Friday, November 28, 2008

Let it begin!

So my best friend Sean texts me this morning..asking what our day is going to be like. I say..oh just putting up the tree and starting to decorate the house...then I get a response...
"Oh you are one of those type of people."
So I guess I am one of those type of people. But last year we waited to the very very last moment. Remember Ry had his test and I was working like a crazy fool. But this year our totally child rated tree is up and decorated. Ry has a rule about our has to be totally kid like. Color lights..crazy decorations that our children get to put on. Who cares about balance..and covering long as it is totally thrown together and makes the girls smile. I guess...I have to just deal with it. Ryan hated having the perfect tree in his house. His mom has a beautiful tree that she puts up every year. And every year..ryan hated it. Therefore we will forever have a kids tree!
Then of course the traditional post decorating pictures

Also today..we got a visitor!
Jakes parents went of a post Thanksgiving Disney trip!

Post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving food was awesome! A day of test..but we all past and were living in food happiness at dinner time! I already had some leftovers this morning..and it is always wonderful the second time around! Today I did not make the Black Friday adventure. I couldn't find the energy and there really isn't anything I have to have to make it through my Christmas season. But we did sneak in a Thanksgiving picture for our grandma!
This year my mom stayed home..and had time to herself. My grandma goes to a care facility during the day..and my daddy is in Cali helping out his sick sister. SO my home is home alone. But that is totally her choice. She could have went to my favorite aunty's house...or my sisters..but she just wanted to chill at home. SO her!

In less then a month my mom them get here. I think I am over the moon more then the girls. I heart heart heart my mom..not to mention to have her here for Christmas is my favorite. I think one year we didn't do Christmas together..and all of us were pouty. My dad was at home telling my mom they should have flew up here..and I was at home telling her she should have flew up here. I know...since then we try never to be apart for Christmas. TO make so much baby brother is coming this year! I SO need them right now too! It's crazy! Anyway..enough blah blah blahing..hope your yesterday was full of smiles!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My day of thankful

I know it is actually the day before thanksgiving..but before my day gets swept away with turkey and hot turkey sandwiches (by far my most favorite thing about thanksgiving) i wanted to make my list....

1. Well of course I am thankful for my family. That should go without words..but sometimes people need to be reminded. And when I say family..if you have met me for even one second you know that my family is not defined by blood. So, you totally know if you fall into that category. This year has truly been a test for me and I am happy to know that I am still passing HIS test and that the people that love me...are there everyday for me!

2. That Ry has a job. I mean seriously in this horrible time in the economy I am SO grateful that I have a husband that has the job he has. Him, some days I am not sure of..but at least he's working supporting all of us! Thanks ry

3. That I have such great faith! I mean Jesus has tested me over and over..and with the year winding to it's end, I am still being tested..and I have to remind myself that God only test the strong..and which each closed door another ones!

4. That with the new year bring a world of new adventures! I love that! I love that this new year even though it seems sorta dull right filled with bright bright hope! I am excited!

And most of all..I am thankful for these!!!
I mean seriously. Who could not think their life is pretty perfect with these three additions!

Here's hoping your turkey day is filled with thankful love and happiness!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Still sick

When you start to think that you are in the likes to remind you that you aren't!
So cause i need a pick me up!

Life is better with dessert!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I found my birthday gift request

Cause I have a second

So I actually have the computer free for use. With Ryan home, it sorta feels that he camps on the computer. Not a huge deal..but it cuts into my blogging time. Seriously that since he is off at a medical appointment..I thought I better take the opportunity to get in... birthday is creeping in..and luckily I don't view 33 as old.

Oh I hate WalMart. I bought Wall-E last night..and of course when I get home, it is not in my bag. So I had to go back this morning. Luckily no my movie..and got drama.

I want a new texting phone. My phone is lame..and I am in want mode.

I want Detroit car makers not to get bailed I can get a fantabulous van for barely anything.

Thanksgiving is coming up! Yuppie..but really Thanksgiving has never been a great holiday for me. I mean I love getting together..but not huge!

My Christmas cards are probably a bust. I know the horror...well since i was sick for about a week and a half, that put a halt on that..and now I am REALLY out of time. SO Costco cards it is!! I promise not to pout too much!

