Monday, December 29, 2008

I know that I am all over the place

I know that my next post should be Disney day 2. But I don't have those pictures organized yet..and I have these... baby brother left today....when he visited last time..the girls and him took this picture.
So of course we needed another one for this visit
I miss him already.
Christmas Day was great to all my children. I mean they got to go to if they even needed presents too..
Mom and Dad them leave tomorrow. I have to say, that with everything this is probably the best visit ever! Not because of disney only..but because my girls actually loved loved loved having their grandparents around. My girls are totally going to go into withdraw, me too, when they leave in the morning tomorrow!

Yesterday we, mom, #2 and 3, and I, went to see Tale of Despereaux. Tyra, Papa and Kako saw The Day the Earth stood Still. Both movies weren't the greatest..but my girls all had a good time. Tyra even got to go to a sports bar and watch the Raider game with her Kako and Papa.

So after I recover from the withdraws I will be posting again!...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Disney Day one

My parents arrived Wednesday afternoon....evening and then thursday we got up..finished packing and then hit the road! Ryan was still in VA so he didn't get to go.

Arrived at disney around three, which was perfect because we didn't have an appointment for our makeovers until 6:30pm and then tickets to that night's Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Which was cool..cause we basically had the park to ourselves...well it seemed that way, until parade, fireworks, and show time. But it wasn't a huge deal.
My two younger ones where bursting waiting for their Bibbity Boppity Boutique experiences. It was all Traysea could dream off when we started talking about heading to DisneyWorld.

The before picture. They just picked out their dress and are waiting for the pampering to begin!
Presenting Nanea as Tinkerbell! She loves tinkerbell!!!
This is Traysea as Christmas Bella. She loved this dress. Both of these will be their Halloween costumes!!! I can't imagine them just going into the dress up bin!
Don't think that Tyra was left out. She kept saying..there is glitter everywhere mom. So when we were getting ready to leave, Traysea's Fairy Godmother in waiting sprinkled some "dust" on her! She was not a happy camper!

Then it was time to start to walk over and see the show. Which interesting enough is the same show that we saw..oh three years ago at Christmas. But on our way to the front of the Castle, we saw Snow White and the Prince posing for pictures. So of course we get in line and wait our turn.
While in line they made an announcement. Belle and the Beast was going to be there in ten minutes. Traysea nearly DIED!!! She decided that she didn't care about Snow White and wanted her and Grandma to get back in line right now to make sure she got to see Belle. So Nanea and I waited. Got their autographs and headed back in line with Grandma.
Then Belle and Beast arrived
Traysea got to have a special dance with Beast.
As if anything else could top that night. We saw fireworks. And of course nothing can top a Disney Fireworks show. We saw the Christmas Show and then saw the parade. Which Belle, the same one saw Traysea and waved and winked at her. That was it! We basically could have left after this night...but we had gotten a Free day at any disney park of our choosing....It is a year of a million dreams come that was cool....and we had just gotten here!

So where's Tyra you ask??? Well her and Papa made the rounds. Rode everything in the park two or three times, since there was no lines..and they weren't watching the parade. show or fireworks. We met them after everything was over, while we were trotting out of the park at midnight!

Nanea didn't make it pass the buckling of her carseat. Traysea did make it out of Disney's parking lot. She just kept saying, I can't believe it. This was the best day ever!

So of course these aren't even one sixteenth of the pictures I took. But visual overload and I don't think blogger could really take it!

My baby brother, sigh, leaves tomorrow so we are just trying to spend as much time with him as possible. I do have one of the very best baby brothers!!! I am dreading him leaving! Then my parents leave Tuesday..another sigh. But Ry is here till the fourth. My girls are going to go through some crazy withdraws when everyone is gone. Mostly Tyra. Her and her papa have some crazy relationship.
I will catch up more when I can...have a great new year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What have we been doing???

So want to know where I have been for the past few days...
Well..Saturday is clean house day. OH and did we have to catch up! So my day was spent with laundry duty. Thankfully Ryan decided he could do the bathrooms. So mom and I sat on the couch folding laundry and calling their owners to come get them and put them away. This is my favorite thing...that my girls all can put away their clothes in their drawers. I am waiting for the day that the two younger ones have the ability to hang up clothes. OH day!!!

But really our days have been filled with this

We are addicted! Ryan, Tyra, kako and I have decided to just see how far we can get...oh and as if we could forget #3

Yes that's her in full concentration! If she isn't playing Guitar Hero..then she is Tray are playing littlest pet shop. Either in real life or via the game boy

So my house has been very quiet! Every child, including my oldest..aka DH, is glued to some kind of game system! Tomorrow we are headed out to the movies! I will try and catch up more then!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry of wishes this hoilday season!

