Monday, April 30, 2007 promised!

So the lakehouse was perfect. I know I already said that..but I you just don't understand! Not that it was this all glorious lakehouse, oh but it was, but it was the people I got to hang out with! It seems like God always hears you! I prayed for some people that loved to stamp..and God delivered ten time over! He brought me Claudia..that brought me Gail, Michelle, Kim, and Serika. Not that I don't love everyone I stamp with...but I really love these guys! I'm starting to tear up so I better just get to the pictures...OH wait..I forgot..everyone was suppose to bring a project..BUT hi I am loser..and didn't really bring one. I was going to have everyone make their nametags for our next Carolina Girl's swap, but the loser I am forgot the bag with all the stamps in it! OH WELL. Luckily everyone else brought their stuffs..BUT I did bring all the paper! SO I sorta feel like I came through..oh and I brought my craft spots..which totally were needed! So everything works out! are some pictures of the lakehouse..and it's view!

awesome yea! It's beautiful! It's quiet! It's lovely! I can see why Claudia never is ready to go! And it just an hour away! Who would have thought this could be just one hour away! you want to see the stuffs we made!

Isn't everything just awesome! I know I am totally over using that word right now, but I can't find anything else that can describe it like that..oh wait..SPASOME! That is what Tyra uses. Super awesome..but one word! Anyway..It was a great time!
Thank you Claudia for sharing your place with me!

I got tagged again! I love playing games

I have always been a game type of girl. We use to hang out and play games all the time when I was younger. Ryan isn't a huge game..he is there..but the actually sitting down and playing games..he's not huge on. Which is so funny..because he pretty much can rock out anything. Anyway..I have always been the "friend" that would fill out the survey and send it I have been tagged..again and have to list seven "interesting" facts about me... so

1. I love being from Hawaii, but don't ever want to live there again. I mean I love it as a place to come home and visit...but while the Navy is paying for us..I'd like the girls to see as much as possible. But when it is all said and done, Ry and I are going to take the girls home!

2. My best friend is my mom. Okay now a lot of you are probably saying..of course she is..the funny part is that my mom never wanted to be my best friend. BUT she is mine. Too bad what she wanted. She is the best mom EVER. I love her tons..she is here in two days. YUPPIE!

3. My daughters are my everything. Now I know you are saying..well that's not interesting..but it is something I felt I needed to share. Those three girls always can carry me through any situation. Tyra is always the comforting one. Traysea always wants to know why..and what happened..and Nanea..just makes you smile! She is pure sunshine.

4. My favorite flower is a tubearose. I think that is how you spell it.

5. I have an addiction to Bath and Body works. I love love love great smelling stuffs! I am not a huge perfume type of girl though. SO I love lotions. That store is so dangerous for me!

6. I still watch cartoons. You say..of course you have three girls..but no I really still watch them. Tyra and I will tivo them and watch them together later. It is so crazy how into them I get. They all have these crazy story lines and everything!

7. I love art. If it is paper crafting..painting..anything..i love it. My mom was/is super crafty and she always left that outlet there for me. My dad wanted me to go to art school, but when I have to start to make something, because I have to..I have a hard time doing that. Anyway...I found my seven..I will tag some people later..right now I have to get the girls ready for school!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A great time...but it's the week!!!

So this weekend..well Friday and Saturday I spent at this great Lakehouse. My friend Claudia has this lakehouse! She was nice enough to let us come up and spend the night and most of the day stampin and creating! I love this bunch. The "inner" circle. They know who they are!!! Anyway we made some great projects..I promise I will take pictures this morning..when the sun comes up some, and then post them.
So today starts that crazy week I have been talking about! Ry's parents come in tomorrow..but then my parents come in on Tuesday...then my brother buddy that I can't wait to see comes in Thursday..Ry gets commissioned Thursday..OH I forgot to mention that Traysea has a field trip on the 1st..and Tyra has two Aladdin performances on the 2nd and 3rd..oh then Ry gets commissioned Friday..and has graduation on Saturday. Plus there is stamp camp at 1. MY head is spinning from just talking about it all! Anyway..enough of my complaining..I just wanted to vent..Pray that we go and see this house today and Ryan loves it!
Have a great week..I promise to check in with you guys this week!!
thank you claudia, gail, michelle, and kim for making me weekend awesome!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blogger tag

Today..well actually yesterday I got tagged by Marie. She has a super star blog called Combat boots to Rubber stamps. I will have to find out to post a link..anyway..I am suppose to tell you seven things "interesting" facts about me, so here I go.

