Monday, September 14, 2009


So..are you that mom..or dad..since I know one dad that reads this blog...the type of parent that does their kids homework....

Okay..I guess some background information is required..I am blessed with three daughters....
One homeschools. The other two..I throw out into the public school system.

That being said..Tyra, my oldest....and the homeschooled one..had a collaborative project to do. Now, first and foremost..I don't think collaborative projects should happen out of a school situation. I mean seriously..doing a project via the internet with some kid that lives in Tampa...LAME...I do think it is some crazy attempt for homeschool kids to get some type of "social" interaction she tried to get a partner for about a week. Posting via a forum...short version..she got no response. So I had her email her teacher to just ask if she could do it herself...or that I would help her....Teacher said yes

So I did all the building of the model. Tyra did all the writing and research. I mean it was an eco system for a coral reef.

Hi, we are from Hawaii, of course we picked the coral reef.

I mean seriously is Tyra any less smarter because she didn't break out the food coloring and model clay? I highly doubt it. She showed me a picture and I built it.

Mommy, is this cheating?
Tyra, I say no.
Yea, but what will my teacher say.
You will take the picture, and go from there.

Tyra's A in science...still in tact!

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