Friday, February 27, 2009

Dinner and a movie

NO, not with my husband..with my friends!!! I love Ry, but he really isn't a dinner and a movie out of our home type of guy. I love him, it's not a huge deal..but I want Olive Garden and a great movie. So Ry set me on my way. It is probably his last weekend before his long out of town trip, so he has sent out into the world to have fun!

Not to worry my friends, Sunday he has Netflix and steak planned. After we go to church, then #2's basketball end of the season bowling party, wow what a mouthful...and then a boat party. So we will totally be sick of each other come Monday!

It's suppose to be superstar warm I am thinking a quick beach trip might be in order this afternoon..BEFORE soccer practice!

check on you guys later


Mary said...

Have a great girls night out!

The Miller Family said...

Hope you enjoyed your night out!