1. Hmm..I always knew I was going to be a mom! I think from a very young age I couldn't wait to have my own children!! God has been wonderful and blessed me with three beautiful daughters! Who knew it would be such hard work! Everyday one of my children test me! But at the end of each day I am happy! Now if it was up to me..we would have at least one more..BUT Ryan says three is fine!!

2. I normally don't stress out. Werid yea! I mean I get a bit freaked out..but no challenge is too much..except right now! With everything being so up in the air right now I just feel overwhelmed.

3. Ryan and I got married in a matter of three days. It's those military weddings I tell you..Decided to get married on married Friday..Ry got underway...his boat left for 4 months...the following Monday. Into year seven we have a million up and downs..but..when you scrape everything away..we are still married!!! I have to least for today..happily!

4. I love Hawaiian food. this is not a huge secret..but it's not something I think a lot of my "new" friends now. Now when I say new friends..I just mean the friends that I have known in the last four years...BUT I love it! I can eat it all the time! It's horrible..I don't even have to be hungry!

5. I am not only Hawaiian. I am a nice blend of a million different things.

6. I am want everything. I am spoiled. Yes the most horrible sense. Luckily I have a great mom and husband. Normally if there is something I want..I get it! I know it is horrible. BUT if not right then...I can wait..I hate to wait..but right now..I am waiting for the cuttlebug or big shot to go on sale so I can bring it home with me.

7. My craft addiction started early. I can remember in high school I use to have everyone coloring or doing some craft thing. My mommie is a crafty person...luckily. She was always there to encourage my sickness..even back then!

I hope that is for tagging..I am going to have to get back to you..A lot of everyone has been tagged. So I will check out my list of blogs I have bookmarked..and get back to you...!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Moving parts!

Heh there blog reading world! Sorry I haven't been around in a few days! It is a super busy time in my household! Ryan is graduating from the Citadel May 4th..and we have so many moving parts in our lives right now. BUT I am trying not to complain! I have to trust that my prayers are being heard..and Jesus is delivering! Ry gets commissioned...Tyra has two performances for her school. Traysea has a field trip. Ry's parents arrive April 30th. My parents arrive May 1st. My brother, sister in law, three nieces and my sister arrive on the 2nd. Did I mention we are looking for a place to rent for our remainding time here in South Carolina. We can't find anything in the Goose Creek, Hanahan, North Charleston area that is worth anything..or a true 4 bedroom and Ryan really doesn't want to drive. BUT today I found a great house..but it's in Ladson..SO Ryan and I are going to have to compromise some place...anyway..SO normally I don't stress out..but it just seems like a lot of things are happening right now! SO I have decided..if it is ment to be..God will make it happen. Okay deep cleaning breath...but on a lighter note..I am heading to the Lakehouse this weekend! Just how crazy is that! My friend Claudia has this great lake house that she is letting us come and hang out at..and stamp stamp stamp! I have to get with my girl Gail and make a commissionary run...AND..decide if we want to do tins.

Anyway..onto a happier bit..have you seen SU up and coming stuffs! OH MY GOODNESS I cannot wait for the new stuff to "hit the stands". I already feel my wallet shrinking..but I told Ryan I would be good..until we know what we have to put out when we move...i.e. new bedroom furniture, and a fridge...then I would keep my stampin budget small. OH I am still going to every event...$15 for stamp camp..isn't really a huge deal...SO thank goodness the new catty doesn't come out till will give me some cushion time! Then we will know just what my stampin budget is going to be. Well I am sure I have gone on long enough..! I'll catch up with you guys soon! Keep me in your thoughts!!! I need all the positive prayers and thoughts you guys got!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I love my very best friend!!

