Monday, February 9, 2009

In my own bed

So after everything, I made it home safe and my own bed!

Thank GOD Ryan is home, because I came home. Changed out of my clothes and just lied down at one..and that was it. He woke me up, made me eat, and then I went right back to bed.

Boy was I upset when his alarm started singing. And lately he let it ring, until it decided to stop. HATE HIM! I think he needs to read Sunshine's alarm posting. So easily said, I was not ready to be up this morning.

I plan to take it easy today. I promise. Well, I have to take the girls to school and get the van registered and start the unpacking process. The one MAJOR plus was that while we were away, my mommy washed all our dirty clothes. I heart her! She knew the last thing I would need would to be to come home and have a weeks worth of WINTER clothes to wash!

I love my mommy!


Brad and Lauren said...

glad that you made it home safe and sound. have a great day! we heart you lots!

Miss Hope said...

Glad you are home safe and sound...and in your own bed. I hope we can catch up soon....