Wednesday, January 2, 2008

*One word for 2008 and Day one of my resolutions*

So my resolutions have been okay today. Well first thing this morning, on time. Ry off to work on time, all three girls dressed in the car, ready to go! Hit a few errands, and the off to open the store. At 1235, I was in the car, on the way to pick up the piglets from school. I was there with about 5 or so minutes to spare. Got the girls, developed my pictures, I told Ry I would be home at 2, but due to a delay at Walgreens, I wasn't home yet, so I called, informed him, and then arrived home just after 2. Returned to the store with tons of time to spare before Michelle had to run and get her big one. At 5:30 I was ready for Ry to pick me up, and then at 6, was at the bowling alley for family bowling with my favorite Houser family. Ry took the girls home at 715, so they could get in the bath, and then off to bed, and I followed behind about an hour later. Laundry, washed and dryed, with hopes of being folded. So for sure housework, check. On time, check.

*I also purchased nothing extra today. Well, the girls did get a candy snack when I headed out to Walgreens to pick up my pictures. But I bought just what I was suppose to, nothing extra. But I have to admit, I did want today. Keri Lee has an awesome set up for movie viewing. Today we were chatting and I told her that next house, home theater is a must. I was jealous...I am jealous. So she said, uh oh, there goes that resolution. I was like hello, can't even make it one day! Seriously child you need some self control. But, I recognized it, addressed it, and then moved on. So since then, no wanting today. We I did have a thought about Ryan getting a new car. But HIS car isn't working and so a girl can dream.

*Anyway, for one on one time with the girls, I didn't get to Tyra today. I hate that. I sorta feel like she is the one that I need the time with. I did get to talk to her on the phone after her daddy picked her up. But, she did get time with her daddy. Not time with me, but heh, daddy tyra time is as close to best as you can get. I got Nanea for about ten minutes tucked in next to me this morning. Talking about how fun school is going to be today. Then my middle wouldn't get up this morning, so I crawled in next to her, and talked her awake. About ten minutes of that. So, check!

*Today I wrote out my last thank you cards, and hit up a few friends on myspace. I also mailed the last of my Christmas cards. So I am going to say, keep in touch, check

*A healthier me, I totally failed. Now in my defense, if you ever had the fries and tuna sandwich at the base bowling alley, you would bend. The tuna is homemade. But my children had hamburgers and fries. But, they had a good breakfast and lunch. So, not check, but an improvement.

Okay so now if you read Ali Edwards blog you know that she selects a word every year that will "set the pace" for the year. So this year, I decided I would jump on her bandwagon and find one word. So I have been thinking for a few days of one word. If you know me for a second, you would know that I could never been a one word kind of girl. Maybe not even a one sentence kid of girl, but a one paragraph bit would just been another resolution, right? Which, I am still working on the remaining parts of my list. So my phrase, BE ENOUGH! Now of course I am going to explain. I have the issue of being better. I mean in everything. No no, not in the crazy self destructive help me save me way. But in the being enough for myself. Everytime I have a project, or class, I always want to WOW myself and everyone attending. It does push my creative powers juices to a boiling point and I stress myself out. WHY? Because I feel like my okay, just isn't enough. So creatively, I am going to be enough. I will push myself to expand my creative box, but not to the point where I am stressed for days about it. Now this Enough bit is going to apply to everything. I often compare myself to others. I know horrible. But I view it as the ability to grow. A lot of my parenting skills are taken from other parents. I am lucky enough to know a lot of awesome parents. My mom, of course she is a superstar parent! My big brother and Tana Maria had my oldest niece earlier. I learned tons there. I took the good and bad things and adjusted it all to my parenting style. Anyway, so I want to be enough of a parent. Enough of a wife, sister, daughter, friend. Just enough! So Ry is waiting for me to watch Oceans Thirteen so I gotta log off! Just as a reward for being a good reader I have something for you! Tomorrow at The Pink House, we are six months old! July 4th, we opened, and here we are six months later. If you mention my blog, you can get a "present." Plus if you sign up for 12 hour crop, we are hosting it this Saturday I will have a surprise for you! No pressure though. Anyway, I must run, know that I love you! xoxo, ronee


James said...

Keeping working at it. You will be strong enough to continue with your resolutions. Nothing is going to stop cold turkey, its about the continuous effort and acknowledgement for what you want to improve on and trying your best to follow through. Its funny with you selecting a phrase, I actually selected a word for this year as well which has all of my resolutions wrapped up in it.



Felicia said... I can't come into the store and mention you blog for a goodie. and I am still wondering what happened to the blog candy I won a while back. lol. but just getting to read what you're up to is candy enough for me. love ya!