Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where does the time go?

I mean seriously..where does the time go? Somehow the time just keeps ticking away and then things get put off..until who knows. Anyway..So my sprinkles winner..is Felicia! I was going to Randomly select someone..but I hate that thing. So I had baby bugs pick a name..and she pulled out Felicia. Felicia just moved to Hawaii..with all three of my sons! If have not noticed..I steal sons! Anyway..SO..I have two boxes of stuffs for her! Move into your house SO I can send you something! Call me..or email me your snail! Anyway..yesterday Our store, the superstar Pink House, has it's best day ever! We have the best customers! Michelle, The Mom, Jean, and I put so much into yesterday! Ryan was awesome and able to spend his entire day off at home with the girls! It always seems to pay off. Days that turn into early mornings..always seem to turn out being worth it here at The Pink House. It totally is a team effort..and Karla and Michelle make you feel that way! Anyway, I hate if you missed the 40% off sale..it was awesome! I hope you guys had a great holiday!

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