Monday, December 31, 2007

*A time of reflection*

It seems that everyone takes a minute this time of year to stop and "smell the roses." Roses smelling time actually started a few months ago. I often have to take a second and just thank God for everything he has given me. I am ABSOLUTELY blessed! And in moments like this, I always am thankful for the struggles that God has put me through. Now of course, in the moment of the test, I am not sure why God choose me. But when I get to sit here and reflect, in the midst of bliss, I know why God tested me. So right now, I could realize, just how wonderful my life is! Now my mom always told me, I lived a "charmed" life! I truly have been. I believe that everyone in life is dealt a set of cards. It is all how you play them out. There were many and many places I could have failed, but in God's hands, he has lifted me and carried me through so many things!
* Okay, so enough with all the mushy stuffs....The things I am thankful for, would be a list of about a million. But at the top of my list, would be my mother. Plus my dad. But my mom has always be the constant for me. Now of course every daughter reading this is rolling their eyes thinking, of course she selects her mother. It seems like a natural choice. But the funniest part, is that my mom never wanted to be my best friend. I think even when I say it to her now, she is not totally sure she likes that role. But she is. She is my rock. She is my sounding board and my HUGEST fan! She always knew that my creative "gifts" would be what carried me through out. She is just happy she was alive to see it happen.
*Then, of course, my three girls. Now I know you guys are saying, how does your mom out rank your children. I was a young mother. I was just a baby when I had her. But I totally remember thinking, I was made for this. I didn't have the normal "panicked" feelings about being a mother. God gave me a girl. I had two nieces, I knew how to take care of a girl. Tyra and I, together, pushed through her childhood! I have to say, with the help of my village, my girls are turning out pretty awesome. Everyday they remind me of the gift God has provided me.
*Then there's my Ryan. Ryan for all his minuses offer me a world of pluses. We truly are a team in this. Our marriage has never been perfect, but all marriage takes work, and lately we have been working really hard. And with hard work, we are rewarded. We are suppose to be together. Now I am so not saying that in the mushy gushy, he is my best friend bit. But he is the person that totally is there when I stop. His weaknesses are my pluses. He works really hard to make sure that our family has the best! Thanks HUN!
*I have the best group of friends, that let me love on their children and me a part of my children's lives. I get to steal a son. Love you Gam Gam! I get to be a part of a teenagers life. I get to benefit from the experience of their mother to help me guide my 12 year old. She offers me a lunch partner, a best friend, someone I know that I would love to be when I grow up! I have found a new best friend. She shares my love of crafts, with a similar family style and a drive that have. Love you Memo!
*Next in line would be my job. Now I don't know anyone in the world that loves their job as much as I do! I mean being a part of The Pink House TEAM. It was an incredible chance for me. My mom has always known I would be this type of business. Craft for a living, not to mention shopping! I mean seriously, I still pinch myself! I totally lucked into an awesome situation. I mean I had some retail experience, but no way to this level. Not to mention, that finding Michelle and Karla, was like I knew them forever. Never ever is it just a employee/employer relationship. It is SCARY how often, Michelle and I have the same thoughts and ideas. Karla, just sits backs and laughs at just how scary it is! As much as we think like one mind, we are different enough and comfortable enough that we can just say exactly what we think, unfiltered! It is pretty awesome! Yes, we have been friends for just a couple months. I guess it's been six months now. WOW, where did the time go? I hope that my final months here in Charleston don't fly by like this. I would hate to wake up one day and it be time for me to get on an airplane! If Michelle from the Pink House is reading this, then she is telling me to stop talking about this!
Well with midnight approaching, I need to get to my family! Happy New Year from The Malama-Auger gang!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I forgot..i'm sorry!

