Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I finally remembered a camera!!!

Isn't it funny!!!?? You work in a scrapbook store and you would think that I would take a BILLION pictures. Such is not the case...so many times life gets so involved that I forget that I should be taking pictures. BUT this weekend...i remembered! So this weekend I had an advent calendar class. Oh course I couldn't show you every page..but these are the first and the last page. Under that present is a bible verse. And the person making the advent was sending it to her granddaughter..so we personalized it!

CUTE YEA!! I just loved how it came out. Michelle always gets SO mad at me for not having time to have class samples out. I know I should..how are you suppose to book a class if you don't get to see the end product. YEA YEA YEA! Then there was this cute boy..okay guy that came in. He knew he wanted to make some awesome present for his girlfriend of one year. He wanted to write a story of how they met and bind it. So after about a weeks worth of back and forth...here it is. This is just the cover..the insides are part of his personal life..so i decided not to take a picture of all that. But it is so cute. The Pink House was a buzz about him and his present. The Mom, Michelle and I all had a hand in making sure his vision was materialized. So here it is!!! So this weekend is my altered tin class. I know you want a picture of the sample right?? I promise..I will work on it tomorrow...then post it. If you are in my area..you should totally come down. We are going to make it and have four dividers. With a card each. Can't wait!!!

So if you haven't been to The Pink House lately..you better run over there! We have a TON of new paper in. New Kinkade stamps are here..and our bind it all order arrives today! What else what else..oh December's calendar is finalized and I will be emailing that and posting it here. Oh and this weekend we had this AWESOME 12 hour crop. I felt like I got to hang out with all my friends while I worked. Paige, Erin, and Barbara!! Love them...and everyone got so so much done! Anyway..if you are in town..you know where I will be!!! Oh and tomorrow is Michelle's birthday!!

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Felicia said...

So where are pictures from your Carolina Girls swap???????