Thursday, October 27, 2011

Days I remember

You know often times I think about blogging.  It is normally when I am in the midst of busing children from here to there...but i do think about you blogging world.  I feel there are so many things happening..when am I suppose to find the acutally few minutes to blog.  SO bugsy had her molars it was a forced holiday...

Catching up would be let's just start from here...

The girls are amazingly happy!  We just came out of the first nine weeks with all As and Bs.  So with things are crazy as they are..I will take it!  We have a plan to fix things that needed to be fixed..and really I am content with that for today.

Hmmmm....Kalei had her first homecoming dance!  It was simple..and i loved it.  Minimal hair and make up and lucky for me, she's always looking fantastic so it was easy.  I do have to see that child has the very best cheesing smile!  Her happiness always fills my heart!  I also call her my crash test dummy.  I guess it comes with being the oldest.  I am so blessed to have her!  It's funny how every so often I see her having this struggle mentally.  It will be something like, getting up early cause her sisters play at 9.30.  Mentally she knows that it is her obligation (which she enjoys) as the big sister to attend all her sisters games that are possible...but sometimes her blankets want to hold her captive!  But every weekend like a good sister, she is out of bed dressed and ready!  I totally love it.  She's so amazing!  She wants for all but barely ask for anything.  She has always been the go with the punches kind of girl.  It's funny...because she was totally the problem pregnancy..infant..toddler.  I had problems till the day I delivered her.  She had to be breast feed.  She needed cloth diapers...she didn't eat..she was fussy.  She would fight...all these things..but now it's almost like I hear soft music playing in the background of her life!  I have to say I was a nightmare at 16! 

Then there is Traysea...she is now a 9 year old rocking her contacts.  She loves wearing sunglasses and actually being able to see the ball in soccer.  Her skills are amazing!  She's smart and unhealthy naturally driven!  She pushes herself for perfection and worries about everything.  Many days end with Traysea just be 9!  But she can't help that she comes by that honestly!  Some days she is difficult to manage, and then other days you just see past it all.  She always fashion forward..she is my favorite dress up doll and shopping partner!  The other day we were holding hands..and she stops to tell me, mom thanks for doing all you do.  When i grow up, I want to be the center of my children's world too.  Of course there were tears.  But what 9 year old says stuff like that.  I love how hair parts to the right in the front.  and it is so easy to clip back.  I love how she pulls the most asian of all my girls.  She often makes a face that reminds me of my aunties and grandma.  I wish she knew them better. 

Nanea is always Nanea.  Ever free spirited wide open as possible.  I love that the most about her.  But it is also what I can't stand about her!  She so scattered and running on 10 all the time it sometimes makes me crazy!  I love her voice and the pureness that is her.  She is also sneaky and I think the best combination of Ryan and I.  She is my mini me though.  And over time I have learned to embrace it.  She srunches up her nose just the same way I do.  And she can't help but say what she thinks that I do also.  She has this love hate relationship with being the baby. Most days I think she would rather be loved on then responsible.  She is my hardest one.  Not hard like in a the bad sense..but hard in the the fact that she keeps you on your toes.  You always have to be proactive and plan ahead when it comes to her.  And luckily I know my children well enought hat I have blessed to know there needs! 

Well it's noon and Nanea is i bubbled long enough.  I promise to be better here.  Blogging was always a way I could send unflitered thoughts out..but have something to read a million years later to remind me and make me smile.   I need to make this blog that tool for me again. 

All in all though, we are happy.  House is a mess..millions things need to be put away..laundry needs to get done...but with all of it..we are happy...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let's just start from here

Hi happy family:
So easily said it has been forever...and I guess we could on and on about how we got here and where the time went....but for the sake of it all..let's just start from today...

Happy Father's day to the best set of "dad" a family could ask for!  We are truly blessed with so much love and affection, my cup often runs over! 

So I guess it's most important to start from right now...

We are into summer and I think everyone is loving it.  The younger piglets have started at a new summer program...but thanks to Stevie and Hope, the girls have adjusted nicely.

Thing 1 is adjusting into her summer chill/work out schedule!  She's a mess, but I SO love her! 

Tonight, she is suppose to go on an "official" date.  I don't know just how I am feeling about all that.  Most of you know my #1 and she is pretty rockstar, but I am just not comfortable with this whole transition.  I know i know, she's 15 ron, you are going to have to get over it.  So luckily, I played the church standard card, and I get to ride along as supervision.  So I am sure there will be more of that to come.

So for smiles...
 Soccer season was amazing!  Three girls playing their hearts out every weekend!

Bubs went and graduated!

Thing one headed to Tampa for US Mens Soccer Viewing

Bugsy anna turned 8.
All summer basketball practices end at DQ~

Happy Summer!  Come see me, you know where I will be