The other night we were at The Pink House playing BUNCO. Here is a picture of the gang. I think I cut out a few people, but it was the best I could do!
love you guys

*A catch up day*

So Ryan and I have been catching up on things that we have let go on for far too long. We took all our bedroom furniture out. We are planning on getting new stuffs. I took the pictures off our walls. We have super cute wooden frames at The Pink House, and I am going to paint and use those on my walls. Not to mention hit Target are get some new frames for our hallway. We moved furniture around in the living room. Dusted, washed clothes, packed up Christmas presents. Yes yes, I did not get around to mailing out Christmas presents on time. So I will be off to the post office tomorrow, with ten boxes, and a few large envelopes to send on their merry ways. And hit the rest of our house. We have had a leak under our sink for about a year. Military housing, followed by a shrug. The last time GMH came out, they said it was nothing to worry about. Yea..sure! I will take pictures just in case they think it should be an issue! Today was a beautifully mild day. I sent the girls outside while ry and i really hit the house. We are going to move my craft room into our bedroom. I am SO sad! But the babies are just too big for their room. The kitchen, the store, the dress up..all of it just doesn't fit in there with their beds dressers and a closet full! So it is back to playroom. That last room has been so many things over the last four years. The office/guest room. The play room, Traysea's bedroom, my craft room, and now, here again, it will go back to be being the playroom. I am not exactly sure why we are doing all this. We are probably going to be leaving South Carolina in June of 2008. But I am hard headed. But I have to take ry's energy and free time at whatever spurts I get them in. Anyway, so tomorrow I will be at work! Working on a layout I have in my mind and pages Ineed to go in the house! Come visit me our store is always some place to hang out. Plus tomorrow is Friday. As with every Friday, we have Friday night crop! The Mom holds it every Friday from 6 to Midnight! Last week we had so much fun!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A life filled with blessings!

Seriously 2007 has been an awesome year for the Malama-Auger Team! When I say team, I mean really, it has taken all of us to pull together as a team to make this year happen! Sorry you guys have not gotten your Christmas Cards yet. They were late, but heh..they are adorable and include the holiday newsletter! I always debate if I should include that holiday newsletter. This year, it seems that I really haven't talked to anyone in such a long time. So it made sense to include the newsletter. But I sorta felt like I was bragging about all the wonderful thing that have happened to our family this year! It is what it is though. But since I wrote them before Ry ry's test, of course it leaves you hanging..SO he passed! Oh well! Anyway..Christmas Eve we went to James Island County Park. Every year they have The Festival of Lights. You can drive through the park and view the light on your own, or park and purchase tickets for "Santa's Train". The girls love it. It gives them the in the mix experience. This year we took along the Dulaney's. Michelle owns The Pink House. She have a herd of children and they are all about my girls ages, so our kids love to hang out! Here is a picture of the crew before we hit the train. We bought train tickets and then still had time to hit the smores pit! This is all Nanea could think about all day! Here she is waiting for her marshmellows to get all nice and sticky! At the Festival you can buy these kits. They have the crackers, sticks covered with marshmellows and of course the hersheys! So everyone got one. Ryan made sure that everyones Smores were the right temp and texture.
Here is Baby bugs with her finished product! Then after we finished cleaning up if was train time! 14 tickets later, we were loaded up and ready to go! I had to take a bunch of different pictures to get everyone in! It wasn't freezing, but it was a bit chilly! Ry and I even ended up sliding our hands into the girls jacket pockets! At the Festival they also have a merry go round. Now the girls always make up take them on it, so we hit the center of the park and let the girls go for a quick ride. This is them waiting in line! By now, the girls were just plain pooped! Bedtime is normally 7 at our house, so we had to head home. My girls love the lights every year. Because of ry's schedule this year, he didn't have time to put up lights on our house. The girls weren't too happy with that, but this pretty much makes up for it! It's sad, this might be the last year we actually have Christmas in Charleston! With Ryan moving on to Power School, he is into the final phase of this school. From here he heads to Sub school sometime in June. Tear tear. But we aren't going to focus on it! I am going to treasure the moments that I have now, and when that time comes to move is what it is! So I am working Friday..if you are in our area, you should come and see me!!! I have to go and get pictures printed tomorrow so I can work on my January Class Samples! xoxo, ronee

