Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A season comes to an end

Wow..writing that title a lot of things come to mind...Our life is AGAIN in transition..but this time I feel good about it...it is probably the calm before the storm..but you just never know. Ryan is gone....maybe that is why I am at peace. Who knows..we will see what happens in a few weeks...

But fall soccer ended for Tyra
we are so BLESSED to have Coach Doug. He loves soccer and loves to see my child improve. Tyra in her ever effortless way, always make people smile! This soccer season Tyra has grown a lot..mostly socially
these two have been at my house every weekend! We love us some christina joy and samantha
With the end of a season also brings us more free time!!!
Yea right...Tyra tried out and made the middle school team here in FANTASTIC yulee..so we will fill out afternoons with soccer practice there...and the little ones are still in their season..so don't think we escape the busy of a soccer season.

So on top of that..we have been having fun with friends
Well, on the big scheme of things, our family is doing great. Everyone seems happy..and they are healthy and pushing forward in our adventures! Through these times it is amazing just to know who you can depend on...and who just washes away with the tide.

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