting for his plane to leave. Yuppie..I will have my husband home for a the weekend. It's just a weekend, but we will take it! The things military people do to see each other...Right lacie! Know that i love you guys and miss you always

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Someday i wonder how I pass this test

It is 8pm and all is quiet in my home. I hear the humming of the dryer and dishwasher. BUT who would have known 20 minutes ago, it was a house full of chaos! With the exception of #1. She is SO consumed by Nightmare before Halloween on her new ipod, that I think a meteor could strike us and she wouldn't notice! But this one!

She will be the death of me! It is something that happens when you go from two to three children. I am not sure what it is, but something happened! #3 pushes me to an edge that I am not sure I can see my way back from! I love her..and she is a huge cuddle bunny, but Baby Bugs is my test of patience. We had a friend over tonight, and #3 loves to go into "protector" mood. She makes sure that all her needs are met. Need a drink, okay. Need to go to the bathroom, let me show you were it is. You know, stuff that she never normally gets to do cause she is the baby. Well everything is going along fine, until her and her sister go take a shower. They I hear screaming! That was was a downward spiral from there. She didn't want to go to bed. She wanted to watch the end of the cartoon. She didn't want that story, but couldn't tell me which one she wanted. She kept putting her hair in her mouth and sucking on it...I MEAN EWWW!!! So I had to bring out the spankin spoon. Luckily, it was enough of a threat..but overall I just think at bedtime we all lose it. She's tired, well donkey girl just lie down...then she whines, pushing my end of the day buttons! I have to say. I heart bedtime! I mean seriously parents that let their kids stay up on the guys are crazy. It is 730 bedtime everyday!!!
okay..i've been mean enough!!

I can't let yesterday go!

Last night was hard for me. I guess I just wanted to make Tyra's birthday a BBBBIIIGGG deal! I tend to throw every girls birthday out of portion. But I love it..and until now so did they. I don't know if is cause we moved here and she hasn't made new friends yet..OR..if it is just Tyra's personality to totally just chill (totally like my mother). It's hard to say. SO this morning I wanted a bonding we found this blog hoppin'...
Here are Tyra's answers

1. What is something mom always says to you? That she has loved me the longest.

2. What makes mom happy? good children

3. What makes mom sad? when she is lonely

4. How does mom make you laugh?
I do

5. What was mom like as a child?
she was a good girl

6. How old is your mom? 35..maybe?

7. How tall is your mom?
she's taller then me

8. What is your mommy's favorite thing to do?
scrapbooking of course

9. What does your mom do when your not around?
read her book or on the computer

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?

11. What is your mom really good at?
taking care of us

12. What is your mom not very good at?
she's awesome at everything!

13. What does your mom do for her job? she's a mom

14. What is your mom's favorite food? taco salads

15. What makes you proud of your mom?

16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?
bugs bunny

17. What do you and your mom do together?

18. How are you and your mom the same?
we look alike

19. How are you and your mom different?
she likes scrapbooking

20. How do you know your mom loves you?
cause she takes care of me everyday!

Do I look 35? I think she just knows I am thirty something..that child!'s fun to see how she sees me..she kept pausing looking for the "right" answer..I told her..just answer them, you can't be wrong! So another day!!! Ry comes home in a few days! I guess I should start with the last of those boxes..sigh!!! OH the girls are excited...Soccer starts Thursday!
whooo hhooo! i hope we are without TONS of bugs..wish us luck

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sometimes moments just sneak up on you!!

Wait, what day is it? Is it really August 25th?? I mean seriously? 13 years today my entire world changed? Just where did all the time go! Our oldest girl turns 13 today! I'm a little teary, interesting enough! When #3 turned five, I don't think I felt this way. I had to call Ry and vent a bit! Just where did 13 years go? But I have to say, she is still my baby. Now I know that every mother says that...but with Tyra, she still let's me hold her hand when we walk. Giggle giggle, I hope that never ends! She let's me snuggle into to bed with her and we can sit and talk and just be goofy! So, she will always be my baby!!!

So today was fun..we headed to St. John's Towne Center for a stop at the Apple Store.
Thanks Gramms and Papa

Itunes! money is always a good time!
Thanks Kako

She loves books..
That's our present to her!

And nothing makes a new teenager smile like money!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Auger!

Off to dinner and cake!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fay come and gone

Well...i think there was a storm! I actually heard about a storm...but seemed to me to be one of those thunder storms this part of the south normally gets on any given afternoon! interesting enough we were without power basically for 24 what did we do????