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from The Malama-Auger gang

So Christmas morning brought all the bright smiles and warm hearts that it normally does! It is always a great day when my children are surprised! Santa brought transformers for the baby girls and the big one a laptop! I just wanted to take a minute...while I am testing Tyra's wish you a day filled with love, joy, and happiness! From our house to yours...Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Heh my favorite peeps! So Ryan passed..and the Malama-Auger household can get back to it's normal swing...well sorta. I have to thank EVERYONE who had ryan in their thoughts and prayers! So what was the first thing we did...well I went to work..and Ryan put up the Christmas tree with the herd! Heh someone had to run the store..Michelle had to go and get Nicole! Anyway, I had cards to be addressing...and adding our holiday newsletter to. are some pictures Ry clicked off (in his defense, he NEVER takes the pictures. So feel sorry for him!)

Here are some picture I took!!! Our tree is a kids tree. Ryan says he wants a tree filled with colors and ornaments every which place and just "thrown" together. This always makes me smile. I am not sure if my baby brother will remember...but it was our first year in Virginia and mom and dad went and got an awesome Christmas tree. Mom decorated it with blue and silver bulbs and silver garland. James and I were like "OH". So not the reaction mom was looking for! Now, I totally know what she thinks. I would LOVE the blue and silver tree! Beautiful white lights with wired silver ribbon. So..I am sorry mom! I know what you were going for now..that I have my own house and my own Christmas tree! Saturday and Sunday has been spent Christmas shopping. Since we have been in a holding pattern till Ry ry passed, it ment that we had three days to knock it out! It seems that everyone is behind the times this year. EXCEPT my baby brother. His presents were the first ones we got! Followed by Ry's parents and Grandparents! The girls love placing the packages under the tree. Since the two babies can read everyones names in their family. They have sorted the tree according to family members!!! I love watching the girls! Since we took presents out of the boxes..we had about five boxes sitting in our living room. So what happens?? The girls, without skipping a beat, run for the markers. Why is it boxes provide the best entertainment? Here Bugsy is decorating her plane. And then here is Thing 2 doing the same! My girls always make me laugh! So tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I hope your family is spending time together! This year my family is not making the trek East to see us! It hurts a bit, but Raym took the girls home and my parents of course, are going to stay there with them! Inside I am sorta hurting, but I love my family, and they will be coming out here in February, so I can head out to CHA Winter! My girls are dealing with it okay. Tyra had a mini breakdown a while back when she was reminded that her cousin Ashlee were heading home. (Raym's youngest girl) Plus this is the first year we aren't doing anything for the holidays. Last year we headed out to Chicago for New Years. The Christmas before, DisneyWorld. So, we will have to see if we all really can be house bound! Ryan does have five weeks never known!!! So from our family to yours..Mele Kalikimaka! Jus a few more Christmas things from home!!!

(The 12 Days of Christmas local style)

- by Eaton B. Magoon Jr., Edward Kenny, Gordon N. Phelps

Numbah One day of Christmas,
my tutu give to me
One mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Two day of Christmas,
my tutu give to me
Two coconut, an' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Tree day of Christmas,
my tutu give to me
Tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Foah day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Five day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Five beeg fat peeg... foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Seex day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Seex hula lesson, five beeg fat peeg (that make TEN!),
Foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Seven day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Seven shrimp a-swimmin', seex hula lesson,
Five beeg fat peeg,
foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Eight day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Eight ukulele, seven shrimp a-swimmin', seex hula lesson,
Five beeg fat peeg (that make TWENNY!),
foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Nine day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Nine pound of poi, eight ukulele, seven shrimp a-swimmin',
Seex hula lesson,
five beeg fat peeg,
foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Ten day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Ten can of beer, nine pound of poi, eight ukuklele,
seven shrimp a-swimmin', Seex hula lesson,
five beeg fat peeg,
Foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Eleven day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Eleven missionary, ten can of beer, nine pound of poi,
Eight ukulele, seven shrimp a-swimmin', seex hula lesson,
Five beeg fat peeg,
foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

(Numbah Twelve day of Christmas the bes', and the bes' stuff always come las'...)

