Sunday, December 9, 2007

*Heh, it's my birthday*

So today I am 32 years old! I spent it with pretty awesome people. We hit Olive Garden for lunch, had our monthly card swap at The Pink House and then had steak dinner with my husband. I am so blessed and loved. Vera Bradley played a wonderful role in my birthday happiness! Ryan is SO SICK of Vera's so funny. I promise to take pictures of my presents and post them!!! It's 8 and all I wanna do is sit on the couch with Ryan and watch the Patriots game that we TiVoed..what did i do before tivo? Know that I love you guys...if you aren't busy..come check in on us! We have tons of new products in the store. JustRite Monogram stampers! Michelle and I just expanded our Bazzill collection..OH MY GOSS..I love paper..but we also got the stiches templates. I can't wait for these to come in TUESDAY! Hmmm..whatelse whatelse? Oh..Bind in alls. We just sold out of our second order, but some are already on the fed ex truck coming to us! Scor-Pal's! This is one of my very favorite tools!!! Anyway..Ry's calling to me to get off the computer!
Come and see me!!!


InspiredByInk said...

Hi Ronee,
I'd like to come check out your 'goods' (sorry that doesn't sound too good does it?! hehehe

but I don't know what the website is and there is NOTHING to the side of your blog. Is it an invitation only store? Would you have to kill me if you told me? Am I a day late and a dollar short?? heheh


Bobbie *Ü*

Felicia said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I didn't know it was your birthday, but now it's on my event calendar for next year! I'm glad you had a great day and that Vera was so good to you.

Love ya, miss ya!

Brad and Lauren said...

Happy beleated birthday!!! I was going to call you last night when I remebered what day it was but of course it was way to late your time!!! I hope your day was great, sounds like it was. Best birthday wishes for the new year!! Love ya and talk to you soon.