Saturday, June 19, 2010

School ended...our performer..and school all the stuffs that has been going on!

Easily said, life has been busy. But when is it now when you add my three girls to any mix.

School ended on one very special girls birthday. We told Bug that for her birthday present, we would end school half day!
Traysea had to some hula for school. Go figure, the Hawaiian girl has to do the hula
Tyra got out to participate in the Luau activities! Plus support her baby sister
See our cutie on her birthday!!
Tyra decided she would come out and support her sisters on their last day!
and to keep me company!
Then after school, it was time to head to our favorite birthday place
See and Tyra says he hates the rodent! Then....gramms came to town!!!!
Her and Tyra are going on adventure to Washington DC...BUT of course we have to have a birthday dinner
All birthdays run through the OG.
Besides those excitements, life has been sorta settled. With soccer season over, things seem to be running like normal...
But that is all going to change in about five weeks. #1 and #2 will be on traveling teams..and bugsy will be playing on a different team. SO yes, I will have three girls on three different teams. as a single parent is going to get pretty crazy! But im a lucky girls with handfuls of people to help me!
More later..we are off to the roller rink! It's Bugsy's birthday party WEEKEND!