Numbah Twelve day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Twelve TELEVISION, eleven missionary, ten can of beer, Nine pound of poi,
eight ukulele, seven shrimp a-swimmin', Seex hula lesson,
FORTY steenkin' peeg,
Foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree!

A "Locals" Version of The Night Before Christmas

Wuz da nite befo' Christmas an' from hea to Wailuku,
No creetcha wuz stirrin' not even one uku.
Da Keikis wen snuggle down safe in da beds,
Big dreams of tofuti wen dance roun' da heads.
An' me wid my Primo an' Ma wid her poi,
We jus' settle down fo' one rap, - when oh Boy!
One awful big clatter come from da lanai,
I tink maybe coconuts wen fall from da sky.
I wen jump up so fas' I knock ova da chaia
I wen run to da windo to see what stay dea.
All ova da beach da kine silva moonlight
On da sand an' da sea it shinin' so bright,
I can see all da tings on da sho' plenty clea,
An' I see sumting out dea dat stay mo' plenty quea!
One tiny surfboard lyin' der on da groun'
An' eight tiny sea horses jus' swimmin' aroun'
An' one little ol surfer so lively, so quick, -
I wen tink to myself, "Ey, brah! Dat Saint Nick!"
He wuz chubby an' jolly, da kine roly poly,
An' dressed all in fur fro da chin to okole.
He had one white beard an' one little roun' belly
Dat went shake when he laugh like Tutu's guava jelly.
He wastin' no time, brah, he wen put down da sack
Dat wuz big as one mountain slung up on his back.
He got plenty good tings for all da keiki
An' he wen pile dem unda da coconut tree.
He work an' he work an' he neva pau hana
Til he put someting der fo' all da Ohana.
He wen give me one wink an' one shaka, an' - pau!
Da seahorses dey know it come time to go now!
He wen pick up da board an' he run to da ocean,
He wen harness da team an' he settem in motion.
Mo fasta dan jet planes da seahorses swum
He wen whistle an' shout an' he call 'em each one:
"Go Kimo, Go Noni! Gettum Kipo an' Lani!
Go Kona, go Pua! Geevum Kiki an' Nani"
To da cres of da wave, tru da foam an' da spray,
Dey swimmin' like crazy, dey flyin' away!

Til all I wen see on da wata out fa,
Wuz one twinkle of light like one dyin' out star.

But I hea ol Nick holla
Across da dark sea,
"Merry Christmas, da kine,
Aloha Hawai`i!"

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Taking Pictures and test day!!

So yesterday I took my girls to portrait innovations. Normally they are awesome..but it was late..and I had a girl that was really into it. four year old was not smiling. She wouldn't really do anything to get her to smile! Oh well..and then she didn't get the best shots of back to the fact that I should just get a better camera and take my girls pictures by myself. So today..that is what we are going to do. They don't know it yet..but oh's one!
So today is test day! Hold your breath for us!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One day down..13 to go!!**Good Luck wishes** BUNCO!!!

Well we survived day one! It turned out to be an okay day. I did decide to add a few extra kids to my load, which made it trying..but okay. But bowling this morning with my children there..HORRIBLE! But now we are on Christmas break and my partner and I can recover and hopefully improve! Maybe we both are just carrying to high of an average..or something. Anyway..we were on top today..and slide back into second..>YUCK< We did so good last week to sweep and actually make a move. OH well...anyway..tomorrow is Ry's test. OH my goodness I am a bit stressed out about it. BUT God has brought us to this point SO many times. STA pack it. NSI finals. Nuc school interview..and now here we are. So tomorrow morning..have a moment in prayer for my husband! Just pray they ask him the write questions! Anyway..normally I don't stress. If Ry is totally handling the situation..I have other things to stress out about..but when Ryan is freaked, I just can't help but to get swept into his mood! Needless to has been not the perfect week! BUT I got the kids pictures taken! Baby bug had no desire to smile tonight. WHAT THE HECK! She's the best smiler I got..and she doesn't want to smile? Who would have thought that? Anyway..I have the CD and I will post's late..and my body is weak! I will be store bound tomorrow..Come see me!!
OH and Felicia..I love you and think about you all the time! Can't wait to hang out this summer! xoxo

