Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where does the time go?

Heh everyone:
So things have for surely been insane! This weekend is the carolina girls dinner and my Carolina Girl swap..i should be cutting right now..but I am not..not to mention that I am taking the girls to the fair this weekend..PLUS..Disney on Ice is tomorrow..and then I teach two classes this Sunday...I just have to breath out from listing it all! I promise to post my class samples as soon as I finish them all!!! are some pictures of baby bugs from the pumpkin patch last friday. Yes i found time to head out on a field trip! Michelle Marie and I went. It was a yucky day..but Bugsy had a great time! Oh so is SO cute! So cute that we entered her in the Gap casting call!!!! So I might have to beg you guys to vote for her! some pictures!!! It was Brianna's birthday last week sunday. So we headed out to are some pictures of the gang!

Then the kids were off school last week..and this is how silly they can be outside the bookstore!

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