Sunday, August 30, 2009

The happiness of a pool

  • My house is quiet..on a sunday night at nine...PERFECTION!
  • Thanks sun and swimming pool!
  • Happiness in my house is described as three cuties cuddled on my bed watching americas funniest home videos!
  • True blood is so naughty..but it's like a train wreck and i cannot turn away
  • I love on demand. it's an addiction
  • the first week of school is over...and we survived!
  • Everyone was picked up on time..i only forgot lunch money once and everyone was at soccer practice either early or on time
  • I was looking at pictures from Hawaii Nei, and it makes my heart hurt..i think i just need to go home!
  • Another baby...sigh! I'd love a son..but even a daughter would be amazing
  • I think I would have a Teyghen or Trayger
  • Rainstorms it
I hate duty nights!


Felicia Fernandez said...

what do you mean another baby? how are things with you and ryan? are you coming for a visit anytime in the next year? I many questions. Miss you!

Shere said...

Hey! I was thinking about you (and I read the post you left me) so I figured it was time to come out of hiding and post back. I have no home trainin I tell ya. Anyway, you and the girls look great and your puppy is too freakin cute. Take care and talk to you soon.