Early morning thinking...and the quiet before the storm. Schools out!

Well today is the first day of Winter Break. It always makes me wonder why they say winter break. Goodness..just put Christ back into Christmas. this may make me lose some readers...but I am SO happy that my younger two children attend a school that can say Christmas Party! Jesus is the reason for the season! Is it really that horrible? Are these children really going to be offended if you say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays? I do understand that there are those that celebrate different holidays at this time of year! But it's not like I am upset when someone tells me Happy Kwanza. I'm a person celebrating something else. My response is normally..Merry Christmas! Maybe I say that, cause I don't know what else to say. biggie right? In my house, we celebrate Christmas as Jesus' Birthday! In matter fact, the girls want to have a birthday cake for Jesus. My girls are hilarious. They are always in search for a way to get some birthday cake. Traysea even suggested where I should get it from. "Mommy, Publix makes great cakes! Just don't get the red one!" I had to stop and laugh. Just in case you have yet to have cake from is pretty awesome..even the red one. The red one is red velvet cake! Our Brianna had it for her birthday, my girls weren't fans. here are some pictures from the girls Christmas parties yesterday!

It was a busy day. I have two girls in two different classes, that I have to go back and forth to see them both. I ended up seeing a lot of the baby's party and not a lot of Thing 2's. I dunno. I need to learn how to half my time. Maybe because she is in Kindergarten. Who knows! Anyway..I wanted to welcome Erika to my design team. Our store always needs people to come and help us "decorate" our store. WHO HAS THE TIME??? So I sought out my friend Erika to come and see what we have and if she could muster up something wonderful for our walls! I sent her home with a project! Wish her luck! So I am off to get myself and the herd ready. We are bowling today..WITH THE KIDS. I am not sure how that is going to go..hold your breath!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Awesome five minute layouts

It must sound insane to some people that The Pink House host a midnight crop EVERY friday night. But The Mom LOVES we pretty much have a great turn out every friday, that it is almost impossible for us not to have it. And then if we do start to flip it around and say every second friday and fourth friday, people would just get confused and it would end up being this crazy crazy mess! Anyway...this weekend a bunch of friends got together to work on Christmas Presents. Now Michelle awhile back came up with this great layout. It is on display in our store, plus you can stop by her blog and check out her layout with her daughters! It is too cute! our store has unfinished wood frames. Anyway here are some pictures of a few of the layouts!

Aren't they cute! I know I know, not the bestest pictures, but at least I got pictures, right? Promise I try and take better pictures...Keri Lee HELP ME! Anyway, it is Christmas time so my bloggin' time will be limited!!! Ryan has a test on Thursday...WISH HIM LUCK!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Something that made me smile : )

It came without ribbons! It came without tags!
It came without packages boxes, or bags!
And he puzzled and puzzled, till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before!
"Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store.
Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more."

I read this over on Beth's blog! She is a FABULOUS blogger..designer..and from what it looks outstanding mother!!! Check out her blog!!!

*Cough cough, I am a little homesick*

Aren't they cute? This is the Santa and Ms. Claus that sit outside Honolulu Hale, the City offices in Downtown Honolulu! OH I miss home! My nieces will be getting on a plane here soon, cross your fingers, to head home for Christmas at home! Then someone sent me this!
-- Author Unknown

*The only snow you see is in a cone shaped cup and covered with syrup.

