Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Things are changing

It is amazing what the world gives you.  Just be ready to take it all in.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I am not sure where the time goes.....

So as life has it...I decided to write my book.  It is a inside joke..but part of me says yes....
The simpleness of life has been clouded by the stresses of everyday.  I am not going to whine.  Puck would say something about picking your self up because you are better then that...or my mom would say dust it off.  I normally would say rub some dirt in it and you will be fine.  But as of today...I am not fine.  Dealing and moving forward...but not fine.  Normally I never admit that out loud...but no one really reads this and I am just using it as a way to vent and admit when I am weak.  Now the moment is over.....So onto bigger and better....As the world continue to are some peaks into our lives
 She turns 18
 She started middle school
 They are had a great first day
 Someone had to take senior pictures
 Played in a tournament
 A new start
And she took on Jacksonville

I am not sure just how I got so lucky.  I am also not always sure what Heavenly Father sees in me.  I am not always sure why he trusted me with those three girls...but everyday I am truly grateful for the time we have together. With a baby in middle school and a fifth grader and now a senior plus 18 year old..I am not sure just what will be in store for us next...but I am happy for the small things.