We read! Oh thank goodness we like books. Now I need the next Twlight book..yes yes I know I am a few books behind..but I am off to catch up!

Some of us slept! Not mentioning anyone's names, but she about to be 13 and can sleep forever!!

We danced in the rain like silly girls! Thanks gramms. We love the boots!!

We finally left the house and went to visit friends!! Thanks Kelly and Sunshine for hosting us!

Upon return to my house, the lights were on. The horrible hummmm of my neighbor's generator was gone..and my garage door opened!

All in all..the day was safe. It seems there are some places here in Florida that didn't weather that well!! But thanks Fay for our welcome to Florida storm!!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

YES MOM...we're fine!

This is the conversation I had with my mother. It is so is SO not my mom that is paniced. I mom defines what even tempered means. You say mom I am pregnant...Oh cool...You say mom Ry and I got reaction..Well there was some anger..but that is so a post for a different time..then you tell your mom, I know my middle child is just three months, but I am pregnant again...she struggs...But my since my dad is calling her..and making her check up on me..I get a call, Hun are you okay? It's so parents in AAAAALLLLLLLLL the way in Hawaii, and my dad is watching the weather report for our area. He often calls me and tells me that I will be getting rain soon! Thank goodness..cause sometimes I have no clue! yes we are fine. I mean seriously I have from an island with hurricanes. This is not new to me...though this will be the first time I have been without he is a bit nervous. He called me before school today just to check on us. He is the worry wart! Me, I am totally always along for the ride!
So pray for the best..but just in case..we have peanut butter..canned goods a grill batteries..flash lights..candles and a radio!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I love being their mom!

Now how many mom's don't LOVE being their mom..but I seriously love it. The funny things they say..the silly looks I get..all of it just warms my heart! Nanea loves to start everything with the word "actually". I mean seriously..she's 5 now..but when she start the whole actually thing, I think she was 2. Learned that $2 word from her older, not oldest, sister who always tried to be the smartest. FYI..nothing has changed! But here they are being silly! Have to love them!!xoxo

Monday, August 18, 2008

First day of schoool...first day of school

My children have been running around the house saying that! It is a line from the Disney Flim "Finding Nemo". I think my house makes a Nemo reference once a day. it was first day of school for the two little ones! Here they start school at 7:50...a HUGE adjustment from 9 am last year. Trust me, I too was draggin myself out of bed this morning. But it is back to the grind! So my #2 is starting first grade today! She was SO ready just to say goodbye! A quick picture and kiss, and she was off! Waving at me as I walked away. This is her here with her teacher, Ms. Johnson! Don't you love it. #2 is always our fashion DIVA!

Number #3 started Kindergarten today. She wasn't sure if she was going to like it. New teacher...maybe I was just concerned...but she kissed me bye and went off to her desk!
Her teacher is Ms. Davis Funny enough they are the frogs too. Last year #2 was a "Little Leaper" and Nanea wanted to be SO badly..but when we had to move and she had to leave that school, she was a little here is her..with her name..on a lily pad
Hope your first day was awesome!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More fun

I am suppose to answer these with just one word..wish me luck!!

1. Where is your cell phone? there
2. Where is your significant other? CT
3. Your hair? brown
4. Your mother? bestie
5. Your father? passed away
6. Your favorite thing? girls
7. Your dream last night? none
8. Your dream/goal? pefection
9. The room you're in? mine
10. Your hobby? lots
11. Your fear? death
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? alive
13. Where were you last night? shopping
14. What you're not? motivated
16. One of your wish list items? furniture
17. Where you grew up? hawaii
18. The last thing you did? cook
19. What are you wearing? clothes
20. Your TV? on
21. Your pet? wanted
22. Your computer? dell
24. Your mood? relaxed
25. Missing someone? yes
26. Your car? camry
27. Something you're not wearing? watch
28. Favorite store? gymboree
29. Your summer? busy
30. Love someone? always
31. Your favorite color? brown
32. When is the last time you laughed? seconds
33. Last time you cried? olympics

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cause i'm ready for bed..and I got tagged

So I am ready for bed..well not in PJ's yet...buton the verge..but i got here you go

Five things in today’s ‘to do list’: ( my list for today was easy..tomorrows..)

1. Drive to Jacksonville and get Tyra's bedding

2. put up laundry

3. grocery shopping

4. pick up tyra's ipod

5. hit gymboree and limited too

6. unpack three boxes...uggg

7. find lunchboxes for monday

8. get monitors for each bedroom

9. hook up local telephone service.

