Friday, November 2, 2007

Somedays I am just happy when the sun goes down!

Somedays, are harder then others. Ever stop and notice that! Sometimes I get selfish and feel it should all be mine, and then things happen and I take a step back and realize yesterday was a better day! I think my entire life has been that way. The hills and valleys. My mom always says it's some bio rhythm thing. Like how everything in the world seems right, and then something happens. So right now..I am riding a low. I am bit home sick, but LOVE that my children are happy and SO adorable. So I decided..I would share some halloween pictures to create some smiles!
So we always have Halloween at our house. Everyone comes over, we eat, and then the children head out! The girls love it! This is how Manny spent his first Halloween. But here he is with his real Mama! Nangy is SO cute! Then these were the shirts the girls wore to school Halloween day!
So here are some pictures just to make you smile!

If you aren't busy I have a Bling card class Sunday!!! It's all that shimmers!!! Promise to be loads of fun. So if you are in my know where I will be!

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Felicia said...

I understand about being homesick. Of course, I don't think I've gone as long as you in between trips home, but I still understand. I hope that you get to make it home when you want to. I usually need a family fix about every 6 months before I start to get antsy. I hope your Bling class was fun today, I wish I was there!