So I have an awesome best friend Mayumi! Mayumi has been such a great friend to me! I feel like I have been a part of her life for so long. It is hard to imagine my life without her. I've known her since she was in high school. She spent holidays with me..while in college, because she couldn't go home! Mayumi is like my own daughter! SO i RAK'ed her. Just to tell her I loved her! Anyway this summer we had planned on going home and she was so excited! But she sent me this!

I hate to have to tell her that we have changed our plans and are not coming home! It's been FOREVER since I've seen her! At least three years..when we went home for the summer. I hate it..I miss her tons!!! We are going to have to make her come to visit me!!! I LOVE YOU, MAYU!

Did I tell you I won blog candy??

Okay I try and enter blog candy everywhere! I mean to get stuff is awesome..and since I would be on their blog anyway, why not enter..right?? Okay so Lois from Gingerbreadaholic had a drawing a while back. SO the first person never contacted her back..SO I won! Heh I take seconds!!! Anyway this is what I got!

In my box was a stamp art box, four ribbons, three white flowerrs, a black spot, a magnet clipboard with pen and paper, and a band aid tin!! YUPPIE. Thanks Lois!!! Her blog is

A crafty Saturday

So today I have been on the run! Thankfully the medicine is taking effect and I am starting to feel better! Praise Jesus! Just in time to hit the flea market this morning! My friend Gail...(HI GAIL!!!) and my friend Claudia where heading out to their "find" and I was able to tag along!

All of this for $10. Don't be jealous!! I hear some weekends are better then others..but I thought I did well!! I can't wait to try out these dew drops. Beate got some and she did wonders...hopefully it was more the ink they Beate's creativity..YEA RIGHT!! But here's hoping! The other stuffs is some bling, cute clippies..and some dotted buttons..too cute! Can't wait to play!

SO after the flea market we made a stop for breakfast. All I can say is I had scattered and smuthered. But then we headed to Michelle's. Today Gail, Kim and Michelle hosted a card buffet. If you have never been to a card buffet it's where you show up..and they have cards prepared and you pick and choose which cards you want to make. These girls came up with 11 superstar cards! At a dollar a card you can't beat it!

Don't you love them! Yes that is 11 handmade card. I have to say I had a great time! Anytime I get to spend with an awesome time. We missed Pat today. I mean who told her she go could off and have a vacation! I mean seriously! Anyway...the cards are great..and what I love most about there were a ton of sympathy cards! I always don't know what to do for sad cards. I guess when I get cards they always make me smile..SO when I think sadness..I don't know how to put that into a cards.

So my day was great..I call Ry and tell him I am heading home. To his defense..Saturday is his sleep in day..and I made him get up when I left at 730 this morning. I told him I would be home around 1..but heh card buffet went long..SO here I am calling him at 3 saying..okay I am on the way I get met by my two younger girls in my living room watching Chicken Little. The house seems to have survived the morning..this is not always the case..but then I head to my craft room..and I open the door and see this

Are you saying to yourself..oh those look familiar? Those aren't the paper she just bought from the scrapbook store it??? Is that glitter on the sheet?? Where did the glitter come from??? Oh wait..didn't she just buy a jar of stickles?
Okay so after I start breathing again..I ask...OUT LOUD..what the heck happened in here? The first name I call...Ryan Alden Auger! Why, do you ask, do I call for my husband? Well because sometimes his supervision skills are a bit lacks. To my husband's defense..I did leave the paper on my craft desk...but you see Traysea doing anything crazy like this..OF COURSE NOT..why? Because she enjoys breathing. Now at this point Nanea is reminded of what she did and is hiding under her bed. If you ever ever met Nanea you will know that this is my "strong willed" one. Again I am using positive words. But she got a hold of the stickles..and the new paper..and started making creations. When I finally get to her..and fight ever urge in my body to yell at her...she says "I wanted to make pretties!" Okay seriously how can I get mad at her??? I promise God gave Nanea the cutest eyes and smile because he knew that it was going to be the only thing that would save that child. Ryan came in and scolded her. I just glared at him!!! He just walked away and offered to purchase pizza for dinner and said I could make a trip back to the scrapbook store to replace the paper and stickles. So at the end of the day I don't have to make dinner!! YUPPIE!!! I scored big time at the flea market. I got to spend time with my friends making awesome cards and breakfast with Claudia and Gail! YUPPIE! What a day!