10. pick up sim card form att

Snacks I enjoy:

1. chips

2. chips and salsa

3. chips and pico

4. chips with dip

5. flavored chips

6. mochi crunch..yum

7. jello..has to be strawberry

8. haupia

9. choco chip ice cream

10. gau..yum!

Things I would do if I was a millionaire:

1. See a financial advisor before i headed out to pick up my winnings!!

2. hit checkout on my cart from pottery barn!

3. buy a new car..well another car..i would probably keep the van!

4. put my grandma in full time care so my mom has a less stressful life!

5. head out to the olympics..i am sure i can find tickets for the last few days.

6. watch uh vs florida on august 30th

7. fly my char..ray..and their three baby brother out to watch the florida game.

8. invest a large sum

9. dontate to three great charities....diabetes, lupus and Alzheimer's research!

10. OH..and i guess I would buy my husband that fancy cts he has wanted for oh three years!!!

alrighty..nite guys

A great day

So I finally had some adult time. Now..don't get me wrong..I LOVE LOVE LOVE my daughters! Every moment..well almost every moment with them I am thankful. I am thankful that I have a husband that has a job that can afford the luxury of not having to leave our house to work. Though ry doesn't really consider my "hobby" a job yet..but I don't see him whipping out layouts or altered do we! I had lunch with a friends that I had back in Charleston! It was nice to have conversations and just catch up! Misty has the cutest boy EVER. I can't wait for Jack to like me enough to let me photograph him..I hope it's soon..cause I have those boy layouts due. I also caught up with Keri. Everyone's babies just keep getting bigger! It's hard to imagine. Aydin..oh he's a handsome guy! I totally have a layout in mind for him. Keri is a crafty gal, so hopefully I can live up to her standard!

So on top of that..the girls got to meet their teachers. OH MY WORD were they excited! Traysea came into my room a little before 7 and said.."Mommy, you gotta get up! Today is meet the teacher day!" Then followed by.."Can we have waffles for breakfast?" Easily said..she couldn't sleep she was SO excited! We had lunch then headed off to met the teachers. OKAY seriously the parking lot is SO small that you have to park in africa then walk. Which the walking is not the problem..the millions of water puddles and Florida heat and humidity sucks! But anyway...the school looks nice. and Nanea is a frog anyway. Every year in Kindergarten, you become a "Little Leaper". Each classroom has a cute little animal..anyway...Nanea was waiting to be a leaper...and was sorta depressed she was going to be one..WELL we are walking to the class today and we spot her name on the same little lily pads that traysea's name use to be on. Then we get in there..and it is basically Ms. Sandy's class all over again! Nanea was SO excited! She turned to me..."I am a leaper!!!" Goes without saying that I think day one is going to be a great one!!! I gotta go and dig out all of Traysea's old froggie stuffs!!!
Off to gymboree and bed bath and beyond!!!

OH and thanks gang for making this probably the second best day since I have been here!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In the midst of my forest..I need a saw!!

It's funny, I have tried to post at least once over the last four days. There just seems to be something else that I should be doing! That or with the lack of luster entertainment in my house..the baby girls want to use the computer. Which ever is the I am typing away again! Everyone knows that phrase
"You can't see the forest for the trees"
Well I am that girl...sometimes I get so consumed with the small things I lose sight of the final goal. I mean seriously..sometimes it gets SO bad for me..that all I see is bark! It takes an awesome mother to point out to me to stay positive. It's funny only happens visually. If my entire bedroom is a mess, I have a hard time starting...but if I have a huge problem in my head..I know to take certain steps to achieve my goal. It is something about the visual that physically makes it impossible for me to move forward. BUT saying that..I have decided to just breath out. So we don't have furniture, not a huge deal..but no one is complaining but me! We don't have blinds for my incredible huge door, but we are backed to the one is actually out there. I don't have rugs for the master bath...i clean the floor more often. I mean everything has it's ying for it's yang. SO I am deep breathing it all out. I am doing the small things. Unpacking one or two boxes. Staying on top of least trying to..It always gets washed and just needs to get put up! Where is my laundry fairy..oh in CT.

So off my checklist...Craft room basically unpacked. I found almost all my stuff and was able to complete and four projects and put them in the mail..with one day to spare.

Master bathroom basically organized minus a few cute odds and ends...check!

Ry coming home August 28th...and home till September 1st..poor him. He has a hunny to do list like he is not ready for! BUT at least my laundry/unpacking fairy will be in town to work his magic. I hope he didn't think he was going to be home on vacation. After this weekend he might sorta have hoped to stay in CT.

