Friday, September 4, 2009

Just to update Felicia

NO, there is NO baby on the horizon. But my personal want from one is no less then it was a year ago. And I am just trying to come to terms with the fact that I may just have to let that go. I have to go with the chant that I have three beautiful and healthy daughters. And that was Heavenly Fathers plan for me. At least past the veil, I will dwell with my children who have gone on. Sigh!

Besides and soccer and totally in effect..EXCEPT we have been rained out for the past three days. Good thing i knew a dude names Noah! Seriously..I don't remember this much rain last year..but who can really keep a record mentally! Right? the sun has shown it face today...but I have a feeling..well via the weather report...this Labor Day weekend might be a wet one!

So I have been adjusting to life with the two piglets at home. I love when school starts back up and schedules are created! I always seem to be rushing here to there..but I sorta love it. It keeps my life in order..and the girls on task...

My computer time is almost over for the I better go check my farm on facebook before I start the towels!

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Felicia Fernandez said...

Well thanks for the update!!! I feel so special to have a blog post titled for me!!!!! The boys are playing flag-football with back to back practice times on the same day at two different fields!!! This will be interesting. Check my blog tomorrow. Mike bought me a table for my craftroom and I will blog it later today!!!!! Love you!