Friday, April 20, 2007

BUT Bunco made me do it!

Well it did! It enabled me! I am not complaining at all! So I go to BUNCO this week..and my first time ever I actually win! SO..cha ching $30. So what should I do with $30 I didn't know I was going to have..head off to the scrapbook store. So here are my treasures. Now in my defense..the paper was calling my name..Plus too I did well and put a bunch of stuffs back..but she has stickles..and she is waiting on more colors..I stopped for a moment and smiled at her! I can actually get stickels in my own area..and don't have to order online? Okay for those of you that don't know I hate to wait. I love to have it..feel it..use it that day. Online shopping KILLS me! But heh...have some don't have know! are my new friends!

Elise is the owner of "A Scrapbook Store" She has a blog if I could just find that address...

Oh I hope that worked..cause it's my first time!! Anyway..visit her store if you live in the area! You'll love it..I am off to bed..I have been battling a sinus infection and I think the kids are getting sick! UH OH! But I am heading to the flew market tomorrow..and then a card buffet after!!! I'll take some pictures!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Guess who stole the.....

I know I know it's suppose to be the cookie from the cookie jar...but Trysha wasn't caught with the cookie jar. She got caught with her hand in the peanut butter jar! Nanea is our "spirted" child. Notice I am trying to use positive words! But when I came into the kitchen..and saw her on the the counter..I had to grab the camera.

Oh we love us some Nanea!

It's a blustery day!

As Pooh and his friends would say! What a blustery day! It seems that South Carolina has been visited by the winds of the west. It seems to have died down, but all day it was something crazy! Today was the Carolina girl swap! WooHoo!! It has been such a busy weekend. Like I am going from one thing to the next! Which is the truth. Thankfully I have an awesome husband that if possible, allows me the chance to get out and do things! Today's swap was a packed house. It was suppose to be 11 of us..but Ms. Michelle was home sick! Poor girlie! We missed you Michelle!!! Anyway...everyone is super gifted! Today's swaps were just awesome! Here they are!!

Aren't they cute!!! It is dark already..SO I will take piece by piece pictures in the AM when the sun is up! OH WAIT..tomorrow is going to be a crazy day! I have about ten errands I have to run for Ryan. Traysea has school. Not to mention that I have yet to start ryan's invites for his commissioning!! *Insert crazy deperation noise here!!* OH did I mention my laundry is steadily taking over my bedroom! Oh well...I did get Ryan's hair cut tonight. So he isn't looking to crazy for his Monday classes! I feel like such a good wife!! Alrighty!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New stamps new stamps and my Easter goodies!

So yesterday in my email inbox there is an email from my friend Felicia. Felicia is a CTMH demo and I had ordered some things last month..because it was buy two get one free. We all know I am female and LOVE a sale. SO...tada look at my goodies! I can't wait to find a reason to use them! I LOVE how these things store. Felicia has a closet..with about 90 plus sets..but you don't really know that..WHY..cause they fit all in these cute little boxes! I love it! this is the goodies I got today...I have to think of something to make!!!

