Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Making : a mess cleaning out my purse!
Cooking : angel food's ry's birthday
Drinking : water water water..i love it!
Reading: the weekly ads for food shopping
Wanting: for the mail person
Looking: at my shopping list and moaning at it's length
Playing: with my sucks right now
Wasting: my time blogging..wait blogging isn't wasted time is it?
Sewing: i wish i was sewing..i wish i had those skills
Enjoying: the busy schedule of soccer
Waiting: ry to get home
Wondering: if all this effort is worth it
Loving: my children and all that Heavenly Father has given me
Hoping: that prayer is as strong as I believe it is!
Marvelling: at the gifts all around me
Smelling: Cake!
Wearing: crap clothes to run around town in!
Following: too much tv!!!
Noticing: Bhips energy gift
Knowing: that being the mother to three daughters is enough!
Thinking: about how my job is endless!
Bookmarking: my thirty days!
Opening: a can of...just kidding..opening new chapters everyday!
Giggling: about how much our dog is like tyra!
Feeling: in between..i think I just need a boost!


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