I can't wait to put the Christmas tree up. I almost want to jump ahead..but I can' girls won't let me. Plus since Ryan is home, I want him to put up the Christmas lights and all that! But today, I think he finds out when he has to go to the boat! Pluses and minuses.

I can't decide what kind of Christmas decorations I want. I want something totally fun for my lawn..and lights all over the house..but am I really motivated...short But my girls just love Christmas lights!

Wednesday I have to go to Charleston. I am hoping that Ryan is still here and wants to go with..cause then we can take the girls to the Festival of Lights...and then come home for Thanksgiving. But we will have to see...

Did you know here in Florida it is suppose to be 70 today. WOW..since it is was like 36 this morning. What the heck???

My parents have bought their tickets..and they will be out here for Christmas! YUPPIE! We are going to head out to Disney before Christmas..and then have Christmas at home..LOVELY! Then the "frosting" my baby brother will be here too! This is my doing the happy dance! I love my family. Not that you guys don't..but I need me some mommy and daddy!

Ryan might be getting signed up for a school and have to be here through mid December. I don't want to tell the girls..just in case it doesn't pan out!

Two of my friends headed out to the outlets today. I am JEALOUS! Of course both of their husbands can pick up their children afterschool. AH poop! Is all I can say!

For today's smile!!!

Okay..Tyra needs to start her school..I need to get off!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am just wiped

Sorry guys..Lately I have been wiped..and just not enough time to do my house and my blog take a back seat to my let's see...since Wednesday....I have been a great #3's class everyday making Thanksgiving related crafts..Oh you want pictures do you..well they are on Keri's and Brooke's I will have to get back to you on that...But easily girlie is a cutie...
Thursday, Yulee Primary has their annual thanksgiving feast.  Really it was a bowl of gravy with turkey in it..but the best part is that parents were encouraged to come and have lunch with your child.  So I took the first shift and had lunch with #3.  Of course she packed her tuna sandwich..and I decided to avoid school lunch.  With the way I have been feeling for the past few would be the worst thing ever for me to get sick in the primary school cafeteria.  Ry took the second shift and had lunch with Traysea.  OH and she loved it loved it.  Time with her dad, she totally ate it up.  She, also a tuna sandwich...but Ry was brave enough to try the food.  He said it was okay.  But he had lunch with his daughter..and it could have been jello..both of them would have enjoyed it!  
So the best thing about Thursday Night/Friday Morning..was the Twilight midnight showing.  Tyra, me and some friends decided to go to the midnight showing.  I am a HUGE movie i want to see it first.  Plus I loved twilight and I was hoping beyond all hope that the movie would so so outstanding that I would love it as much as the books...
Such was not the case.  I mean I love having a visual to my book..but I think really I would not have died if I didn't see it.  I know horrible to say..but it is what it is!  But she had my money.  I mean from Twilight her other book the host..and then the movie.  She has me hooked.  Of course when New Moon comes out..I am going to see that too..why..cause I am just like that.  Just like I have seen EVER Harry Potter movie.  Are they ever as good as the book...NO...but I still try.  There are few movies that I say have been as good as the book...hmmmm...Rainmaker..A Time to Kill....Narnia....I am sure there are a few here and there, but that's all I can think of.  Either way.....go see have to!
So Bolt also premiered Friday.  So we took the girls Saturday to see Bolt!  In Disney 3D.  Now yes, I am a snob and if we can have the best..then I want it...So I drive my children 30 minutes to a much further theater to see it in 3D.  But it was AWESOME.  Now explain to me why Tyra and I both liked Bolt better then Twilight?  Who knows.  
So here we are Sunday and I did change out of my pajamas..but just in different pajamas.  The girls are in the shower after their Wii marathon.  But we did squeeze in some family time..while they cuddled in my bed and we watched the Santa Clause.  Oh I love that series of movies.  I even recall on time taking Tyra out of school so she could see it with the Fires and Housers.  I know I know..but her friends were moving..and what is one day..right???
So that is my catch up...I know as if you guys really really care the hooo humm of my household..but people are starting to think that I am dying.  I am still alive guys..promise promise! 
Oh and  last week..the girls and I did get to see Madagascar 2.  I know we have been totally on a movie tear.  But the girls and I heart heart movies!  Here is Nanea acting like Alex the Lion
And to just prove that I am still alive..and in semi good health..


