Monday, October 29, 2007

Disney Pictures as promised

Heh there everyone:
Today i was a tourist in my town. My bestest buddy has some family visiting so we decided to head downtown and check out the sights. We had tons of fun..and here is a picture of them outside the market
It is COLD today..and I love it. I have cute jeans and a hoodie. i love the comfy clothes! is a picture of the baby girls and Evelyn at Disney On Ice! They were totally captivated with them! This years theme was Princess' on Ice. Oh my goodness, if that is a sign that I had to take the girls! Well I gotta run...I am waiting for the mailman with my halloween costumes that grams had to express to us! I know it is crazy!
I will be at the store later..if you want to POP in!

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