Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lasting Memories

Today I was reading Chris' blog..and she was talking about how parents..or others in general..."mold" memories. We tell our children positives and omit a lot of the negatives of a story. Well...I think over time..the good thoughts remain..as the bad ones fade to the side.
Like this day. Seemingly happy..right?
Well just two hours before, Nanea was having one crazy groggy reaction to the anesthetic they gave her to have her tonsils and adenoids removed.
Or just how sad we were these two days
Or how moments after this picture, we had to rush her to the hospital.
Or how seconds after this picture, your sister hit you with a spoon!
So...I will look back on these pictures..and just omit some of the less then ideal moments!! Like the transition and all the drama.

It will be the summer that we finally moved to a house that had a pool, Rode roller coasters at Disney, and Mommy let us watch TOO much tv! It was the summer that Uncle Raymond them moved less then an hour away from us!

It was the summer that Aunty Sheryl came to visit!
The summer where we went to the zoo and got caught in a crazy rain storm!
and the summer that Tyra turned 14!