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Wednesday

Ah ah...ahhh...Oh wait..I think that song is suppose to go..Monday Monday...but really everyday for me lately has felt like a monday. But here we are wednesday and I can't believe I haven't blogged in so many days. Of course you would all love to believe that I was doing awesomely wonderful things with my children...such is not the case. I have been at home...being sick. I don't know what has come over me..but maybe cause Ryan is home, my body has decided that this is a good time to just shut down. Which is it a good time..cause he is home and for the most part if I fell least he is around for supervision! Right? Sometimes I have to wonder who watches whom in this house. Luckily my computer is centrally located and he can parent from the desktop.

So I am sad to hear my friend Felicia is dealing! I know mom and dad leaving is always a hard blow..but hopefully that will give you enough to get through till Mike gets home. Know that I love and miss you EVERYDAY!

My friend Memorie has dropped off the grid! Not that I have been around all that much. Mems I miss you! Her and her fancy Iphone haven't texted me in awhile!

Kelly is dealing with all that is the navy! They say this..and then this is what really happens. I know every military wife out there is nodding their heads in agreement!

Lauren and Makana..I hope are doing fine. I got a text a bit I know that they are okay! I love you..Eme Mak oh and you too Lauren and Brad!

Karrie Clark has house guest until January..WOW! I know..when her in laws come..they really come to stay. Luckily Karrie loves her in laws and life is happy...

But because I have been sick..I haven't gotten to see my favorite newborn. Hi Spencer..aunty misses you!!! Misty and I are totally icky avoiders! So until I know what the heck I have and what is going on..I don't want to get around Spencer. He is just one month..but because of it..I am missing my cutie of a Jack..oh and their mom! Know that i miss you three!

Luckily I get to run into Keri and her cuties daily! thank goodness we live in the same town and our kids go to the same school! But I have been neglecting her too!

So for a little bit of happiness

This is last year's Christmas Card pic...WOW the difference one year makes...
hope your cup is half full!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Can we just stay home for one day!

It has been a great week.  We hit Sea World on tuesday..pushed through wednesday thursday and then friday decided it was road trip time.  Well, Ryan wanted to take the kids to the shuttle launch.  Friday night was a night launch and we could totally make it there and back we thought, what the heck..and made the scramble and got directions and then loaded up the van. Here are the girls in the van on the way down.  They are watching a movie.
Then here are the girls at our roadside viewing area.
I mean seriously road side.  We decided to drive down 3 and see what we could find.  And we just pulled off the road and made camp.  We saw a bunch of others doing we thought...heh why not.  Of course I forgot new batteries for the camera so my pictures aren't even close to great...but here is the shuttle before we could actually see it..
It was pitch black and then all of a sudden you see the sky turn bright bright orange.  Traysea says she thought it was sunset.  And then you see the shuttle launched into the sky.  Everyone road side start cheering and clapping.  My girls starting screaming goodbye..have fun!  Waving at the shuttle.  Of course the rest of my pictures are furry blobs of light floating in the sky..but my girls all have the memory..and I am going to have to take that as enough!  It was an awesome time..and the girls all said that it was worth the three hour drive.  Of course ryan finds out all this information by listening the the broadcast on the radio about how this is probably the last night mission and that with the space program ending in 2010 that this might be the last chance that everyone will get it to see it together.  It was totally worth it.  Mostly cause I got to sit back and ride the entire way.  Have to love when Ryan is home, I don't even have to think about driving.  He has such OCD issues about driving.  I love it!
So today was much of nothing.  I really spend the day in recovery...napping and hanging out in my room watching tv.  I love a recovery day.  It was our first saturday with no soccer...not that I am complaining about soccer..but it was nice to sleep in until I felt like waking up!  We are having pizza for dinner...loving my day!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making Decisions

So lately I have really been in a decision stage. I have been trying to decide to hold on..or let go. I know I know..most times, when you have to make that decision, it normally means you should just breath out and let go..but in this situation I just can't decide. I can't decide if it is worth the fight. I really is..but one person fighting..doesn't always make it happen.

Okay..enough of that pity party..right?? today I am sorta sick. You know that sick that you aren't really really sick..but that uck feeling that you just get rid of? Yea that is me. But I am the super trooper and will push it out with the help of my trusty friend Mr. Zicam.

