Friday, June 13, 2008

*I heart my alumni*

Of course everyone loves getting back together with their high school gang...but if you didn't go to Kamehameha, you don't get it. Kamehameha provides you with a "family" that only alumni can understand...okay every year Kamehameha provides alumni with Alumni Week. It is a week long celebration that is coordinated for classes celebrating. This year was 3's and 8's. Another interesting this is that my sister, and I all celebrate at the same time. Which has it's pluses and minuses. Like I don't have a baby sitter when I need one cause my mom and sister are off doing their stuffs. because of this I missed our Friday night class bonding..but I got to catch up with my classmates on Saturday...till Sunday and then a few heres and theres. I love them. Plus it is so funny the things that you forget..and then all these memories are flooded back when someone is mentioned. this morning Tyra is off to bond with her papa and the babies and I are trying to see if it is going to stay warm enough to be pool bound. I love love that grandma and papa have a pool. But I sorta feel like I HAVE to go to the beach. How can I come home to Hawaii and not be beach bound..oh..well we will have to see...

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