Then these are my Easter goodies from mom!!! Ice Tea from home. I LOVE NOH ice tea. The floral printed paper and tags are the best. Mom knows I love she sends me some! Love her! She also sent me some flowers for me ear. You know us girls from Hawaii and there flowers in their ears. Mom hates that I buy them from Michaels..and cut the stems. They are huge and in all types of colors..SO she felt bad for me and sent me a bunch! SO that's it for tonight..I know..I totally just made up for not posting all week! Okay back to doing the real stuffs! I gotta still clean my house..I am having a Passion party friday! It's going to be a blast. SO if you happen to be in Charleston Friday..drop by!!!

My swaps for Sunday

This months Carolina Swap is being hosted by Patti. Patti is an SU! demo and is very talented. But her theme this month is a Masculine card or Father's Day. OKAY..this was a problem for me! Masculine cards to me means not a little boys birthday card. SO no dinosaurs, no frogs, no cute little trucks and tractors. RIGHT??? Secondly, I do not own a Father's day set! Mental note, purchase a set for both...anyway..So here I am with about 50 sets and nothing popping out at me. All I have that I think I can use is Balmy breezes. Now I knew I loved this set..but for what..I don't know. So I pull it out..and think back to Ala Moana Beach Park. Now if you have ever visited the island of Oahu you know Ala Moana and it's awesome beach park. I smell the salt air. Flash back to the no parking. Days lying on the beach! BUT I think Palm Trees. Well I need a starter color..So a dusky green...ah..True Thyme. So that's my cardbase. SU! New In color True Thyme. I used the same color ink and swept it across whisper white paper. Sorta aging the paper's look. Then I stamped the Palm Tree in Chocolate Chip craft ink and embossed that. The effect is awesome. Now I attended on using a sentiment stamp I have had forever. It is Happy birthday in Hawaiian. Hau'oli La Hanau. BUT after I stamped them all I realized that the sentiment was too big. UH OH..for future reference check stuffs like that out! I have to come back and handwrite it. SO to me..the final product does not look as clean as it could, but's a masculine card..right?? I thought it looked a bit plain..SO I added the hodgepodge piece and a gave it a small piece of grosgrain ribbon in cream and spring moss.

I like it. Minus my handwritten words. I think it came out well. I love the old style feel of the card. Makes me miss home!!! I can't wait till Sunday.

Sorry I have been busy!

Heh there everyone! I am sorry that I have been neglecting you guys! I hate nothing more the to go to a blog has hasn't changed in a bunch of days! Though I know it's hard to do something everyday..SO as promised I have a bunch of pictures. Firstly, about two weeks ago I headed to Keri's house to create. Keri Serika is awesome and opens her house up to a bunch of us to come and stamp. Well I brought a project. Just a notebook to cover. SO I decided that I needed to have a notebook that I can jot all the information I get from blogs. Like Marvy Punches that are in stock..or where they got this paper or that paper! Everything..So I made this. It is the SU!'s notation paper ad the stickers are from it's Sellabration Scrappin Set. I had wrote "Things I need" and then my name. I also used SU!'s Spiral Punch. Did I mention that I just love it!

Then this past Saturday was stamp camp. Michelle, Gail, and Kim get together the first Saturday of each month and put on a kick butt stamp camp. I am always amazed at the designs the girls come up with! This month was no exception! I love every project we did! I had to rush out though..I felt bad. Mostly because I love to run my mouth with my friends..but plus I had "brought" Felicia..and then I had to leave her! Anyway..for $15 you get all this.

Don't you just love it! I am SUPER grateful to Claudia and EVERYONE there for loving me and just taking me in!!! I love being surrounded with stamping genius!
I gotta post go finish my swaps for Sunday...yes I said Sunday is Patti's Carolina girls swap! I am SO excited. It is turning out that to be a weekend filled with stamping. Saturday Keri Serika is teaching a card class at the Scrapbook Store in Mt. Pleasant. I can't wait. Plus if you take the class you get 20% off anything you buy!! OH..Keri said that there is TONS of new stuffs! I promise to be good! I promise to be good! I told Ryan that at least. He gets commissioned the first week in May and we have to prepare a dinner or lunch..some kind of party for him. Plus I have yet to make his Commissioning invites OR his graduation anouncements! I know I am delayed. ALSO I have to finish the insides to those baby shower invites I made...but to my defense I finished my Easter cards..they will be in mailboxes soon! Okay..I hope you guys are doing great!!! I will post a bit later on today..I gotta finish dinner!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Birthday, Beate

