Friday, September 7, 2007

Where are my pictures?

So I have been actually being creative! Seriously I have been. I am in this swap that is being hosted by The Pink House. It isn't anything too huge I think we are at 15 cards. So Michelle and I have sorta "Challenged" each other on who is going to have the better card! It was funny because I had been thinking of different cards. We all have made the simple A4 card so I knew that I had to spice that up some. Only because Michelle can make those cards..SO I went with something pretty easy..that I could glam up. The criss cross card. I mean I totally knew how to make them..I made oh about a million for Leana's shower so I was confident that I could knock all them out with the little days I had left. Then my Beate pulls out a criss cross tutorial. I promise we are totally connected sometimes. I wish her card ability would just fall off her on to me. I can't show you my swap. I promise I will let you see them Sunday. I can give you a hint though. They use Basic Grey's Lily Kate paper. So you pretty much know my color scheme! So I promise to be back..and Felicia...I am sending you out some sprinkles!

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