Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just where does the time go?

I have to keep asking myself this! I start out with great intentions of getting back into my blogging. But between The Pink House, the girls, and everyone elses schedule, blogging just keeps sliding down the list. are never going to guess what happened to me. Me the EVER so go to girl, right? I ran out of gas in the van. WHAT THE HECK! It was all ment to be though. My bestest buddy Michelle Marie just happened to have gas in her gas can..and Karla, aka "The Mom" had just called me saying she was going to pick up Zoe so I didn't have to. Minutes after that phone call, the car breaks down. Long story short, I was just having..sorry my french..a super shitty day yesterday. It was just a funk I couldn't find myself out of. I really was trying to debate if drugs were required. the gas, headed home. Ry came home early..and I headed to The Pink House. My creative juices weren't flowing at all. I host this months Charleston Carolina Girl's and I don't have a project. What the heck is up with that? I think that was what my problem was. I couldn't focus on anything else, but finishing my project for the swap. I always put this CRAZY pressure on myself to out WOW myself. I know it is a sickness! I promise I am trying to cope! But I wanted it to be something awesome. WELL..I finally just pulled up stakes...helped a customer, and then headed home. Then this morning, I wasn't scheduled to work, but Michelle called me in. THANK GOODNESS. I put my nose to the grind stone..and popped out some adorable cards. I am so happy with them. PLUS Ry brought the girls to the store around 2 and they were good! OH MY GOODNESS! I was shocked. But I was SUPER productive...we had our first Circut club meeting, and Shelley rocked her beginners class. So it was a great day all around. The Mom took Justice back to Texas and now everything should be right with the world. We will have to see tomorrow though! It is AMAZING how many things really happen in a day!! It seem you wake up..and for me at least, it is go go go all day. But, I guess I would not really want it any other way. SO I have to say, if running out of gas yesterday is as bad as it gets...I will take it. Today..three happy health girls..check. I will take it! If you guys are in my area tomorrow..I have a SUPERSTAR bling cards class. I will be using the Sugar Coating from will LOVE IT..not to mention using BLING Cardstock from Bazzill. I made the cutest wreath. I promise to take my camera..and I will see you guys.
Hope your days are getting better!!!
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Felicia said...

So tell me more about the Sugar Coating from Doodlebug....and I'd love to see the pics when you get a chance. I think of you often and wish I could be there with you.
Love ya, miss ya!