Today is Beate's birthday. If you have not been to Beate's blog you gotta get over there. This is my first attempt at posting a link..SO wish me luck. I hope that works! If you have time..stop by her blog and wish her luck! Happy birthday, SUPERSTAR!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter Sunday! He has Risen!!!

Happy Easter everyone! Our Sunday started a bit behind. We ended up running into church a bit late, but thank goodness there were still seats. BARELY! It has been a busy week and weekend for our house. I haven't created a lot this week. I had promised the girls that I would not do anything for the rest of the week, and hang out with them the remainder of their spring break. Thursday I took the girls downtown to the aqurium and some lunch. Then Friday we went egg coloring. Saturday was Easter picnic, stamp camp for me, and then Eva Grace's First Birthday. My batteries died when I got to the Easter picnic. Plus, I am a goober thinking that the batteries that were in the camera bag were new ones. NO. They are the died ones. But luckily I headed home before Eva's party. I haven't taken pictures of my items from stamp camp. Before we headed to the picnic I had to whip out Eva's present. SO my stamping table is a mess. I need to put things away before I take pictures from stamp camp. BUT..Gail, Michelle, and Kim are truly gifted! I loved everything they taught us! They ROCK! Gail had a card and a notebook holder with pen. Gail is too much fun!!! The color schemes and everything was perfect! Michelle had two cards. One right out of the SU mini..too cute..and the second one is faux metal! It is awesome. She used it on a watering can. It was perfect. Kim had us altering a clipboard. OH it is too cute! I can't wait to use it for something! I was grouped with my normal bunch. Pat, Claudia, Cindy, and me. I invited my friend Felicia along. OH and she was having a blast! I am so happy that I am going to move to Felicia's neighborhood. I am sorta hoping she is gone by then, not because I don't love her..but because she needs to get her orders and be on the move already. Anyway...I promise to post tomorrow after I get the girls off to school and my days back to normal. after stamp camp was Eva Grace's first birthday. Eva is a cutie! Traysea loves her! Her party is all the two babies talked about. Because there was going to be a pinata! Plus they think she is adorable! I was able to replace batteries and make it there, a bit tardy, but I had let Shelly know.

The girls coloring eggs!

This is Eva Grace Jancito. She is one today!
So Eva's Mom Shelly loves dragonflys. So I was on Beth's blog the other day and saw the nameframe she whipped out. I totally knew I wanted to make one for Eva. LUCKILY her name is short because all I could find was an 8x8 frame. But it came out pretty cute. I stamped dragonflies from the tags and more SU! set in SU white craft ink. I came back and embossed it with Hero Arts Sparkle embossing powder. Eva's name is stamped in Lovely Lilac Craft Ink and embossed also. I layered it on Sage Shadow cardstock followed by Lovely Lilac cardstock. I layered that on top of some Dots and Dashes ribbon I picked up at Michael's forever ago. Then layered all of that on top of Enchate paper. I nicked the top of the frame and was forced to cover it. So I went with some of the sticker strips from the Simply Scrappin Kit, Just Delightful. i love these Scrappin Kits. They are so awesome! In the bottom right hand corner I stamped the sentiment from the Happy Harmony SAB set. "Dreams come a size too big so we can grown into them." Here it is! Thanks Beth for the inspiration!

After church we geared up for Easter Baskets and Egg hunting. My kids love the egg hunt. I know you are saying..which kid doesn't? But my kids really love it. They love to hide eggs for each other all year long. I think children in general like the hide and seek idea. Anyway last night Ryan packed 96 eggs. So we headed outside and went a hiding. The girls broke free once we gave them the go ahead!