Mele Kalikimaka from The Malama-Auger Ohana!!!
I know it has been FOREVER since an update..but things are busy!  Disney was the most wonderful place on earth..of course...but for now..just x's and o's from ry, me and the girls..oh gramms..papa and our kako too!
Love and Kisses!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm fine

Sorry I made everyone panic. Your girl is fine. A hiccup or two here and there, and of course I am still in the game....speaking of games....Traysea started basketball practice..and let's just say..she's awesome. Of course I am coming from the total not bias at all perspective! I mean seriously..right? She's pretty rockstar. That's a shout out to all the middle children out there...right Kelly? Anyway..Tray loves basketball. I don't know if she loves it cause she knows it's ry and I have this crazy love for basketball...or because she just feels that is her best sport...anyway..we are playing for MWR, which isn't all horrible at this age..but is a 30 minute drive twice or three times a week depending. BUT oh well..

Sorry..I know I should totally random..but my head hasn't really been all there for the past few days.

Mom and Dad arrived yesterday! YEA! The girls have all been counting down till grandma and papa's arrival. Yes my mom was just here like six weeks ago..but daddy wasn't. So insert snoopy happy dance here!

They arrive bearing some fruits from home. Food...clothes...hawaiian print neck pillows...dresses..and whatever else they could think of for my girls! Promise I will post pictures later. Today we are off to the happiest place on earth.
Yes disney before Christmas. Trust me we have learned that disney after christmas is never a good choice. thought we head out for a jump start to the weekend..and make it tons of fun..and be back in time to get my brother off the plane..and then have Christmas at home. I heart my family!

Nanea had her tonsils looked at...and they referred her to another doctor down at the Children's Hospital. I guess it's good that the doctor realized his limits..and gave us to someone else..but they don't have an opening until the middle of January next year. Oh well, at least Ryan will be around!

Anyway..I should be packing and finishing washing the clothes...I will catch up with you guys later!


Monday, December 15, 2008

bedrest mean much too much computer time!

Okay just a warning..this is too ewww...for office viewing. But if you are in the privacy of your "home". Check it just aren't ready

Uh oh I think i see her britney!

Thought this was too funny


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Living in Theory gets into the hoilday spirit

So everyone loves Christmas. Well I do..and I have to say it is my very favorite time of the year. This year I stumbled upon this blog. Living-In theory and through her HP is giving away their new touch computer. I mean how rockstar is that? All you have to do is tell them how you are going to us it to touch each someone elses life! I had to stop and really I would "change" the world. I really didn't have a story. How would little oh me, change the world. Then I started to think, I sorta change the world everyday. I am raising three pretty productive daughters. And each day my life is pretty much dedicated to them. With a new touch computer Tyra could actually have a desktop computer to home school at. I am sure it would absolutely help her with all her designing things she does on the computer and could probably help us both with our love for photography!

Traysea would love to have a computer she could just touch and go. I promise that child is a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to escape. Just if we had enough to challenge her each day.

Nanea, is another wealth of knowledge waiting to be excited!

I sometimes I feel...that with as much as I do and give to the girls, there is SO much more they need. With Ryan here and there..and studying for the last six years, the girls have only really had me. And sometimes I just sorta feel like if there were the two of us, on a regular basis, so much more could be accomplished.

I guess if I win this way cool HP package then I will have to be the secretary, flyer making, treasure, or anything computer based thing..go to person for all of my clubs that I am involved with. Oh wait..I already am that girl. But now my stuffs can look SUPER COOL! Right? That means the Dolphin Store, FRG for Ryan's boat, The KBOWC, and the girls PTO would be very happy campers!

So my life changing bit starts at home. All I can do is embrace every moment with my girls. Hug them, tell them I love them everyday, know when to push them, and know when to cuddle them. It's a tough job, but I am glad that I am the one that gets to do it. So start small and let the ripple effect take place.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sugar high!

So it has been a few days on a lovely sugar high

First the girls school had their FUNd raiser and of course it was pure heaven!
Yes that is a hot and fresh dozen of donuts from Krispy Kreme. These are truly the devil! (Yes that is my netflix under there. Two movies just waiting to be watched!) Thank goodness they are all gone.

But then it was time for cookie swap.
Which my friend Mary wonderfully hosted! So it was a night filled with YUMMIES
and the funny part..for me..the best were these bread creations she made. I basically ate them all! But the cookies were good too! I didn't get very many pictures..but it was nice to just hang out and have fun with friends!