*Santa arrives on the beach in a canoe.

*Aloha shirts and muumuus are worn to Christmas services.

*Winter clothes are a sweatshirt, a jacket and shorts.

*Little Jimmy and little Mary are little Kimo and little Malia.

*Diamond Head is majestic and green.

*"Silent Night" is played on the ukulele.

*It's macadamia nut candy instead of fruitcake.

*You leave your slippers and sandals at the door, not your snow boots.

*Fans wear tank tops to the Aloha Bowl game.

*Little boys want a new boogie board instead of a shiny new sled.

*"Big girls" wish for a Hawaiian heirloom bracelet.

*Sushi and passion orange juice are left out for Santa.

*You have to build a fireplace to hang the stockings.

*Families enjoy their Christmas meal at the beach.

*The little angel in the kindergarten play wears a haku instead of a halo.

*"Me ke aloha" (with love) is written on Christmas cards.

I know that my baby brother, also known as Kako to my girls, is reading my blog laughing right now! Because if you have never been to Hawaii, you wouldn't get it! My baby brother resides in BEAUTIFUL Santa Monica, CA. He also is not heading home this Christmas. That's him and my girls last Christmas. Last Christmas he spent tons of money and headed out this way for just a few days. My parents also made the trek. AHHH..this Christmas is going to be a tough one. But I have three beautifully healthy girls..and a husband, God willing that will pass his test, and we can move onto the next phase of his schooling! Anyway..wanna know my reason for my Hawaiian mood? Well so I didn't make my Christmas cards at Friday night crop! Heh, in my defense we had a packed out crop and there were people that needed my help! Not that I really was getting anywhere with my cards anyway! SO Ryan said just to send out photo cards. Now this is tough for me..but he was right. Here I am days before Christmas and I still have nothing. So how would I "pop" out 150 cards in the next day??? Between work and the girls, no one has a minute to do that...SO I broke down and ordered the cards. BUT the reason I am SO excited about the cards. They are they say..Mele Kalikimaka and Hauoli Maka Hiki Hou! COSTCO had Hawaiian Language cards! So I got Hawaiian cards here in South Carolina!!! I was so excited. Plus they had a TONS of different ones! I was just shocked. I told Ry that I did not care what it cost..we were getting those. But my cards are like 17 cents a piece. So totally affordable! I can't wait. Looking back, I should have had them read Me Ke aloha, and then the girls names, but I was just so excited, that I didn't even think that far out! Anyway, so tomorrow I will pick up my cards and then I will start addressing them. I have to finish my family newsletter. So I will be busy the next few days! Know that I love you guys!

Friday, December 14, 2007

*My Christmas Card Sample*

So this is my Christmas Card...well sorta. You can't really get all the shimmer lovelyness on this picture. But the entire wreath is coated with Lily White sugar coating from Doodlebugs CHA Winter release. I love love love this stuffs! This is the card that I taught all my friends how to make. I think I am going to improve on it and come back with a different color scheme to make it really pop. Same snowflakes..and same idea..but I am going to use the glue pad and nothing but sugar coating..I can't wait to get working on that...But I left the glue pad at home..and I am the store today! Oh and DUH..The Snowflakes are actually a background stamp from Cornish Heritage Farms. If you have not seen the stuffs they are doing over there..where have you been? If you are in our area..and love any of their stamps, let me know. We carry these awesome stamps in the store! Liz is so awesome!
Anyway..if you haven't heard The Pink House is having Ladies Night BUNCO! Oh I love BUNCO.
I use to get together with a bunch of my friends and we use to play bunco while the chickens were in school! If you hqve never played biggie. It takes like two seconds to learn and then you will be addicted! We will be giving out fun paper craft goodies and store credit as prizes! We are also currently running our page layout contest. Every month we have a different theme for our page layouts. They are displayed on our wall and customers get to vote! This month's them is BLING! Anything that shimmers! So be creative, break out all that bling we keep tucked away until we feel it is really worth it! The winner gets 2 crop night tickets..and $20 store credit. Not to mention the chance to be on my design team for a month. I basically send you home with "homework" begging you to use the free product I give you..and you come up with something FABULOUS! Anyway...come check us out at The Pink House. We are at 5529 N. Rhett in HOT Charleston, South Carolina! Michelle is back..I gotta actually get to work!
Come see me!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