My biggest baby turns 13 in a few..and she has decided shopping spree is what she wanted for her birthday! Thank birthday party to plan..YUPPIE!

Girls' bathroom accessories found and on there way! I am so excited!

Tyra's bedding to be picked up at Bed, bath in Beyond on Saturday..oh it's lovely! If I had a queen bed this would be my bedding!

Finally tomorrow I am having lunch with some people I knew from back in Charleston..I am SO happy to have instant inner circle! Oh and I almost forgot I promise to post a few "moving in day" pictures of the house!!!

The view from the road
The left side of my backyard...i love our playground!
Center view of our backyard

Right side of my backyard. Finally big enough for out own mini soccer field!
More later...promise!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pure venting!

SO...if you haven't already heard..we are TV less! I know I know..of all the people to get stuck without would lastly be me! But with the move happening SO quickly and Direct TV installers being...excuse my language...asses and now has pushed my installation back till the 18th. I know I know..I am breathing out..whooosawww...anyway..So here we are in the midst of the olympics...(HUGE FAN) and I am stuck watching it via the World wide web. Now in all trueness I am not totally complaining. I am trying to take this entire situation with the whole glass have full thought process..but seriously! Not that the 4x100 freestyle relay was any less exciting watching via but I would have loved to be in the moment experiencing it with the rest of America! But at least when I get my Direct TV..there will still be some olympics left for viewing!

So my second venting...Furniture shopping. NOW..I love furniture...and I love logically you would think that hand in hand it would be a dream come true for me..right?? NO! Add a 12 almost 13 year old..a 6 year old and a 5 year old..and my world is ruined! Plus I HATE to think about money. I know i know how childish of me..but seriously I love to be that girl that finds the one she loves, and buy it! So..short story..I should have NEVER gone to pottery barn. But what girl in her natural mind can be feet from Pottery Barn and need furniture and not go in there....SO nothing I see is as good as what I want! Of course it is beautiful and perfect..I mean for goodness is pottery barn. So the Charleston in brushed canvas in Espresso is all I want. I love it...I also love this one The PB Basic sofa also in brushed canvas and Espresso. Of course I would need either the chair and half or the chaise...something wonderful! Which would lead into outstanding throw pillows in of green and java blue. (Insert blissful sigh here!) Which would lead to a those perfect Metro cubes and side table! Then to the Logan Large media suite in Antique white to complete my living room! But as if that was enough..I ment I left more then half of my furniture in Charleston...SO we need basically everything..except for the baby girls..though if money was around I would so redo their room! Tyra has the same furniture she has had..with the exception of her bed...since the child turned 4. But that little living room onsam comes to the WHOPPER total of $6689.00 without taxes and shipping. Though if you apply for a pottery barn credit get a 10% discount..and get a 4.5% rebate for the first month! But for $7000. I would have the perfect living room! That's not counting the cost of the new tv that will have to inside my Logan media suite..and the accent pillows. And that is JUST the living room. Did I mention I have to furnish my dining bedroom..ty's bedroom..and our I could use a vanity and chair in my bathroom!

Maybe I am just having a pity party! Hopefully life will shine a happy face tomorrow morning! My mom did say she was sending out a box..with clothes and goodies!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


So the girls, bunny, and I have been exploring...well..I can very well drag bunny furniture shopping without taking her to the beach. NOW if you know me for a know I am beach snob. I mean I love the beach..but i HATE sand! I should see the van right now..but I am not complaining too much! But I have always lived somewhere with a beach. VA..beach..YUCK...RI..beach..YUCK...SC beach...YUCK..but FL..not as perfect a home..but know! The sand here is white powder..the sand I hate the most..but at least it is pretty! I can't wait to drag the girls out to have a photo shoot!
but here are some pictures of the girls playing!!!Bunny, ty, #2 and nanea adventuring in!
We plan on exploring more this week!!! And we have a lunch date FRIDAY! We can't wait!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby steps

Have you ever seen the movie...what about bob? It's way way way back..but lately I feel like my life is like that. I love my house..I really do...but I hate all the work going into setting up your house. The paint..don't paint question..the window treatments..the furniture..all of it! I am just a bit overwhelmed. But I am just going to breath in and out and take it moment by moment! At least pray that I can...SO I promise to post pictures..but I have FOUR deadlines coming up..and that means I better get my craft room unpacked and organized here in the next few days! Pray for me!!