Tonight I have my other to favorite children. I know it's hard to keep up with just who my favorites are...but two of them are coming to spend the night while their parents get their Christmas party fun on! But then we are off to Kelly's hopefully to celebrate J's dolphins. If he can make it back on time. Then Sunday off to see a Christmas program!

I promise you pictures

Thursday, December 11, 2008

He's back to work!

Okay..maybe I shouldn't sound so excited? But he wants to go back to work..and I want him to go back to work. Sunday..he will depart and check into the boat in VA come Monday! Probably just for the week though..we will have to see...

Today was a super long day..SO I don't have the energy to hang out and blog..but..of and i need a
Tyra and I try and take self pictures everywhere we go. BOY we need some sun!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh me or my!

Wow..that really makes me sound busy??? Well I did add to my holiday home decor. Cause I just loves me some Kiss moose...I had to add some of this and that. First off..the magic timer was added to the light for the house..WHY you ask..because once the man I live with was on the roof, we realized we should have started at the other end because the lights end up on the side of the house and not right at our front door. Luckily we have outlets on that side of the house..but we have to walk out to the side of the house to turn them on and off. Thank goodness for the timer! Thanks Keri and Steve!!!

So I added these. Penguins towels floor mats, and placemats.

Reindeer placemats for my countertops

A new rug for entry into our house
A cute little plaque thingy..
Each child hand picked stocking
Then my snowman faces bell tree. I love it!

Okay so my house is basically done. Of course I say that then find something else totally adorable to put into my house...

So yesterday was my birthday and I am so blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of fun peeps..
I had breakfast out. Then lunch out.
Then dessert in Kingsland. And of course...the only picture I have is of dessert!
You have to love a friend that you can text and say..heh want dessert...and then drive twenty or so minutes to get some. Even when she is working out. Love you girlie!!!
OH and my flowers. Oh how I love flowers....

Then today I have a beverage committee meeting. Now I have to say something funny about the beverage committee. One I think we are totally going to get along! But secondly that OF COURSE i picked the beverage committee. If I am going to be forced to help..we all know I am not going to set up..or break down. I am not going to run a silent auction or serve of course..there is drinks! was back to the sweetest things..and I met some super fun people. Then I met my girlie is a blogging person too! Hi Hope!

Did I mention that today was a wonderfully warm day? Overcasted..but since we live eight miles from the beach it's a beach bound afternoon!

More for later!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

As done as much as it is going to be done!

My house is pretty much as festive as it is going to be for this year. Of course while you are are always missing something...

My missing item is one bins filled with Christmas house decor. Oh well. Right? So our outdoor lights and some things like my bell wreath and things like that are missing. BUT yesterday the man that lives here went on the roof and put up our lights...
Then we bought lawn ornaments...not what I wanted..but they are okay..
Tyra hung the flag for the mail box.
The snowman is sitting next to my door.
My Happy holidays banner gracies my entry way
My house smells of cranberry wonderfullness. Well laundry soap and cranberry wonderfulness.

In one week mom and dad will be here! This is me doing the cute snoopy dance of happiness! phone call last night as to what my husbands fate will be here in the next few weeks..but isn't our life just always dictated by him. large sigh. such is our navy life!

Oh and thanks for your comments about disney...i totally want to do the stuffs we haven't done. moutain..mission space..we have all done that..well the younger we will do all those things again. I sorta think my dad is going to run off with Tyra and mom and I will cart the younger two around for whatever adventure they will want. Which is cool. Tyra loves her papa and would spend every minute with him! And he..her too! today I am one year older..and woke up at five and haven't been able to go back to sleep! I wish I could say it was excitement..but now..I think it was just the call of a quiet house. Well..I gotta run..gotta get the monkeys out of bed!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sigh Sigh