So..along the making decision theme..i am battling with my Christmas Cards. In my mind..and now sketched out..I have a plan for an over the top "WOWZA" Christmas card. But I do have reality..that is November 13th..and I would have to produce oh about a 100 of them in less then a month. Which brings up two problems.
The first one is that I would have to cut down my card list. I know not totally a big deal, but seriously I love sending out cards with my cute little letters. All of that! So that is hard for me.

Then my second problem is the cost of it all. Because my card won't be post office friendly it would require extra postage and not to mention all the fun stuffs that go with making my cards. The embellishments and the cute papers. Not to mention the printing picture cost. BUT I love it and want it. Of course nothing less will make me happy.

I know I know..get over it..right? I totally am having a pity party for myself..UGH..maybe it is the full moon..who knows! Hope your day is brighter!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Holiday! is Veterans Day! Thank you to all who have given their time, energy and lives knitting that blanket of freedom that I tuck my children under every night!

The girls were out of school, so we decided to go and have some fun.
Where you ask..oh just to......

That's right guys..we headed further south to Orlando. Thought we might check in on this guy
Shamu and his friends were doing great! The girls had the best time!

I know I overload...that is what happens when you take 1200 pictures in one afternoon. I am super surprised my batteries held up. I even got a video or two in. Awesomeness! I will update more later! It has been a long day!
Miss you love you

Monday, November 10, 2008

Where does the time go!

I mean is like my weekend was a whirlwind!  The babies had their last soccer game of the season...along with soccer parties.  Ry returned home on Friday...we got furniture...traysea got glasses...I mean time just seems to keep trottling on.  
So we are rushing out to the girls Vet's Day program.  I promise pictures from that later..
But here are some with Traysea and her new glasses! 
have a great day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh the Christmas list!

WOW, I am still shocked it is November.  Today I was actually thinking about Christmas shopping..and calling my mother in law letting her know what the kids are looking to find under their Christmas Tree.  My goodness we are so toy out of touch, it is sorta funny.  My girls, at least this year, have really not been toy kids.  I don't know what it is..but Littlest Pet Shop, board games, books, and puzzles have been keeping them busy.  I guess with a jump castle a huge yard, and every ball from every sport to play with, they can easily spend hours amusing each other.   But this years request list starts off with this....
We all can't wait to spend hours playing and singing at the top of our lungs!  Followed bythis treasure.  Tyra can't wait to start playing.
The Leappad Tag system.  My girls love to be read to.  This can actually read to you.  I know I know how horrible of me, but seriously I can only read books to them for an hour before I start to fall asleep.  This way, they can read to they are sick of it.
They are so into this kitchen it is crazy.  I think really it is all the stuffs that go with it. Like these....

This is some of the best play food around...though Melissa and Doug's pretend play is pretty awesome.  It is all wood made and everything seems to really hold up well.  I love to play with the girls kitchen and all that fun!  Our list have a bunch of DS games.  Including the new Littlest Pet Shop game and Build a Bear game for Nanea.  
Then there is the Loving Family Dollhouse
 I love having girls.  It is too much fun.  I can't wait to see what the girls actually do get for Christmas.  Of course we are thinking about the normal bikes and other things..but my girls are totally my girls and really would just love giftcards.  Isn't that totally a sign of the time.  My girls love to go in and select their own items and pretend to be all adult like and purchase whatever.  Too crazy..too too crazy...
SO..with the Christmas list made...I guess I really better get off my butt and make some Christmas cards..I mean oh..with just 150 of them no pressure right...
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I know it is just an excuse..but I stayed up late last night..and then got up early...then went on a field trip for nanea's class...I have pictures..and i will upload later...
so quicks for today...traysea picked out frames and we ordered her glasses. she is such a cutie..i can't wait! she can't wait. ryan is working on getting his medical hold moved to kings bay. vitual school has started for tyra. thanksgiving decorations are up. the girls last soccer game is this weekend. i am emotionally physically tired. nanea is still battling something. she has a come and go fever. so we are praying over her and working her with tylenol.
Those were just to make you smile...tons going on! i love you guys

