Sunday, October 28, 2007

two post in one day...what the heck?

Well I forgot to post about this..and I said Disney on Ice right? Well today for one of my classes we did an 8x8 acrylic album and it really tested me. How do you make an album that is so personal? Right? It was not something Michelle or I had thought about before creating and booking the class, but when I was pow wowing with her and creating my sample...I didn't know what I was going to do. For me, of course it would be about the girls! BUT not everyone has children. Or even wants to have children. And a travel journal might not work..SO what do I do? An ALL ABOUT ME! I did have to case a few ideas from blogs, but it came together! But Diane and Wendy went their own route, thank goodness, and helped to expand my thoughts! But the reason for this post is because I used the 40 things before I turn 40 from Freckled Fun's blog. I love to read Beth's blog. But it was really hard for me. I still have yet to come up with I need some suggestions. This is what I have so far
1. Get back to the weight I was pre Traysea's birth. Heh I was skinner~
2. Have every room in the house clean at the same time!
3. Have the three children quiet, the house clean, and dinner on the table by 5:30
4. Tell everyone in my life that has a positive effect on me, THANK YOU!
5. Watch a World Series game LIVE!
6. Attend a movie premier
7. Spend one week with my mom!
8. Spend an hour a day with each daughter one on one!
9. Wear my hair down all day! (YEA RIGHT)
10. Be okay with the person I am!
11. Take a photography class
12. Learn to sew
13. Scrapbook more
14. Use everything I buy!
15. Say I love you more
16. Learn to hold back
17. Attend church regularly
18. Attend a wine tasting
19. Let go of my hate
20. Have another 200 game! there I me help me!
Anyway..still no Disney!!! Promise to find them!

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Felicia said...

So, I'm glad you're having a ton of fun without me!!! And OUR son is teething again, he's working on #8!!! He's doing a wounded soldier type of crawl and has his 9 month check up in another week or so. I'm betting he's beyond the 25 lb. mark easy. Love ya!