*Christmas Card Time*

Now as a card maker, it seems like I wait all year to show off my best skills come Christmas time! It is so you ever just feel you have to top yourself? Of course, I do! But this year, I am sending a card that I have already made. It is yummie!! I have taught it in two of my classes and even shared it with my Carolina Girls! I am going to put a spin on it, but I can't wait to get them done and out! But then it is now time for me to get that Christmas Card photo! If you have met Baby know that it is a task!!! She always wants to make a goofy face! She is like this bundle of energy you are trying to contain in a box. I was sitting around today and trying to decide if I should write the Christmas Card Letter. Do you send out a letter with your cards? Now personally, I haven't. But it has been an AWESOME year for the Malama-Auger gang! Baby bugs started school and had her first soccer season! Kaleinani transitioned from Elementary to Middle School. Kahekila started kindergarten. Ry graduated from the Citadel in May and then started NNPTC. It has been an HUGE year for us. But does everyone really care? I personally LOVE the notes. I love gossip and the few seconds it takes to catch up on everyones lives that someone you forgot about through out the year. I really hate getting those Christmas cards that have no greeting, but the closing. "Happy Holidays Love, Me, you and the dog. I hate those. I mean seriously you could have taken a second and written the TO: Ryan and Ronee. I understand the omission of the girls names. I mean they are long..but Ryan and Ronee. OKAY OKAY..even Ry and Ron! Whatever I guess! But Felicia..I LOVED YOUR CARD. I need that stamp set..but I know I missed it..can you hook a girl up??? OH that reminds me..I need to order some CTMH. Anyway..back to my Christmas do I or don't I write one? I am thinking, people that I don't keep up with. Like Ry's aunt that I haven't talked to in over a year...she should get one..but the day to day friends..they don't need one..right? Anyway..enough complaining I guess.

Well the two babies had their Christmas Performance Tuesday! Our thing 2 made the cutest sheep. But Baby Bugs belted out all her songs..and stood still! Ry had to miss it...blasted job!! But if everything goes according to plan..he will have 5 weeks off. So thing 2 and 3 are excited! Here are some pictures I clicked off before we headed out!

Oh I just want to squeeze and bite each one of them! Anyway..I open the store tomorrow..SO if you have some minutes in the morning..come see me...OH of my comments said I haven't told you were The Pink House is...well it is located in beautiful North Charleston, South Carolina! You can check out our website at It is horrible, I'm sorry in advance, but Ry promises to spend some time JAZZING it up. Anyway..come see me!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

*Heh, it's my birthday*

So today I am 32 years old! I spent it with pretty awesome people. We hit Olive Garden for lunch, had our monthly card swap at The Pink House and then had steak dinner with my husband. I am so blessed and loved. Vera Bradley played a wonderful role in my birthday happiness! Ryan is SO SICK of Vera's so funny. I promise to take pictures of my presents and post them!!! It's 8 and all I wanna do is sit on the couch with Ryan and watch the Patriots game that we TiVoed..what did i do before tivo? Know that I love you guys...if you aren't busy..come check in on us! We have tons of new products in the store. JustRite Monogram stampers! Michelle and I just expanded our Bazzill collection..OH MY GOSS..I love paper..but we also got the stiches templates. I can't wait for these to come in TUESDAY! Hmmm..whatelse whatelse? Oh..Bind in alls. We just sold out of our second order, but some are already on the fed ex truck coming to us! Scor-Pal's! This is one of my very favorite tools!!! Anyway..Ry's calling to me to get off the computer!
Come and see me!!!