Monday, October 19, 2009

Simply amazing

this saturday we headed out to fort clinch to have jenn and jeff shoot the girls pictures. I know what you guys are saying right now...xti rebel and you need to hire someone to shoot your girls pictures...the simple answer is YES! My girls seem so much better for other people. They don't complain it is cold..they want to go inside...they don't want to get dirty..all of it! this is just a preview of what I am sure are tons of adorable pictures!


Tanya said...

ARGH....LOVE IT!!!!!! Your girls are so beautiful! I'm so envious of you! I wanted a sister for Kaia (like me & my sister), but am so blessed to have my little man!!

Love the photo! I wanted to take more photos of Ft. Clinch but ran out of time. Anyway, hope you have a shotgun ready for these girls' potential love prospects! ;o)

ronee said...

funny you should mention prospects and shot guns..tyra has one..but he is prety need for a gun.

ft clinch wasnt my idea..but they came out least I hear...a little boy and a little girl is all i ever really dreamed out..Heavenly Father had a different plan...sigh..oh well