Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Up with the chickens!!

Thanks goodness! Finally a day, since we got back, that I am actually up before 11 am! Totally Ry's fault, but heh, this time I am not complaining. Though, right now, I am begging for my pillow and blankie, but I have vowed to push it out! Here it is 730 am and I am already running down my list of things to do today! So..I totally have a million pictures to take to Ritz and get printed! I intend on cleaning my craft room and get in there and be brilliant. Heh a girl can have some goals right? But before that I have to get to the commissary. I know I know I always say that I won't go to the commissary, but I keep giving it a chance! I am sure I will get there today and ask myself why am I here! But oh well! Oh and I vow to finish unpacking today! In my defense my house was a mess when I got home. Bathrooms needed to be cleaned and the girls bedroom..OMW!..so I am only getting to unpacking today. Alrighty..so off to showers and errands!

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