Look at our eggs!

Well I am off to supervise Easter dinner and Egg Salad sandwiches...yum! Plus the girls are dying to watch their movies. Every year they get a movie in their baskets. Happy Feet, Charlotte Web's, and Eragon. Hopefully that holds them till dinner time! So enjoy your Easter celebration!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Am I neglecting you??

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting as much this week. The chickens are home on spring break and I have been trying to be a good mom. Also, I was doing my Easter cards and I don't want to post those until people start to get them. Just a quick note, there are several that are going to arrive after Easter. This for me is a normal event. I often make cards that never get out. So this is a step in the right direction. Anyway..I made the girls put on these cute dresses my mommy bought and we headed outside. It was crazy windy. But I am not posting the pictures that are going in the Easter cards, but I can give you a sample of just how cute they are!
Tyra Krystyne and Trysha Emmaly

Tyra Krystyne and Traysea Nycole

The three of them together

Trysha loves the swings. We are lucky enough to have the playground in my backyard!

Traysea and her trying not to smile

Today we are going over to Kelly's house to dye eggs. We feel so included! I am kidding! You know I love you. The girls can't wait! I promise to take pictures!
I just realized I haven't stamped or posted anything that I have been working on. Sorry. It seems like my blog is just filled with pictures of the girls. But tomorrow is a busy day! Easter picnic is in the morning...then STAMP CAMP...then Eva's first birthday! So if anything you will get to see my AWESOME creations from stamp camp. Michelle, Gail, and Kim are SU! Demo's and they do a super job sharing their skills! Plus, I am taking my friend Felicia with me. Plus I get to hang out with Claudia and Pat! They are great fun! I will see you guys tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hello there blogging world!

It has been a busy few days. One of my favorite friends is currently "with child." She is the cutest thing! I loveher. So she is going to Illinois to be with the in-laws and is having a baby shower. SO, she asked me to make her invites. Which I was totally jazzed. it involved me..but We are so excited that she is pregnant! She is a great Aunty..she already has three nephews. So she found out she was having a boy a few weeks ago! I totally knew it. So I sat down with Leana and wanted to know what she had in mind. What colors..if there was going to be a theme? You know the basic questions. Ethan..her hubby is a huge sports fan. So I was sure their theme would be basketball or baseball. Something along those lines. But when I went to go and talk to them and she said they liked this bear that had all the sports themes I knew I would be using Bundle of Joy out of SU's summer mini. The bear was going to be perfect. I used Choco Chip as the card base and Brocade Blue for the insert. I made this for her invite!

I made criss cross cards. Okay now in theory this was a great idea! EXCEPT multiply by 30. Why do I do these things to myself? Well because I love her! Everything I used was from SU! I used the swirl and stars to stamp on the Chocolate Chip card base with Chocolate Chip ink. I stamped the moon and stars in Brocade blue on Brocade blue card stock. I stamped in Brocade sweetheat on the twill. I stamped the bear on Very Vanilla with Chocolate chip ink and used Close to Cocoa watercolor crayon and blender pen to shade him. I decided to go with a later brown because I wanted him to contrast the cardstock. I used French Blue and Silver skinny organdy for his tie and the top of the insert card. We are going to print off the details of the shower on whisper white card stock in the same blue hue and the layer that on the insert piece. So I took me most of yesterday and this morning to get these finished. The three girls are on spring break so it's been hard to find time to create. They want breakfast, they want lunch, they want to go outside! Just playing! I love spending time with the girls! We were playing the sprinkler yesterday and riding our bikes..But we had to come in because I had to get ready for my friend Shelly's birthday dinner! Shelly is 30! Happy Birthday, Sexy Mama! This is Shelly and her Olive Garden cake!

Use for some post dinner drinks!

Shelly in the car on the way home!

Oh and I can't forget the the girls! Right..well here are the girls outside having some fun! I love to take pictures of the girls! Tyra wasn't interested in playing...she just wanted to sit outside!