Monday, November 3, 2008

Eye Charts

SO..Nanea is still battling with a fever. I am not sure what it is..but the child is battling something. She is always the one. I am sure with her lack of sleep since Thursday night, late dinner with mom, and then she was up at crack of dawn trying to tell her Gramms bye...then having to get up for school..followed by all has come to hit her. Saturday Aydin and Morgan didn't go home till she was up last night, the fever returned. I put my hands on her..and prayed for her healing. Then she wakes up today, perfect...then around one..she starts to get warm again. I mean seriously..the child...Ry would claim that it was all because of formula feeding. He's a dork..but whatever the reasons are..I just pray she gets over it quickly. was eye doctors. My girls both failed their eye exams at their annual check ups, and since Ry wore glasses at a very early age, we just wanted to make sure everything was okay. It was hard to believe that just a year ago..all three of my girls were 20/20. And then..failing the next year. Well except for she still is living with perfect vision.....SO..we had to venture into downtown. We arrive at 830..cause you have to check in and fill out all this paper work..cause it's not just a doctors's a children's hospital..but it was fine...

see the doctor at nine..then eye drops in...wait half an hour..and back in the room we go. at eleven thirty..we are finally cleared to girls were so excited about those paper sunglasses. Traysea hated having her vision messed with. it was kinda funny....

So the verdict...Nanea has astigmatism in one eye. Surprise surprise..her father has one in the same eye. What can they do about it...OH may get may not. SO in one year we go back. As of right now, there is nothing wrong with her vision and the losers that took it at the medical clinic here at Kings Bay are lame. Surprise again.

BUT Traysea, needs glasses. She is near sighted, what a shock, so is Ryan. So now I have to go and see just what tricare covers for glasses for kids. Ugh. I can't wait for her to pick out some super cute glasses. She is SO ryan's daughter it makes me laugh. I love it though...I got two..he should get at least one. BUT the funniest part is that Traysea has hated him forever. I mean now she adores him..but when she was born, I promise as soon as he entered the room, she would start screaming. For whatever reason, I could hand him a sleeping baby, but as soon as she felt his skin, she would wake up...see him..and scream. It makes me laugh still.

It is SO amazing how my three children are SO different. I know totally different subject..but I had this discussion with Sean and my mom today. I have three daughters...
See them there. Now they all look related..but not really sisters. All three girls got my chin. Nanea has my eyes..but Traysea got my eye color..but would not know they are sisters. But each one is SO different then the other....
Tyra is the most chilled out person ever. I know sometimes i have to question, but really she is totally a go with the flow type of girl. She slept through the night..and if i could have ten of her..i would...she is the best big sister anyone could ask for! My girls are SO lucky...
From the day traysea was born, she knew she was going to set the pace. No one was EVER going to tell her what to do. So what if I had a scheduled c section monday..she wants to come the saturday before. Also when she was born..she already looked days old. She was not the wrinkled up baby. But she is Ryan. Now I am saying almost everything about her is ryan. her skills for math everything is ry. Including their type A personality. She stresses over everything....ryan and his mom have this same anxiety issue. But she is his daughter everyday..all the time.
Then there is Nanea. OH she is a mini me. But I hear from my mom that I was no where as crazy as she is. But she is my mini me. Just happy to be alive...go here go this do that..type of girl. She is short, like me. Round me..and we both love food. I mean is mine..and I love it.

Three girls..with three different personalities...keeps me on my toes. But never would ask for it..any other way.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A saturday with friends

Wow..who let November arrive already.  It has been SUCH a crazy year..I can't believe it.  I need to start my Christmas cards since it is going to take FOREVER to get them all done.  But they are going to be superstar fantastic..if I can just get off my ask and start them.  
At least I already have an idea and the pictures to go with it.  I had fabulous lunch with the cutest Jack I know..his baby brother Spencer...then met the hottest Sean I know.  I tell you boys in long sleeves and beanies...YUM! 
Anyway..our Saturday was spent with some friends  here are the kids playing out back.
I love our backyard!  Yes that is the deflated jump castle.  My kids are addicted to it...again!  I know Misty totally gets how much we hate the thing.  OH WELL!
Then it's out with Halloween.  I am waiting to close the bin as soon as the halloween towels and mats are washed and dried.  So in with Thanksgiving....
I am off to get more tomorrow..I think.  I am thinking potted mums and something else for our walls.  I am having the girls make turkeys and other fun stuffs....

Also our flag is time for Veteran's Day...

Tyra spent her reading Twlight.  She wants to have it fresh in her mind come the 21st.
Then it was time for dessert.  And then resting before bedtime!
Great days!!  Simply great days!