So it is Monday morning..and my weekend was filled with this and that blahness...
Festival on base...lame.  They did have snow which is the only reason we went.  The rest of it was lines and lines..and I guess I am comparing to the one in Charleston..that or my children are just getting too old for those type of things.  Who knows...Sunday Jake went home.  The girls miss him!
But Friday I got a scare.  The school nurse calls me and tells me that #2 has lice.  WHAT?  My children with lice IMPOSSIBLE!  So we all rush to get her picked up and home and medicine in her hair..and get to work....only to find that she had none.  Seriously...I mean of course my house was totally turned upside down..washing everything that possibly could hold lice.  Washed my hair..all three girls..and of course the one him that lives here...and nothing.  OH how I hate that!  Oh well.  So of course I am upset..and had a discussion with the school this morning.  There answer...oh well sometimes people make mistakes.
I am trying to finish Christmas cards...that is a whole nother subject.  I broke down and bought the Costco cards...BUT of course they screw them up.  So I end up going a different route.  Not what I love..but right now..I just need to get them out!
 The only male in our house has a doctors appointment today.  Pray he actually gets to go to work.  He misses it..and I miss him working!
#3 is still coughing.  Not sure what the heck she has..but she needs to get rid of it.  I am debating a trip back to the doctors so she can get a breathing treatment.  She is totally not IN NEED of one...but it always works..I just don't want it to get that bad.
It's one day till my birthday!  Should I feel older.  Cause I will be the whopping 33.  Which doesn't phase me.  Maybe next year it will!  I want to do something fun with all my friends..not sure what..but we will have to see!
It is eight days till mom them get here!  She SO needs a vacation..and I SO need my mom!
I am trying to find all the wonderful things to do at disney..if you know of any message me!
My girls will be missing their Christmas Parties for their classes at school.  I am trying to see if they really care.  I mean seriously..disney or hang around at school?  I would bet #3 would say school.  
When i look at my december calendar it seems totally bare..but yet I feel SO busy.  What the heck?

Monday, December 1, 2008


I have been a lazy lazy girl. Ryan being home always brings that out in me. I mean seriously..when he sits around..i want to sit I have to find it in myself to be motivated.

I miss the cutest Jack and Spencer I know! Their nana is a whole month! I am SO happy for Misty!

Speaking of mama's mine will be here in 15 days...

Oh and speaking of's my birthday in eight days!

I want a new texting phone for my birthday..I found it..I love it!

I want to lock Tyra in a box and filter all that she is exposed to! I mean seriously..we had to take the laptop away! I hate being the mean mommy to her!


Medical hold..ugh...

Today I took nanea to be evaluated by her PCM about her tonsils and her adenoids. From just a quick stick out her tongue and let me can totally see her tonsils. They are huge!!! She needs them out ASAP! But we are going to have to wait till her adenoids are looked it is one surgery..not two. Ugh! My baby girl! I promised she pudding pops for every meal! I think she is already starting to think far too much about it. Poor nanea!

I got Ryan's Christmas present!

Tomorrow is Commissary and Costco day..ugh..but I think I am going to go and get my Christmas cards printed.

Lately I just haven't been crafty. I know it sucks..but my Christmas card dream is over...I am still dealing with that.

I bought the girls personalized ornaments today. They are them..and they loved them. that's all that matters!

It's eleven..SO my bedtime! Catch up with you guys soon!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Let it begin!

So my best friend Sean texts me this morning..asking what our day is going to be like. I say..oh just putting up the tree and starting to decorate the house...then I get a response...
"Oh you are one of those type of people."
So I guess I am one of those type of people. But last year we waited to the very very last moment. Remember Ry had his test and I was working like a crazy fool. But this year our totally child rated tree is up and decorated. Ry has a rule about our has to be totally kid like. Color lights..crazy decorations that our children get to put on. Who cares about balance..and covering long as it is totally thrown together and makes the girls smile. I guess...I have to just deal with it. Ryan hated having the perfect tree in his house. His mom has a beautiful tree that she puts up every year. And every year..ryan hated it. Therefore we will forever have a kids tree!
Then of course the traditional post decorating pictures

Also today..we got a visitor!
Jakes parents went of a post Thanksgiving Disney trip!

Post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving food was awesome! A day of test..but we all past and were living in food happiness at dinner time! I already had some leftovers this morning..and it is always wonderful the second time around! Today I did not make the Black Friday adventure. I couldn't find the energy and there really isn't anything I have to have to make it through my Christmas season. But we did sneak in a Thanksgiving picture for our grandma!
This year my mom stayed home..and had time to herself. My grandma goes to a care facility during the day..and my daddy is in Cali helping out his sick sister. SO my home is home alone. But that is totally her choice. She could have went to my favorite aunty's house...or my sisters..but she just wanted to chill at home. SO her!

In less then a month my mom them get here. I think I am over the moon more then the girls. I heart heart heart my mom..not to mention to have her here for Christmas is my favorite. I think one year we didn't do Christmas together..and all of us were pouty. My dad was at home telling my mom they should have flew up here..and I was at home telling her she should have flew up here. I know...since then we try never to be apart for Christmas. TO make so much baby brother is coming this year! I SO need them right now too! It's crazy! Anyway..enough blah blah blahing..hope your yesterday was full of smiles!