Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sorting it all out!!!

I know it has been over a month since I have blogged! It has just been that crazy here. I would LOVE to blame it on something else, but really it is ALL MY FAULT! But I going to TRY and catch you guys all up in one post! First of all...we didn't move! Ryan made the executive decision that we would stay put! I am emotionally dealing with it. But every so often, Ryan decided to pull his card..SO he did on this one. So we didn't move. It is killing me that we are Noah Tinker's neighbor. Let's see what else..OH EVERYONE started soccer. Tyra, Tray, and baby bugs!
Aren't they CUTIES!!! But with that comes me running them back and forth to practice or to games everyday of the week! On top of that, I am running the girls to school then off to The Pink House.

Then the Pink House was full of fun!!! We hosted Scrap Pink! Scrap Pink was so much fun! We hosted a crop that supported Breast Cancer Awareness! It was so much fun!!! We had a bunch of our "closest" friends come by and crop! We had demonstrations every hours, bingo and giveaways! I had such a great time. On top of the fact that the girls had soccer games that morning! Then we slid in a Mother's Morning Out! The Mom's love Mothers Morning Out. $5 a child and you can crop for 3 hours! Not to mention that we had our yard sale. That rocked! We had World Card Making Day!!! We won a contest and had an Editor from Papercraft Magazine come out and teach a class for us! Megan was a HOOT! SO SO SO much fun! BUT if you aren't busy..I am teaching this weekend. We are going to make cute..SPOOKY...houses this weekend using Doodlebug's new Halloween line! Then A Page Frame class! I can't wait! The Sunday is my favorite freshman's birthday! I can't wait!! Anyway..heres us adventuring with Megan... That was a crazy night! My hair was a mess and my clothes was insane..but seriously it was good times with good friends..I can't really really complain right!
Here is some of Traysea making pizza with Ryan. My favorite son had a fundraiser at school and you could buy these pizza kits.

OH MY GOODNESS the girls made their pizzas with Ryan and it was so much fun AND yummie!!
Traysea's class had their first field trip. They headed off to the Fire Department Museum. It was fun! Here is her class!
I promise to take pictures of the card swap..and we are getting ready for my Carolina Girls swap. SO if you are in the area...i mean even driving distance..you should come! A bunch of us crazies hanging out creating! You know it is a good time! Anyway..I promise to take pictures of my projects!
Find me later!!

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kathy said...

geesh its about time I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth. I am all caught up on you now. Great that you posted adn got us up to date on the family