Sunday, October 28, 2007

Something just to tease my FELICIA!

So yes it is that time of year again...It was Charleston's turn to host our Carolina girls swap! Trust me wasn't the same without you! But every few months a BUNCH of us get together and we have a shoebox swap. A shoebox swap..what the heck is that? Well you create on final project. Then cut the pieces to make your project oh about 30 times. Then you go from station to station making them! It was such a FUN time. I love hanging out with my peeps! They are the best bunch of people around. Who would have thought that getting on line at some forum..would develop friendships that you know will last forever! So want some pictures? Of course Felicia does! is OUR son? I loved the twinkle picture. Anyway..check out Honey's link...she was the photographer!
I had two classes today..and Carolina girls on Friday night and Saturday..then I took the herd and my new little man to the Carolina Fair...BOY was I exhausted. I had such an awesome class today! I love teaching at The Pink House. We totally have the best customers EVER!!! Well it is the start of another week..and I will post pictures from Disney on Ice a bit later!
Check in on know where I will be!!!

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